8 Best 4G Mobile Proxy Providers (2021)

Last Updated: September 20, 2021



Given below are some of the best 4G mobile proxies which you can use right now on your mobile phone and computer.
Best 4G Mobile Proxy Providers
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Using a proxy can provide you with unrestricted access to every website available on the internet. We all have encountered such a situation in which access to a website was denied because the IP and the proxy were banned or had limitations.

Mobile proxies are a great way to keep yourself safe and secure while surfing the web. Lots of companies are providing mobile proxies as a service too. 

They can allow you to bypass restrictions and access web pages that might otherwise be blocked in your region. Since there are many options available in 4G mobile proxies, you may find yourself slightly confused about choosing a suitable one. 

To make this easier, we have put together a list of some of the best 4G mobile proxies available currently along with their advantages. 

What Is A Mobile Proxy?

In order to understand how a mobile proxy is used, you must learn what these proxies actually are, and how they are created. Mobile proxies are actually created by combining multiple SIM cards together with the help of a modem. A 4G mobile proxy keeps changing its IP address after a few minutes in order to keep you completely anonymous while surfing the web. 

This way, you can change your IP address without actually rebooting your mobile router, which is usually needed in order to get a new IP in normal circumstances.

When you are using a proxy, the Internet server processes your request after it is routed through the mobile phone using a cellular data connection. It allows you to easily access websites which might be restricted on your IP address.

Why Are SIM Cards Used In Mobile Proxies?

Mobile 4G proxy providers use SIM cards to get dynamic IP addresses assigned to them by their internet service providers. It’s how a majority of companies use 4G networks these days which is why the service is called 4G mobile proxy.

Free VPNs And Shared Proxies

There are a number of people using free VPNs (virtual private networks) to browse through the internet these days. When you are agreeing to terms and conditions, most of the free VPN service providers ask for your permission to include your network and 

IP address into their database. This way, they can use your connection to route other requests as well. It is one of the many methods these companies practice to keep their services free.

Using a free VPN service from just any provider may not be the right way to go. It could lead to security breaches and data leaks in the long run. In order to avoid such situations, you can always begin using 4G mobile proxies that are provided by reputed and well-known providers. 

The Best 4G Mobile Proxies

Given below are some of the best 4G mobile proxies which you can use right now on your mobile phone and computer.

Bright Data

Bright Data - best 4g mobile proxy

Bright Data happens to top this list for many reasons, the first being that it is one of the most effective mobile proxy services.

They offer both 3G and 4G IP addresses to their customers and have millions of IP addresses in their database. The provider uses these to randomize the IP address you get when you turn on the proxy.

Their service includes various regions and networks which all combine to provide you with a seamless experience.

For a price of $30 per GB, you can get premium access to many of their best IPs which will rotate automatically to give you online privacy. They also provide you with exclusive features like getting an IP from the region of your choice, unlimited users per account, and unlimited bandwidth.

The IP gathering process of Bright Data is unique as well. It provides users with the option to use applications without any ads if they agree to join its network. This way, their IP is shared with the network, and customers can enjoy an ad-free experience.

The app developer receives a fee from Bright Data in return. You can visit their website to learn about the features they are offering, and the packages you can choose from.



Smartproxy is one of the biggest 4G mobile proxy providers in the world. They have over forty million IPs in 195 countries.

Smartproxy has servers in almost every major city and offers support across countries as well. You can easily use their service with any software and use it for web scraping as well, in which the rapidly changing IP addresses keep your scraper safe.

With the help of their free tools, you can easily access data no matter where you might be located. They have one of the best 4G mobile proxies on the market currently. In addition to their free services, they do charge a minimum amount on residential proxies.

The provider uses dedicated servers with mobile proxies in their premium services.

A majority of Smartproxy’s clients are organizations and companies looking to access and gather data in bulk quantities. The provider uses an automatic system to keep rotating proxies in the background without requiring any input from you.

You can choose any location supported by the service, and you’ll be provided with IPs located only in the selected area. They also offer IPv4 IPs in their starter plan which can be availed for $200 on a monthly basis. 

Smartproxy has excellent customer service which is available 24/7. You can contact them at any time and get your queries answered immediately.

If you change your mind or are not satisfied with the service after subscribing, you can claim a refund. But this is only available within the first 3 days of subscription.


oxylabs 1

Oxylabs comes third in our list of the best 4g mobile proxies available presently. They are known for their unique IP rotation system with the IP rotation process taking place in-house.

Oxylabs provides different location options such as various parts of the US, Europe, Pacific, and Africa. This ensures that you never run short on proxy options where you are located. The provider also uses IPv6 support to make data harvesting a seamless and comfortable experience. 

You can also request Oxylabs to provide you with a custom-made set up to fulfill your unique data scraping needs. They have a 24/7 support team that responds to problems instantly and can fix any issues you might be facing when setting up your proxy for the first time. 

Uptime is another important factor to consider when it comes to selecting any 4G mobile proxy. This is where Oxylabs proves to be a great option which comes with a 99% uptime. 

The provider also uses its in-built security features to keep your data secure while using the internet. It detects the blocked IP addresses and blacklists them without any instructions or commands.

Oxylabs also comes with additional features dedicated to minimizing the number of blocked IP addresses. For $300 per month, you can get their starter package and get a traffic limit of 20GB after which you may have to pay minimal charges.  

The Social Proxy

The Social Proxy

As the name suggests, The Social Proxy focuses on providing social media-related privacy features and proxies. The provider’s set up includes 4G modems in three locations spread across the globe.

These countries are Israel, the United Kingdom, and Austria.

Since their IP addresses are dedicated to anonymity, you will most likely avoid detection by social media networks or when surfing the web. It’s one of the biggest reasons why their proxies are trusted and used by many companies and individuals. The company also ranks highly as a provider of social media automation tools. 

While The Social Proxy focuses on providing proxies for social media networks only, you can use their service for other purposes as well. Unlike other 4G mobile proxy platforms, the company does not offer its customers a flat rate. Instead, it provides you with flexible rates depending on the number of ports you want. 

They will also let you have a free trial so you can assess the quality of their services without committing. The provider uses static proxies but rotates them pretty well. You can enjoy very high speeds by using The Social Proxy’s services. 



When you are using a 4G mobile proxy service, you do not have to worry about getting restricted or getting blocked while trying to access data online.

Soax is a recent addition to 4G mobile proxy providers in the market and they make use of the latest techniques to set up their servers. This is the main reason why their 4G mobile proxies are considered as one of the best. Soax has over 3.5 million IP addresses which they have gathered through their users. 

A great advantage of using their service is that you can tweak settings to get proxies from specific countries, cities, and even from mobile networks.

Companies use their services to perform tasks like data collection, SEO monitoring, testing websites, and monitoring prices. Like most of the other 4G mobile proxy providers, their IP rotation mechanism is fully automated. You will enjoy the highest percentage of uptime and smooth operations with this provider. 

Soax doesn’t only focus on collecting unlimited IP addresses but they also regularly check and eliminate every bad IP address from their pool. Unlike other proxy providers, this also doesn’t have a flat fee for its services. Instead, you will have to pay them according to the bandwidth you need to use. This way, you are not paying for the features you do not use.



As the name suggests, the platform works best with LTE proxies but this service only works in the United States and is fully based there. So, if you want to use proxies from other countries, you may not be able to get their services. Otherwise, there are lots of features that people can use to their advantage by using ProxyLTE service.

Due to its unique infrastructure, it is considered as one of the most premium 4G mobile proxies available currently. This service does not allow people to choose specific cities, however, the option to select different states is available.

ProxyLTE has a targeted user base and they do provide customized services to their users according to the requirements. You can select the type of connection, proxy, time, state, and a few other things when setting up your proxy. But since the service is only based in the United States, they have a very small IP pool as compared to the other services we have mentioned above. 

The IP addresses they provide allow easy accessibility and as their service is becoming more popular, the IP pool is expected to increase in size in the near future too.

The starting plan charges depending on the number of proxies you want to use. ProxyLTE allows you to opt for a minimum of 25 proxies which will cost you $225.  You can avail smaller packages like daily and weekly subscriptions if those are more suitable for your needs. 

This company also provides you with the option of buying social proxies. With these proxies, there is no minimum limit, so, if you want to use social ones, you can invest in them easily. You can even use one social proxy and subscribe to their daily package.

ProxyLTE also has great customer service which is available 24/7 to answer your queries related to their services. In case, you only want proxies and IP addresses related to the United States, the provider should be among your top picks. 

Scraper API


Scraper API is a widely popular and commonly used 4G mobile proxy provider across the globe. This is mainly because they have a huge pool of IP addresses, and provide various unique features to allow seamless customization and uninterrupted data access. By using their IP rotation service, you won’t have to worry about getting blocked again.

You can customize the type of requests users can send, its header, and the location as well. In addition to removing any blocked IP addresses from their pool, Scraper API also keeps removing slow IP addresses in order to ensure a consistent 100 Mb/s speed.

They have over 20 million IP addresses for their customers to use which also helps ensure the industry-leading 99.9% uptime.

Moreover, when you combine all of their features and incredible customer support, their service becomes impossible to replace with any other 4G mobile proxy provider.

Despite their premium infrastructure, Scrapper API has kept its prices incredibly low. For example, the smallest package you can get is available only for $29 per month while corporate clients can get the $249 per month business plan. If you want to customize your experience, you can specific pricing according to the project. 


AirSocks has one of the most unique combinations of networks for you to use in data collection. They use 3G/4G/LTE Mobile proxies to keep you secure online and protect you from breaches.

This also decreases your chances of getting restricted from accessing any type of data online. It is actually the main reason why AirSocks has made its way into this list of the best 4G mobile proxies.

The service uses numerous IP addresses to make its dynamic IP allocation seamless. Furthermore, they provide only mobile proxies and offer various security features to keep their users safe.

Some of these include DNS, HTTPS, VPN, and SOCKS5. AirSocks also has a large global network of servers and IP addresses to randomize your location, or to provide you with a specific one based on your personal preferences.

If you get blocked on social media networks like Instagram, they might also block your IP address in addition to restricting your account. If you are accessing the social networking platform through this service provider, they will not be able to find and block your IP address. 

The company does not have any specific price packages for you to choose from. Instead, they generate your specialized package depending on your daily usage, and the location you usually choose when using their service. 

However, this feature may work as a drawback for many which is why a lot of people prefer to look at other options. Their services can prove to be quite costly if your usage is regular or frequent.  

Final Thoughts

There are various 4G mobile proxy providers that you can opt for. In the list above, you can find some of the best ones in the market presently and choose according to your budget and requirements.

However, before making a selection, it is important that you do a comparison of pricing, features and advantages of each 4G mobile proxy provider. This way, you will be able to avoid any issues later on and save money on subscriptions as well.

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