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Best Korea Proxy: Free & Paid Korean Web Proxies List (2022)

Last Updated: January 15, 2022

While Korea proxies are not very high in demand, it is still possible to find them using some large proxy providers.
Best Korea Proxy Providers
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There are a lot of regional restrictions and blocked content that you may need to access or bypass with the help of a proxy.

Furthermore, a proxy server also gives you a safe gateway to access the internet without compromising your identity. 

When you try to open a website without a proxy, you may only have a static server with one IP address. This IP address can be traced back to your exact location easily.

To avoid that, you can use a proxy server to keep rotating the IP address to ensure that it is not traced back to your identity. 

These proxy servers change your original IP address to one from a foreign location.

If you need to use a website that is only open to users from a certain country, then you can use a proxy for a particular area, such as the US or EU. 

What Is A Korea Proxy?

A Korea proxy is one that replaces your IP address with a Korean one. There are Korean datacenter proxies, mobile proxies, and residential proxies.

Depending upon your usage, you can choose either one of these proxies to use the internet from a Korean IP address. 

While Korea proxies are not very high in demand, it is still possible to find them using some large proxy providers.

Korea proxies are not used very often as compared to US or EU proxies, especially since there is minimal demand for Korean content across the world. 

Another reason why Korea proxies are difficult to find is that the territory is divided into North and South Korea.

Remember that you must specify which Korean territory you want to access with a proxy to avoid wasting your time and resources. 

When you use a Korea proxy, any website will treat you as a user within the region. This means that you can use such services for web scraping and accessing exclusive online content available in the country. 

Best Korea Proxy Server Providers

Whether you are looking for residential proxies or mobile proxies, you can find some of the most reliable options in the following list. 

Bright Data

bright data

If you are looking for an all-in-one Korea proxy provider, then look no further than Bright Data.

The service provider has an extensive proxy pool with over 70 million residential IP addresses across the world, and over 140 thousand only for Korea. 

If you want to further specify your internet usage down to a particular city, then the advanced geo-targeting feature can be of great use.

Accessing the proxies by Bright Date is incredibly easy as well. All you need to do is download their proxy manager to select your server, API, or just add a chrome extension to enable whenever you want to browse with the proxy. 

Automated web browsing on Korean sites is also quite simple. You can preset configurations such as CAPTCHA solving or header generators, especially if the Korean sites are trying to track or profile your web traffic. 

With such a diverse set of features, Bright Data proxies do not come at a cheap price. Additionally, Bright Data also has a range of payment methods and package selection options that allow you to customize your subscription plan.

The basic bandwidth-based pricing begins at $0.40 per proxy, or $3 per GB for a Korean residential proxy. 


  • Free seven-day trial
  • Largest proxy pool for Korean territory
  • Accurate geo-targeting features


  • Expensive and complicated pricing plans
  • Limited bandwidth


smart proxy

Smartproxy is one of the best options for Korea proxies that is currently available in the market. . With a proxy pool of above 58 thousand, you can easily find your targeted protocol and type of proxy using Smartproxy.

While Smartproxy does offer geo-targeting for certain locations, this feature is not open to Korean countries. This means that you cannot specify your proxy server down to a particular Korean country. 

However, Smartproxy is still a great choice for Korea proxies due to its competitive pricing structure. You can choose from a variety of subscription plans available on the website or contact Smartproxy to devise a custom one for yourself.

However, you should remember that proxy provider has a bandwidth cap, so be careful with your usage. 


  • Diverse proxy pool for Korea
  • Impressive user interface


  • No free trial available


While SOAX is still relatively new to the proxy market, it has made significant progress since it began operations in 2019. The Russian proxy provider offers residential proxies all across the world, including Korea.

You can use SOAX for market research, web scraping, or monitoring price differences. 

SOAX is purely a residential proxy provider. You can choose from Wi-Fi proxies that consist of IP addresses paired with a local Wi-Fi network, or mobile proxies that are connected to a 4G network provider.

Either way, you can enjoy great connectivity with SOAX as well as customized IP rotation after a set duration. The IPs are rotated every 3600 seconds, but you can downsize this duration down to as little as 90 seconds. 

This provider offers great variability in pricing plans as well. There are four plans to choose from; Micro, Starter, Regular, and Business.

As you move to a more expensive plan, you get a cheaper rate per GB. However, SOAX only offers monthly plans as of yet. 

Impressively, SOAX has 72 thousand IP addresses only in Korea. You can also use the service to purchase a static IP in Korea using the Node functionality.

This means that instead of rotating your IP every hundred seconds, you can use a consistent IP address straight from Korea. If the node goes offline while you are using it, you can either wait for it to refresh or select a new node to switch. 

SOAX is compatible with both HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols, making it incredibly safe and easy to use. 


  • Affordable packages for everyone
  • ISP-level targeting


  • Free trial limited to one hour
  • Limited bandwidth and concurrent connections



Another great residential proxy provider in Korea is Geosurf.

While the service provider has a lot of premium users who are willing to pay a high price for proxy features, it is a good option for those who are looking for a specific Korea proxy too.

Geosurf is known to provide reliable proxy servers in some of the most unique locations, including Korea, Iran, and China. 

The provider offers approximately 2500 Korea proxies to its users. While this is not a significant amount, you should keep in mind that the demand for Korea proxies is relatively low as well.

Since not many people would be looking to use such residential proxies, you can easily enjoy IP rotation with Geosurf. 

Geosurf has incredibly accurate geo-targeting features. This means that if you want to use a proxy for a specific city in Korea, you would be able to do it using these proxies.

One of the best aspects of using Geosurf is how user-friendly the interface is. First-time users can easily navigate through the dashboard and get all the relevant information about proxy usage. 

Subscription plans for Geosurf Korea proxies begin at $450 per month with a limited bandwidth of 38GB. For every GB that you exceed over this limit, an additional $12 will be charged.

If you are unsure whether a premium service like Geosurf is right for you, then you can enjoy a 24-hour free trial with 1 GB bandwidth. 


  • Great user interface
  • City-level targeting


  • More expensive than competitors
  • Restricted bandwidth

spys one

If you don’t want to pay a huge amount for a Korean proxy, then you can opt for a free option like This site is incredibly popular for their large proxy pool that is categorized by country.

Since supports over 150 countries, you will have to look for the designated page for Korean proxies. 

To find reliable Korean proxies on, you can use filters such as anonymous free proxy, HTTPS proxy, SOCKS5 proxy, and others.

This feature helps you find the exact type of proxy that you are searching for, especially since the listings at are extensive. 

Once you find your targeted list of Korea proxies, you can further check each proxy’s latency, uptime, and speed.

There is also an additional row that specifies the “check date” of each proxy, indicating the last time a proxy server was checked to work properly.

Most of the proxies are checked regularly, such as within the last 24 hours while others are updated on a weekly basis.

However, some unpopular proxies are left without any changes, which means they would be unlikely to work.


  • Free Korean proxy
  • Categorized listing


  • Outdated website
  • Only datacenter proxies available

Free Proxy

free proxy 2

Free Korea proxies are difficult to find, which is why we have another great option for you: This proxy provider has a pool of over 7500 IP addresses across 135 countries, including Korea.

However, you cannot sort the list city-wise, which means there is limited geo-targeting available. 

Regardless of that, you still have free access to a wide range of proxy servers. You can add a Korea filter, and further specify the protocol and type that you are searching for.

The service provider offers support for HTTPS, HTTP, and SOCKS5. Free Proxy also has elite, transparent, and anonymous proxies available. 

There are no paid proxies available with Free Proxy. You can enjoy their extensive list of Korean proxies as well as detailed analytics such as speed, uptime, and response time without paying a cent. 


  • HTTPS and SOCKS support
  • Wide variety of Korean free proxies


  • Basic website interface
  • No advanced geo-targeting

How To Access Proxies In Korea 

Korea has a strict law against using proxies, however, people continue to use them for various reasons. If you are based in Korea and want to use a proxy server, then you should avail a service that is easily accessible and meets all your requirements. 

If you are based elsewhere in the world and want to use a Korean proxy, then it is completely legal to do so. Most countries don’t have any laws against the use of proxy servers for safe internet browsing. 

Some proxy service providers also offer Korean mobile proxies to their customers. You can check SOAX or Bright Data for a Korea mobile proxy. 

proxy services

Free Proxies 

While most of the best Korean proxy servers are paid, you can still avail a few free options. Service providers such as or have free proxies for clients to access blocked content within the country. 

However, while using them it is important to keep in mind that free proxies are not protected by any company. This means that your internet browsing session is not 100% safe.

If you use a free Korea proxy to send sensitive data such as user credentials, your data could be at risk of being stolen. 

In case, you still want to check out the option of a free Korean proxy, ensure that you do not access any sensitive information during the session. Log out from all online accounts and switch off the ‘saved passwords’ feature on your web browser. 

Final Thoughts

Finding a reliable Korea proxy server is a difficult task. You should know that you can trust the proxy provider and have access to a range of important features.

For users who want proxies for web scraping or other complicated processes, web safety should be their top priority. Even if you are using a proxy to access restricted web pages only, it is important to focus on your cybersecurity first. 

All of the proxy servers on our list are reliable and well-reputed. Even though the demand for Korean proxy servers is low, our guide includes a range of Korea proxies that you can choose from.

Each one has its own features, such as Smartproxy’s accurate geo-targeting and Bright Data’s free seven-day trial. 

Remember that you should choose the proxy server that fits well to your preferences. Instead of opting for the one that costs most or has the largest proxy pool, consider factors such as your GB usage, bandwidth required, number of concurrent connections, and geo-targeting needs. 

With our extensive list of Korea proxy providers, you can easily find one that is well-suited to your needs.

Whether you need a free Korea proxy like or a popular provider like SmartProxy, you can compare their features and choose a suitable service. 

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