Best VPN for Poland

4 Best VPN for Poland in 2024 (Free & Paid Servers)

Published on: June 14, 2023
Last Updated: June 14, 2023

4 Best VPN for Poland in 2024 (Free & Paid Servers)

Published on: June 14, 2023
Last Updated: June 14, 2023


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The best VPN for Poland in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is NordVPN!

Although Poland doesn’t restrict its citizens’ internet usage, the Polish government has started to crack down on its citizens’ internet privacy to battle terrorism.

Additionally, the government bodies in Poland are authorized to monitor its citizens’ online activities.

In fact, Polish ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are ordered to log and retain their users’ data for up to 2 years.

Moreover, the Internal Security Agency of Poland is all to block websites and apps that are considered a threat to its national security.

The sign of relief is that all popular social networks are accessible in the country. And that’s exactly where a VPN drives in.

In fact, no matter if you live in Poland or you’re going there for holiday or work, using a VPN has many advantages.

By using a good VPN, you can avoid any kind of internet restrictions or online monitoring.

At the same time, enhance your access to location-restricted content offered by Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and more.

It operates by allocating your device a Polish IP address to look like you’re in Poland.

However, finding a good Poland VPN service can be pretty tricky; that’s why we’ve made a list of the best 4 VPN providers that can enhance your experience and protect you from monitoring your Polish online activities.

Moreover, each has servers in Poland, making it easy for individuals who want to access Polish online content. Let’s get started!

Best VPN for Poland in 2024

  1. NordVPN – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Surfshark
  3. Atlas VPN
  4. IPVanish VPN

1. NordVPN


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NordVPN is a Panama-based VPN for Poland with a massive pool of 5582 servers spread across 60 countries (one of the largest server networks in the VPN industry).

It supports almost all consumer devices, including popular ones like Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux, Android, Chromebook, Firefox, Android, TV, and many more.

In fact, it’s known for being very user-friendly.

We actually feel that providers of VPN services shouldn’t be located in countries with strict data retention laws.

That’s because these laws and the primary function of VPN providers present a clash.

Luckily, countries like Panama (where NordVPN is based) are consumer-oriented and offer less power to authorities.

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  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Superfast speeds
  • 5,442+ servers in 60+ countries
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Next-generation military-grade encryption
  • DoubleVPN, double privacy
  • 6 simultaneous device connections
  • Great for: Safety, security, anonymity & peace of mind
  • Compatible with: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad & iOS, Linux, routers, Apple TV, FireFox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and more

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As far as this is a concern, this makes us believe that NordVPN will stick to its guns if attempts are made (especially by government authorities) to pry any information out of it.

With that being said, we also believe NordVPN when the company publicly states that it follows a solid no-logging policy.

As per its official website, NordVPN guarantees a solid no-log policy.

All your (and other users’) online activities using NordVPN are offered by an automated technical process and aren’t tracked, recorded, stored, or passed to third parties.

Apart from that, NordVPN also has a kill switch feature. 

With the kill switch, if your VPN connection ever drops while using NordVPN, you can set your VPN app to cut off the data transmission from your device.

That’s vital because it’ll help prevent your online identity from being leaked as it’s no longer protected through the VPN server.

Moreover, you can set your NordVPN to function at two levels on the kill switch, complete discontinuation of data transmission or a restricted one.

Although you can use any of these versions on your devices, the restricted one is more useful as it allows you to specify which apps on your device are prevented from the data flow. 

For anyone more concerned about hiding their online identity, NordVPN has a Double VPN tool for you all.

When you enable this feature, your internet traffic will be routed via two different servers, adding an extra buffer layer if one of the IPs leaks for some reason.

Moreover, NordVPN is the most secure VPN that uses standard encryption and robust protocols. 

In fact, NordVPN uses the AES-256 encryption algorithm, which is so secure that even militaries and governments around the world use it.

Moreover, this military-grade encryption combined with an array of VPN protocols (which you can choose according to your requirements) makes the security even tighter. 

However, make sure to choose a security protocol ideally, as your choice will affect your connection speed and the type of encryption algorithm you can employ.

In addition, NordVPN offers its users complete anonymity by offering anonymous payment methods

That’s because, to sign up in NordVPN, you’d only need a username and password. That’s it, nothing else gives its users complete anonymity.

In fact, it has an option to pay for the plans by non-identifiable means, which includes cryptos such as Bitcoin. 

2. Surfshark


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Surfshark VPN is a relative newcomer to the world of Virtual Private Network (VPN) providers, and guess what it appears with a bang.

Established in 2018, it fields a vast network of more than 3,200 servers spread in over 65 countries.

That’s quite awesome, right?

With GPS spoofing, unlimited connections support, the third-party audited no-log policy, RAM-only servers, and other remarkable features, Surfshark VPN stands out in terms of value for money and usability.

Another thing that makes the provider one of the best VPNs worldwide is that it’s located in the British Virgin Islands. 

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  • Surfshark is the best budget VPN
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • 3200+ servers in 95 countries
  • Unlimited simultaneous device connections
  • Great for: private browsing on a budget
  • Compatible with: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone & iOS, Linux, FireFox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and more

The British Virgin Islands (as we know) are a British Overseas Territory without any data retention laws and have a separate judiciary system.

And this makes the location an ideal place for VPN companies as the core part of a VPN business is to offer complete anonymity.

And that’s a good sign for the zero-logging policy that the provider has.

Surfshark VPN only records a limited amount of user data for some specific purposes.

As per the company, it only keeps your email address and a few billing information for refund purposes.

And it’s true; its sign-up process and the data available in its account management panel seem to confirm this. 

Like most VPN companies, Surfshark VPN offers you a choice of encryption protocols you can select, although the options are a bit limited.

You only have access to OpenVPN (TCP or UDP), IKEv2, and a little-known security protocol called Shadowsocks.

Though the incorporation of Shadowsocks protocol was a bit surprising initially, its developers were asked to terminate their work on the code and take it off from GitHub.

However, it still remains alive and has its own website. The company claims that this VPN protocol will be helpful for users in China. 

Apart from all these, Surfshark VPN has been generating streams and has recently added and will be adding such exciting features. In fact, as of now, it has added GPS spoofing and Factor Authentication (2FA).

Above all, the company has converted all its servers to RAM-only, assuring your online privacy. In fact, each time power is cycled to its servers, everything gets wiped off. 

Furthermore, Surfshark VPN comes with an extensive range of VPN apps that you can install and use on almost all kinds of connected devices.

It includes everything from popular and widely used Mac and Windows or Linux platforms to mobile devices such as Android or iOS to smart TVs like Android TV and even some routers.

That’s not all; Surfshark VPN has other variants you can use with a browser extension like Firefox or Chrome.

Besides that, the service is one of the very few providers that doesn’t have any limit on the number of connections you can enjoy simultaneously.

In short, even if you’re a family with ten devices at home or a business with various stores, you can use Surfshark VPN on all the devices simultaneously. 

3. Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN

Recommended Guide: Atlas VPN Review

Atlas VPN is a New York-based Virtual Private Network provider considerably new to the market. It was launched in 2019 as a free VPN site.

Obviously, it offers premium subscription plans, but luckily these are priced competitively.

Moreover, Nord Security acquired it in 2021.

It is an umbrella group that holds a lot of different types of Nord-branded products, including NordPass, NordVPN, NordLocker, and more.

However, surprisingly, Atlas VPN still runs as an independent entity based in the United States.

Although it isn’t a privacy-friendly country, Atlas VPN manages to keep users’ data private.

To get things off the beaten track, Atlas VPN currently supports two encryption protocols: WireGuard and IKEv2.

It makes sense as the latter works on mobile devices.

In addition, the WireGuard protocol is a newer option and is a perfect replacement for the OpenVPN protocol.

However, we could expect the addition of other protocols as well.

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  • Atlas VPN is the best free VPN
  • Privacy Pro servers
  • 750 servers in 40+ locations
  • Unlimited simultaneous device connections
  • Great for: people seeking a freemium VPN
  • Compatible with: Windows, MacOS, Android, iPhone & iOS, Android TV, Fire TV Stick

Although most VPN service providers support the WireGuard protocol because they’re veterans in this VPN field, Atlas VPN’s WireGuard protocol is worth mentioning as a brand-new kid in the space.

Additionally, the provider is one of the leading brands in terms of speed.

Given the fantastic speeds with Atlas VPN, it comes as no surprise that it manages online streaming pretty well.

Moreover, it also has specific servers optimized for streaming (isn’t it amazing?).

Furthermore, the Netflix United States-region content (the primary obstacle of concern for various users) appeared fine.

Additionally, other online streaming services such as BBC’s iPlayer works perfectly (needless to say).

However, the surprising factor is that the skipping section in various movies or shows resulted in minimal buffering, that too, despite having high latency.

In fact, it operates as smoothly as an oiled clog.

While VPN providers generally limit the total number of devices on which you can use the service at once, that’s not the case with this VPN service.

In fact, you can connect as many devices as you want and use them simultaneously.

Although the server network of Atlas VPN isn’t extensive, being a newcomer, it offers more than 700 VPN servers across 30 countries is quite commendable.

Furthermore, Atlas VPN never lacks in offering unique and valuable security and privacy features.

It includes an ad and malware blocker, a kill switch, IPv6 leak protection, and a tracker blocker.

However, the most unique one is the “SafeSwap” servers.

Although it’s an uncommon feature that not many providers offer, it’s essential.

The SafeSwap feature of Atlas VPN increases privacy by routing all your internet traffic via multiple IP addresses.

Although these IP addresses swap regularly, they maintain a seamless order while being connected to the server, which minimizes the chances of tracking your device through an extended login session.

Though it sounds excellent and actually is, Surfshark VPN only has three SafeSwap server locations.

These locations include Singapore, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam.

However, the company is trying to incorporate more areas to enhance its effectiveness; you could expect to see some soon. 

4. IPVanish


Recommended Guide: IPVanish Review

Initially established in 2012 by Mudhook Media, IPVanish VPN has since changed hands.

The service provider was eventually acquired in 2019 and currently belongs to a United States-based company known as J2 Global.

Logging is undoubtedly one of the most critical points for which almost all VPN providers are scrutinized.

That’s because the primary purposes of a VPN provider like this are anonymity, security, and privacy.

And logging can result in information that can identify users and their online activities. 

You might’ve already guessed that most VPN users reject providers that log their online information.

But thankfully, that’s not the case with IPVanish VPN.

In fact, it’s pretty authentic regarding privacy and strictly follows a solid no-log policy. The provider doesn’t log, store or record your online activities. 

Like most top-rated VPN providers, IPVanish VPN has a potent combination of standard protocols and high-level encryption.

In fact, it supports OpenVPN, IKEv2, and L2TP/IPsec protocols, the first two of which we recommend you use. 

While both OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols are secure and stable, the latter is slightly faster than the former.

Moreover, IPVanish VPN comes with a kill switch tool that allows it to stop your device from data transmission when its servers drop the connection. 

How to Get a Poland IP Address in 2024

A VPN, aka Virtual Private Network, is an entity that encrypts your online traffic by routing it via a server of your choice.

The end goal of these services is to hide your original browsing location. In short, a VPN can seamlessly bypass geo-restricted websites and streaming services.

The working mechanism is pretty straightforward, though, getting an IP address of that specific country. Special, isn’t it?

Poland being enriched with streaming content, you might want to access its online content library, and for that, you need a Polish IP address.

And the best way to get it is by using a reliable VPN provider.

In fact, it’s so simple and effective that you can get a Polish IP address in a few minutes. First, you’ll need to choose a VPN.

That can be difficult as not all providers offer servers in Poland.

However, all the mentioned VPN providers on our list have at least one server in Poland; we recommend NordVPN.

Once done, you must sign up with the same and download the app for your device.

Then open the VPN browser extension or application and choose a server in Poland.

After connecting to your VPN server in Poland, try to access geo-restricted services or websites.

It should be unblocked now; if not, try to clean your browser’s cookies or can try another server in the exact location.

And that’s all you can now stream Polish content and bypass various websites in Poland.


Which Polish Websites and Services Can I Access with A VPN?

Although you can unblock almost all geo-restricted cont websites and services, some of the Polish websites and services you can access using a VPN include TVN, TVP1, Polsat, and TVP2.

Is Using a VPN Legal in Poland?

Yes, using a VPN provider in Poland is entirely legal.

In fact, the use of VPN is vital owing to the recent law that allows the Polish government bodies to closely monitor its citizens’ online activities.

What Makes a VPN Suitable to Use in Poland?

Some features and attributes make a VPN provider suitable to use in Poland.

For being a reliable VPN for Poland, it should’ve got the following features:

• Local VPN servers in Poland.
• The robust encryption algorithm and secure VPN protocols.
• Fast connection and server speeds.
• A strict no-logs policy.
• Foreign servers.
• Security functions like a kill switch.

In Summary, the best VPNs in 2024 are;


Craving for Polish content isn’t an unusual sight. However, accessing the same from a non-native location can be a bit daunting.

But not anymore! Thanks to something called a VPN, you don’t have to worry about your location.

In case you’ve made it until this point, you already know the best four VPN providers ruling the market. 

Speaking of our recommendation, the indication is always towards NordVPN, and for all good reasons.

👉 Get NordVPN’s FREE Trial

That’s because it performs best in all the categories.

From a comprehensive global server network to speedy connections to unlimited device connectivity to security features, NordVPN has everything that makes it the best Poland VPN service in 2024. 

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