Nightbot Review - Does it Help Your Twitch Account?

Nightbot Review 2024 – Does it Help Your Twitch Account?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

Nightbot Review 2024 – Does it Help Your Twitch Account?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

Nightbot Review 2024

With so many users on social media these days, it’s no surprise that other networks have emerged that cater to more specific niche communities.

A great example of this is Twitch, a network that is mostly used for video game live streams and other content that people love. 

Twitch was created in 2011 and was acquired by Amazon three years later in 2014. Since then Twitch has expanded to roughly 37 million active users, giving the platform a wide reach for specific niche users. 

With this high usage comes more people trying to make something of themselves on the platform, and if you’re looking to do well on Twitch, you need to have a lot of stream views as well as followers and engagement. 

There are a variety of companies out there who now offer Twitch growth services, all of which claim to be the best ones to boost your Twitch to the next level. Not all of them can deliver on this promise. 

For this very reason we’ve created this Nightbot review, a company who claims to offer services for Twitch that help your performance.

After you read our review, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether or not the Nightbot service in fact offers something valuable. 


Nightbot Features

The Nightbot service comes with a variety of features which we will explore in this section. The basic premise of the Nightbot service is that you’ll be provided with a chatbot that engages with stream viewers and can help with a variety of moderation tools. 

They also claim that this service is available for YouTube, and upon logging in, you’ll see that it is (or at one point was) available for Facebook as well.

On one menu, it will still give you this option, but on another sign in page, you’ll see no Facebook option. 

The features that Nightbot offers include the following: 

  • Dashboard: tells you some statistics about your chats, what commands are popular, among others.
  • Cloud Hosted: everything is hosted by Nightbot and you don’t have to download anything. 
  • Customize Features: they say you can customize features to do what you want, but don’t explain exactly what that means. 
  • Spam filters: they claim to be able to automatically remove spam so that you aren’t detected. 
  • Commands: minimize repetition in your links and responses
  • Chat Logs: See all of your chat logs so you can understand things like deleted messages and banned users. 

There are some additional pro features that you can access, but ultimately, none of these features get you more Twitch followers

Not only that, using bots on Twitch is bad for your account and is prohibited by the platform. Bots never look good to users because they can always tell when you are using a bot, especially in a chat box, which lowers your account reputation. 

People are turned off by bots, which is why this service will not help you to grow your Twitch following. Let’s take a look at some reasons why bots are not useful. 

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Why Botting is Bad 

Nightbot Browser

While the service is available for both YouTube and Twitch, neither of these platforms allow bots to operate on the platform.

Not only that, they used to have a service for Facebook, and the same thing happened— bots weren’t allowed, so they eventually removed the service. 

Twitch has perpetual investigations that can detect bots and artificially created views, chat activity, and follower counts.

They collect data and penalize users accordingly. Users are encouraged to report this type of content if they see it. 

In addition, YouTube has policies against bots and fake engagements which can result in content removal as well as account takedown, effectively terminating you from YouTube. 

Nothing is worse than having your accounts reported by users or flagged by the platforms, putting in jeopardy everything you’ve worked so hard to create. 

Chat bots are some of the easiest to detect because it’s clear that interactions are happening much too fast and these platforms are serious about maintaining the integrity of their network. 

Review Conclusion

While Nightbot paints a picture of interesting tools to help you on Twitch and YouTube, these bot-perpetuated actions only hurt your account. You can lose everything you’ve created on these social media networks by engaging in bot activity. 

Not only that, there is absolutely no guarantee that they will even help you gain more followers/subscribers, nor views. The service is ultimately charging you for limited results. 

Nightbot won’t even allow you to view their pricing or plans until you register and give them your information.

Ultimately, the Nightbot service isn’t a safe nor viable option for YouTube or Twitch growth. 

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