How Many People Use RoboForm

RoboForm Users: How Many People Use It in 2024?

Published on: June 18, 2023
Last Updated: June 18, 2023

RoboForm Users: How Many People Use It in 2024?

Published on: June 18, 2023
Last Updated: June 18, 2023

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How many people use RoboForm 2024?

According to the latest report, RoboForm has approximately 6 million users worldwide, up from over 2 million active users in 2007, and 1 million active users in 2005.

Have you ever noticed that you input your private information online?

Every time we create accounts on email service providers, social networks, and financial services, we need to input our name, birthdate, email address, and password.

Since we store our personal information online, password hacking, identity theft, and fraud are potential risks.

According to recent reports, about 19% experienced email hacking, 18% experienced breaches on social media, and 21% experienced breaches on financial accounts.

One of the reasons is a weak password. RoboForm is among the best password managers worldwide. It helps to solve the password management crisis for many companies.

Key RoboForm Statistics

  • About 59% of people create passwords related to their names and birthdate, and 24% use easy-to-guess passwords like “abc123,” “qwerty,” and “123456.”
  • About 6 million people worldwide use RoboForm today.
  • RoboForm was first released in 2000 and continuously launched updated versions.
  • Information Technology and Services Industry is the top industry that uses RoboForm the most.
  • RoboForm’s website recorded 3 million total visits in March 2023.
  • People can use RoboForm for free for personal use.

RoboForm Users: How Many People Use RoboForm in 2024?


Many people prefer making easy-to-remember passwords without minding the risks of cyberattacks.

About 59% of people use their names and birthdate when creating a password, and 24% use easy-to-guess, weak and common passwords like “abc123,” “qwerty,” and “123456.”

Password managers help these kinds of people generate unique passwords.

One of the top-performing password managers is RoboForm.

It helps individual users, government agencies, businesses, and companies generate and remember strong passwords, fill out online forms, and automatically log into websites.

According to the latest report, RoboForm has approximately 6 million users worldwide, up from over 2 million active users in 2007, and 1 million active users in 2005.

With more than two decades of experience and zero security breaches, RoboForm is one of the best and most reliable password managers.

All About RoboForm

RoboForm is known to be the original password manager. It was first released in 2000 and continuously launched updated versions.

RoboForm is one of the three best-known products of Siber Systems, founded by Vadim Maslov.

Its first business version was called RoboForm Enterprise, released in 2009.

After a year, a premium cross-platform subscription was launched, known as RoboForm Everywhere.

In 2015, the company re-launched the business version as “Software as a Service” (SaaS).

After a few years, they transitioned into a freemium model and released RoboForm Family, allowing subscribers to add up to four additional users to their plan.

This password manager securely stores and organize all users’ unique and strong passwords and logs them with a single click.

It uses AES-256-bit encryption with PBKDF SHA-256 for stronger security. Aside from that, it helps users save more time in answering personal and billing forms with AutoFill.

Leading Industries that Use RoboForm the Most

According to Enlyft, the top industry that uses RoboForm the most is Information Technology and Services, accounting for 11%.

The Machinery Industry follows, accounting for 8%.

Here is the list of leading industries that use RoboForm the most:

  • Information Technology and Services
  • Machinery
  • Electrical or Electronic Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Plastics
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Financial Services
  • Computer Software
  • Education Management
  • Aviation and Aerospace

Companies that Use RoboForm

RoboForm is used by millions of people worldwide, from individual users to organizations, government agencies, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. 

The following are some of the companies that use RoboForm:

Countries that Visited RoboForm Website the Most recorded total visits of 3 million in March 2023, up from 2 million the previous month. This represents a 47.75% growth.

The average visit duration on the website reached 2 minutes and 9 seconds.

The country that sends the most desktop traffic to RoboForm’s website is the United States, accounting for 51.52%.

Japan comes next with 9.29%. Followed by the United Kingdom with 6.31% and Germany with 3.87%.

List of Best Password Managers Worldwide

Best password managers generate, store, manage, and secure passwords. They also fill out forms with personal data for users’ convenience.

RoboForm is an original password manager and is one of the bests since it helps millions of users avoid weak and duplicated passwords and keep the strong passwords organized and up to date.

It also supports two-factor authentication for stronger security. 

Below are some of the best password managers worldwide: 

How to Use RoboForm

Getting RoboForm will never require users to repeatedly remember and type numerous passwords and personal details.

It offers one-click convenience through the AutoFill feature.

Here is how to use RoboForm:

  1. Download RoboForm by searching, then click install.
  2. Click the downloaded file at the lower left of your screen.
  3. Install the RoboForm extension, then sign up.
  4. Pin the RoboForm extension by clicking the extension icon at the upper right of your screen, then the pin icon.
  5. Click the RoboForm extension icon beside the extension icon to open RoboForm Setup.
  6. Create a RoboForm account. Input your email address and a master password. Make sure to remember your master password.
  7. Manually add all your passwords or import them from your browser. RoboForm will save new passwords automatically once you log in to your account.
  8. Log in on every device.

Benefits of RoboForm

RoboForm users report that the password manager pays for itself after a few weeks since it eliminates or reduces costs related to password resetting.

It also reduces the risk of data and security breaches since it replaces unsafe practices of creating, storing, sharing, and reusing weak passwords.

Users will never need to write or remember all passwords because RoboForm will securely store all personal details and passwords.

Aside from that, long forms like real estate, insurance, hospital, and HR forms are filled out with a single click.

RoboForm Subscription

  • Free – People can get RoboForm for free for personal use. This includes unlimited logins, password generator and audit, and easy-fill forms.
  • RoboForm Everywhere – Users can also upgrade to RoboForm Everywhere for only $1.99 monthly (billed annually.) This subscription includes all benefits from free accounts plus account data backup, share logins, access on all devices, and premium 24/7 support.
  • RoboForm Family – Users can also upgrade to RoboForm Family for only $3.98 monthly (billed annually.) This subscription includes 5 Everywhere accounts plus RoboForm Everywhere benefits.
  • RoboForm Business – Companies and businesses can get RoboForm Business starting at $3.35 per user per month (billed annually.) This subscription includes centralized management, easy user boarding, separation of business and personal passwords, active directory integration, security policy deployment, unlimited sharing groups, and detailed reporting.


Passwords that are easy to remember are usually easy to guess and crack. Some people do create strong passwords to secure their accounts.

However, they need to memorize them or write them privately.

This is why their account usually gets blocked or denied if they forgot them or misplaced their copies.

This is where password managers enter.

They are important to individuals and businesses since they can create and secure strong passwords and personal details.

RoboForm is one of the most reliable password managers that organizes and encrypts passwords and fills out forms automatically.


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