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Discord Statistics 2022: Valuation, Revenue & Users

Last Updated: January 12, 2022

This article will dive into more insight into Discord’s user and funding statistics throughout the years.
Discord User and Funding Statistics: How Many People Use Discord in 2021?
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The Discord app has been around for quite some time and has primarily been a source of communication for gamers, alongside a vast list of other categories of users.

Every week, millions of servers on Discord are operational with tons of active users, ranging from video games, business, art, and many more. Moreover, the company has garnered over $482 million in total funding. 

It is currently worth $15 billion, rivaling firmly established websites such as Reddit. Statistics show that by the end of 2020, Discord had amassed over 150 million active users on a monthly basis.

Quick Discord Statistics

  • To this day, Discord has raised over $482 million in VC funding
  • Discord has over 150 million monthly active users
  • The company reported a revenue of $130 million in 2020
  • Over 960 million messages are sent on the platform every day
  • Discord was valued at $7 billion in 2020 and is now on track for $15 billion by the end of 2021
  • There are over 19 million active servers on Discord every month

Discord Revenue, User, Funding and Server Statistics

This Discord statistics guide will dive into more insight into Discord’s user and funding stats throughout the years.

Below is a list of the topics about Discord that we will be covering:

  • Average time users spend on Discord
  • Discord annual revenue
  • What is Discord worth?
  • Discord acquires three organizations
  • Server conversation minutes
  • Monthly active users
  • How much funding have they raised?
  • Streaming for Discord
  • Most popular discord servers
  • Usage of Discord among teens in the U.S.
  • Average compensation for Discord employees

Average Time Spent On Discord

It’s clear the platform’s users have no problem spending time with the application. As the typical Discord user in the United States spends 280.6 minutes per month on the site.

That’s roughly 5 hours each month, or 9 minutes per day. Moving forward, this number is expected to increase with the applications’ popularity.

Discord’s Annual Revenue

Although Discord has spent years creating new avenues for monetization, the company has generated a fair amount of money due to the need to establish a clear revenue strategy.

Discord Nitro was formed in January 2017 by the company, and for a monthly membership price of $4.99, users got numerous benefits over non-paying Discord members.

The platform continued to expand on this, and in October 2018, they rebranded that offer “Discord Nitro Classic” and introduced an improved “Discord Nitro” for $9.99/month. 

They didn’t stop there, as  Discord launched Server Boosts in June 2019, which provided additional functionality to a server for a $4.99/month charge.

In addition, Discord has also introduced a vast selection of stickers you use for a fee as well. You can see that Discord is on an upward trend as they reported $45 million in revenue for 2019 and $130 million for 2020.

From here, it’s apparent that this number will only go higher if they continue to satisfy their users.

What Is Discord’s Net Worth?

Discord worth

It was valued at $7 billion at one of Discord’s 2020 fundraising rounds. Nevertheless, due to its increased popularity since then, this is going to alter dramatically with the company’s positive trajectory.

According to online sources, Dragoneer Investment Group was planned to spearhead an investment that would value Discord at approximately $15 billion in August 2021.

Growth for the platform has been exponential within the last few years, and the pandemic may have had something to do with it since everyone was in quarantine for so long. 

Discord Acquires Three Organizations

Aside from the companies internal endeavors with its application, Discord has had some other interests for Discord. Throughout the years, Discord has purchased three companies to expand on their empire. They bought Blitz App in November 2018, Sentropy in June 2021, and Ubiquity6 in July 2021. 

Ubiquity6 uses computer vision to provide massively multiplayer, persistent augmented reality experiences on top of the physical environment.

Blitz App is an AI-powered personal gaming coach for League of Legends, Valorant, CSGO, Fortnite, and a few other games.

Although the company started out as a simple means of communication, they’ve now grown an extremely loyal customer base and influence in their market space.

Conversation Minutes on Discord

Although we don’t have day-to-day statistics on the number of messages sent, Discord has given us up-to-date information on the length of discussions in chat rooms.

Every day, Discord members spend an average of 4 billion minutes in conversations on their servers.

Monthly Active Users

Discord monthly active users

Since May of 2019, Discord has gone from 56 million monthly users to over 140 million and counting. This is another factor in what’s allowed the company to raise funding over time.

Simply put, Discord has a proven track record, and that’s been dramatically benefiting their growth.

How Much Funding Have They Raised?

Discord funding

To this date, the company has raised a little over $483 million, with Series F being the most substantial funding round of $150 million in 2018.

The most recent fundraising round (Series H) raised $100 million in December 2020. This is the same as the previous round’s total in Series G.

Streaming for Discord

Discord continues to prove its versatility. While you would not think of Discord as a livestreaming medium, in February 2021, 14 percent of U.S. gamers acknowledged viewing video game livestreams on the application.

Statistics show that only Twitch (47%), Facebook (16%), and YouTube (40%) outperform Discord regarding gaming livestreams.

Even though Discord is not a specialized streaming platform, it is still the fourth most popular platform for video game streaming among gamers in the United States.

Furthermore, they’re increasing in popularity and could easily climb the ranks in favorability.

Most Popular Discord Servers

Most Popular Discord Servers

The company’s idea of having a different server for each group has grown so popular that the company currently has 19 million active servers each week.

Because of its growing popularity, Discord now competes with other major communication applications such as Google Chat and Microsoft Teams.

In addition, Mr. Beast has the most popular Discord server hosting over 700,000 members.

Usage of Discord Among Teens In The U.S.

Usage of Discord Among Teens

First and foremost, 3% of teens in the United States prefer Discord as their favorite social medium.

While this is well behind leading social platforms TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram, it puts Discord on par with, if not ahead of, companies such as Facebook and Twitter.

Compensation for Discord Employees

With all of this outstanding success, Discord has seen within recent years, it might make you wonder if their employees are treated well.

Considering all of the fantastic work they put in, it’s only fair they’re compensated for the stellar work everyone enjoys.

According to information from Comparably, the average pay for employees at Discord is  $131,679 per year or $63 per hour. 

To Conclude

No one knew the pandemic was coming, and companies like Discord didn’t know how certain aspects of this event could propel their business forward.

When lockdown hit countries all over the world, forms of communication were reduced to virtual means only, such as platforms like Discord.

This has allowed them to grow faster than expected, and the future for the company has never looked better.



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