How Many People Use Bitwarden in 2022? (Usage Stats)

Last Updated: October 11, 2022
Find out how many people use Bitwarden and why so many people are drawn to this service.
How Many People use Bitwarden
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How many people use Bitwarden in 2022?

Bitwarden holds an 8% share of the entire password management market, which is roughly 15 to 20 million users.

How many people use Bitwarden in 2022? Let’s find out.

Password managers hold their customers’ top-secret information. This is why they are known to be highly secretive and tight-lipped about their whereabouts. 

But this does not apply to all. Bitwarden changed the course of the game when it entered the market in 2016.

The site is open-source which means everyone has access to view its source code and transactions that happen on the program.

Similarly, Bitwarden offers two storage options namely the public cloud and self-hosting. It employs industry-standard encryption technology even on its free subscription tier.

How Many People use Bitwarden in 2022?


For those who are curious how many people use Bitwarden, there is no definitive answer to your question.

According to the site’s developer in an interview in 2018, it is nearly impossible for them to know the exact number of Bitwardern’s users.

This may be because they go by their promise of never storing personal data on the platform thereby preventing developers from keeping count on their customer count.

Nevertheless, Bitwarden’s public cloud version which is more accessible to the public eye reports having 100,000 registered users in the same year.

Bitwarden’s Market Share

Today, Bitwarden holds 8% of the entire password management market, playing on the same level as McAfee True Key and Google Chrome Password Manager.

It ranks above Dashlane, 1Password, and Apple Keychain Password Manager, with each respectively capturing 7% of the industry. 

If we are to estimate Bitwarden’s total user count based on its market share, we are looking at between 15 million to 20 million customers.

1Password holds 7% of the market with its 15 million users, so it is safe to assume Bitwarden’s total user count plays around the same threshold.

All About Bitwarden

Bitwarden is one of the first open-source password managers that became available for global users.

It employs a 256-bit AES encryption which is the same technology used by the world’s biggest banks and features a stellar security record.

Like its competitors LastPass and 1Password, Bitwarden employs a zero-knowledge architecture.

Despite being a gatekeeper for customers’ passwords, it has no access to users’ personal vaults.

Moreover, it practices a two-factor account authentication to always make sure only the owners are granted access to their respective accounts. 

Lastly, Bitwarden never encountered a hacking incident in the past.

This can be attributed to the fact that the site is open-source in which coding and transactions can be reviewed and monitored 24/7.’s Website Analytics generates an average of 4 million monthly visits. In May 2022, the platform generated 4.3 million clicks which decreased to 4.2 million the following month.

In July 2022, Bitwarden’s monthly visits climbed back to 4.3 million.

Users spend at least  7 minutes 37 seconds when visiting the website making 6 clicks every visit. ranks #174 in the Computers, Electronics, and Technology (Programming and Developer Software) sector in the United States.

Top Countries Using Bitwarden’s Website

Here are the top countries using Bitwarden’s dedicated website.

As can be observed from the data below, users from the United States contribute more than 26% to the password manager giant’s total website visits, making the country its highest source of traffic in 2022.

  • The United States – the country makes up 26.56% of Bitwarden’s total website visits during the period
  • Germany – the country makes up 5.11% of Bitwarden’s total website visits during the period
  • Canada – the country makes up 4.69% of Bitwarden’s total website visits during the period
  • The United Kingdom – the country makes up 4.04% of Bitwarden’s total website visits during the period
  • China – the country makes up 3.82% of Bitwarden’s total website visits during the period

Top Reasons Why Internet Users Shy Away from Using Password Managers

Despite the fact that Bitwarden offers amazing benefits for free or cheap, many people are still discouraged from using any password manager.

Below is a study detailing the reasons why users are discouraged from using these types of technology.

  • They are not secure – 71% of internet users say they do not believe in password managers’ ability to keep their sensitive data secure at all times
  • They do not need one – 51% said they believe they are not in need of one. This comes as they have a couple of different options to store their keys such as through memorization, saving on a digital note file, and writing passwords on paper, among others
  • They cost a lot – 38% of the respondents said a monthly paywall discourages them from using password managers. Good thing, Bitwarden offers a free subscription that comes with a number of amazing features. Moreover, its monthly subscription fee is priced twice as lower compared to its rivals

Bitwarden’s Subscription Plans


Bitwarden offers three different subscription plans namely Free, Premium, and Families. Take a look at the detail below on what sets each apart from one and the other.

Free Plan – $0/month

  • Create unlimited passwords using unlimited devices
  • No monthly paywall

Premium Plan – less than $1 per month, $10 per year

  • Create unlimited passwords using unlimited devices
  • Lower than the industry-standard paywall
  • Employs two-factor authentication
  • Provides users with regular security reports
  • Features Bitwarden authenticator

Families Plan – $3.33 per month, $40 per year

  • Create unlimited passwords using unlimited devices
  • Covers up to six (6) premium accounts
  • Lower than the industry-standard paywall
  • Employs two-factor authentication
  • Provides users with regular security reports
  • Offers unlimited sharing and collections
  • Organization storage feature


Password managers are quickly becoming important tools in internet users’ lives today. Bitwarden’s entrance to the market in 2016 changed the way people look at these tools.

It is open-source which gives observers uninterrupted access to its source code and transaction updates.

Today, Bitwarden offers the cheapest monthly paywall among all mainstream password managers. This does not mean it offers lesser features–its services are amazing!

Go check it out for yourself to see if it’s the one you are looking for.

You will be surprised to know how such a reliable platform can make your life easier.

Thanks for reading our article on how many people use Bitwarden in 2022.


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