How to Find the Best Instagram Account Manager in 2022 [Management Services]

Last Updated: May 12, 2022

There are some Instagram account manager services out there in the industry that will provide you with helpful Instagram tools, as well as a team of Instagram specialists that are going to professionally help you manage your Instagram account.
Best Instagram Account Manager
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#1 Top Rated
Seek Socially

#1 Instagram growth service of 2022

#2 Top Rated

powerful growth tool

#1 Top Rated
Seek Socially

#1 Instagram growth service of 2022

#3 Top Rated

Instagram bot


Looking for the best Instagram account manager?

Of course, the fact that Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms means that many people want to make sure that all of their followers are active and real.

Real, organic Instagram followers are going to bring you a lot more Instagram engagement, and more of this is going to in turn bring more attention to your content, which turns into revenue.

If you are way too busy with your own brand and don’t have enough time to manage your Instagram account by yourself, then don’t worry, all you need to do is hire an Instagram account manager and pay them a little bit of a fee every month.

This small fee could end up doubling your profits, so it’s definitely worth it.

So, with this in mind, what kind of Instagram account manager is going to help increase your revenue?

Is it going to be an automated bot? Or do you need an industry expert who is going to be more or less your virtual assistant so that you can get everything done for you? How are you supposed to trust them to grow your Instagram profile without worrying about your reputation?

Let’s dive into the answers to these questions.

Managing Methods for Instagram if You Want Organic and Safe Growth

Most people out there believe that there are two main ways to manage your Instagram profile.

The first way is to hire an Instagram account manager, tell them what your goals are for your Instagram profile, pay them, and wait and see what they can achieve for you.

The second way is to try and manage your Instagram profile on your own.

A lot of the time with this approach, people use a tool, a bot, or they even just use their own skills to successfully come up with the right engagement strategy.

However, there is a third way to manage your Instagram account, which is going to result in some great engagement that is going to be sustainable for a long time.

With this method, you can make the most of a professional management service that mixes the first two methods together.

We’re going to discuss all of the methods in the following.

The Best Instagram Account Manager in 2022

Seek Socially

There are some Instagram account manager services out there in the industry that will provide you with helpful Instagram tools, as well as a team of Instagram specialists that are going to professionally help you manage your Instagram account.

Some of these Instagram account management services are going to be a combination of specialists and bots, while others are going to include additional features.

An experienced team of human beings is going to drive huge levels of engagement to your Instagram profile, but it’s also going to help you customize your features so that you can come up with a unique way to stand out from the crowd.

Here is what we believe to be the best Instagram account manager or management service in the industry right now:

Seek Socially – A Smart and Safe Instagram Accounts Manager

Seek Socially Instagram Followers

if you’re looking for managed Instagram growth, then we think that Seek Socially can be a great option for you.

This incredible growth tool has a complete list of features that is going to help you become a smart and savvy Instagram user.

Seek Socially can help you schedule upcoming content for your Instagram profile, attract the right audience based on your hashtags and interests, search for hashtags on Instagram, monitor what your competitors are doing, and come up with some of the best content ideas in your industry.

With Seek Socially, we want to focus on the fact that you are able to hire a professional Instagram account manager.

This means that these guys are not a bot, which means that you don’t run the risk of being shadowbanned by Instagram.

If you have been on Instagram for a hot minute, then you will know that they have some strict limitations around what their users can do when it comes to outsourcing in a bid to prevent bots from doing anything automatically.

So, using fake followers and bots isn’t going to work anymore, especially right now.

The good news is, Seek Socially combines Instagram tools and industry professionals to drive the best organic engagement to your profile.

Again, this means no bots, no fake followers, no fraud, and no misleading statistics about your engagement. These guys are nothing but the real deal.

We love that these guys can guarantee their clients organic growth because they don’t have any prearranged followers.

In fact, it is the opposite; they attract active and real followers for your Instagram profile by publishing high-quality content on your behalf, meaning that they use the latest Instagram methods to achieve the best possible results for you.

The best thing about Seek Socially is that they don’t just help you temporarily and then leave you out in the dark.

They want to spend a lot of time with you and your Instagram profile, working out the best approach.

This means that you don’t have to worry about your subscription running out with them and wondering what you are going to do without one.

How Do You Get Started the Seek Socially?

Seek Socially Work

The first thing that these guys are going to get you to do is create a list of accounts that have similar interests to your audience so that they can easily target the people that care about your content.

From here, the second thing that they will do is work really hard on your behalf to grab the awareness of those Instagram users, meaning that they will manually target people who fit into your target demographic.

This enables you to receive the right kind of people looking at your content every time.

Lastly, once your personal Instagram account manager has engaged with these target accounts, you will notice an immediate increase in your engagement and Instagram followers.

Now that you know how Seek Socially is run, let’s go through their two main packages.


Seek Socially’s Standard package is going to cost you $44 a month.

They say that this package is an affordable entry point for anybody who is looking to grow their Instagram profile, meaning that you can unlock the majority of their features, and receive standard support.

With this package, you get moderate organic growth, essential targeting features, a good level of support, limits around your growth speed, and a content scheduler and visual planner.


Seek Socially’s Premium package is going to cost you $99 a month, which is actually on sale from $149 a month.

They believe that this offers clients the best version of any Instagram growth out there, and this package is used by their most serious clients, so that you can unlock all of their features, and receive priority support.

With this package, you get maximum organic growth, as well as all of their targeting features, maximum speed, priority support, and a content scheduler and visual planner.

Seek Socially Pricing


In summary, Instagram account managers can assist you by promoting your business on Instagram.

When you use the best Instagram management services in the industry, you will get a lot of active, real followers, and win over the marketplace in a short period of time.

However, just make sure that you choose the best service in the industry that combines human intelligence, as well as the power of artificial intelligence so that you ultimately get the best results.

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