9 Best Twitter Unfollow Tools to Unfollow Non-followers (2021)

Last Updated: September 19, 2021



Sometimes, you need some assistance in cleaning up your account, and today we’re going to talk about a few trusted Twitter unfollow tools that really work.
The Best FREE Twitter Unfollow Tools to Unfollow Non-followers
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Managing your social media can be a time-consuming task when you’re interacting with hundreds or thousands of accounts per day.

People are following you, unfollowing you, sending you DM’s, and blowing up your notifications essentially all day.

Sometimes, you need some assistance in cleaning up your account, and today we’re going to talk about a few trusted Twitter unfollow tools that really work.

Best Twitter Unfollow Tools


Circleboom is an account management tool for Twitter that provides a more detailed approach to its features.

You can quickly sort out inactive followers, bot accounts, people who aren’t following you back, and more.

Circleboom - twitter unfollow tool

It also provides unfollow tools, as well as keyword research tools to aid you in finding your target audience. Furthermore, they offer an easy way to manage your Twitter lists, allowing you to add many accounts without having to follow them.

Their UI has an all-in-one feel to it and feels like a smoother experience than using Twitter itself. 

Circleboom gives many options to manage your Twitter account for some of the lowest prices out there when it comes to a cost and feature comparison. 

You can create a free account to manage one Twitter profile, and they have four other tiers that range from $8 to $229 per month, depending on your needs.

Circleboom Pricing

Circleboom seems to provide quite a bit of value as well as an efficient platform. It’s worth a try considering there’s no time limitation to signing up for a free account.



Crowdfire is an easy go-to management tool to unfollow accounts that reciprocate the favor. A lot of times, Twitter accounts will follow you, wait a few days and then unfollow you just in hopes of gaining another follower. 

Many people fall for this, which can clutter their accounts, and Twitter unfollow tools like CrowdFire can handle it with simplicity. 


It also provides in-depth analytics on your posts, followers, and even analysis of the competition. The Twitter account management platform also allows you to create reports and track data on your followers and other accounts you interact with.

Not only do these tools help you clean up your account, but it also helps you optimize for future growth. Not only does CrowdFire provide many features to clean and aid your Twitter account(s), but fluid UI as well.

This platform is a bit more on the pricey side, but it does offer multiple tiers to suit your personal needs. The free account allows you to test up to three accounts with limited features like 24 hours of analytics data and only ten scheduled posts per account per month.

Additionally, you can only unfollow 50 accounts per day with the free tier option. 

While the paid tiers range from $7.48 to $74.98 per month, they provide an increasing number of features to suit various management needs for your Twitter account.



When it comes to simplicity with a straightforward UI, ManageFlitter doesn’t hesitate to get to work. 

If you’re looking to do a clean swipe of inactive or bot accounts, this web application can do it efficiently. 

When you visit the site, it’ll ask for you to log in to your Twitter account. From there, you want to select the “not following back” option, and you’ll want to make sure the batch select button is turned on.


ManageFlitter will then auto-select followers based on the criteria mentioned above. Of course, you can always manually select which accounts to unfollow as well. 


Furthermore, this mass unfollow tool will also provide detailed information of your follower’s Twitter accounts, whether their language, location, and even when their account was created. 

This account management tool for Twitter provides a streamlined process with zero fuss. For that convenience, they’re asking a modest $12 per month to use their services. 



With this Twitter account management and unfollow tool, you can easily handle a wide range of tasks regarding your Twitter account(s). 

This Twitter unfollow tool is a bit more in-depth, with features such as bulk scheduling posts, automated posting, and of course, follow and unfollow management. 

A free version is available for SocialOomph, but they also provide multiple paid tiers that come with an increasing amount of features. 

SocialOomph Pricing

The free version allows one Twitter account, unlimited post scheduling, basic posting features, and more.

Paid subscriptions include more and more features, and the Business Suite subscription comes with a 30-day free trial

Once you’ve signed up, you need to connect your Twitter account and spend some time following the suggestions SocialOomph provides.

Who Unfollowed Me

Straight to the point, this service lets you know who has unfollowed you on Twitter, but it will also show if another account has blocked you and who precisely doesn’t follow you back.

Who Unfollowed Me

This Twitter unfollow tool comes with free and paid options available.

The free account allows up to 75,000 followers but doesn’t specify the number of accounts. This is an excellent feature for those looking to manage multiple Twitter accounts and who don’t want to break the bank. 

Who Unfollowed Me has two paid tiers called Pro and Super Pro with a monthly subscription price of $4.99 and $6.99 per month, respectively.

Although each level comes with some ad support, this is a fair trade considering the affordable prices across both tiers. 

Who Unfollowed Me

The Pro tier offers more insights on other Twitter accounts and your relationship with them, as well as more management options for your current followers. This tier allows up to 150,000 followers.

The Super Pro tier provides even more insight into other accounts, allowing you to filter by specific activities while dialing in on the spam accounts. It will show you accounts that actively follow and unfollow you and even provide a few account promotion options.



This platform is another service that takes a simple approach to handle a cumbersome task. iUnfollow will ask you to sign in to your Twitter account. ‘

From there, click on “Show Non-Follow Back,” and you can start unfollowing from that list.

As usual, this service provides free and paid tiers to suit your Twitter account management needs. 

While the free account will only allow you to unfollow 50 accounts per day, this should be more than enough for the casual Twitter user.

Unfollower Stats

Unfollower Stats

Track your followers, unfollowers, and multitudes of Twitter account statistics with one of the most efficient social account management platforms out there.

Unfollower Stats is a third-party mobile app for Twitter that will help you catch your unfollowers and follow/unfollow data. It provides a straightforward dashboard with plenty of stats across your account and additional features such as inactive accounts, list management tools, and more.

They provide a free tier option that allows you to manage up to 30,000 followers and comes with ads. 

There are two paid tiers that range from $4.99/mo for Premium and $7.99/mo for Pro. Both will provide additional account management features, and Pro allows the management of an unlimited number of followers.



This platform has a different approach, as it uses an AI-powered unfollow tool when you’re looking for who unfollowed you on Twitter.

Tweepi is an unfollow and cleanup tool that allows you to filter by those users who don’t follow or interact with your Twitter account. 

The AI categorizes accounts based on their activity and sociability, allowing you to make an accurate decision with each account based on deeper account data.

This Twitter management tool will also help you optimize your tweets by providing you with targeting data and finding the best hashtags to use based on your account.



This Twitter unfollow tool provides an effortless user experience with a few essential core features. UnTweeps is a great tool that will allow you to unfollow non-followers and inactive users based on a date range and whether they’ve tweeted or not.

There may be accounts you’d like to continue to follow even if they have low activity on the platform. With UnTweeps, you can easily add these accounts to a white list and make sure you don’t unfollow or block them.

It will also identify accounts that have zero tweets. In some cases, account owners will entirely wipe their accounts clean, leaving a dead account and zero content behind. You’re never notified, as you don’t see them appear on your timeline anymore. Thankfully, this Twitter account management tool will clean those out for you too.

The free version of this platform allows three uses per month, and for most casual users, that should work just fine. If you follow thousands and thousands of accounts, they suggest purchasing UnTweeps Pro, which is only $5 per month. For such a straightforward service, the price is hard to beat.

Furthermore, you can use all of UnTweeps Pro’s features on an unlimited number of accounts with paid subscriptions. Using this platform will make managing your followers a task of the past.

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