How Many People Use NordPass in 2024? (Key Statistics)

Published on: December 22, 2023
Last Updated: December 22, 2023

How Many People Use NordPass in 2024? (Key Statistics)

Published on: December 22, 2023
Last Updated: December 22, 2023

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How many people use NordPass in 2024?

NordPass has 14 million users.

Forgetting passwords is so common nowadays. I hate to spill this on you but you are not alone.

It’s 2024 and everybody have at least one active account in almost all popular online platforms be it social media, e-commerce sites, forums, and all that. 

But often, it gets frustrating when you repeatedly try accessing your account only to get denied because you did not hit it right.

Even the “Forgot Password” button is not helping.

This is simply because people have so many passwords these days.

Hey, I think it’s time you use a password manager–or know about one at least.

How Many People Use NordPass in 2024?


According to the company’s website, NordPass is currently the trusted service provider of 14 million people for their password management needs.

Although its user base is comparably lower than LastPass’ 33 million clientele, it is still one of the more popular password managers available today. 

There are many reasons why people prefer this platform over the others, but it’s mostly because of its ease of use.

I personally tried using NordPass for the sake of writing this article and I love how simple everything is.

No frills and straightforward–it gives you just the right amount of features you need to make your passwords organized and decent.

Moreover, it has a free version which anyone can utilize.

NordPass’ Security Features

NordPass make use of an encryption technology called XChaCha20 encryption to prevent anyone having an understanding to decipher your password – not even them.

This encryption algorithm is rated better than the 256-bit AES encryption currently used by LastPass.

Users have full and sole control over their master password which makes it inaccessible in events of hacking and security breaches.

Consequently, this password manager supports multi-factor authentication which means no one can log into your account without your permission.

It also makes use of cloud computing where passwords are stored on the cloud instead of on local storage.

This adds another layer of protection from hacking as malicious threats target a computer’s local disk upon successful penetration.

Why Do People Use Password Managers Like NordPass?

People love the convenience that password managers give.

On top of this, the human brain is not made with the same storage capacity of a machine, so many internet uses turn to password autofilling platforms like NordPass for help.

Here are are top reasons why users turn to password managers according to

  • 71% of internet users could not remember all their passwords so they turn to password managers to keep their problems at bay
  • 51% of users login across different devices which means a password manager makes account accessing seamless regardless of which device they are using
  • 45% use complex keys for safety and a password manager prevents them from retyping difficult keys over again
  • 34% of users love that password managers come with encryption technology, making it the safest form of storage among all storage options available today
  • 23% enjoy the convenience of having just one master password for all accounts

Countries With The Strongest Passwords

One major problem of people that do not use password managers is settling for simple and easily guessed passwords like “123456” and “qwertyuiop” just to get by.

Luckily, this is not the case in some locations. Here are the top countries with the strongest passwords in 2022.

  1. Italy – has a password strength index of 94.3 over 100
  2. Switzerland – has a password strength index of 94 over 100
  3. Spain – has a password strength index of 93.5 over 100
  4. Germany – has a password strength index of 93.3 over 100
  5. France – has a password strength index of 92.3 over 100
  6. Denmark – has a password strength index of 91.8 over 100
  7. United Kingdom – has a password strength index of 90.7 over 100
  8. Belgium – has a password strength index of 90.4 over 100
  9. Canada – has a password strength index of 89.4 over 100
  10. United States – has a password strength index of 89.3 over 100

Fun Facts About Passwords According to NordPass

According to a NordPass article, one of the most used passwords in some countries during the pandemic year is the hit British band “One Direction.” Moreover, the “Liverpool F.C.” football team also makes an appearance.

Among car brands, “Porsche” and “Ferrari” are often used as passwords. While “dolphin” is the most common among animals.

Women love using “I love you” as a password-making us confirm women are more romantic. More than 200,000 women use the term compared to only 96,000 of men.

But topping the list is users’ habit of using their own names for passwords.

Are you guilty of this?

I can see you smirking in the corner. No judgement–our names are the single-most term we can type in less than three seconds. 

NordPass Premium Subscription


NordPass is offering three subscription tiers suitable for individuals and groups.

Currently, it is one of the cheapest password managers available in the global market today.

Take a look at each of its subscription tiers, including their monthly pricing and features.

NordPass Free Subscription – $0

  • One user account
  • Autofill and autosave passwords and personal information
  • Cloud storage 
  • Import and export passwords
  • Generate unique passwords
  • Multi-factor authentication

NordPass Premium Subscription – $1.99 per month

  • One user account
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee
  • Offers all features available in the free subscription
  • Remembers account information when switching between devices
  • Give password access in case of an emergency
  • Alerts users for old, weak, and previously-used passwords
  • Scans the web for any information leaking

NordPass Family Subscription – $4.99 per month

  • Six user accounts
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee
  • Offers all features available in the NordPass Premium Subscription
  • Allows the management of all members’ accounts


Password managers make everyone’s life easier.

Finally, we are living in a world where we do not have to recycle “123456” and “qwertyuiop” again as these kinds of platforms make all the work for us.

NordPass is one of the easiest password managers out there, let alone among the cheapest. It is basic, straightforward, and safe.

This makes it ideal for use for internet users from any age – young or old, and internet newbie or expert.

What’s best is you can use it for free, packed with amazing features and convenience while paying for nothing.

Thanks for reading our article on how many people use NordPass in 2024.


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