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Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are mandated to provide access for government representatives to monitor your online activities in Thailand. In short; the government is watching you. 
Best VPN For Thailand: Learn How To Protect Your Online Privacy (2021)
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Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are mandated to provide access for government representatives to monitor your online activities in Thailand. 

In short; the government is watching you. 

Although, sometimes prominent hackers have their ways of maneuvering public internet systems, which is why you need a reputable VPN for Thailand to protect your information.

Cyber Security Law In Thailand

In February 2019, the legislative arm of Thailand’s government passed a controversial bill that gives the government full access to internet user’s information.

This law means that your telephone records, emails, computer data, etc. can be accessed by security operatives without any court jurisdiction.

In October of the same year, the minister for Digital Economy and Society Buddhipongse Punnakanta, in a conference, said in line with the Computer Crime Act (2) of the country’s constitution, coffee shops must keep long file data for at least 90 days.

The extended file helps to store internet user traffic data.

Before passing the bill, there were numerous reports of government representatives trying to gain access to web traffic.

These activities prompt more than five major internet service providers to offer services that curb menaces like copyright infringement, pornography, spam, etc. on the internet. 

Privacy International 2018 report includes;

  • Privacy International investigations affirm that the Thai government’s surveillance of citizen’s social media activities is an infringement of people’s rights. Furthermore, the report suggests the government is enforcing stricter policies to curb internet freedom.
  • The rate at which the Thai government is controlling social media activities should call for international attention.
  • Thailand’s government bluntly denies any allegation of human rights infringement.
  • The new bill has prompted citizens to use VPN to bypass surveillance.

The Snooping Initiative

In Thailand, anyone criticizing the government is at risk of fine or detention as the number of social media lawbreakers surge over time.

Do not be surprised if you get arrested by Thailand security operatives for having fake bags, shirts, or DVDs. Hopefully, the country might relax the law in the future.

There is a high report of web fraudsters, hackers, and spam sites in this region despite the government’s approach to curbing this menace.

With constant pressure from various world governing bodies, the country has not relented its online security policies as it continues to maintain diplomatic relationships with countries across the different continents.

Some pundits suggested Thailand’s online infringement connect to reporting citizen’s information to an undisclosed western country.

The data collected helps NSA to know details about citizens, their population, and tourists. Sometimes, Thailand’s allies have access to this informations.

Snooping activities began in 2013.

The Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA), Thailand Information Security Association (TISA), Internet Foundation Development of Thailand, and other international tech companies like eBay and Google Asia Pacific form a synergy to reduce illegal online content.

With time organizations like PKI Association, Thai e-Commerce Association, and Thailand ISP Association join this partnership.

Bangkok Post reported that the National Security Agency of the United States uses information gotten from Thailand’s internet user database to run security checks on individuals.

Internet User’s Privacy at Risk

The statement above implies that the Thailand government is always ready to cooperate with its allies whenever any sense of security threat or citizen information is required.

Likewise, the country is prepared to enforce strict online policies, even concerning citizens’ safety.

In October of 2019, a prominent individual, Pongpraphapan Karn, was arrested for starting a hashtag that promotes hate.

The detention made by the Crime Suppression Division means the country does not respect social strata when enforcing its law.

Crackdown on social media offenders is not a new term as people understand the implication of a single online offense.

If you are confused about preventing illegal online content, you can research numerous court cases involving RIAA. The jury sections happened in the US.

Among these lawsuits involves Brianna Lahara, who paid $2,000, and Fred Lawrence, that paid $60,000. Fred is the grandfather of famous Wisconsin, and both cases happened 12 years ago.

Another case is when grandmother Lola Scruse who survives on Social Security checks, was fined $6,000 because her three grandchildren downloaded some music using her personal computer.

Sixty-six years old Lola was on dialysis. The expansion of the cyber police unit is a matter of concern for everyone as the Computer Crime Act is said to be for online privacy.

Nobody would want security operatives knocking at their doorstep because they breached an online policy.

Before the arrest, the police come with detailed information from ETDA that states you either pay a fine or go to jail for a specific duration.

Note that this law is not restricted to only citizens of Thailand, as foreigners experience similar treatment on several occasions as a simple download, visit a pornography site, or joke hashtag about the government could put you in jail. 

Free Speech Censorship

Dissent is the main reason for the fine or a jail sentence, not the particular music or movie you download.

A government representative said constant scrutiny is an approach to development by ensuring people don’t share notions that dent the country’s image on social media platforms.

A few years ago, there was a ban report on The Daily Mail and suspension on BBC Network for damaging comments about Thailand’s policy.

You are free to do whatever you like on social media; just make sure you adhere to government policy and stay away from derogatory comments that may flag your post to security operatives.

Some countries have adopted Thailand’s mode of online scrutiny. However, the insecurity rate keeps increasing, so the government needs to be on high alert to promote stability.

Despite these policies, there are several ways you can protect your user information without getting caught.

Get The Best VPN To Remain Anonymous In Thailand

If you are a music or video lover and want your privacy, this article will help you decided on the best VPN for Thailand.

Every individual has the right to freedom of expression, which is why you should use any of the VPN below if you plan to purchase one soon.

Likewise, remote workers that would like to access top-notch European and American sites where you can generate revenue can benefit from this information.

Although open WIFI is adequate, I am sure you would not like a situation where all your bank details and other personal information are in the hands of a suspected fraudster.

You can always protect your device and gain access to numerous sites with the right VPN.

Likewise, be careful of anonymous links as with just a single click, they can gain access to your mobile while you don’t know.

Also, I am sure you won’t want security operatives at your doorstep because you like the wrong post on Instagram or Facebook. With a reputable VPN service, there are no issues.

Interestingly, there are affordable packages you can sign up for as you gain access to numerous content. 

Best VPN for Thailand


Surfshark - best VPN for thailand

For individuals who love to research and gain access to numerous content around the globe, consider getting Surfshark soon.

For example, a British citizen Joseph James who resides in Thailand expresses that his work deals with investing and banking so he needs to sort information from different websites.

Over time, Surfshark has proven effective for him.

Customers love this service because of its low price, especially when you sign up for more than a year. Likewise, you have the privilege to connect other devices to the network.

So far, no complaint has been witnessed about speed as their service is 4.5 on a scale of 5.0.

There are bucket loads of features you can enjoy on Surfshark as they offer prompt customer support. The company is built on trust and ensuring cybersecurity.

Their recognition includes the 2019/2020 AV-Test VPN solution, 2020 mobile VPN Cybersecurity Award, Gold xHot Technology for 2020, Cybersecurity Finalist Awards 2020.

Prez from Brazil said they offer better customer service than other VPNs.

Richard commented that Surfshark proves reliable connection at the best price as Kirk Davis, who has been using this network for more than a year, said Surfshark is fantastic for great product & service.

Ease to Use and Coverage

You can connect unlimited devices with a single Surfshark account as servers are available in Russia, Hong Kong, Sweden, etc.

The bandwidth of the connection is approximately 1000Mbps with different IPv6 addresses. No log file and traffic limit as they provide features of 7 days money back guaranteed.


Their packages are on offer with different features. The lowest bid for a month is about $2 with excellent and standard offer prices of $5.99 & $11.95, respectively. 

Nord VPN


The headquarters is in Panama. With NordVPN, you will not see unwanted ads because it uses high-tech encryption to protect your online activities.

In addition, you don’t need to worry about connecting with any public networks as the military encrypt server protects your information from fraudsters and malware.

Activities of NordVPN are similar to Vypr because they share a lot of similar features. The relax law in Panama has prompt engineers of these services to make the connection secure and logless.

This information simply means you have no restriction when using NordVPN. This network is effective across 70 countries with more than 5,000 servers with enough space for others.

Ease to Use and Coverage

With a single account, you can connect up to 6 devices. Interestingly, the simultaneous connections may involve devices like laptops, smartphones, or routers. Also, Nord VPN is available on Android and iOS stores.

With Nord, you do not need to worry about fast connection irrespective of your area. For desktop, you have the option to select “quick connect” to boost the server.

Furthermore, if there is any security threat, the “kill switch” automatically hides your activity and location. 


There is an option for a flexible package plan as you can sign up for either monthly, bi-yearly, or yearly plans. A monthly subscription is about $11, while annual and bi-yearly is a bit below.



ExpressVPN was the first VPN to be effective in Thailand. So far, there have been zero complaints about this network.

With this server, you have access to Netflix and other marvelous sites while you remain anonymous. Moreover, they have 24/7 support representatives in case you experience any difficulty.

Ease to Use and Coverage

Effective across 94 different countries with more than 3,000 servers. Works on all mobile gadgets, including router, Linux, and other operating systems.

This network has a firewall that bypasses countries restrictions while you remain anonymous downloading or streaming content online.


There is an option of a twelve-month package for $12.95, as 6-month/$9.99 while 15 month/$6.67. Unfortunately, there is no free version or trial.



VyprVPN headquarters is in Switzerland. This security service has a reputation for prompt security service that can bypass China’s firewall.

It has more than 220,000 IP addresses across 700 servers, which means your security is guaranteed.

In addition, Switzerland is a country that respects human rights, unlike other European countries where you have to share user’s information with the central government.

Ease to Use and Coverage

They are efficient across Singapore, Thailand, and Australia, and other proximity.

The kill switch is 100% effective in preventing hackers and malicious sites. The site is easy to understand as they provide prompt support service for any issue.


VyprVPN offers a flexible payment plan as there are options for monthly, bi-annual, annual, or two years. For a three years plan, you pay below $1.85 per month with leading cybersecurity.

In addition, there is a specific duration money-back guarantee as you can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously.

Still Unsure What a VPN Does?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that can secure your data and protect you from unauthorized access.

For example, if you use public WiFi in Thailand, it’s easy for hackers to steal information about who you are by monitoring the traffic going into and out of your machine.

Unfortunately, without using a VPN to encrypt all of these transmissions, any confidential or sensitive documents being sent through email could end up getting intercepted as well.

Your unsecured connection is an easy target for hackers in Thailand, especially if they have a backdoor deal with the network manager.

Public places where WiFi connections are free and unprotected are prime hacking spots that allow you to lose access to your email account or online bank accounts, among other confidential information. 

VPN’s (virtual private networks) can be essential tools for writers, journalists, whistleblowers as well as forum users who may need them when conducting any form of research online because others may hack these due to their lack of protection.

Using a good VPN will help you eliminate any security risk while keeping you anonymous as you browse the internet.

Setting Your Thailand VPN Up

Here are few tips about setting up your Thailand VPN:

From Your Laptop

VPNs can be tricky to find and set up, but it’s not as hard if you have the right tools. First, use a VPN service provider available for your computer or laptop type (Windows PC/Laptop).

Next, download their software from their website—most providers offer Windows, MacOSX, and Linux flavors.

Once downloaded on your device of choice, log in with the same email address used when registering for an account with them; this will give you access to all features they provide, including customizing preferences based on what best fits one’s needs. 

Finally, enable Kill Switch: this prevents any data from being transmitted without encryption because there was a disconnection between yourself and the internet connection by defaulting back into encrypted mode.

I hated using public WiFi because I was constantly worried about people hacking my phone and stealing data.

Still, as soon as I started encrypting all of the traffic on my Internet connection with VPN Secure’s CleanWeb feature enabled in Safari, these worries disappeared. 

One cool thing is that it blocks ads too.

This means you can save bandwidth by not downloading any images or video clips from your favorite websites when they’re blocked for advertising purposes – this saved me a lot of money while roaming internationally without WiFi access. 

Additionally, if you want an extra layer of security against hackers trying to steal passwords through malicious apps/websites loading during checkout at online stores like Amazon (or even banks!), then set up their Nearest country option.

From Your Phone

Downloading a VPN app for Thailand onto your phone is an exciting step on the way to complete online privacy. However, once you’ve downloaded and verified your account, it’s time to set things up for them to work properly.

As with any other new service or technology, many options must be considered before installing.

Be sure not to miss anything important by carefully going through every setting option available – some of which may relate directly to security, such as activating Auto-Connect and VPN Kill Switch (these will automatically connect when using public WiFi).

As for connecting to a VPN, the process is generally the same as it would be on your laptop. This means that you can refer to the section above if you have trouble with your phone’s connection settings.

You have also been given options to ensure no one else in your area will find out what device connects and disconnects when using Bluetooth or other wireless connections.

Free VPNs Vs. Paid VPNs

Free and paid VPN services are both great options for users, but they come with different restrictions that might suit your needs more, depending on what you’re looking to do online.

For example, free Thailand VPNs can be slow or limited in their selection of servers, while a paid VPN will have better speeds and many server locations across the world to choose from when it comes time to connect.

Here are some paid VPN benefits:

Encryption and Connections

With a paid VPN for Thailand, you get military-grade security. This means that your data is encrypted up to 256 bits so that no one can access it without the correct password of username and keycode.

Your internet connection will also be randomized with AES ciphertext technology for added privacy from hackers who are trying to capture personal information like passwords or credit card numbers as they travel through cyberspace on their way into your device’s memory banks where they’re stored until someone either delete them manually by logging in or automatically when new transactions come in.

With this type of encryption, if an unauthorized user tries accessing any data while sitting at his computer keyboard, he’ll only see scrambled letters instead of words.


Safety is the most important factor when considering a VPN.

You want to be sure that you’re not only protected from malicious hackers but also your ISP! Whether DNS leak protection or IPv4 and IPv6 leak protection, these features will keep all of your traffic safe while protecting what needs to stay private online, like banking information and personal emails. 

A “kill switch” ensures you’ll never lose connection with any server if one becomes compromised by an outside party; this way, if someone attempts eavesdropping on either side, they are automatically disconnected without damaging anything else in the process.

What’s the Best VPN for Thailand?

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. The country has a rich history, beautiful beaches and mountains to explore, delicious cuisine, all unique cultural charm.

And what better way can there be for exploring this great nation than using a VPN? 

A VPN will help protect your data when traveling abroad by encrypting it against cybercriminals who could otherwise steal or use that information if they were able to monitor network traffic from an unprotected device like yours on their side of any hotspot you might encounter while away from home – not only protecting yourself but also everyone else connected at the same time as well.

Choosing a VPN for Thailand

When you pick a VPN for Thailand, there are eight factors you should consider, which I’ll cover in more detail below.

What’s Your Reason for Using A VPN?


Why are you using a VPN? This may seem like an easy decision, but it’s not.

If your prime reason is to stream Netflix, make sure they unblock the streaming service because many do not offer this feature and if their connections are slow, then try another provider.


One of the most important considerations when choosing a VPN is speed. You want to ensure that your internet connection doesn’t suffer; otherwise, you might not use it often, and paying for one won’t be worth it.


Certain VPNs don’t perform as well, and that can be a problem. If you have to restart your service to work properly constantly, the money is not worth spending.


With the many options for VPNs today, it’s a good idea to find one you can use on every device.

For example, I recently got Surfshark and found that their app is available on my Macbook Air and Huawei phones!

It was pretty easy downloading both apps and logging into them, so no matter where I am or what devices I’m using, all of me will be protected by Surfshark.

User Friendly

A VPN should be user-friendly, meaning it starts automatically when you turn on your laptop or phone.

If the app isn’t set up in a few seconds, go to settings and find an option for connecting with your VPN provider.

24/7 Customer Support

Live chat is the best way to get customer support. It’s faster than email and phone calls, a lot more convenient for you too.

So what’s better than 24-hour live chat? Unlimited hours of helpful service from VPN providers who care about their customers’ success.

Money-Back Guarantee

Many Thailand VPN providers offer a money-back guarantee for users who are unsatisfied with their service.

If you’re looking to try out some of these services, be sure the company offers at least 30 days before requiring cancellation to get your coins back.

VPNs for Thailand in a Nutshell

You’ve now learned about the best VPN for Thailand and how to protect your online privacy.

We know it can be not easy to find a VPN that works well in Thailand, but this list of four providers will make it easier than ever before.

So get started with one today!

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