How Many Google Searches per Month

How Many Google Searches per Month in 2024?

Published on: June 23, 2023
Last Updated: June 23, 2023

How Many Google Searches per Month in 2024?

Published on: June 23, 2023
Last Updated: June 23, 2023

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How many Google searches per month in 2024?

Google processes 275 billion searches per month.

How many Google searches per month in 2024?

Let’s find out.

You ended up here because of a Google search.

So now you are wondering how many of these prompts are made every month, and what are people searching about nowadays. 

There sure is a lot to know about, and Google will always have an answer to our questions–even ones that make no sense at all. 

Admit it or not, this search engine knows us more than anyone in the world. This is where we pour all our thoughts and ideas we are curious about.

In short, it is the keeper of our dirty little secrets, and it has every right to play that role.

How Many Google Searches per Month in 2024?

Google Searches

For many years, Google played by the status quo of 3.5 billion searches per day. 

But this changed during the pandemic, people had more time to hunt answers for to any question that pops into their heads.

This is the reason why in 2020, the technology giant started welcoming an average of 6 billion searches per day, and has since reached over 9 billion!

This totals to 275 billion searches per month or more than 3.3 trillion annually! That sure is a lot of work for Google.

Since its entrance to the market in 1998, Google’s query service has become a go-to platform for internet users whenever they want to find relevant information.

Starting only with 10,000 queries per day during its launch year, this number has become its search count per second just eight years after it first hit the market.

Device Usage: Where Do Searches Come From?

One important aspect we should not forget to look upon is which devices Google search prompts come from. 

Studies show that 65% of the platform’s organic search traffic comes from mobile devices.

This leaves the remaining 35% to desktop computers, which were the only means to make an internet query in the early 2000s.

We can say Google’s massive success, in terms of the number of searches it generates, can be attributed to the shift in consumer behavior.

Using mobile phones makes it easy to look up something on the internet, wherever someone is, as long as there is a reliable internet connection.

How Many Queries Does an Average Person Make?

The frequency of using Google search is always different per case.

Some people cannot live without Google because of the nature of their work, like me, while others can go on months without visiting the platform.

But regardless, us being curious beings always have questions we want to have answers to.

Surveys show that an average person makes three to four searches per day or some 84% of people make at least three searches within 24 hours.

Google being the most popular site accommodates the majority of them.

Most Searched Words on Google in 2024

image 23


People are searching for different things online, but millions search for one of the same things.

Here are the most searched words on Google in 2022, as per the web analytics service provider SimilarWeb.

  1. YouTube – the Alphabet-owned video sharing site generates 481 million monthly searches and 3.0 billion yearly traffic, 2.9 billion of which are organic
  2. Facebook – the Meta-owned enterprise and the biggest social media platform in terms of monthly active users generates 369 million monthly searches and 1.8 billion yearly traffic, 1.7 billion of which are organic
  3. Translate – it looks like many users worldwide would like to understand more about their foreign-speaking counterparts. “Translate” as a search prompt generates 211.8 million monthly searches and 22.8 million yearly traffic, all of which are organic
  4. Pornhub – the popular adult site generates 204 million monthly searches and 208 million yearly traffic, all of which are organic
  5. Weather – this good old conversation ice breaker generates 200 million monthly searches and 56.3 million yearly traffic, 51 million of which are organic
  6. Amazon – the e-commerce behemoth generates 187 million monthly searches and 516 million yearly searches, 374 million of which are organic
  7. Google Translate – Google’s dedicated translation service generates 160 million monthly searches and 40 million yearly searches, all of which are organic
  8. Gmail – the world’s biggest emailing platform generates 159 million monthly searches and 235 million yearly searches, 233 million of which are organic
  9. Whatsapp web – the popular messaging app generates 141 million monthly searches and 1.6 billion yearly searches, all of which are organic
  10. Traductor –  the Spanish term for “translate” generates 141 million monthly searches and 18.9 million yearly searches, all of which are organic

“Gerhard Casper” is the First Ever Search Prompt Made on Google

While many of us would think that the first ever search prompt on Google is something silly, as we all did when we first knew how to use the platform.

But the contrary is true, as the first two words entered on the search engine is “Gerhard Casper” who was then the president of Stanford University where Google’s two founders met.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin were doing a demonstration for their new project with John Hennessy who was the dean of the Stanford School of Engineering at that time and how sits as the Chairman of Alphabet Inc. 

Page and Brin were ecstatic about the performance of their homegrown search software as it showed links leading to the profile of the real Gerhard Casper and not the character in a popular 1995 ghost movie “Casper”. 

Then dominant web search engine AltaVista showed results that lead to Casper the ghost whenever the words “Gerhard Casper” is put on its search prompt.


We are lucky to be living in an era where we are only one search away from knowing answers to a question that pops into our minds.

If our ancestors had the same privilege and one of them had the power to conceptualize the same idea during the ice age, the world would have turned out differently than what it is today.

Today, the majority of Google’s most-searched items are directly linked to translation, which means Google is playing an important role in breaking language barriers among countries, more than just being a search machine.

Thanks for reading our article on how many Google searches per month in 2024.


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