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What Is EarthWeb?

EarthWeb is a business and tech site that specializes in gaming, social media, and cryptocurrency.

We are a leading source of tech news & guides that offer in-depth content so that business leaders and brands can make informed decisions and keep their fingers on the pulse of current trends.

EarthWeb is recognized as a leading media authority in social media and cryptocurrency, and we also offer extensive coverage of the gaming industry.

Whether you are here for our articles or something else, we are confident that you will leave with more information and knowledge and a deeper connection with your preferred community.

We are passionate about covering a myriad of topics related to technology, from gaming to AI, small business to corporate, and so much more.

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Who We Are

We have been growing our team consistently since we first began. We are committed to sharing the latest gaming, social media and cryptocurrency trends, and covering all relevant topics for business leaders, enthusiasts, and developers all around the globe. Here are just a few of the people that share this passion with us.
jason square

Jason Wise

Chief Editor & Head Publisher

Hi! I’m Jason. I tend to gravitate towards business and technology topics, with a deep interest in social media, privacy and crypto. I enjoy testing and reviewing products, so you’ll see a lot of that by me here on EarthWeb.
thomas mcgovern

Thomas McGovern


I have over a decade of experience with blockchain and cryptography. I also hold a master’s degree in Mathematics.


Bobby L


Lifestyle / Tech / Business. Love it!


Geoffrey Poole


Hey Geoffrey here, I’ve been into technology and the internet ever since I can remember. I enjoy writing articles about emerging technology, social media and business. But sometimes feel inspired to cover other topics too. My aim is to make complex topics digestible and easy for anyone to understand.

Husain Parvez

Husain Parvez


Husain has been around the internet ever since the dial-up days and loves writing about everything across the technosphere. He loves taking tech apart and see what makes them tick, without necessarily putting it all back together.
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Kelly Indah


I’m a researcher here at EarthWeb with a special interest in diversity, equality and human rights. That said, I really love business and tech topics!
Trevor Cooke

Trevor Cooke


The only safe internet is a private internet. You’ll see me at parties talking about cybersecurity, privacy, and VPNs.

Yes, I’m that guy.
eddie thunder

Eddie Thunder


I’m a full-time social media research specialist. Actually you could say I’m a bit obsessed. I seek out the latest information and hacks for our How-to Guides. As well as that, I put companies under the microscope for reviews. Yes I’m hyper-critical when reviewing services, and most can’t handle the harsh truth – can you?
allison ew

Allison Langstone


Allison produces content for a business SAAS but also contributes to EarthWeb frequently, using her knowledge of both business and technology to bring a unique angle to the site.