Best Newegg Scrapers

6 Best Newegg Scrapers 2024: How to Scrape Product Data

Published on: January 31, 2023
Last Updated: January 31, 2023

6 Best Newegg Scrapers 2024: How to Scrape Product Data

Published on: January 31, 2023
Last Updated: January 31, 2023

Best Web Scrapers

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In a hurry?
The best Newegg scraper in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is ScraperAPI!

If you are looking for customer data pertaining to an e-commerce website that only sells products in particular niches, then Newegg is your best bet.

Newegg scraping has become increasingly popular as people have switched from buying major products such as laptops online. 

The best part about Newegg scrapers is that you will not need any coding skills for retrieving product data and customer reviews from the website.

Web scrapers make your life easy by helping you bypass any need for coding.

We will be sharing our list of best Newegg scrapers with you in this section.

Best Newegg Scrapers 2024

  1. ScraperAPI – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Oxylabs
  3. Bright Data
  4. Apify
  5. WebHarvy
  6. ParseHub

1. ScraperAPI


Recommended Guide: ScraperAPI Review

It is an online service that automatically enables its users to retrieve data from websites.

Usually, web scrapers are used by people to collect data that would be difficult to collect without automated software. 

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With ScraperAPI, you will have to send the required URL to the API with the API key, and it will return the response from the web page that you need to scrape. 

2. Oxylabs

Oxylabs Web Scraper API

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If you want to get customer data from Newegg in spreadsheets with just a few clicks, then Oxylabs is the solution.

It is advanced software aimed at solving all your web scraper needs.

It holds support for many essential features such as being able to prevent detection when you deploy it. 

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Many websites put up defense mechanisms to prevent web scraping.

To fight against these mechanisms, scraping software needs to use proxies that can fool the website.

Oxylabs is great at making proxies, cloud scraping, and scheduled scraping.

You can also download the resulting data in multiple formats such as API, Excel, and CSV. You can also save this data into databases. 

Oxylabs is capable of dealing with various types of websites.

You can even manage it to scrape JavaScript pages with activities such as drop-down, infinite scrolling, login, etc.

If you are someone who does need to deal directly with a web scraper, then Oxylabs can also offer you professional data support.

The pricing for Oxylabs begins at $99 each month.

It offers a 7 day free trial with certain limitations for people who would like to check out the features before taking the full plunge.

3. Bright Data

Bright Data Web Scraper IDE

Recommended Guide: Bright Data Review

As a person who does not wish to perform any coding, Bright Data is one of the best Newegg scrapers.

It will enable you to scrape accurate data from Newegg and provide it to you in Excel format.

This software supports extracting data according to the product’s barcode and URL. 

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Another great feature about BrightData is that you can use it to scrape data from any website even if there is no support available for it currently.

You simply have to send in a request, and the developers will develop a designated scraper for the required website. 

You can get 151K page loads for $500 with BrightData. There are free trials available for this tool to try it out before investing in the full-paid version.

It supports web-based platforms. 

4. Apify


This software provides an entirely functional free version that gives you a $5 credit each month.

The paid version is priced at $49 every month. It provides support for cloud and desktop formats. 

Apify can be used to scrape data from any website. Even if you gain manual access to a webpage, Apify can scrape data from it by automating the process.

Even if Apify does not have a dedicated scraper for any particular website, you can customize the web scraper to provide you with one.

Apify has a great team of experts available around the clock to offer valuable information and customized solutions. 

Apify has a proxy service that helps with web scraping. You cannot scrape data from most websites without using proxies, which is a great advantage.

It can give you output in many data formats such as XML, RSS, HTML, CSV, JSON, and Excel.

The free trial for this software comes with a 30-day free trial of the Apify Proxy. 

5. WebHarvy


Many web scrapers need repeated monthly payments for a functional application. WebHarvy requires a one-time payment of $139 for each user license.

This is a great hassle-free web scraper, especially in terms of payment.

It provides web automation support along with web scraping too. This is a task that most other web scrapers do not offer. 

Aside from the dedicated Newegg scraper, WebHarvy has a web scraper that can be tailored to be used for many other websites.

This software can detect patterns for scraping based on categories, keywords, and pages.

This is a great advantage for scraping because it means that the scraped data will be highly accurate. 

6. ParseHub


This software is free with a separate paid plan. It provides an extensive free trial, but some advanced features will have to be purchased by paying an additional amount.

This tool has not been made for Newegg specifically, but it supports scraping data from any website. It provides support for cloud and desktop platforms. 

It is usually marketed in the category of free web scrapers, but in reality, a lot of its essential features come at a price.

Since it is a very flexible software, it has gained massive popularity in the web scraping world. 

What Is Web Scraping? 

There are multiple e-commerce websites available across the globe that have a lot of information on buying patterns and customer data that is publicly available.

This information is a data mine for researchers and business owners who wish to collect this data and analyze it for future decisions. 

The method for collecting publicly available data in a structured format like Excel from online websites is called web scraping.

This is a massive advantage to someone who wishes to collect this data because the manual collection can take years and require too many human resources.

Web scraping is not illegal because the data you are collecting is not any hidden data. It is publicly available for anyone to copy off the website.

However, like most websites, Newegg does not provide any support for extracting this data in bulk or to a structured format in the end.

For this, you have to rely on the many web scrapers that are available online. 

Even though Newegg is not an e-commerce giant like AliExpress and Amazon, it is still a big online store known for its consumer electronics and computer hardware sales.

It has more than 32 million products listed on the website, so you can imagine the amount of data that can be scraped to gain some insight into what the customers wish to buy. 

Best Newegg scrapers are efficient and quick at their work and provide you with data without any compromise on the quality and time. 

An Overview Of Newegg Scraping

Newegg scraping is the process when you use web scrapers to retrieve data from Newegg. 

Since Newegg does not support this data collection, you will have to rely on external web scrapers.

Most websites do not make provisions for data scraping because it can overload their servers.

Aside from this, the collected data can also be used for illegal activities, which can drag these websites through scandals. 

Newegg does not provide support for the use of external web scrapers.

You cannot use any automated tools to extract data from this website unless the tool you are using is able to go undetected.

Only top notch web scrapers that have great quality anti-detection systems can work on websites like Newegg. 

The best way forward for you would be to use any of the Newegg scrapers that we have recommended in this article for you.

The main reason for this is that Newegg has an anti-spam system.

This will filter out any bad-quality web scrapers that do not have the techniques for avoiding detection. 

If you use any of these web scrapers for data extraction, you will not have to worry about configuring proxies.

Since proxies are what help in fooling the host website when the data is being retrieved.

Highly recommended web scrapers do not have to worry about any defense mechanisms that a website might have put up to keep scrapers out. 

The ready-made web scrapers already have these anti-detection tools in place, but if you were to create a customized web scraper, you will have to put up measures to avoid detection.

The first thing is that you will need to use proxies—these help in keeping your IP address hidden.

IP addresses are like footprints that can help the host website in detecting a web scraper.

Residential proxies that use a frequent rotation of IPs are amazing for web scraping because they make it very hard for the website to detect the web scraping process. 

Besides proxies, you will have to ensure that essential headers are set.

Header values can be copied from the best Newegg scrapers, too so that your customized web scraper can mimic the same.

Another step you need to take to go undetected is not sending too many data retrieval requests right away and space them out.

You will also have to enter random URLs from time to time in the referral header. 

How to Scrape Newegg Data With Python

This option is only viable for you if you are good at coding. If your skills are not good, then it is better that you stick to the best Newegg scrapers mentioned above.

However, if you are a coating phonetic, then you should read ahead on how to make web scrapers through coding. 

The difficulty of coding web scrapers depends highly upon the kind of features that you want to include in your customized web scraper.

The coding complexity will increase if you want to extract data from a website with too many defense mechanisms in place. 

However, like everything that is customized, a web scraper that you will make by yourself through coding will give you a lot of free reign on the type of features that you want to include and the type of data that you want to collect.

It will give the user great freedom when using this web scraper.

If you want to boost your custom project and its script, you can include a web scraping logic. 

Along with the advantages mentioned above, you will also have to do a great deal of work by yourself when you create a web scraper for yourself.

You also benefit from using the programming language that you feel most comfortable with.

However, Python is the most commonly used language for web scrapers due to its easy-to-read and simple syntax and lesser lines of code. 

When trying to retrieve product data from Newegg, you do not require JavaScript.

Due to this reason, you can use BeautifulSoup and Requests simultaneously to extract data from web pages that have been downloaded already. 

To have a smooth way forward it is essential that you read the complete library documentation for both.

With this information in hand, you can start building your web scraper.

Since Newegg does not allow the usage of web scrapers, you will have to place certain mechanisms that will allow you to go undetected.

This will help you in fooling the anti-scraping steps that Newegg has taken. 

The most common steps that are taken by websites to act as a deterrent to web scraping are blocking and IP tracking.

To evade these steps you will have to use proxies that will keep your IP address hidden. For this purpose, you can use residential proxies by Smartproxy or BrightData.

Aside from using proxies, you will also have to use other steps to keep you undetected.

You will have to use rotating heads and take between requests to delay them so that the host website’s servers are not overloaded.

If you take a good combination of all these steps, then there is a good chance that you will be able to use your web scraper to scrape data from Newegg successfully. 

Following is a script that you can use to make your Newegg scraper:

# import both Requests and Beautifulsoup

import requests

from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

class NeweggScraper:

   def __init__(self, url):

     self.url = url


   def download_page(self):

    # method for downloading the hotel page = requests.get(self.url).text

   def scrape_data(self):

    #method for scraping-out hotel name, address, and about

    soup = BeautifulSoup(, “html.parser”)

    product_name = soup.find(“h1”, {“class”: “product-title”}).text

    product_price = soup.find(“li”, {“class”: “price-current”}).text

    return {“name”: product_name,

            “price”: product_price,


urls = [“”,]

for url in urls:

   x = NeweggScraper(url)



Overall, making your web scraper is only a sensible option if you are a professional coder. Otherwise, it can ultimately backfire and not give you the desired results.

Moreover, the list of best Newegg scrapers in 2024 are a more reliable approach to scraping Newegg for someone who does not like coding, and they also come with all security features built into the package.

If you want to opt for a Newegg scraper, this article will give you the perfect place to start from.

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