OnlyFans Demographics

6 Key OnlyFans Demographics in 2024

Published on: May 11, 2023
Last Updated: May 11, 2023

6 Key OnlyFans Demographics in 2024

Published on: May 11, 2023
Last Updated: May 11, 2023

Understanding the depth behind the platform’s influence can be in a variety of OnlyFans demographics and statistics.

Most people are well aware of OnlyFans, even if they don’t use the platform themselves.

This is understandable as the platform has over 190 million active users, and roughly 2.1 million of them are content creators.

OnlyFans has a sizable presence on social media, with the platform being promoted by creators, marketers, fans, and more.

To peel back the curtain on the company’s overall popularity, this article will take a look at some of the most relevant information on demographics and statistics.

Key Demographics

  • OnlyFans sees roughly 500k new users every day
  • OnlyFans has 190 million registered users, of which 2.1 million are content creators.
  • The average creator on the platform earns around $151 per month
  • Top earners on the platform earn around $100k monthly
  • The company has paid content creators over $2 billion
  • 70% of content creators are women
  • Roughly 29% of creators are men

A Breakdown of OnlyFans Demographics


To truly understand the success of a company, you have to look at multiple angles.

From their user base to financials and business collaborations, OnlyFans has grown over the years due to a number of factors.

Data on demographics can be quite interesting, as the platform hosts a diverse batch of content creators and fans.

You’ll also find that the platform is quite inclusive, which has led to widespread adoption across different communities of creators in the world.

The company’s presence and influence go far beyond their platform.

Social media plays a leading role in this, but other forms of content creation have helped drive the company forward.

Some of these include podcasts, YouTube videos, Twitter threads, and much more.

Taking a look at the company’s user base is a clear way to see how the platform evolved into what it is today.

1. Userbase Growth

In 2023, OnlyFans has grown to over 190 million users, and the company has seen rapid growth in the last few years.

Data shows that there was a sharp uptick in growth at a rapid pace.

This likely comes from the platform’s popularity as a whole, its social media influence, and how many promote it on a consistent basis.

Although the company has been around longer than just a few years, it is only within the last three to four years that it started to gain widespread popularity.

The list below highlights OnlyFans’ userbase growth since 2019.

  • August 2019 – 7 million
  • January 2020 – 12 million
  • May 2020 – 30 million
  • October 2020 – 75 million
  • February 2021 – 120 million
  • May 2021 – 150 million
  • September – 170 million

Of course, we’re not even through Q2 of 2023, and OnlyFans’ user base is expected to see continuous growth.

Across the millions of users on the platform, data also shows that the company’s community is quite diverse in a few ways.

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2. Gender Demographics

Statistics that focus on gender come with more interesting information than just the proportion of men and women on the platform.

Both genders have found success in different aspects of OnlyFans’ with some dominating certain features and benefits over others. 

Female Creators Earn 78% More than Men

This alone may look like mere gender inequality, but it actually pertains more to supply and demand.

It’s no secret what type of content OnlyFans is known for, as many men and women use the platform to deliver NSFW content to fans.

Inherently, this leads to much more interest in female creators on OnlyFans. There are plenty of men that have found success as well, but this doesn’t come close to the scale in regard to women.

60% of Users on OnlyFans Are Male

Based on the information above, this data doesn’t come as such a shock.

Considering women are the dominant force on OnlyFans, this leads to a majority of viewers being men.

More specifically, 60% of all users on OnlyFans are male.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean every one of these men are there for female creators.

65% of Creators Say Their Audience Consists of Men and Women

One might think that female creators only have males in their audience, but this simply isn’t true.

It goes both ways, as female and male creators both have audiences that consist of both genders.

With a wide variety of unique interests and the accessibility of the platform, it isn’t uncommon for someone to follow both female and male content creators.


3. Top Creators on OnlyFans

There’s an extensive list of creators on the platform that focuses on a variety of content genres.

However, there are a handful of creators that remain at the top of the food chain regarding popularity and earnings.

Some of the numbers associated with their accounts are staggering, but it isn’t hard to see why they’ve become so popular over time.

Most Popular Creators

  • Bryce Adams – 8.7 million likes
  • Mags.IRL – 7.7 million likes
  • Ginny Potter – 5.8 million likes
  • Lilianaheartsss – 5.3 million likes
  • Peyton Kinsly – 5 million likes
  • Jessica Nigiri – 4.9 million likes
  • Peach Jars – 4.4 million likes
  • Natalie Monroe – 4.2 million likes
  • Suicide Girls – 4.1 million likes
  • Shay Lust – 3.6 million likes

You’ll find plenty of other popular creators on OnlyFans, but these ten accounts take the cake.

When it comes to the highest-paid creators on the platform, this list looks entirely different.

Highest Paid Creators

NameSubscribersMonthly Earnings
Blac Chyna1,000,500$20,000,000
Bella Thorne1,101,000$11,000,000
Cardi B1,900,000$9.430,000
Mia Khalifa493,000$6,420,000
Erica Mena 172,000$4,490,000
Bhad Babie180,000$4,400,000
Pia Mia220,000$2,200,000
Safaree Samuels127,000$1,910,000

It’s evident that there’s a lot of money to be made on the platform, but some of this comes down to marketing and a popularity contest.

Some of these creators were famous before making content on OnlyFans, which makes it pretty easy to generate an interested audience.

Others simply relied on hard work and consistency to build their audience.

Nevertheless, the earning potential of OnlyFans should never be underestimated.


4. Additional Stats on OnlyFans Users

The demographics of users on the platform are much more diverse than you might think.

Data that focuses on unique aspects of user demographics sheds light on how vast the reach of the platform actually is.

People from a variety of demographics have signed up for OnlyFans, and it isn’t just the young crowd running the show.

A few stats pertaining to fans include:

  • Over 60% are white
  • Almost 90% are married
  • Average age is 29 years old
  • Average income is $42k per year
  • Nearly 60% are heterosexual

Now let’s take a look at user distribution by country:

  • 2.76% are German
  • 3.36% are Australian
  • 4.99% are Canadian
  • 5.59% are English
  • 43.15% are in the U.S.

Among these stats and percentages comes a surprising range in age groups.

Essentially, OnlyFans consists of anyone that’s 18 or older.

You can find more specific data on the numbers associated with age groups down below.

  • 4.33% of users are 65+
  • 6.79% of users are 55 to 64
  • 10.70% of users are 45 to 54
  • 17.30% of users are 35 to 44
  • 31.25% of users are 25 to 34
  • 29.64% of users are 18 to 24

This goes to show that essentially every age group can be found on the platform. You can also consider this is partially what led to such a diverse group of content creators.

With varying age groups comes a diverse set of interests. Hence, the ecosystem of supply and demand remains strong on OnlyFans.


5. Looking at Averages

A great way to get a general scope of more specific statistics is to look at averages.

When you take into account that OnlyFans has millions of users, averages are the only way to get a look at the everyday user.

We’re going to start with the average earnings of content creators and then expand from there.

Average Income on OnlyFans

Based on current data, the average earnings for OnlyFans creators is $151 per month.

Compared to the top earners on the platform, this seems drastically low.

Although this is true, it should be clarified that many creators don’t consistently post or effectively market their content online.

Average Subscriber Count

It should be noted that roughly 88% of creators on the platform hide their subscriber count.

So, the data provided here is only based on those that have left their subscriber count public.

The average creator on the platform maintains roughly 21 monthly subscribers.

This number may also seem relatively low, but you have to consider how many subscribers come and go over time.

Average Subscription Fee

You’ll find a pretty significant range of subscription tiers on the platform, but most people tend to stay under $10 per month. It’s also quite common for creators to offer discounts on subscriptions to bring in new viewers.

The average subscription fee on OnlyFans sits at $7.20. Of course, if you were to sort through different accounts, you’re likely to find different pricing on almost every one of them.

User demographics are just one part of the equation regarding the success of OnlyFans.

In the next section, you’ll get a comprehensive look at the company’s financials.

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6. OnlyFans by the Numbers

The company is large enough that, at this point, there are multiple players pulling the strings behind closed doors.

OnlyFans is a UK-based company, but investor interest comes from numerous parts of the world.

For starters, we’re going to take a look at the money they have coming in.

Revenue and Profits


It can’t be argued that OnlyFans has seen substantial growth in a mere matter of a few years.

Between 2020 and 2021 alone, the company saw a revenue increase of over 220%.

You can find a quick look at the company’s revenue in the list below.

Fiscal YearRevenue
2018$5.8 million
2019$97 million
2020$375 million
2021$1.2 billion
2022$2.5 billion

The jump from 2019 to 2022 is massive, and the subscription-based company is on track for consistent growth throughout 2023.

Although revenue comes with some exciting numbers, this doesn’t exactly correlate to the company’s exact profits.

Fiscal YearProfits
2018$2.32 million
2019$38.8 million
2020$150 million
2021$620 million
2022$1.2 billion

These numbers are beyond impressive on their own, but they also show how revenue doesn’t provide the full picture.

Considering the company’s success over the years, its valuation has changed drastically alongside its revenue and profits.

This includes various factors such as its user base, overall company growth, investors, and more.

Fiscal YearValuation
2018$34.8 million
2019$582 million
2020$2.25 billion
2021$9.3 billion
2020$18 billion

When you review all of these numbers combined, it’s pretty clear that OnlyFans won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

The company will continue to grow, and a significant part of this is based on the variety of exclusive content that’s available on the platform.

OnlyFans’ business model isn’t the only one of its kind.

They have plenty of competition, but even though that’s true, OnlyFans remains supreme in its niche for now.


The Bottom Line

In our modern era, the demand for content creators is greater than ever.

This is apparent when it comes to exclusive content that’s only available through a subscription.

There’s a nuance and mystery attached to it that draws the eyes of millions of fans.

Although there’s a lot of controversy generated by this type of content, the success of the business model speaks for itself.

Taking a look at OnlyFans demographics and statistics highlights the reality of the company and why it’s become so popular in a short amount of time.


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