5 Best Postern Proxies (2021)

5 Best Postern Proxies in 2024

Published on: September 18, 2023
Last Updated: September 18, 2023

5 Best Postern Proxies in 2024

Published on: September 18, 2023
Last Updated: September 18, 2023


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Bright Datafast proxy solution

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SOAXpremium proxies


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The best Postern proxies provider in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Oxylabs!

Having control over data traffic can be of crucial importance and as one of the few proxy clients available for AndroidOS, Postern has seen a lot of use lately.

It still needs to be coupled with a proper proxy network, but which ones are the best proxies for Postern?

What is Postern?


Postern is a proxy client that gives you total oversight and control of web traffic on your device.

It has the ability to force data to go through a single proxy server that you have previously selected, even from such apps that otherwise do not support traffic channeling through proxies.

As mentioned in the intro, it is available for AndroidOS, so Postern can be used as a mobile VPN-like support for proxies while technically having nothing to do with a VPN per se.

It is exceedingly difficult to find proxy client support for mobile devices, so Postern sees most use precisely in those cases where you need to have proxies work on all levels, from the surface app level all the way down to the device’s systemic functions.

This way, you can “force” requests to go through a proxy server regardless of whether a given application supports or even allows that feature.

Postern is completely legal and legit, and it can be regularly obtained from Google Play Store. Brute-forcing apps to go through proxies is not the only use of Postern, though.

It also provides users with the option to allow some apps to bypass a specific proxy server, along with several more options to configure and customize the web service the individual applications have to work with.

Postern supports all the major types of proxy servers, including but not limited to:

  • SSH tunnel
  • Shadowsocks
  • SOCKS5 proxy
  • HTTP(S) CONNECT (tunnel)
  • gfw.press

On top of all this, Postern provides the user with data sniffer support, allowing developers and users in general to capture and analyze data packets from every app on any mobile phone.

Why Should I Use Postern?


Figuring out what Postern is used for should not be a big deal with the information given in the introductory part of this article.

In any case, due to the nature of Android apps it is nightmarishly difficult to make them comply with the default proxy services on any phone. 

They are an obstinate bunch that tends to disregard basic proxy setups such as the default Access Point Name (APN), which can land users in peculiar situations.

Sometimes apps ignore these instructions and go behind the proxy server, the direct result of which is the app giving out your real IP address to whomever it concerns.

On the other hand, when faced with default proxy setups some apps outright refuse to establish a connection with the Internet.

In either case, without a proxy client you cannot be sure that all your Android apps are going to behave in the way they are supposed to and the way you need them to.

With Postern, however, this is no longer the case as it forces all applications to use the proxy server settings that you impose on them, giving you full control over their online data traffic and allowing you direct access to targeted or specific web content from locations you would otherwise be unable to access.

Two main reasons for Postern arise from this fact. The first is the need to access specific geo-located content from your actual location.

The second reason is to find access to and unblock sites that have, for any reason, blocked or blacklisted your IP address.

In short, Postern provides VPN-like security and privacy for your device.

But only when coupled with suitable proxies, of course. Because of that, without further ado, here are the best Postern proxies.

Best Postern Proxies

Here’s a quick look at the best Postern proxies:

  1. Oxylabs – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Bright Data
  3. ProxyEmpire
  4. IPRoyal
  5. Highproxies

1. Oxylabs

Oxylabs - Unlock the Power of Web Intelligence

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Oxylabs is a premium proxy provider that has grown to become a household name.

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Well, in mobile developer households, at least.

In any case, what Oxylabs’s cheap residential proxies are known for in the market is their speed.

As some of the most quickly responding proxies out there, they allow fast switching between different proxies and thus give more flexibility over their much-slower rivals.

Nonetheless, these IPs still remain stable and reliable, never disrupting the data traffic and requests from your Android apps.

Also, perhaps this goes without saying, but Oxylabs’s residential proxies are compatible with pretty much every relevant website on the Internet. 

Oxylabs boasts of a large pool of proxies that goes as far as above 102 million IP addresses.

These are spread across more than 100+ countries and regions throughout the world, so there is virtually no case where you would require a specific location that is not covered by Oxylabs’s services. 

2. Bright Data

Bright Data – (Formerly Luminati) Review 2021

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A frequent contender for the place of the best proxy network in general, Bright Data has a wide offer that justifies its inclusion on the list.

Its sophisticated rotating IPs, for example, make sure that it is impossible to pinpoint your exact location no matter how many requests your mobile apps make in those couple of minutes.

Bright Data’s proxies will not be detected, so even botting activities from your device can pass without raising any red flags. 

As it currently stands, the proxy IP count for Bright Data stands at a whopping 72 million unique, real, and active addresses spread around the globe to cover every existing country and region on Earth.

Extracting geo-specific location cannot be more simple than with Bright Data as no place is out of bounds for its algorithms.

With unlimited concurrency and excellent response speeds, Bright Data’s only limitations are the speeds of your Android applications and your Internet connection.

With the starting price of $15 per GB for mobile IPs and $300/month for the least expensive pricing plan, Bright Data, formerly known as Luminati Networks, remains on a bit pricey spectrum of proxy providers.

However, high quality does come with a bit higher cost, and Bright Data’s services are more than high quality.

If you are willing to give a bit extra for top-rated services, Bright Data is the ideal candidate for your Postern. Give it a shot!

3. ProxyEmpire


Recommended Guide: Proxy Empire Review

ProxyEmpire is a brilliant new addition to the proxy network industry.

A prime example of a professional proxy service provider, ProxyEmpire has launched only this year and it has already landed a position for itself on our top Postern proxies list!

In less than a year they have secured a substantial pool of over 3.5 million mobile proxies and the numbers are bound to keep rising.

Regarding the geolocation, these mobile proxies cover the entirety of the globe, with every country and major region covered.

The pool undergoes frequent scrutiny for bad IPs which get removed immediately upon discovery.

In other words, these addresses are not just on paper, but are very real and active.

Besides mobile proxies, ProxyEmpire offers 5+ million residential proxies and envisions data center proxies in the near future. 

4. IPRoyal


Recommended Guide: IPRoyal Review

The next entry on our list is IPRoyal, a blooming proxy service that perfectly matches Postern and its mobile requirements.

IPRoyal’s proxies are residential proxies of top-grade quality.

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When it comes to the IP addresses themselves, IPRoyal has a massive pile of proxies.

More than 31 million real, whitelisted, and reliable proxies, in fact.

IPRoyal’s IP rotation is dynamic and automatic, as the interval of 5 minutes between each change does well to cover the tracks of your Postern data traffic.

IPRoyal covers the area of more than 130 countries and most major cities of the world, so geo-location issues are not really issues for your Postern activities.

Due to it being capped by ports and not bandwidth, however, some users experience lower speeds than with Bright Data and Oxylabs, for example.

It is still fast enough for all your needs, especially for a mobile app proxy need such as for Postern. 

Rest assured that you will not be making a mistake by opting for IPRoyal.

They are that good and their service more than reliable. Kudos, IPRoyal!

5. Highproxies


As a highly dedicated tech company, Highproxies provides multiple offers in the domain of proxy and VPN for mobile phones as well as conventional devices.

Its basic offer consists of secure, reliable, and anonymous proxies with IKEv2 and LT2TP/IPSEC protocols, military grade-secure VPNs, and dedicated proxies not shared with anyone else except you.

We are here for the Postern proxies today, though, so let us focus on them.

Highproxies’ dynamic IP addresses are marked with high performance as they have impressive response times and do well to preserve your anonymity for very affordable prices.

You pay per proxy per month and the starting price goes as $1.40 per proxy.

More than 10 major countries are covered by Highproxies’ services, which is not as much as some other entries on the list, but is still an admirable feat, especially when taking into account that their services include social media proxies, private proxies, classified ad proxies, shared proxies, and shopping proxies. 

As of now it has more than 75 data centers spread across its supported major countries, so their proxies are more than reliable. Give a high five to Highproxies and they will give you a run for your money.


It is hard to imagine doing any serious mobile development without getting your errant mobile data traffic to go through a single gateway that is represented in a proxy.

No measure is precise enough and no software behavior analysed in so much detail as with Postern’s systemic proxy services.

Postern does not, however, come with an in-built proxy network provider, so that one you will have to pick out yourself.

And, of course, all proxy networks do not really give the right amount of bang for the bucks.

Things escalate quickly once you add the need for specific geotargeting, data extraction, or simple evasion of blacklisting, blocks, and restrictions of access of various kinds.

Do we even need to mention server reliability, uptime, anonymity and speed of reaction? These were all factors that had to be taken into account when this list was made.

These proxies that made it on the list of best Postern proxies have passed every one of these checks and, each in their own way, provide excellent services that will complement your Postern analyses and developments.

Whichever Postern proxies you pick, you will have made the right choice. 

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