How Many Employees Does YouTube Have

How Many Employees Does YouTube Have in 2024?

Published on: June 26, 2023
Last Updated: June 26, 2023

How Many Employees Does YouTube Have in 2024?

Published on: June 26, 2023
Last Updated: June 26, 2023

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How many employees does YouTube have in 2024?

YouTube has 2,800 employees.

YouTube is considered the favorite when it comes to video sharing platforms. With over 2.5 billion monthly active users, it seems to be the go-to video platform for almost everything.

That said, how many employees does YouTube have? After all, this is a massive website with loads of content. Who helps keep up with it all?

Alphabet is the parent company of Google. Google owns YouTube because it was purchased towards the end of 2006 from its original founders, Steve Chen, Jawed Karim, and Chad Hurley.

These former PayPal employees founded this video sharing platform in 2005 and funded it with PayPal money. 

Its growth not only grabbed the attention of Google, it also had become tedious for the founders to maintain. So, for $1.65 billion, Google bought the company and kept it going.

Today, YouTube is second only to Google in search engine popularity. It’s also known as the second-most visited website.

The following will offer information and data about “how many employees does YouTube have” and other pertinent data. 

How Many Employees Does YouTube Have?

The most current data on “how many employees does YouTube have” is 2,800. They work from a 215 million dollar complex in San Bruno, California.

The office space takes up approximately 554,000 square feet to accommodate the 2,800 employees. 

According to Glassdoor, the company size range is between 1001 to 5000 employees. 

Bloomberg reported that during the COVID-19 pandemic, Google relaxed its work from home rules to allow more employees to work remotely instead of in the office.

Since Google owns YouTube, it’s highly likely that YouTube employees were and may still be working from home. 

It seems that many companies that were forced to maintain their status allowed employees to work from home.

Some have even decided to maintain that status for the employees for the long-term. 

Certain companies downsized their branches and found it was more cost-effective to give the work from home idea a long-term try. In the future, we shall see the outcome.

Most people who have been working from home well before the pandemic report feeling less stressed and more productive. 

Studies have shown that about 55% of employees prefer companies that offer remote positions. 

Whether they worked from home during the pandemic or they still do, YouTube employees kept the company going through the massive uptake in users.

How Does YouTube Make Money to Pay Employees?

YouTube money

YouTube is a massive corporation with a lot of financial backing. That said, YouTube makes most of its revenue from advertisers paying for ads. You see these ads on videos across channels. 

When the problem of ad-blockers came along, YouTube found a strategy to offset that loss of revenue by offering the YouTube Red subscription.

This subscription offered ad-free video views for its users. 

Today, YouTube Red is now called YouTube Premium and offers the same ad-free experience along with premium music and YouTube original movies and series at an affordable monthly cost. 

It’s normal for companies to have more than one revenue stream. This has been a common practice for many years, though it wasn’t mentioned much until recent years.

People are learning more about having more than one revenue stream to keep money flowing into their hands. There is nothing wrong with that.

The YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, YouTube TV, and ad revenues are all streams of income that allow them to pay their employees.

YouTube also shares ad revenues with their YouTubers when they reach eligibility for the YouTube Partner Program.

While YouTube doesn’t share its revenues publicly, we are pretty sure this company isn’t hurting for funding. This is all relevant for answering the question, how many employees does YouTube have?

What Kinds of Jobs Does YouTube Offer?

Now, let’s discuss some jobs at YouTube. You can’t discuss the question, “How many employees does YouTube have”, without knowing what jobs they offer. 

Taken from Glassdoor, here are some jobs offered at YouTube.

San Bruno, California:

  • Policy Enforcement Manager, Graphic Violence, YouTube
  • Copyright Operations Specialist, Youtube
  • Chief of Staff, YouTube Core Experiences
  • Policy Escalation Specialist, Trust and Safety, YouTube
  • Policy Enforcement Manager, Harassment, YouTube Trust and Safety
  • Training Lead, Scaled Operations, Youtube Trust and Safety

New York, New York:

  • Operations Analyst, YouTube
  • Product Marketing Manager, Global YouTube Reputation Marketing
  • Global Music Strategist, YouTube
  • Marketing Lead, Viewer Insights, YouTube
  • Global Go-To-Market Manager, YouTube Shorts
  • Gaming Marketing Manager, YouTube

Mountain View, California

  • Software Engineer III, Engineering Productivity YouTube
  • Partner Engineer, Device Platform Operations, YouTube
  • Staff Software Engineer, YouTube
  • Senior Software Engineer, Internationalization, YouTube

Other Jobs:

  • Associate Product Counsel, YouTube Core Product, San Bruno, CA
  • Financial Analyst, YouTube Music, Los Angeles, CA
  • Commercial Counsel, YouTube TV, New York, NY
  • Revenue Accountant, YouTube, Los Angeles, CA

This is just a small sample of the jobs performed at YouTube. Some come as no surprise, while some are practical yet a little surprising.

As you can see, there are jobs mentioned here that relate to various features on YouTube.

Look at the position that’s in charge of marketing YouTube Shorts, the financial analyst role for YouTube Music, and the enforcement manager in charge of YouTube Trust and Safety.

If these jobs are specific to departments, there are more over the various features and sectors of YouTube. Separate financial analysts for premium services for one. 

YouTube’s positions are categorized by Arts & Design, Engineering, Product & Project Management, Sales, Research and Science, Business, Finance & Accounting, Information Technology, Operations, Consulting, Human Resources, Education, Customer Services & Support, Media & Communications, Marketing, Administrative, Military & Protective Services, Retail & Food Services, Skilled Labor & Manufacturing, Healthcare, Legal, Transportation, and “Other”.

We are wondering with all these roles, what “Other” would cover, so we took a peek.

Internship, Team Lead, Travel & Tourism, Associate Director, and a few others are listed. There is even one that says, “Wouldn’t You Like to Know” as an internship position. 

What is YouTube’s Annual Revenue?

The most recent data regarding YouTube’s annual revenue comes from Business of Apps. Here is an overview consisting of revenues between 2010 and 2020.

  • 2010: $0.8 billion
  • 2011: $1.3 billion
  • 2012: $1.7 billion
  • 2013: $3.1 billion
  • 2014: $4.2 billion
  • 2015: $5.5 billion
  • 2016: $6.7 billion
  • 2017: $8.1 billion
  • 2018: $11.1 billion
  • 2019: $15.1 billion
  • 2020: $19.7 billion

Look at these figures and check out the growth between 2012 and 2013, and again from 2017 to 2018. The increase between 2019 and 2020 is likely due to the pandemic.

The revenue of YouTube over the years relates to answering the question of how many employees does YouTube have.

The growth of the platform not only raises revenues, it requires more employees. 

How Many YouTubers are On YouTube?


YouTubers are the content creators on the platform. They create channels, upload videos, and when they are eligible, they make money from ad revenues.

There are literally over 30 million YouTubers on this platform. 

How many employees does YouTube have to keep up with the 500 hours of video content uploaded to the platform each minute?

Within the 2,800 people employed by YouTube, we imagine there is a team to help keep the servers running while people consistently upload and watch videos on YouTube.

Algorithms play a big role in maintaining the website, but the employees behind the scenes help to prevent issues that could keep people from using the website.

Can you imagine having the job of keeping YouTube operational?


Hopefully we have covered plenty of data regarding, “How many employees does YouTube have,” in this article.

Some information is challenging to find since YouTube isn’t sharing much. 

Although, we can garner some from YouTube by looking on the website. Some data we gather is estimated by experts, while some is speculation or projected by statistical data.

No matter what, we try to provide the most accurate, trustworthy, and current information we can find.

If you’re thinking about working for YouTube, you can look around on the YouTube website.

Simply scroll down the left side menu until you find the “About” section, and other sections of the site.

Choose any of them (we chose the “About”) and scroll to the bottom of the page. On the left side, you will see “About YouTube”. When you look at the categories, you will see “Jobs”.

You can look at what is open and apply to any job for which you are qualified. You can also use sites like Glassdoor to check for openings. 

You may find some that offer remote work or onsite jobs where you live. It all depends on what you’re looking for in a job.

While many of YouTube’s jobs have educational requirements, you may be able to snag an internship with them.

Whether you want to work for YouTube as an employee or become a YouTuber sharing your videos with the world, it’s good to know “how many employees does YouTube have.” 

Will you be the next most popular YouTuber? Perhaps you will become an employee and work for the finance, legal, or marketing department.

Today, there is no limit to what you can do on or for YouTube.


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