IPRoyal Review – Are They Safe & Effective?

IPRoyal Review 2024 – Do Their Proxies Work?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

IPRoyal Review 2024 – Do Their Proxies Work?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023


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IPRoyal Review 2024

IPRoyal is a proxy service provider that deals in IPv6 and IPv4 proxies. They have a plethora of other proxies with mobile, residential, and datacenter IP addresses.

Furthermore, you can purchase sneaker proxies from them. So, they are catering to a range of different markets.

Of course, the best quality proxies are the residential ones, and they will be the focus of our IPRoyal review here. But we will briefly mention their other proxies too at the end. 

So, let’s begin our discussion. 

What Does IPRoyal Have to Offer? 

Based on how much you have searched to find the best proxy service, you might have heard about IPRoyal.

They have a Trustpilot rating of 4.4, which is excellent. And most people love using their services. 

We have tried them and found that they are a credible source for using proxies. This is because IPRoyal focuses entirely on delivering quality services to clients.

Here are some of the features of their services. 

  • Affordable proxies without any minimum monetary limits. 
  • Highly responsive and helpful customer support team. 
  • They provide you with an opportunity to make money with the P2P network. 
  • Numerous locations are supported. 
  • You can avail both sticky and rotating IP addresses. 
  • Easy setting up and usage. 
  • Generation of a proxy list is supported. 

If you look at their website, you will notice that they haven’t provided their users with much information on their residential proxies.

You will also notice that IPRoyal has not mentioned anything about the locations that they support. 

You won’t even find the number of IP addresses available in their pool. They have not provided much more information about their services the way other service providers do.

It gets many prospective users confused about their authenticity. The information available on their website is pretty generic. 

It makes you wonder whether IPRoyal is legit or a scam? And we are going to discuss all that here, so keep reading. 

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IPRoyal Use Cases

The residential proxy service by IPRoyal is not designed for any specific task. Therefore, it is different from those sneakers or gaming proxies. 

IPRoyal Use Cases

The proxies available at the IPRoyal are general and are meant for all use cases. These proxies have proven to work for a variety of purposes. Therefore, we are listing them down below. 

Account Management

IPRoyal residential proxies can work as stick proxies. Therefore, you can use them with the same IP address for an extended period. Hence, these proxies are best for account management. 

However, you cannot use rotating proxies for account management because web platforms will flag your account. These web platforms include both eCommerce stores and social media platforms.

Brand Protection

You can also use their proxies to keep your IP address masked to keep your brand’s IP from being tracked and exposed online.

If the IP of your brand gets exposed, it will be tracked with cookies, along with another tracking tech, and you won’t even know it.

With IPRoyal residential proxies, you can keep your IP masked and hidden while browsing the internet. 

Web Crawling and Scraping

IPRoyal also has rotating proxies that are compatible with different web services. Therefore, you send as many requests as you can without getting flagged or blocked out.

Web crawling and scraping include price monitoring, ads verification, market research, site localization testing, and so much more.

And you can do all this without getting detected using IPRoyal residential proxies. 

How Does IPRoyal Work?

The residential proxies by IPRoyal have a simple model. Like most service providers, IPRoyal doesn’t own any IP addresses to route their client requests.

Nevertheless, IPRoyal is an ethical service and doesn’t involve any unethical practices to acquire these IP addresses. 

They even compensate their clients in their P2P (Peer-to-Peer) network. Their service called IPRoyal Pawns does precisely that. It pays users who are willing to share their IPs and internet connections for proxy usage. 

image 133

It is the source where they get their IP addresses. So, this explains why they have not mentioned anything about their IP pool, as we mentioned above.

If you configure their proxies, your web traffic will not directly reach the intended services on the internet.

Instead, the traffic will route to the IPRoyal service. It will then look for an available IP address from its pool. 

The web service that receives the request will not know your IP address this way. As IPRoyal supports rotating IPs, you can use any number of IP addresses from their pool.

However, the only issue with the IPRoyal pool is that it is small and only contains about 20 thousand IPs. 

IPRoyal Features & Pricing


  • IPRoyal has automatic IP address rotation systems that will change your IPs for you. They support both rotating proxies and sticky proxies. Sticky proxies are the ones that will maintain your IP for some time. 
  • They allow you to share your system resources by joining the pool using IPRoyal Pawns and earn money. 
  • IPRoyal has extended location support. Therefore, you can get your IP address from different locations across the globe. However, the downside is the number of IPs that you will get. They have a small pool, so the number of IPs is not that big. 
  • They have support for proxy list generation. It makes it possible for you to create a proxy list of individual proxies. You can easily do this from your dashboard and configure that format according to your needs. 
  • IPRoyal allows unlimited concurrent sessions. However, that doesn’t mean you should create these concurrent sessions, leading to performance issues. 


You might not have an unlimited budget for using proxies. And even if you do, you might not use IPRoyal because their premium quality services providers are available to access.

IPRoyal might be a credible source of proxies, but it is not in that top league yet. 


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So, you might be wondering that the prices would be on the low side, right? But, there is no straightforward response to this thought.

IPRoyal has different proxies on offer, including premium residential proxies, standard residential proxies, Royal residential proxies. 

You will not have to shed a lot of money for the standard residential and Royal residential proxies. They are relatively cheaper and will cost you $3 per gigabyte. 

image 132

Nevertheless, these proxies are ineffective enough because they get slow, and some websites might even detect them. Therefore, the best solution that IPRoyal has is its premium residential proxies

However, these proxies are priced more and will cost you $10 per gigabyte, three times more than their standard proxies.

With that being said, you will still feel that this rate is relatively cheaper than other service providers on the market.

Moreover, IPRoyal supports different payment methods. These include card payments, PayPal, and Bitcoin. 

Top-Rated Proxy Providers

These proxies providers have been voted as the best consistently in user ratings across various websites.

First we collated the user review data, then we performed our own tests to ensure 100% legitimacy of the proxies.

These are by far the best proxy providers on the market today.

RankServiceMore Info
2Bright DataVisit

Using IPRoyal Residential Proxy

In the beginning, we mentioned that using the IPRoyal service is pretty straightforward. You will only have to register and find your account.

Then, there are different payment methods you can use to fund your account. You also have an option to purchase directly. However, your validity period will begin straight away.

After that, you have to log in to your account, go to Premium Residential Proxies from your dashboard, and create a new order. 

image 131
image 130

You must pick a username and password for your IP authentication, along with the bandwidth amount and your payment method.

Once your order is completed, you are all set to use your proxies. Click on the Premium Residential Proxies and see the details.

image 129

In the above image, you can see that you have the option of either choosing a sticky or rotating proxy. First, you will have to choose the location.

Then, other details are associated with your proxy, including your IP address, username, password, and port. Finally, you can copy all these details and paste them into the client software to start using the proxy. 

Nevertheless, you need to remember that IPRoyal only supports IP authentication through username and password and not IP whitelisting.

Moreover, they allow users to choose the IP addresses from a list of different countries. However, at present, they do not have city-level or state-level targeting. 

IPRoyal Speed Testing

But where does IPRoyal stand when it comes to speed? You might wonder if IPRoyal is fast enough or if they have frustrated their users and not tried their service before. 

But there are different tools available to test the speeds of various proxies and how they perform. One of these speed testing tools is Okla.

But, before you put their proxies to test, you will have to test your internet speed without using the proxy. Then, after getting the results, you need to set these numbers as your benchmark.

Now turn your focus towards testing the proxy. As you run the test, you will notice that it takes longer, not getting any results.

It is because the process takes a long time to find an optimal server. You might end up hanging your browser and will get the following error message.

image 128

You can try it out several times, but the response will be the same. However, when we switch to another proxy during our test or use the tool without any proxy, it works just fine.

So, IPRoyal proxies are not compatible with speed testing tools. But we used it to run various other web services, and it worked a-okay. 

IPRoyal ISP Testing 

So, it’s time to discuss how these IPRoyal proxies work with other web services. Whether they are residential proxies or datacenter proxies? 

As per the information that IPRoyal provides on its website, they have residential proxies. But this is what all service providers claim.

However, many proxy services claim that they have residential proxies, but they turn out to be datacenter proxies. 

One primary advantage of residential proxies is that internet service providers assign them. Therefore, they come from real internet users.

You can use the tool to test whether IPRoyal proxies are residential or not; use IPinfo. You will come up with the following result.

image 124

Have a look at the red box in the above image. It clearly shows that the proxy provided by IPRoyal comes from an internet service provider.

Therefore, the IP address that IPRoyal provided us was residential. If this value was something else like Hosting, this would have been an area for concern. 

IPRoyal Datacenter Proxies 

IPRoyal has datacenter proxies too. They come with unlimited bandwidth, and you won’t have to pay any additional charges.

They promise fast speeds and straightforward integration. Moreover, you can pick from different locations worldwide. 

So, you won’t have to worry about geo-blocking. Each IP address is reserved for the user, and you can do web scraping with anonymity.

Apart from web scraping, you can gather SERP data and access available data from across the globe. 

Their datacenter proxies are fully secure, and none of your private or sensitive data will be compromised. Moreover, these proxies support SOCKS5 and HTTPS for convenient data crawling and extraction. 

Whether you are looking for brand protection, market research, or online security, their data center proxies work pretty well.

But, these proxies are slow, and there is a chance you might get flagged by the websites. 

IPRoyal Sneaker Proxies

Looking to get your hands on the latest, elusive pair of sneakers or any other limited editions items? You should choose IPRoyal sneaker proxies.

You will only have to let them know what you want, and they will provide you with the best proxy solution suitable for your needs. 

In addition, these sneaker proxies are compatible with most sneaker bots. IPRoyal will provide you with IPs that are closest to your target retailer location.

They do this to avoid any latency problems and to improve your success rate. 

Your options are endless with IPRoyal, as they support popular retail websites, special editions, high-demand brands, rare drops in different regions. 

IPRoyal Mobile Proxies

From SEO optimization to web scraping to social media management and competitor research, the mobile proxies by IPRoyal will reduce any blockage risks.

They provide you with trusted IP addresses from genuine cellular network users. Furthermore, they support automatic rotation and sticky IPs that are reserved for you. 

You can select your location and start enjoying the unlimited traffic at speeds of up to 100 Mbps.

Furthermore, you can assess your search engine results, scrape data, and manage social media accounts with complete anonymity. IPRoyal guarantees secure and stable connections that are highly reliable. 

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Review Verdict

You might not have heard about IPRoyal, but it is a darn good service that you can use for your online anonymity.

They might not have a vast pool of IP addresses, but they do maintain the quality of their service. 

These proxies come with a decent speed, and they are highly reliable. Plus, they deal in residential proxies and have sticky and rotating proxies, datacenter proxies, and mobile proxies.

However, the best IPRoyal proxies are their premium residential proxies.  Moreover, you won’t have to break your wallet to access these services by IPRoyal

They might not be in the league of big boys, but with the quality of their services, it won’t take much time for them to reach there.

Apart from that, they also allow you to become a part of their P2P network pool and earn money. 

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