Steps to See Deleted Messages on Discord

How to See Deleted Messages on Discord in 2024

Published on: January 29, 2023
Last Updated: January 29, 2023

How to See Deleted Messages on Discord in 2024

Published on: January 29, 2023
Last Updated: January 29, 2023

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Are you racking your brains trying to find out how to see deleted messages on Discord in 2024?

Discord is an amazing platform that gamers from all corners of the world use to exchange messages, media files, and various other types of content.

While most of the members on this platform are known to be quite friendly, there are a handful of members whose idea of fun is to send offensive and hurtful messages to others.

While you do have the option to report the offensive members, it often helps in having proof.

In most cases, people who keep engaging in such bad behaviors will delete their messages seconds or minutes later after sending them, thereby preventing others from taking a screenshot.

In such cases, it becomes very important to learn how to see deleted messages on Discord.

In this article, we will learn how to view Discord messages that have been deleted by using some third-party applications and tools.

How to See Deleted Messages On Discord in 2024

Here are some simple methods that can help you in your quest to find out how to see deleted messages on Discord:

1. Screenshot Method

This is one of the oldest methods to learn how to see deleted messages on Discord. However, it is also known to be unreliable at times. However, regular users only have this method to rely on for now.

If you are still clueless about this method, it basically means that you simply need to take a screenshot of the messages.

This feature is available for both computers and mobile devices. You can also make use of a separate third-party tool to screenshot the messages.

However, there are two main issues with this particular method – the first is that you will have to pinpoint the exact time that the user will remove the comment, which is something you can predict only if you are a time traveler.

The second issue here is that screenshots can be manipulated easily.

Therefore, they cannot be used as proof if there are certain legal issues. However, this method is still better than doing nothing.

2. Use Dyno Bot

Dyno Bot

Of course, the next best method you can use to learn how to see deleted messages on Discord is utilizing bots to log all the events taking place on your servers. These events will also include edited or deleted messages.

While the normal members of the Discord server cannot do a lot about it, admins can have the privileges of using various tools and bots.

One of these powerful bots is Dyno Bot, which is a free-to-use bot that is fitted with a lot of beneficial features. You will have full control over your Discord server so that you can view all the messages that have been deleted from the server.

However, the issue with Dyno Bot is that the installation method is very complicated and time-consuming, which are two important reasons why most Discord server owners refrain from using this tool.

Now, let us learn how you can view deleted Discord messages with the help of Dyno Bot:

  1. Head over to the official Dyno Bot website.
  2. Next, you need to tap on the ‘Add to Server’ option. You will be redirected to the login page of Discord, where you will have the choice to select the features that you are planning to use.
  3. Next, you will have to tap on the ‘Select A Server’ option where you will be able to select the server that you want.
  4. Tap on the Authorize option.
  5. Lastly, you simply need to get done with the verification of the captcha code and the Dyno Bot will be installed on your server on Discord.
  6. Start the Discord app again and log in to your account where you have created a server.
  7. Once you open the Discord server, you will notice that Dyno Bot has already been installed. If you want to confirm whether the bot has been added, you simply type in ‘?PING’ in the messaging space and hit Enter.

Now, let us learn how you can set up the Dyno Bot:

  1. Similar to the above-mentioned steps, you first need to visit the Dyno Bot official website.
  2. Next, you need to log in to your Discord account. Once done, your Discord server will be shown on the official Dyno Bot website.
  3. Navigate and tap on the Manage Servers option.
  4. You have the choice to add a nickname for your Discord server on the Dashboard and then click on Update. All these changes will be done in real-time.
  5. Under the Dashboard section, you need to tap on the Modules option. Here, you need to toggle on the Action Log option.
  6. Head over to the Modules option again and tap on the Action Log.
  7. In the Select Channel option, tap on your Discord server.
  8. Once done, you will be able to see all deleted messages.

Once you have selected all the features that you want, you need to head over to the Discord application and open the chat room of your server. To check, you can send a message and delete it. Next, you will see a message by Dyno Bot that the Message has been sent by ‘Your Name’ and deleted in ‘audits-log’.

3. Use Logger Bot


Another option that you have to learn how to see deleted messages on Discord is using Logger Bot.

This lightweight bot has been designed specifically to view deleted messages on the Discord server.

One reason this bot is so popular is that Logger Bot is quite light, unlike Dyno Bot, which is a heavy bot because it is fitted with several features.

Logger Bot will log all events related to messaging like edited messages, deleted messages, members joining or leaving, etc.

All the information will be stored for roughly two weeks, which is enough time for you to report bad messages with the required proof.

Additionally, it is very easy to understand and use Logger Bot; all you need to do is add the ‘!’ sign as the prefix for any command. The bot is also free to download and use.

When it comes to downloading and installing the bot, the process is almost similar to Dyno Bot; however, there are a few significant differences.

Here is how you can view deleted Discord messages using Logger Bot:

  1. Head over to the Logger Bot official website.
  2. Next, you need to tap on the Invite option.
  3. Here, you need to click on the Select a Server option and select the Discord server where you want the bot to be.
  4. You need to tap on the Authorize option and get done with the Recaptcha verification.
  5. Once done, you will notice the message ‘Select a server to configure’ on your screen. As you have done previously, you will have to select the server where you want to view the deleted messages.
  6. On the left side of the screen, you will see a menu where you need to tap on the Invites option.
  7. Here, you need to enable the ‘Join Messages’ and ‘Leave Messages’ options. Additionally, you need to enable the toggles Messages Deleted and Messages Edited options.
  8. Forward the link of the Discord server to your friends or simply send a message on the Discord server or channel.
  9. To test it out, you can ask a friend to send and delete a message. You will receive a message that the person has deleted the said message.

4. Use BetterDiscord

As you can guess, BetterDiscord is a ‘better’ open-source alternative to Discord. However, you need to know that it is not an official update of Discord.

However, BetterDiscord provides its users with more freedom and a lot more useful features.

Alternatively, you can also create plugins that are compatible with BetterDiscord, which will make the application more versatile than before.

For instance, you can create a dedicated plugin for detecting and logging deleted Discord messages.

Once you have installed BetterDiscord on your computer, you will have to begin the process of adding the plugin to it.

While there are many tools available on the internet, we would recommend Lightly’s GitLab. You need to head over to the GitLab website and download MessageLoggerV2.


This is a JavaScript file that looks like an unknown file type. However, you do not have to overthink it.

The only thing you need to do now is to look for a destination to download the file.

Now, you need to restart the Discord application and head to the Plugins tab. Once done, you will see the MessageLoggerV2 plugin.

MessageLoggerV2 to the plugins

After you enable it, the plugin will start recording all the messages on the server. Even if the message has been deleted, you will still be able to view it.


Can Owners Of Discord Servers View Deleted Messages?

No, even the owners of the Discord servers cannot view the deleted messages.

According to the Discord terms and conditions, viewing deleted messages is not allowed.

However, you can make use of the methods mentioned above to view removed messages on the Discord platform.

Can You Recover Deleted Discord Messages?

Sadly, there is no way of recovering deleted messages on Discord.

However, if you are the owner of the server, you can still view activities of which members have deleted their messages, etc. in the audit log.

Final Thoughts

With the help of the methods that we have mentioned above, you will learn how to see deleted messages on Discord in 2024.

While these methods are not known to be conventional, these are the only ones that are available to you.

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