How Many Google Searches Per Second

How Many Google Searches Per Second in 2024?

Published on: September 9, 2023
Last Updated: September 9, 2023

How Many Google Searches Per Second in 2024?

Published on: September 9, 2023
Last Updated: September 9, 2023

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How many Google searches per second in 2024?

Google processes more than 105,000 search queries each second.

Google is ranked as the number one website used across the globe, but how many Google searches per second occur? That’s the question du jour.

Let’s discuss Google Search and find out how many online search queries per second are happening. 

Think about how many times you “Google” something each day.

Now, compare that to others like you who are living in this digital age. 

Just basing it on billions according to how many searches you alone make each day, can give you a pretty good idea of how many Google searches people perform daily.

We will cover how many per day as well, but only to compare it to how many per second.

Without further ado, let’s find out how many Google searches per second are performed. 

How Many Google Searches per Second Do People Perform in 2024? 


According to data, the Google search engine processes more than 105,000 search queries each second.

That represents over 9 billion searches per day.

Can you imagine all those searches being performed on Google every second? 

If you used Google to search for anything today, you were one of the 105,000 Google searches per second today.

The average person conducts three to four Google searches per day. 

According to Hubspot, in 2019, Google was processing roughly 63,000 searches per second. That amounted to 5.6 billion searches per day, and 2 trillion per year.

Since these figures come from 2019, imagine the amount of growth it’s taken to get to this many searches per second.

It’s no wonder that Google is known as the globe’s largest search engine and why more than 1 billion people use it

The impact that Google Search has online is beyond enormous.

Consider the fact that Google is indexing virtually every web page, site, and data across the World Wide Web.

It’s unimaginable. 

What is Google?

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As we’re discussing Google searches, we may as well discuss Google, the company. 

Back in 1996, Google was called BackRub, which was because of how it analyzed the internet’s backlinks to help businesses understand the importance of certain websites and what sites were similar to them. 

Basically, Google started as an online search firm, but today, it’s grown into more than a search engine.

Now, Google hosts over 50 services and products including Google Docs, Gmail, Google Lens, Google Maps, Google Analytics, YouTube, etc.

Google was established in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. It has since become the world’s premier and its biggest search engine. 

Did you know that Google’s name came from the mathematical term googol, coined in 1920? Googol is 10 to the 100th power, followed by 100 zeros. It’s a huge, inconceivable number. 

Since Google experiences so many searches per second, the choice of name makes sense.

Where Does Google Search Stand Among Search Engine Markets?

As you might expect, Google is the dominant search engine, having over 90% of the market share in search engines. 

After Google, Bing has a market share of 2.78%, and Yahoo follows Bing at 1.6%. DuckDuckGo has a 0.5% share of the market.

Baidu, China’s premier search engine has only 0.92% of the world’s search engine market share. Finally, Yandex, Russia’s search engine has 0.85% of the market

What Are Some Top Google Searches from 2020 to 2021?

It’s also important to know what people are searching for.

In 2020 to 2021, here are the queries most-searched on Google. 

Not surprisingly, in 2020,  the top five Google search queries were election results, coronavirus, Kobe Bryant, coronavirus update, and coronavirus symptoms.

This data comes from Google Trends. Over half of all Google search results are never clicked on.

Are people searching Google not finding the results they want, or are they getting it without clicking on it?

Over 267 million distinct Google visitors came from the United States, according to October 2020 data.

Banklinko says that 92% of all searches include long-tailed keywords. Long-tailed keywords/keyphrases are specific and longer than the most common keywords.

Long-tail keywords have higher conversion values, but return fewer results and less search traffic.  

Facts About Google and Its Users

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Here are some facts about Google and some demographics about Google’s users

Google isn’t just the world’s biggest and most-used search engine. It’s also the world’s most visited website overall.

Google has experienced 89.3 billion visits in one month, according to Similarweb, 2022. 

Google searches on mobile devices account for 63% of all Google’s organic search traffic from the United States, according to data for 2019. It’s doubtful that changed much, if at all.

Nearly half, 46% of all searches for products start on Google.

Even though this figure is from 2018, this number has likely grown since then. Google seems to be the starting place for close to 50% of all product searches. 

What’s Trending Today?

We will include a few trending searches we have discovered now. Google Trends shows that the 10 most trending searches have included the following terms.

  1. Sanna Marin
  2. Rett syndrome
  3. Brian Stelter
  4. Chicago Bears
  5. Luke Knox cause of death 
  6. Casemiro
  7. Seahawks
  8. Dan Price
  9. Orphan: First Kill
  10. Kid Cudi

Google Trends can change daily, weekly, and monthly as people search for current events. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you have the information about how many Google searches per second happen, we will conclude this article.

We have included bonus information to help you better understand Google, where it started, how it evolved, and where it stands today.

It has over 90% (nearly 92%) of the search engine market share over Bing and Yahoo.

We hope you have learned something more about Google and how it works.

Now that you have this information, will it change your perception of the search engine or any of its 50 products and  services?

Does anything in this article encourage you to change how you market online? 


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