Best Places to Buy Discord Direct Messages

7 Best Sites to Buy Discord Direct Messages CHEAP in 2024

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

7 Best Sites to Buy Discord Direct Messages CHEAP in 2024

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

In a hurry?
The best places to buy Discord direct messages, as found in our independent research, is Media Mister!

Discord is a free platform that blends the chat user interface like regular apps like Slack with Skype’s video or voice chats. It is one of the most popular apps and has more than 300 million registered users, with 14 million people logging in daily. 

You can use this platform to talk with your friends during the gameplay. You can also use it for creating places where players can find other players and people to socialize with. 

This post will discuss some of the best websites that you can use to buy Discord messages.

Best Sites to Buy Discord Direct Messages in 2024

  1. Media Mister – 🏆 Winner!
  2. GetAFollower
  3. Buy Real Media

1. Media Mister

image 57

Media Mister is one of the best places to get Discord direct messages. This website enhances the performance of your Discord account.

You will achieve your networking goal. When your Discord account grows, you can communicate with more people while playing games online.       

👉 Buy Discord Direct Messages

Additionally, Media Mister is a unique website where you can specify a targeted server to send direct messages.

First, you have to select a quantity of Discord direct messages. Then describe the message, tell about Discord targeted server, and finally an invitation link of Discord.  

The company offers three options to send direct Discord messages, including 10k, 25k, and 50k. The best thing is that the company will send these messages within 1 to 2 days.

Therefore, this website is the faster and quick service provider to boost the performance of your Discord network.    

The prices of the packages are also affordable. If you choose 10k messages, you have to pay $550. The company will spend 25k for $1450 and 50k for $2850.

So, you can purchase which one suits you. And how you want to grow your business on Discord’s social media platform.   

When you are doing any business, your time is valuable. Because you have to do a lot of work with full attention all day.

After purchasing a direct message, you can save your precious time and energy. Therefore, you can use your time and energy to do other tasks.

The Media mister is a secure website. So, you can confidently share your personal and financial information.

The company will never share your information with others. The payment technique is also safe. Therefore, you can pay with your credit card or use another source to pay.  

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2. GetAFollower

GetAFollower Buy Discord Direct Messages

Discord is an excellent social media platform to communicate with your friends. You can easily chat, do some political discussion or play games, and it’s all up to you.

For that, you need to make a big circle of your Discord network.

👉 Get Discord Direct Messages

So, you can grow your Discord network by purchasing Discord direct messages from the GetAFollower.

This is the most trusted and authentic website that sends messages to organic accounts. You can communicate with more people and share many things through this method. 

You can choose the number of messages you want to send. Remember, increasing the quantity means increasing the budget. So, if you are willing to send a more direct message, you have to pay a little bit more. 

However, this is a quick and easy way to be active. Another good thing is that this technique of buying Discord direct messages is legitimate with an authentic platform.

And GetAFollower is one of them, so you can confidently invest here. 

The customer support service is highly appreciable because the team provides their service 24/7 to entertain your queries. 

For that, if you feel any difficulty, you can make a call, arrange an online chat, and write an email. They will respond within a few hours. The prices of the packages are also affordable. 

In any case, if you didn’t see the direct message performance, you can contact them and request to take your money back.

This is because this website is giving you a 100% money-back guarantee.           

3. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media Buy Discord Direct Messages

Looking for a strategy to enhance the performance of your Discord account at a reasonable price? You are in the right place.

Here, we suggest you choose the Buy Real Media platform to grow your social media engagement. 

👉 Get Discord Direct Messages

This website has the web’s leading high professional team. They help you to send direct messages to other authentic accounts. This is to enhance the performance of your account.   

The best thing about Buy Real Media is that it is not risky. This is an authentic and safe website. You can send direct messages to real active people in a normal way. 

The company offers different packages to buy Discord direct messages. Each package varies in terms of price, quantity, and delivery time.  

You can boost up the performance of your Discord account because Buy Real Media delivers its service as quickly as possible. For example, if you choose a small number of messages, the company sends a message within 1 to 3 days. 

Meanwhile, if you purchase a great quantity to send a message, you have to wait for about 5 to 7 working days to get a successful result.  

This website uses some secure techniques that make it the safest website to share your information. But only that, this website also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

So, in any circumstance, if you will not get performance enhancement at your Discord account, you can contact the company and send a request to take your money back.  

The customer support is also very great. The team of Buy Real Media is expert and serves their services 24/7.

So, feel free to contact them if you feel any difficulty. You can call, arrange an online chat, and write an email. They will respond within a few hours. 

4. Baddhi

image 58

Baddhi is the most popular digital marketing agency that enhances your social media engagements.

If you want to grow a Discord account faster in a budget-efficient way, the Baddhi platform is the right option for you. This is because Baddhi offers different packages to send direct messages in bulk. 

This option makes it unique from the above-mentioned places. So, choosing a bulk messages package helps grow your social media engagement quickly and easily. 

You can pick between 1000 to 50k direct messages for a price between $80 to $4000. Moreover, the delivery time of each package also varies. 

Your account will start growing within 1 day to 10 days as you pick your package. You can also chat with an agent that is available 24/7 to assist you in any difficulty. 

5. Buy Discord

image 59

You can increase the performance of your Discord account by purchasing direct message services from the Buy Discord website.

This website is a great platform that offers you different packages to buy Discord messages. You can buy one of the required packages according to your needs. 

The packages come with 1k, 2k, 5k, 10k, and you have to pay $80, $160, $400, and $800 receptively.

However, the delivery time of each package varies. Delivery time of the small box maybe 1 to 2 days, and the big package can take 9 to 10 days. 

Customer service support is available in telegram. The team will give you a response as soon as possible. The company also accepts debit cards, credit cards, and popular crypto assets.     

6. Playerup

image 60

Websites are the source to get more social media engagements; forums are also the most popular source.

Plenty of users is available at the Playerup, providing several Discord services. And, buying Discord direct messages is one of the best services.

Remember that all users are not authentic; some can be fake. So, it is suggested to search for better options to buy Discord direct messages. 

We have already recommended the most authentic websites for this purpose. Therefore, you can also consider those.

Some are popular for being budget-efficient, and others are giving quick responses. 

And try to save yourself from any fraud. Apart from direct messages, you can also take other Discord services to boost the performance.     

7. Fiverr

image 61

Fiverr is the most popular platform where many people give you Discord direct messages services.

You can hire them to meet your social media engagement. All profiles vary in terms of rating, packages, and price.   

Fiverr has both beginners and professionals users profiles. Therefore, you can see their rating to hire a professional profile.

Some of them offer 100k for just $50, while others offer $60. So, choosing the right profile will be your right decision to boost up your Discord account’s performance.

What’s more, is that the customer support is excellent. In any circumstance, you can contact Fiverr’s team, which is available 24/7. They will give you a response within a few hours. 

The company uses a secure encryption payment technique, so you can confidently share your personal and financial information. 

This company provides the best Discord direct messages services. So, you can achieve your goal as soon as you hire any user to work on that.

Some profiles also offer discounted packages to entertain their customers. Therefore, it’s up to you which profile will be your priority.            

Why Buy Discord Direct Messages?

If you are a video game streamer, you know the importance of direct messages.

You can interact with your group right away and send more connection requests with personalized messages. 

But there are times when Discord bots and algorithms stop you from sending direct messages to others due to spam control.

You cannot send the same messages to multiple Discord members, or your account will be blocked. 

With these messages, you can get in touch with more people and increase your reach. For this, you need to take some assistance from some social media engagement websites.

They allow you to order Discord Direct Messages at affordable rates so you can reach out to more people on this platform. 

Why Discord?

There might be a range of other platforms for communication that you can use. But Discord stands out because it comes with a range of different chat options.

These options are very similar to various other chat programs, such as Skype or Slack. 

Discord has a very simple user interface. Moreover, the chat program is highly efficient, and you can use it while playing those games.

With this versatility, more and more people like to use Discord.

Discord has more than 6.7 million monthly active users. But the important thing is that a growing percentage of these users are not gamers. 

This platform has seen an increased growth rate of over 10 million active users in 2016 that increased to 45 million active users in 2018.

The platform now has launched a games storefront and has introduced more emojis. 

The platform has generated more than USD 130 million in revenue in 2020, a 188 percent increase year over year. 

It has over 140 million active users monthly and 300 million registered accounts right now. By 2021, Discord was valued at USD 7 billion, which doubled its value within a year. 

Should I Buy Discord DMs From the Forums? 

You can purchase Discord Direct Messages from people on different game-related forums. But you won’t get any guarantees on your purchase. 

So, you will be exposed to some risks associated with the quality of the services you receive.

Furthermore, some of the benefits might be out of stock, and it is not sure whether these forums provide you with secure services. 

Some of these users can be fraud, and they are after your personal or financial information. So, you need to be 100 percent sure before you try out any of these services.

We highly recommend staying away from these forums and going for only the authentic ones included in our list. 

Now, we will list down some of the best places where you can buy Discord Direct Messages at affordable rates. 


Is It Safe to Buy Discord Direct Messages?

Yes, it is safe to get paid Discord Direct Messages as long as their bots do not detect your activity.

For this, you will have to ensure the service you choose provides you with the direct messages options that keep the time factor under consideration.

If there is too much activity in a single day, the bots will become active and temporarily disable or permanently block your account.

Can I Buy Other Types of Engagement for Discord?

Yes, you can buy different types of engagement for Discord. In addition to purchasing direct messages for Discord, you can also buy followers, likes, comments, and shares.

How Can You DM Non-Followers on This Platform?

You can use mutual channels for this purpose. The simplest way to private message any other discord member is from within the channel.

For this, you and the other user will have to be on the same server, and it would be pretty simple.

Just open the Discord channel and tap on its profile icon. There will be a small box that will make an appearance, and it will let you type your private message.

Does Discord Check These Direct Messages?

There are three different settings for these direct messages. The differences between these settings are pretty simple.

You can go for the Keep me safe option as your safest choice.

This will allow Discord to scan all images sent in all direct messages, whether you have added the user in your friend list or intersect with you in the direct messages just because of the mutual server.

Final Word

If you want to buy Discord messages, there are some social media engagement websites that you can go for.

You can find these services available on different forums, but you will have to gamble when using these services. 

There is no guarantee whether they have stock, or these services come with various guarantees. So, it is all up to you to try out these services if you decide to go with such forums.

Therefore, the above-listed websites and a few forums are your best options to get these services. 

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