Good Discord Server Rules to Copy And Paste

Good Discord Server Rules to Copy & Paste in 2024

Published on: January 9, 2023
Last Updated: January 9, 2023

Good Discord Server Rules to Copy & Paste in 2024

Published on: January 9, 2023
Last Updated: January 9, 2023

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Are you looking for good Discord server rules to copy and paste?

We’ve got you covered!

Discord is a VoIP application that has been around since 2015.

In this short time, the platform has become the go-to instant messaging software for many users, garnering over 150 million monthly active users.

That number is impressive, to say the least. 

Although the discord app can be leveraged for anything, it is primarily used for gaming owing to the features it offers.

Gamers can gather within the platform and hold discussions regarding the rules of the game, winning strategy as well as other specific details to do with the game. 

If you are a Discord user, you must know that discussions like these take place in “servers” and these servers are split into two channels: text and voice.

However, for every server, there should be decorum that has to be followed.

After creating a server on Discord, it is best to create a set of rules that outline what is permitted and banned on the server.

But, are you clueless about what rules to set?

Don’t worry, that’s what we are for! Turn to this blog to find a discord rules template that you can just copy and paste and make your server more disciplined! 

Why Are Rules Necessary In A Server?

discord discord

Before we head over to a really good Discord server rules template that can help you maintain a disciplined server, let’s discuss the importance of rules in a Discord server.

If you are an admin on a server, implementing rules will not only benefit you but the members of the chat.

Rules generally make any community robust because they bind a better agreement between admins as well as members, reducing the controversy about violating the rules or misconceptions. 

If you do not mention the regulations, there is a good probability that users will not comprehend the restrictions, which might lead to some malicious users spamming on a server.

A server with no rules is similar to a two-edged sword.

Since one disadvantage is that users can begin spamming, while inversely, those who truly enjoy hanging out on the server you have created, may not be comfortable anymore because of all the spamming and unnecessary controversies. 

As a result, users may depart because they don’t want to be on a server where rules are not prioritized at all.

Hence, it is imperative to list a bunch of rules that the members of the group must abide by. 

How Do You Set Rules in a Discord Server?

Once you create a server, you cannot just start spamming everyone with rules that they have to follow since it defeats the purpose of the rules, to begin with.

There are a few steps you need to undertake. See them below:

Step 1: Before you can list rules on a server, you are required to make a text channel labeled “Rules”. 

Step 2: The next thing you need to do is turn the channel into read-only mode. You can do that by going to the “Advanced permissions” section. 

Step 3: Once you go to the “Advanced permissions” section, turn off the “Send Messages” option so that you can send out texts in that channel and no one else. 

Good Discord Server Rules Template

Prior to giving you a list that you can just copy and paste, let us outline the basic rules that everyone must follow.

If you want your rules list to be elaborate so that everyone can better understand the restrictions, you can also copy the following points- the ones you see fit for your Discord server. 

Every Member Should Be Respected

Above everything, respect is the most important thing to follow. It is important that you respect each and every member, regardless of what religious belief they have.

If you wish to be respected back in return, it is imperative that you first give out respect. 

Abusive Language is Unacceptable

Irrespective of what language you use, always refrain from using any offensive words that might hurt some other member.

Make sure to keep your calm and only use language that is acceptable. 

Refrain From Spamming

Avoid spamming at all costs.

Be it messages, pictures or emojis, send everything in moderation and do not bombard the chat with unnecessary things that will make the members miss out on important messages.

Give other users a chance too. 

Sexual Content is Prohibited

Our server is built keeping in mind users of every age. Sexual content will not be entertained.

This server is meant for families so that users of every age can enjoy the content on our server. 

Seek Permission Before Advertising

If you wish to advertise something on our server, be it a product or service, or anything else, it is vital that you first ask the permission of the moderators who will review your ad and then accept or reject it.

We have a separate channel for advertisements, so make sure to use that. 

Appropriate Display Pictures and Nicknames Are Mandatory

Our Discord Server is all about maintaining a well-behaved group of users hence, be certain to use only appropriate display pictures and nicknames.

Keep away from using offensive display pictures pertaining to any religious propaganda or sexual content that might hurt other users.

Users will be removed from the server if they don’t pay any heed to this warning. 

Raiding of Other Servers

We do not encourage the members of our server to raid other Discord servers, especially when done without seeking permission first.

Always make sure to get permission from a moderator for doing something like that, or else you will be banned forever. 

Refrain From Threatening People

Threatening other users on our Discord server is absolutely prohibited.

Threats of any kind, be it hack threats, threats relating to death, abuse, or any other such malevolent messages will not be entertained and members who will be using such threats will be banned without any further thought. 

Follow The Guidelines Stated By Discord

While following the rules of our specific server is important, it is equally important to follow the official guidelines as stated by Discord.

It is imperative that you respect Discord and its rules if you do not want to be banned by the platform.  

Ask Permission Before Going To a Voice Channel

…that doesn’t give you a pass for entering a voice call right away. Permission is always necessary. 

The Administrators or Moderators Can Ban/Remove Members


Even after going through these rules, if there are members who do not care to follow these, the admins or moderators will not hesitate to take necessary action.

Our Discord server is all about maintaining a proper decorum where users of every kind can enjoy a comfortable environment. 

As a result, we equally encourage other users to let us know if members are violating the rules or making anyone uncomfortable.

We keep in mind the well-being of every member and always strive to better our community of Discord servers. So, if you face any such issue, reach out to us. 

Discord Server Rules To Be Followed

If you want the rules to be short and crisp that will make every user check them out and courteously follow them, then you can just copy and paste the following discord server rules template.

We have compiled the most common and basic rules that should be followed in every Discord server. 

  • Be kind, polite, and friendly.
  • Offensive or harmful messages will not be entertained. 
  • Spamming is discouraged. 
  • Our server is meant for private conversations, not for promotion. 
  • Using the server for dating purposes is not appreciated. 
  • Conduct conversations in English so that every member can understand. 
  • Offensive display pictures or nicknames are not allowed, under any circumstance. 
  • Conversations on politics or religion are not encouraged since they can spark controversies.  
  • Fake identities are not allowed and make sure to use your real name and photo. 
  • Do not send links to phishing or scam websites. 
  • Spoilers are prohibited, be it from a movie, an anime, or any TV show. 
  • Our server is meant for family environments so make sure not to send any non-PG, adult, or erotic texts. 
  • Hate speech is not entertained and members found using that will be removed. 
  • Do not encourage other users to violate rules since it is equally problematic. 
  • Plagiarism of any kind is strongly discouraged within our server; credit people where it is due. 
  • Contacting server members without any proper reason is not allowed. 
  • Do not join our server with the aim of creating a sub-server with our members. 
  • A warning will be given on the violation of regulation; however, members will be removed if they are found doing it again.
  • Feedback, as well as constructive criticism, are always welcome. 
  • No matter what age, respect each and every user. 
  • These rules are flexible and mods or admins are allowed to change these rules or ban users on the basis of the same. 

Funny and Informal Discord Rules

Rules imposed within the Discord platform can often sound condescending or strict.

This can create awkward tension between members and admins, which can be a bummer.

Hence, it is appreciated if mods implement rules that are funny and reduce that tension.

However, this doesn’t mean the rules are not serious. They should be equally followed. 

  • Greet new members with respect and warmth. But, don’t just start fighting with the old members. They deserve to be treated with the same respect, don’t they?
  • Keep topics concerning politics out of our Discord conversations. We get enough of that on Twitter. 
  • Excitement feels great but at the same time, make sure not to spam or spoil movies or TV shows for other users. 
  • Try not to turn the server into a courtroom drama and only have breezy conversations everyone can take part in. 
  • Sexual or erotic content is a big NO-NO. Keep your Wattpad fantasies to yourself!
  • Have something you want to promote? Great! Just ask the permission of the admins first!

Rules For Admins

Members on Discord Servers are supposed to follow the guidelines set forward by the admins of that group.

However, admins should equally follow a few rules themselves apart from the generic rules stated above. 

  • Make sure to use your role properly without abusing the members. 
  • Do not be petty and seek personal vengeance with users.  
  • Make sure not to provide wrong information to users. 

Final Thoughts

Rules are important in any kind of social media group but more so for Discord where it becomes difficult to manage such a large group of members on a server.

But, not to worry since we have provided a good Discord server rules template so that you can just copy and paste and ask your members to abide by them!

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