How Many Twitter Accounts Are There

How Many Twitter Accounts Are There in 2024?

Published on: February 16, 2024
Last Updated: February 16, 2024

How Many Twitter Accounts Are There in 2024?

Published on: February 16, 2024
Last Updated: February 16, 2024

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How many Twitter accounts are there in 2024?

There are about 330 million global monthly active users on Twitter.

How many Twitter accounts are there in 2024? We are here to cover the facts, stats, and figures related to how many Twitter accounts exist on the platform. 

Twitter users visit and engage on the platform via the mobile app or web browser. 

Recently, Elon Musk acquired the Twitter social media and microblogging company, Twitter Inc. 

The CEO of Tesla plans on making some improvements to the platform, which has drawn some speculation across Americans, but how things work out remains to be seen.

That said, some of these statistics based on the question of how many Twitter accounts are there, may change from the forecasted predictions of the platform in the coming years.

We will discuss this topic based on the existing numbers without bias for the purpose of this article. 

How Many Twitter Accounts Are There in The World?

The latest figures show that there are about 330 million global monthly active users on Twitter. 

According to data from 2020, the monetizable daily active user (mDAU) count is 166 million, which shows 24% growth over 2019.

What are mDAUs?

The idea of monetizable daily active users relates to Twitter users that have accessed, those who have logged in, and those who have accessed the platform on any given day via the website or the mobile apps that can see Twitter ads. 

How Many Twitter Accounts Are There in The United States?

The answer to “How many Twitter accounts are there in the United States?”,  is 76.9 million. 

It’s worth noting that the United States of America accounts for most of Twitter’s accounts and users, which is why we are addressing this country here.

Japan comes in second to the US with 58.95 Twitter accounts, but that’s a big gap. 

An even bigger gap is between Japan and India Twitter users. India accounts for only 23.6 millionTwitter accounts compared to the 58.95 in Japan and the 76.9 in the US.

Other countries that use Twitter include Brazil, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Thailand, Philippines, France, Spain, Canada, Germany, South Korea, Argentina, Egypt, Malaysia, and Columbia with a range of users from 19.05 million to 4.3 million respectively.

How Does Twitter Rank Among Other Social Media Networks?

Top Tips for Twitter Ads Success 

Twitter’s mDAUs place it at 15th in ranking for the planet’s most active social media outlet.

How does this affect Twitter’s usefulness for brands, marketers, and businesses? 

According to our research, Twitter can be likened to the bar scene. Bars, pubs, and lounges are where people tend to talk to strangers, use pick-up lines, speak in one-liners, and otherwise interact with a wide range of others from virtually every walk of life. 

Essentially, this makes Twitter the perfect social media networking site for engagement.

Twitter has an almost equal audience balance other than the fact that it’s mostly males with Twitter accounts compared to females. That’s the opposite of Pinterest, which is skewed towards the female audience.

The good news is that due to cross-promoting on social media platforms, Twitter and Pinterest, as well as other social media sites can be used for marketing and promotions.

What Drives Engagement on Twitter?

How many Twitter accounts are there? How does this question relate to what drives engagement on Twitter?

If you’re using the Twitter statistics and data from this article, knowing how many Twitter accounts is related to what drives engagement on the platform. 

Everything we have shared with our readers today can be used as part of any social media marketing strategy.

Things that will add fuel to your Twitter engagement include:

  • Hashtags
  • Images/Photos
  • Videos
  • Links
  • Numbers (stats and sports scores)

Always use hashtags responsibly on Twitter. This isn’t Instagram where you can add 30 hashtags. Twitter hashtag best practices are to use no more than two hashtags per tweet.

Something that companies like Amazon and Adobe are using Twitter messaging for is customer support and service, which is yet another way to drive more engagement.


How many Twitter accounts are there? We have answered this question at the global and United States levels, while also adding some extra data from Twitter usage according to country/region. 

As an added bonus, we also shared where Twitter ranks amongst social media networks and how that impacts engagement on Twitter for marketers. 

We also gave Twitter marketers, businesses, and brands some hints about how to ramp up their engagement on this social media giant.

If you’re a regular Twitter user without anything to promote or market, this data is at least interesting whether it relates to your own engagement or not. 

If you’re a brand, business, or marketer on Twitter, these statistics and facts are imperative for creating your social media marketing strategy for Twitter. 

Twitter should definitely be part of your overarching social media or digital marketing plan, as noted in the last section of the article. 

How do you think Elon Musk’s acquisition will impact Twitter? Will you use Twitter for your marketing plan? 


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