VIP72 Alternatives for Proxy Users

9 VIP72 Alternatives 2024 ( Is DEAD)

Published on: July 7, 2023
Last Updated: July 7, 2023

9 VIP72 Alternatives 2024 ( Is DEAD)

Published on: July 7, 2023
Last Updated: July 7, 2023


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Bright Datafast proxy solution

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proxyempirecheap proxy solution


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The best VIP72 alternative in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Oxylabs!

Surfing the internet safely and without restrictions can be a complicated task. With hackers and security breaches everywhere, it is important to consider your cybersecurity.

Even if you are simply looking through cute cat photos, news updates, or online shopping deals, you might still be at risk of a security breach. 

If you want to access the internet as safely as possible, then you can consider using a proxy server. This server acts as a mediator between your device and the internet.

Instead of using your original IP address, the proxy server gives you a faux network to access any website. 

Using proxy servers is particularly useful in accessing websites that are only available in a certain location.

If you want to access a Korean website, for instance, then a Korean proxy server can help you obtain a local IP address.

In this way, proxy servers are able to provide both functionality and security to the end-user. 

What Was VIP72?

If you have ever used a proxy server in the past, then you might have heard of VIP72. What initially began as a regular proxy network eventually became a cybercrime anonymity service. 

Hackers and fraudsters used VIP72 to mask their true IP addresses and routed their online traffic via fraudulent systems.

If anyone tried to unmask the true location, they would only reach a malware-infected device that would hack their own computer as well. 

The internet is filled with tutorials on how to use VIP72’s proxy service for cybercrime. Hackers have often used VIP72 to gain access to sensitive user credentials, identity theft, and financial fraud. 

However, VIP72 could also be used as a regular and reliable proxy network. The platform did a great job at masking your original IP address and replacing it with an untraceable one.  

What Happened to VIP72?

In August 2021, the VIP72 website just disappeared. There is no way to access VIP72 at the moment, which means that many people on the internet are unable to hide their IP addresses anymore.

While it is still unclear what happened to the VIP72 website, regular users report that their privately purchased networks from the site are still functional. 

The most popular opinion regarding what happened to remains that the domain was finally seized by a law enforcement organization to curb cybercrime

Best VIP72 Alternatives 2024

Even though you can no longer use VIP72, there are still ways to safely browse the internet without revealing any personal information.

Here are the top 10 VIP72 alternatives that you can try: 

  1. Oxylabs  – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Bright Data
  3. ProxyEmpire
  4. Proxy-Seller
  5. Shifter
  6. SmartProxy
  7. Proxy-Cheap
  8. GeoSurf
  9. Zyte

1. Oxylabs


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Oxylabs is the best solution if you require an IP rotation proxy to handle large-scale data extraction.

With a proxy pool of millions of IP addresses located all over the world, users can choose from a wide range of data center and residential proxies.

The user experience with Oxylabs is what satisfies their large consumer base. If you are looking for a web scraping service with high security, then Oxylabs can help provide a dedicated proxy server for your needs. 

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Customer representatives from Oxylabs are also helpful enough to find you a clean proxy that would work exceptionally well for your web scraping requirement.

Apart from the real-time web crawling feature, Oxylabs also allows you to activate a random IP proxy that can be continuously rotated. 

While you will have to fill out a form before activating the Oxylabs proxy network, the service is still easy to use.

All of Oxylabs’ subscription plans are designed to convince users of a long-term commitment to the company. As you increase your features, the service becomes more affordable.

  • Large proxy pool
  • Automated web-crawling with JSON and HTML formats
  • SOCKS5 support
  • No mobile IPs are available

2. Bright Data

Bright Data

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Instead of relying on a fraudulent proxy network like VIP72, you can switch to a more reliable service like Bright Data.

This server is optimal for residential proxies, datacenter proxies, and mobile proxies. Any user of Bright Data can easily access over 70 million residential IPs from multiple locations across the globe. 

Since proxy users prefer having automated web browsing, Bright Data offers a preset configuration for proxy manipulation.

This means that you never have to fill a CAPTCHA form again. With Bright Data, the proxy service will automatically solve the CAPTCHA and random header generators without putting you at risk of suspension. 

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To use Bright Data, all you need to do is download their proxy manager or API. There is also a chrome extension designed by Bright Data to allow proxy activation directly through the browser. 

Bright Data has been in the proxy network industry for years now, which is why their top priority remains customer service.

They were one of the first paid proxy networks on the internet that were reliable, fast, and offered geo-targeting features.

You can choose from Bright Data’s variety of subscription plans, including bandwidth-based pricing at $0.40 per proxy or $3/GB for a residential proxy. 

  • Large proxy pool
  • Geo-targeting is available
  • Mobile IP addresses available
  • Complex subscription plans

3. ProxyEmpire


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ProxyEmpire can be a great alternative to VIP72 since it offers a range of proxies, including HTTPS and SOCKS5 support.

Not only is ProxyEmpire a reliable proxy provider, but it also doubles as a residential VPN.

Although there isn’t much information available about the company that runs ProxyEmpire, they do have a large proxy pool with IPs available from across the globe. 

To make a comparison with VIP72, it is important to consider the ProxyEmpire package that offers unlimited bandwidth with multiple IPs.

ProxyEmpire has pricing plans based on the number of simultaneous threads that a user can create.

In terms of cost, ProxyEmpire offers a cost-effective alternative to high-end proxy providers without compromising on any key features. 

  • A quick login and purchase option
  • Great user interface
  • Mixed rotating datacenter proxies are available
  • No free trials

4. Proxy-Seller


Although Proxy-Seller does not support residential proxies, it does offer premium datacenter proxies. Proxy-Seller can be a suitable alternative to VIP72 proxies since it offers support for SOCKS. 

In comparison, Proxy-Seller has much faster service than VIP72 proxies. Even if you use Proxy-Seller for web scraping or online gaming, you will not experience any lags or network downtime. 

Proxy-Seller has a range of data center proxies available from around the world. Since Proxy-Seller is a data center proxy provider, their wide range of available locations is a significant feature.

Unlike residential proxies, it is difficult to find data center proxies for multiple countries. Proxy-Seller overcomes this common problem by offering users reliable data center proxies across the US, Germany, France, UK, Russia, and a few more countries. 

While Proxy-Seller does not have a record-breaking speed or proxy pool, the service can still serve as a great alternative to VIP72 due to their range of data center proxies only.

Additionally, it is also incredibly easy to register for an account and start using Proxy-Seller. With their minimalist user interface, you can choose your proxy server from the few options available. 

Proxy-Seller also provides flexibility in its pricing plans. You can customize a plan according to the number of IPs required, IPv4 or IPv6, proxy location, and the time period.

For a basic plan, Proxy-Seller costs $1.80 per proxy per month. 

  • Easy to use
  • Geo-targeting with datacenter proxies
  • Flexible pricing plans
  • Average speed
  • Only supports username and password verification

5. Shifter


While Shifter offers both HTTP and SOCKS proxies, it is specifically a great alternative for the VIP72 SOCKS proxy.

Users recommend using Shifter’s residential proxies that are back-connected (rotating IPs) and offer unlimited bandwidth. 

With Shifter, you can opt for an automatic IP rotation every 5 minutes. This keeps your web browsing experience as safe as possible, and you can multitask easily with the service.

Shifter can help users with web scraping, website testing, credentials management, and other uses. 

Currently, Shifter offers an extensive proxy pool of over 31 million residential proxies. The team behind Shifter is focused on catering to corporate organizations that need to access the internet with complete privacy. 

Every pricing plan on Shifter is based on the number of ports that a user needs. Fortunately, Shifter offers a budget-friendly option to new companies who are looking for a reliable proxy server with unlimited data usage.

With Shifter, users can enjoy instant connections as well as a near-perfect network uptime which means that you will never have to wait for your proxy server to work. 

  • Geo-targeting by country
  • Affordable subscription plans
  • No bandwidth caps
  • Does not have many proxies as compared to other providers

6. SmartProxy

smart proxy

If you are on the search for an IP rotation proxy, then you can switch to Smartproxy today.

Instead of giving you an IP address that is linked to malicious software, Smartproxy offers a reliable network of over 40 million rotating proxies.

Apart from constantly changing your IP address, Smartproxy also offers features like geo-targeting and random IP proxies for safe web browsing. 

Using Smartproxy is incredibly simple. Their user interface is interactive, which means you can select a location from their large proxy pool.

Smartproxy also has Chrome and Firefox extensions available to make browsing even easier for the end-user.

When you click on the browser extension, you can choose the location, type of proxy, and verification mechanism of your preference. 

Every paid plan of Smartproxy comes with an unlimited number of connections. The basic plan offers 5GB of traffic at a fixed rate of $75, and the advanced plan gives you 50GB of traffic for $400.

In case you need more traffic, you can opt for a pay-as-you-use plan for every additional GB over your limit. 

  • No cap on connections
  • Pay per GB usage
  • Two browser extensions
  • Mobile IPs
  • Restricted geo-targeting

7. Proxy-Cheap

proxy cheap 1

Proxy-Cheap came into the market to provide an affordable range of residential proxies to the end-user. Since it has a variety of high-quality residential proxies, you can easily use Proxy-Cheap in place of VIP72. 

There are over 6 million IPs available in the Proxy-Cheap pool. All of these offer IP rotation and location support in approximately 130 countries over the world.

Unfortunately, Proxy-Cheap does not offer city-level geo-targeting at the moment. 

With Proxy-Cheap, you can access IPv6 datacenter proxies, residential proxies, and even mobile proxies.

This means that you can use the proxy network for SEO, social media automation, web scraping, online gaming, or anything else. 

When you access the Proxy-Cheap dashboard, you will quickly realize how easy it is to use. The dashboard is organized and intuitive enough for first-time users as well.

Even if you have never used a proxy server before, using Proxy-Cheap will be incredibly easy. 

The best part about using Proxy-Cheap is that it requires a minimal financial commitment. If you only need 1GB bandwidth, then you can pay $5 for it.

However, opting for a greater bandwidth gives you a better deal. As you keep increasing the bandwidth, you can get a price of as low as $3 per GB. 

  • Flexible and affordable pricing plans
  • Versatile range of proxies
  • Neat user interface
  • Supports username, password, and IP authentication
  • Sub-par customer service
  • No refund
  • Limited geo-targeting

8. GeoSurf

geosurf 1

If you are on the search for a service as premium as VIP72, then Geosurf could be your best option.

While subscription plans start at $450 per month for 38GB of traffic, GeoSurf is mainly designed for premium users and high-end companies.

This feature makes Geosurf incredibly similar to VIP72 since it markets the service to those users who are willing to pay a high price for premium quality features. 

GeoSurf gives you access to residential IP addresses that are not available via other proxy networks.

You can find IPs from all over the world with their extensive proxy pool, and you can also specify the location of your IP via geo-targeting.

GeoSurf can find a reliable proxy server from places like China and Iran as well. Such countries are not typically found on any proxy provider’s pool, which makes Geosurf unique in its service.

One can also use Geosurf for Instagram proxies and verification processes. Such proxies are part of your Geosurf subscription and can be used for specific applications only. 

  • Accurate geo-targeting
  • Unique IPs
  • Targeted application proxies
  • No mobile proxy is available

9. Zyte


You might already know Zyte by the name of Crawlera. As the proxy provider rebranded themselves, they cater to private route requests for all users.

Zyte serves as a reliable VIP72 alternative because it avoids IP bans, making it a great service for web developers who need specialized web scraping in large volumes. 

If you are looking for a web crawler, then Zyte is a great option. The proxy service ensures that each user request undergoes a unique IP address to ensure cybersecurity.

Additionally, users can also enable customer crawlers and JavaScript rendering to make efficient use of their proxy service. 

For up to 50,000 requests, Zyte has a subscription plan costing $29 a month. Compared to other specialized web crawlers, Zyte can be considered an affordable proxy service. 

  • Many subscription plans to choose from
  • Web scraping tools available
  • Large residential IP pool
  • No mobile IP addresses are available
  • Restricted geo-targeting

Why Use an Alternative for VIP72?


If you are still unsure regarding why you need to try a similar site like VIP72, then we have three main reasons for you. 

VIP72 is Out of Business

Since the VIP72 website has been down for over a month now, it is important to start looking for alternatives.

While there were multiple mirror sites available for VIP72 in the past, none of those are operational anymore.

Regardless of the extension that you use, it is currently impossible to access the VIP72 subscription page. 

In case you don’t have a running subscription with VIP72, you need to find a reliable proxy alternative to continue browsing safely. Additionally, this website crash might also be an indicator that VIP72 is shut down permanently and will not be returning any time soon. 

Slow Performance

The only reason why VIP72 became so popular among web users was the cheap price. For $0.2, you could access a residential proxy from anywhere across the globe.

However, providing a high-quality service at such a low price point would be impossible to sustain. 

Many users complain about having trouble using a VIP72 proxy. Since VIP72 was often used by hackers and fraudulent individuals, many sites block access via a VIP72 server by default.

Additionally, even the performance of VIP72 proxies was sub-par and incredibly slow. For developers, web crawling was nearly impossible with such a slow proxy. 

Not User-Friendly

It appears as if the person behind VIP72 was never concerned about the reputation of his service.

Not only is the website highly unprofessional, but it also has broken links that you will have to sort through yourself.

To use a VIP72 proxy, users have to install a third-party application first which could mean exposing their device to malicious software. 

There is no free trial available with VIP72 either. Users have to provide their credit card information and pay $1 for the trial period.

There are no refund policies available with VIP72. In fact, the service does not even mention a refund policy on the official website. 

Final Thoughts

While there were many reasons to stop using VIP72 in the past, users would continue buying cheap proxies from the site due to the affordability.

Now that the website is down, it is time to upgrade to a more reliable replacement service. 

Proxy providers like Bright Data or Smartproxy are easier to use, have flexible pricing plans, and offer a wide range of features to subscribers.

Instead of using a service like VIP 72 that uses computers infected with malicious software as an endpoint, it is important to opt for an authentic proxy network that ensures safe web browsing. 

If you are looking for a trustworthy proxy provider with high-end features like JavaScript rendering and web crawling, we recommend trying the top 10 VIP72 alternatives mentioned above.

With these services, you never have to worry about slow performance or hackers accessing your credit card information. 

Most of the sites like VIP 72 mentioned offer specific geo-targeting, a large pool of residential proxies, and a reliable refund policy – all of the things that VIP72 failed to provide to customers. 

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