OnlyFans Statistics

OnlyFans Statistics 2024: Average Income & Creator Earnings

Published on: June 25, 2023
Last Updated: June 25, 2023

OnlyFans Statistics 2024: Average Income & Creator Earnings

Published on: June 25, 2023
Last Updated: June 25, 2023

OnlyFans started out small, but thanks to the pandemic, it has grown to amass a huge following – which includes both subscribers and creators.

There are more subscribers than creators on the platform, and while the average creator doesn’t earn all that much, there is a chance of reaching the top of the ladder at some point.

With more time now being spent in the comfort of our homes, OnlyFans is a new way to make money and to create a following around your content.

Let’s take a look at some OnlyFans statistics in 2024 that might surprise you.

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Key Statistics

  • OnlyFans has 210 million users
  • Every day 500,000 people join OnlyFans
  • OnlyFans has 2.1 million content creators
  • Many of the top OnlyFans creators make $100,000 per month or more
  • The average OnlyFans creator makes $151 per month*
  • The average creator on OnlyFans has 21 subscribers
  • OnlyFans has paid more than $2 billion to its creators so far

Detailed OnlyFans Statistics in 2024

OnlyFans statistics

OnlyFans has more than 210 million users

Statistics show that there are 210 million people on the app – and not all of them are creators.

In fact, the majority of them are just users, meaning that they subscribe to a creator and watch their content.

500,000 people join OnlyFans every day

This statistic has grown thanks to the pandemic, and people being stuck at home.

2.1 million people are OnlyFans creators

As you can see, the majority of people on OnlyFans are users, with only a fraction being creators.

Still, this doesn’t mean that every creator is making bank from their account according to the latest statistics.

The best OnlyFans creators make $100,000 every month

This stat might inspire you to create an OnlyFans account, but let us bring you back down to earth a little bit.

This is a great number, but there is a very small percentage of OnlyFans creators that are able to make this much from their content every month.

If you do end up making this much, you are definitely in the minority.

The average creator on OnlyFans earns $151 per month*

This is what you’re looking at earning for the most part if you decide to join the platform according to the statistics for 2024.

Of course, there is every chance that you will break away from this and earn more, but just know how to set your expectations because there is every chance that you will stay around this number for quite a long time.

*This amount is calculated by combining the average amount of subscribers (21) and average subscription fee ($7.20) of your average OnlyFans creator account. Note: this figure doesn’t include tips.

The average account on OnlyFans has 21 subscribers

This is still an impressive stat, considering every single subscriber has to pay to see your content, but it’s also a lot less than the top creators.

It levels out based on how much money the average creator makes every month.

The average OnlyFans subscription fee is $7.20

If you’ve got 10 people subscribed to you each month, then this is going to bring you in $72, which is pretty good for a small subscription base.

It’s better to start out low in the beginning and increase your subscription rate as you get bigger.

People aren’t going to want to pay a lot of money at the start when you are mostly unknown.

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a social media content sharing platform with detailed demographics data showing that there are more than 190 million users and over 2.1 million content creators around the world.

It was founded by the British investor and tech entrepreneur Timothy Stokely in 2016.

The content creators on OnlyFans can create exclusive content based on their target audience’s likes and can share it with them.

Also, there is an option for creators to set the content either free or paid. However, OnlyFans deducts 20% of the creator’s earnings, and they can keep 80% of the revenues from the platform.

Even though OnlyFans was created to provide a common platform for creators from different niches, it got fame from the adult content posts that face no restrictions in the medium. 

The OnlyFans security setup will block anyone trying to screenshot or record the video of the contents posted on the medium.

In addition, OnlyFans follow strict policies to ensure the protection of their creator’s posts.

Since it contains a lot of explicit content, subscribers should provide a valid Government-issued ID that proves the 18+ age group. 

How Does OnlyFans Work?

OnlyFans requests subscribers to pay a small fee to watch and interact with their favorite stars on the platform.

Since there are no restrictions in the content niche, more people are willing to participate in the content creation.

However, some people are worried about the security issues related to personal information and financial information.

Therefore, OnlyFans ensures its followers that their financial and personal details are stored securely in different databases with a high level of encryption.

The bank account-related details are stored in the PCI-compliant payment processors.

Also, OnlyFans are very strict about its user’s content. For example, nobody can screenshot or record the contents in the OnlyFans platform.

If anyone tries to perform such malpractices using particular online tools, OnlyFans blocks them from their community.

Furthermore, the DCMA team constantly monitors the system to identify such violations, and they immediately take action against the culprit.

According to OnlyFans, they don’t save such sensitive information nor have access to misuse the customer information.

Instead, the system creates tokens for each subscriber once their details are verified, and OnlyFans use this token to manage subscriber accounts.

How Much Can You Earn on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans has designed its platform for people with maximum freedom possible. First, people can share their photos, audio, and videos in OnlyFans.

Then, based on the follower’s count and demand, they can increase or decrease the subscription fee.

The content creators can keep 80% of the amount they get from each transaction, and OnlyFans get 20% of the amount made by the content creator for each contribution.

Since OnlyFans is an international platform that allows explicit content, many people from different niches join the platform, unlike many other social media.

It is estimated that around 15 million new users are enrolling in OnlyFans every month.

The founder of OnlyFans, Timothy Stokely stated that they are paying around $200million to content creators each month!

image 169
[Source: Second Measure revenue data courtesy of Eric Feng (@efeng)]

Some top OnlyFans earners get around $100,000 per year or more.

However, on average, a content creator gets $151-$180 per month. Surprisingly, 33% of the revenue is earned by 1% of the OnlyFans content creators! 

OnlyFans created $2 billion revenue in 2020 and got $400 million during the annual sales based on the reports of bloomberg. 

Is All The Content on OnlyFans Adult In Nature?

Timothy Stokely kept the guidelines of the online media platform simple so that anyone who has content can become the creator and generate revenue.

But just like Java, which was earlier created for cable tv set-top boxes that later became one of the most powerful programming languages, OnlyFans was becoming the hub of NSFW (not safe for work) or sexual content. 

OnlyFans statistics - top earners

It doesn’t mean that there are any other categories of content present in OnlyFans. On the contrary, perhaps it is one of the most exciting content platforms for many varieties like the ones listed below.

  • Fashion and Modelling
  • Health and Fitness Coaching
  • Travel Blogging
  • Funny Videos
  • Gaming
  • Cooking Recipes Tutorials
  • DIY Tutorials
  • Beauty Tips
  •  Influencer Vlogs

However, by the last quarter of 2020, statistics show that about 70% of the OnlyFans content has become NSFW.

In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown situation made people stay inside their homes and start depending upon online platforms for earnings.

As you can see in the image below, you can create the OnlyFans account using 

  1. your email address or 
  2. using Twitter account
  3. Or with a Google account
image 162

After signing up, you can see the login console as below. Again you can use the previously mentioned credentials for logging into the OnlyFans page.

image 162

How to Set up A Profile Page on OnlyFans

After signing in to the OnlyFans home page, you can add the personal details in the edit profile section.


The username must not contain any spaces between the characters.

It is going to be a part of your OnlyFans link. For example, if the user name is “myusernameforOnlyFans,” your profile URL for Only fans will be “”

Also, this user name is used before the “@” sign to represent your account. 

For example @myusernameforOnlyFans

Display Name

The display name is something you can put based on your wish. Spaces are allowed in between the name characters. The display name will be at the top of your profile, which other members can see when they look at your account.

image 163

Cover Photo

The cover photo should be 731×204 pixels. There are a lot of online photo editing tools like “kapwing” for creating beautiful cover photos.

The cover photo will be displayed on top of your OnlyFans profile. 

Profile Photo

The profile photo is displayed in the front of the cover photo. The 144X144 pixel circle is comparatively small and hence requires a high-quality image so that the viewers can see it.

Even though OnlyFans allow adult content posts, specific guidelines restrict nude images in cover photos or profile photo sections. 

Adding Bank Account

The following section is greyed out until you provide your bank account details. It is to ensure that the content creator is at least 18 years of age.

Once the bank account details are added, you can set the subscription price.

image 164


Just like cover photo and profile photo, the About section is also crucial for content creators to stand out from the crowd.

The About section should contain a short passage about why you have created the account and what the viewers can expect from you.

Under the About section comes the Location section, where you can add your location followed by the Website URL section.

Also, there are two more options to add Amazon wish list and Spotify account. Once everything is added, please click on the Save changes option, and the profile update is complete.

How to Get Paid from OnlyFans

If you are checking this article to find out different methods to generate revenue from OnlyFans, check this section carefully. 

Set up The Bank Account to Receive Money

 As a content creator in OnlyFans, setting up the bank account details to receive the money is the first step. Also, by this, OnlyFans can make sure that you are 18 or older.

image 165

Click on the ‘profile icon’ on the top right corner. Next, click on the “Add Bank (to earn)” option from the side menu, shown in the image. 

The next page will ask for the country of residence and consent, whether 18 or older. Then, after clicking the ‘next’ option, you can see a page that requests your personal information.

Please provide details like First name, Last name, Address, Zip, Date of Birth, etc. The page will also ask to upload a photo ID document issued by the Government.

Generally, people upload a Driving License, Passport, or ID Card for this purpose. You can complete this step by choosing the ‘Document Type’ option and uploading the document from the system.

image 166

As you can see attached image, the next task is to take a picture of the document and upload it under ‘PHOTO OF YOUR ID.’ Make sure the size of the photo should be under 6 MB.

Again you have to take a picture of the ID, holding it in your hand, as shown in the example. Then, pose to the camera as displayed on the right side of the image.

Finally, upload the picture and add the Photo ID expiry date, if any. Also, it is mandatory to mention whether you will upload sexually explicit content to your feed.

After submitting the details, the OnlyFans committee will review your profile and approve it within 48 hours of application submission.

Once the account is approved, the next step is to add bank account details. As done before, click on Add Bank option from your profile.

Then, from the banking page, choose either “Direct Transfer (OCT)” or “International Bank Transfer (SWIFT).” Usually, people choose the “Direct Transfer (OCT)” method using a Visa card.

You can withdraw the amount as soon as it reaches more than $20. For the “International Bank Transfer” method, the minimum withdrawal limit is $200.

After completing the details, click “Save payout details.” By this, the process of account confirmation and bank details addition is completed.

Monthly Subscription Fee

By default, the monthly subscription fee will be “Free.” You have to edit your profile from the My profile option.

OnlyFans allows setting a subscription fee above $4.99. Now depending upon the amount of content posted, you can increase or decrease the subscription fee. 

How to Make the Best OnlyFans Profile

Well, if you want to generate significant revenue from OnlyFans, you have to put some work into changing the whole profile presentation.

Certain factors have to be taken care of to attract new subscribers to the page. At the same time, you should try to maintain the connection with existing subscribers as well.

Let us check out some of the best practices available to create a good audience for you on the OnlyFans platform.

The below image shows the creator’s home page in OnlyFans.

image 167

Uploading new post 

The “Compose new post” section allows you to add texts, audio, images, and videos as contents to your profile.

In addition, the attachment option will enable you to upload multiple files at a time.

OnlyFans Story feed

It works just like the story feed options on Facebook and Instagram. Here you can set stories that will expire after a given time.

In addition, there are a lot of choices available to beautify your story feed, like adding GIFs, animations, subscriber interactions, etc.

Finally, you can create polls to understand what subscribers like from you. for example, you can set an audience poll about two dress types in which subscribers want to see you more.

So you will be engaging people with the question poll while you are getting a chance to understand their likes and dislikes other than from the comment section. 

Story Highlights

Here, you can add some of the best stories so that the new subscribers can see your past account feeds.

People always like to watch such story highlights as they are curious about your history!


OnlyFans allows the creators to set a specific expiry date and time for the posts to get automatically removed from the page once it completes the schedule.

Also, there is an option to set automatic post upload, say you want to upload the birthday post strictly at midnight.

Then, you just have to upload the file and set the date and time for the post to go public. 

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Price Tag Adding

OnlyFans allows its creators to lock the post by setting up a specific price. Subscribers who pay the money get to see the post.

But it is only possible if the OnlyFans account is free.

To create the post locked, first upload the file (audio, video, images), then you can see a dollar tag option below from where you can set the required price to unlock the post.

The best idea is to set up two accounts; one free version and the other premium.

In this way, you can utilize both the options provided by OnlyFans.

PPV (Pay Per Visit) Contents

It is another fantastic option of OnlyFans where you can set a price to communicate with your fans.

Once you are popular on OnlyFans, subscribers will be interested in chatting with you through messages.

So you can generate revenue from texting with your fans.

OnlyFans Live option

The live option is one of the key opportunities to showcase your acting skills, customer interactions, and various performances to grab attention.

Live video can be recorded, and you can upload it to the account once the live stream is over for the remaining audience.

You can ask for tips during live performances, which most of the fans will pay.

In addition, you can create small advertisements 24 hours before the following live to let the subscribers know what they can expect from the upcoming live show.

Also, you can ask their opinions regarding the live content, dress, and other accessories through an audience poll.

How to Make Money on OnlyFans

Now that you have made a good OnlyFans account from the previous instructions, the next step is to apply specific tips and tricks to earn money.

image 168

Refer OnlyFans and Earn Money

Unlike many other social media platforms that reward a small amount for referring the application, OnlyFans proposed a decent 5% share of the referred creator’s earnings.

Earlier, if you refer one content creator, you could get this 5% throughout your lifetime. But due to the popularity of the OnlyFans, the rules are changed.

Now, you will either get 5% of the total earnings of the referred content creator for one year or an amount till it reaches $ 1 million. 

However, adult content creators have requested that OnlyFans revoke the Refer offer since most depend on their OnlyFans account for a living.

Setting Up Perfect OnlyFans Profile

There are specific guidelines to be taken care of while setting up the OnlyFans profile. 

Username Credibility

You should think thoroughly before choosing a user name because it comes to people’s minds when they think about your profile.

It is better to create a simple username that can be spelled and pronounced anytime.

Sometimes you have to post videos and live shows, and in between, you will be promoting your OnlyFans profile. So setting up a simple user name makes the mouth publicity work easier.

And the username should be permanent throughout the course. If you are changing the username, it can put a wrong impression on people’s minds.

Along with that, it is better if you can add some of your physical features along with the username to help people recognize your niche quickly.

Short and Meaningful Bio

The Bio space is not a place to write an essay! There is a specific character limit to the bio space in OnlyFans.

Hence it is advised to create a one-line banner that can attract people. The bio should be understandable and catchy.

Posts: Free Account Vs. Paid Account

When photos are posted on a paid account, you should not upload many images at once. Not every customer understands the scroll possibility of multiple images.

So if the customer has paid for the post, they will become frustrated. The photos should be of high quality and worth the time and money of the customer.

The free account should act as a demo page to advertise the customer’s expectations in the paid version. It is always better to post the most provocative images or contents in the free account so that the users will be tempted to purchase your paid account content.

OnlyFans Going Live

The Live sessions are a great source of income. Only the paid people should be able to attend the online sessions. Also, there should be options to receive tips from the users during the live session.

To make it further enjoyable, you can announce a particular show or offer a give-away product if the specified target amount is reached through tipping. In this way, people will be more engaged than before.

Social Media Promotion

Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and Reddit are some of the best social media platforms that can be used for promoting your OnlyFans profile.

You should add the link to the most beautiful post of your OnlyFans account to the Twitter post, along with a short video.

Videos get more views on Twitter than any other type of post.

But make sure the video is not nude, as the Twitter community is strict about adult content. It is better to keep two Twitter accounts, one to share SFW posts and the other to share NSFW posts. 

Similarly, while creating Reddit posts, the center of the attraction should be the pinned post with the OnlyFans link on it.

All the posts shared on Reddit should be focusing on the OnlyFans account to get maximum followers. Also, the post titles should have better clarity about the content of the post.

Discord offers several communities that are named “servers.” You can start your server and add as many target audiences as possible. But make sure that your servers contain people who are 18 or older.

When to Post on OnlyFans?

There is no specific time for posting on OnlyFans.

However, it is always better to communicate with your target audience to understand the best time they prefer to see your posts. You can put some audience poll to find out the answer.

OnlyFans Marketing Techniques

Customized Niche

It is always advised to monitor the other markets as well to understand the growth of your profile.

There may be plenty of content creators working in your niche, and many of them have already succeeded in raising a vast fan base. So following their footsteps is not a good idea to create your follower’s list.

The best practice is to improvise the niche to a different level. You can customize it and make it your own at the same time, not changing the basic concept.

Mutual Help

If you can find content creators like you in OnlyFans, you can join together to perform collaborations to raise the follower count.

However, most of the OnlyFans content makers are not interested in sharing their followers with someone who has low followers count.

Also consider using an OnlyFans management agency.

Comment to Comment

Social media platforms are better for acquiring followers through comments. If you are posting a tempting comment under a post with massive reach, there are chances that the post creator or post viewers reach back to you.

If possible, the best way is to DM the creators and agree to do marketing in the comment section. Otherwise, the post creator can report your comment, and social media may block you.

Maintaining the Reputation

The reputation is like a white shirt. Any stain can be seen from a long distance, and it is difficult to remove stain from white shirts. Similarly, it is crucial to maintain the reputation on social media.

There may be people who like controversies. And people who want to offend you or your ideas. It is better to keep silent for all those hate comments and let your fans deal with it!

Sometimes silence can kill the controversies from its beginning. Remember that social media is a double-sided sword, and if you are not handling it well, your creator career will be lost.

Another important thing is to read and understand the guidelines and policies put forwards by the social media platforms.

For example, some online platforms and communities will be very strict against explicit/sensitive content. So it is always better to read and understand the rules before posting something.


How Many New Creators Join OnlyFans a Day?

It is estimated that around 4000-5000 new creators join the OnlyFans community each day.

Who Made the Most Money from OnlyFans in A Single Day?

Belle Delphine made around $1,000,0000 in 24 hours which is a record!

What Is the Average Income of An OnlyFans Creator?

On average, the OnlyFans content creator makes $151* in a month.

What Is the Growth Rate of OnlyFans?

Based on OnlyFans stats, the growth rate has crossed 70% per month after the Covid-19 pandemic.


According to these OnlyFans statistics for 2024, OnlyFans, like many other social media platforms, has a great potential to generate revenue for you.

It is just that you have to understand the likes and dislikes of your target audience and upload content regularly to engage them.

Even though 70%-80% of the content creators are related to NSFW, there are chances for the platform to implement a ban on nude activities once it gets enough subscribers.

So there are chances that you can expect OnlyFans to be a platform worth watchable with family in the future.


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