12 Best Discord Bots for Your Server In 2022

Last Updated: April 20, 2022
Since it can be confusing to choose reliable discord bots for servers, the following is a list of the best ones that you can consider. 
Best Discord Bots In 2021
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If you want a well-running Discord server, then you should get a Discord bot. There are all types of Discord bots available that can help moderate tasks and add games to your server. 

However, simply searching for “Discord bots” can bring up many unhelpful results. If you don’t know which Discord bots are best for your server, then you need a comprehensive guide that can help guide you. 

In this article, we’ll discuss all the best Discord bots, their uses, prices, and much more. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Discord bots to turn your server into a fun and entertaining space. 

Best Discord Bots in 2022

Since it can be confusing to choose reliable discord bots for servers, the following is a list of the best Discord bots that you can consider. 



One of the most popular Discord servers is MEE6. This bot automates tasks such as sending welcome messages to new members or kicking members that post spam content on your server.

With MEE6, you can assign admin roles to other users as well and send direct messages using the channel. 

To make your Discord server more entertaining, you can use MEE6 to add a competitive leaderboard. This will work as a leveling system for members who can fight to secure the top position on the board. You can also add customized rank cards for the most loyal members of your server. 

Keeping spam content away from your server is easy with MEE6. Simply select any parameters that you like to either ban users temporarily or permanently.

For example, any member that gets five infractions can automatically get banned for 30 minutes. 

Apart from moderation, MEE6 can also help you add music to your servers. Impressively, you can integrate the MEE6 bot with both YouTube and Twitch. 

Although MEE6 has a free plan, it only gives you access to a restricted list of features. To make the best use of MEE6, you can upgrade to the premium plan for $11.95 per month, or buy a lifetime subscription for $79.90. 

With the premium version, you can remove ads from your server. You can also add music quizzes, enable audio recording, and include a leaderboard banner for your most loyal members. 


Chip Discord bot

If you want to create an entertaining Discord server, then you can get the Chip music bot. Chip allows your members to play songs directly from a range of platforms including YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch, and Vimeo. 

Since Chip is a Discord bot specifically for music, it has multiple specific features to cater to your members. Users can skip, replay, or loop any song that they like.

While the music plays, Chip will also display the lyrics of the song. Audio controls such as bass boost, audio equalizer, and treble are also included with Chip. 

Chip has both free and paid plans available for users. You can add Chip to your Discord server for $3/month on the Contributor plan, $5/month on User Premium, and $12.50/month for Server Premium. 

As you upgrade your plan, you can get access to more premium features. You can also save 16% on your Chip subscription by paying annually. 

Dank Memer

Dank Memer

For those who prefer memes over texts, Dank Memer is the perfect Discord bot.

Once you add Dank Memer to your Discord server, you can get commands that add certain memes to your conversations. For instance, the bot command “pls hootyboi” adds an owl meme. 

You can also create your own memes with Dank Memer. The interface is user-friendly and easy to use, so both you and your members can enjoy making memes. 

The best feature of Dank Memer is the unique currency system. You can earn coins when you steal memes from other others or gamble with them.

Once you collect a certain amount of coins, you can trade them in the meme bot shop for games or customized labels. 

Using Dank Meme is completely free of cost. If you choose to donate to their Patreon account, you can unlock more meme bots for your Discord server.

Monthly tiers range between $2 to $45 per month, and each gives you access to more coins, memes, and unique server roles. 

The Dank Memer Discord bot is a fun way to add more creativity to your server. Nobody wants to read blocks of text on Discord – switch it up with some memes here and there. 



Hydra is another Discord music bot that you can add to your channel. Members can stream music from Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, Deezer, or Bandcamp. 

Like Chip, Hydra also gives users access to a range of audio features. This includes the option to loop, replay, skip, or shuffle songs.

While Hydra does not display song lyrics automatically, users can lookup lyrics and other related information about the song with the click of a button. 

The administrative features on Hydra are quite impressive. To moderate your Discord server, you can ban certain users from playing songs.

Admins can also switch languages, limit the song replay feature, and even make announcements for a specific song. 

All of Hydra’s basic features are free of cost. To get more premium features and moderation controls, you can purchase a subscription for $3.99 per month or $39.99 per year. 



If you think that Discord is a platform only for gamers, then you are probably wrong. Discord actually caters to a range of different businesses that target a younger audience.

To provide the best customer service, businesses can use Discord bots like Helper.gg. 

Helper.gg allows businesses to tag specific channels and servers to address member concerns. You can allow administrative rights to your employees as well.

Helper.gg lets you organize tickets of members and close them once the issue has been addressed. 

With Helper.gg, you can also automate messages and commands. If you want to send a welcome message to every user that stumbles upon your channel, then Helper.gg is a great option for that.

The main purpose of Helper.gg Discord bot is to help you run an efficient customer service department. 

Helper.gg has three plans: free, premium, and supreme. Premium will cost you $4 per month, whereas Supreme costs $6 per month. 



ProBot is one of the best Discord moderation bots. You can customize this bot to include welcome images and social commands for every member on your channel. 

With ProBot, you can get in-depth logs of your Discord server as well as any rule violations. ProBot will warn the violators automatically and kick them out on repeated offenses.

Auto-moderation includes muting members, issuing warnings for using abusive language, and deleting spam messages. 

You can set the parameters of punishment on ProBot. If your server conditions are violated, you can control the consequences for those members. 

The best part about ProBot is that it is available in 13 languages. This helps you tailor your Discord server according to the local market and add customizable features on your channel. 

With all of these moderation tools, ProBot remains completely free of cost. It is one of the best Discord bots to add to your channel regardless of your niche or target audience. 



Another music bot on Discord is Octave. On voice channels, Octave helps play any song directly from YouTube or SoundCloud. 

The best feature of Octave is the ability to create playlists for your channel. You can add all the songs that you love and select a custom queue. Admins can also enable the lyric display feature on Octave. 

With the free version of Octave, you will only have limited queues and track lengths. While free users can create custom playlists, the number will be limited with no filter controls. 

To access all of the premium features, you can donate $5 or $10 per month to Octave via their Patreon. Premium users have access to unlimited playlists, bass boost, volume control, and longer track lengths. 



If you want to create a unique and interactive Discord server, then you should add the IdleRPG bot. The next time you want to play a simple game, you don’t even have to leave Discord. 

With IdleRPG, your members will be able to design their own characters and go on unique quests. They can purchase items, throw parties, and interact with other members on your server. 

When a member joins your Discord server, they will be prompted to name a character and select their class.

Classes include warriors, mages, thieves, rangers, raiders, or paragons. Once their character has been designed, they can start playing immediately. Users can trade items, battle with each other, join teams, and much more. 

You can add IdleRPG to your Discord server free of cost. However, if you donate to the IdleRPG Patreon account, you can unlock some exclusive in-game prizes. 



If you want more people to participate and interact on your server, then you should get the Arcane Discord bot. This leveling and moderation bot will help you create an impressive virtual space for all members. 

With the leveling system, you can customize XP and rewards for your members. There is also a voice leveling feature that helps members increase their rank during voice chat.

You will notice members competing for the 1st position on your leaderboard by becoming loyal members of your Discord channel. 

The best part about using Arcane is that you can customize your own server rules. Moderation features on Arcane can help you keep track of new and leaving members, remove spam content, warn violators, and kick out repeated offenders.

Arcane is especially targeted to influencers on Discord. If you have a YouTube channel, then Arcane can help send Discord notifications to your fans every time you upload a new video. 

For only $5 per month, you can get Arcane Server Premium for a range of exclusive features.

With the paid subscription, you can use Arcane on two servers, configure custom XP rules, and add unlimited roles for users. However, there is also a free version available of Arcane. 



Since Discord is full of gamers, MedalBot is the perfect Discord bot for you. To display some of your most impressive games, you can create and view Medal game clips with this bot. 

Every time you upload a new gaming clip to your Discord server, MedalBot will automatically upload it to Medal.tv as well. This helps increase your reach and creates a larger audience for you. 

To add a clip to your Discord server, MedalBot has a user-friendly interface. Search for clips directly from your server by looking up a game, theme, or the most-watched videos. 

Apart from gaming, MedalBot also has a range of impressive moderation and maintenance features. If any member violates your server rules, MedalBot will mute, ban, or kick them out automatically.

You can create your own blacklist of spam or abusive words which MedalBot will detect on your server. 

If you aren’t the only one managing your Discord server, you can use MedalBot to assign certain member roles. To make your virtual space more entertaining, MedalBot can also help you play music from YouTube. 

All features of MedalBot are completely free of cost. All you need to do is create an account on Medal.tv and integrate it with Discord. 



For those who need to keep things organized on their Discord server, Apollo is the right Discord bot for you.

This scheduling bot helps you create new events on Discord where your members can confirm or deny their attendance.

Members can choose from three options: the checkmark, the x button, or the question mark if they are unsure. 

Once an event is over, you can delete the post from your server manually. Apollo also has the feature to automatically delete an event post on a certain date. 

To keep track of your attendees, Apollo can send automated direct messages to remind members of the event. If you have a recurring event, you can configure Apollo to recreate the post automatically. 

Adding Apollo to your Discord server is free. If you want a few more premium features, then you can donate $5/month for one server to Apollo’s Patreon page.

Premium members can add more signup options for events and get exclusive access to new features. 



If you are worried about hackers or trolls, then you can add Xenon to your Discord server. This bot serves as a backup of your Discord server.

You can either select automatic backups after a certain time or manual backups whenever you like. 

With Xenon, you can upload a template to your server and transfer messages across your servers. Xenon has a range of pre-designed templates available for gamers, fandoms, educational channels, and more.

Each template helps you create a unique structure for your channel, creates categories, and assigns roles. 

The free Xenon Discord bot can be used for 25 backups of your server. If you upgrade to any of the premium plans, you can have access to message saving options, role backups, and more backups. Xenon subscription plans range between $5 to $25 per month. 

What Are Discord Bots?

If you don’t know what Discord bots are, then this brief insight might be useful. They are basically AI-driven tools that upgrade your server. Using a Discord bot can help make your virtual space more engaging for the community. 

With a Discord bot, you can moderate your server automatically, ban unwanted members, add music, and do much more.

Depending on which servers you choose, you can allow your users to add games and memes as well. This helps create an entertaining virtual space with a wide range of content. 

Once you find the right Discord bots, you can add them to your server directly from the website. Similar to a regular server invite, Discord bots can be added by simply inviting them to your server.

While some Discord bots are free of cost, others involve paid memberships that give you access to premium features. 

How To Add Discord Bots

Now that you know all about Discord bots that can make your server unique, you might be wondering how to add discord bots. The best part about Discord bots is that they are incredibly simple to add. 

Here is an easy guide to add any Discord bot to your server: 

Step 1: Find the Discord bot on an online listing or official website

Step 2: Click the ‘invite’ button to go to the Discord browser application

Step 3: Select which server you want to add the Discord bot to. Remember that you can only add a bot to a server where you have administrative or moderator rights. 

Step 4: Authorize your access and start using the Discord bot. 

With these four simple steps, you will notice the bot appear on your server immediately. Since each bot has a unique set of commands that you can use, you might have to search for a quick tutorial. 

When you add a new bot to your server, some of them might display a tutorial that guides you through all the commands. If you can’t find an in-server tutorial, then simply look up the commands on the creator’s website. 

Commands are the only way to make full use of your new Discord bot. To enter a command, all you need to do is type it into the text box and press enter. If any follow-up commands are required, the bot will prompt you automatically. 

Removing a Discord bot is as easy as adding it. If you no longer want to use the bot, right-click on the bot under the server member list to access a list of options.

From there, you can either select “kick” the bot to remove it temporarily or select “ban” to remove it permanently. 


What Is The Best Discord Bot? 

The best Discord bot depends on your server. If you have a gaming server, then MedalBot is a great choice. For moderation tools, you should try adding MEE6 to your Discord server. 

Which Is A Fun Bot For Discord?

If you want to add some uniqueness and personality to your Discord server, then you can add a few fun bots. Servers like Chip and Hydra can help you add music to your channel as a form of entertainment.

You can also add the Dank Member Discord bot to create and use memes on your channel. If you want to play an in-server game, then we recommend trying IdleRPG. 

Is MEE6 The Best Discord Bot? 

While there are many Discord bots available in the market, MEE6 is one of the top-rated bots. MEE6 has a range of features, such as adding music to your channel or creating a leaderboard for members.

You can also moderate your Discord channel with MEE6 by blocking spammers and those who use blacklisted words. 

However, the best Discord bot for you will depend on the type of features that you want. Since each Discord server is unique, you may find a certain Discord bot better than the others. 

Final Thoughts

Discord is one of the most popular communication platforms on the internet. On Discord, people can video or text chat while they play games.

Many fanbases have created special Discord channels to discuss their favorite celebrities or stream music together. 

If you want to create a popular and unique Discord channel, then you can add a range of Discord bots.

Each of these bots will give you access to features that can uplift the appeal of your channel. Discord bots like Xenon can help you create an attractive channel with their selection of templates, and Apollo can help you schedule events. 

If you think managing your Discord server is a difficult task, then bots like MEE6 and ProBot can help you moderate everything.

From blocking Discord members to deleting spam messages, there is a bot available for everything. 

Whether you are a hardcore gamer or part of an online community, adding Discord bots to your channel can help you design the perfect virtual space.

Instead of just calling or texting with members, you can stream music, schedule events, and even send memes to each other. 

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