How To Check Twitch Chat Logs

Twitch Chat Logs: How to Check Twitch Logs

Published on: February 29, 2024
Last Updated: February 29, 2024

Twitch Chat Logs: How to Check Twitch Logs

Published on: February 29, 2024
Last Updated: February 29, 2024

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Why would you need to know how to check Twitch chat logs?

There are multiple reasons you should want to check out your Twitch chat history. 

Regularly checking your chat logs on your Twitch account comes with many benefits, from reporting inappropriate comments to learning more about what your audience wants to see. 

In other words, Twitch chat is a tool for your Twitch content that allows you to brand your videos to fit your audience better. 

The following will address checking your chat logs and the benefits of making it a habit. 

What Are Twitch Chat Logs?

Your Twitch chat logs store an archive of the comments made on your Twitch channel’s chatbox while you’re streaming live. 

Some Twitch channels get more comments than others, depending on the size of the viewers of any given livestream. 

The chat history log can range from one page to over 500 pages. Oddly, not all channel users regularly view their Twitch chat history.

Furthermore, some content creators fail to study or store them. 

Your Twitch log is an essential tool that can be invaluable for growing your channel and your online reputation. 

Why Check Your Twitch Chat Logs?

The main reason to regularly check your chat logs on Twitch is to help you give your audience a better experience through live streaming content. 

Twitch chat comments are reflective of the status of your channel’s content. Reviewing these comments regularly will give you a better understanding of your viewing audience. 

Here are the most important reasons you should check your Twitch chat logs regularly.

1. Inappropriate Comments Moderation

Inappropriate comments in your livestreaming Twitch chat logs can negatively impact your channel. Like most social media networks, trolls exist to annoy you and your viewers.

Regular reviewing of your chat logs helps you to learn how to avoid triggers or topics that can solicit abusive comments. Plus, you can also better enforce the rules on your channel.  

2. Evaluate Audience Responses and Feedback 

Whether you get negative or positive comments in your chat logs, all these comments are useful to you.

Instead of taking negative comments personally, evaluate how you can improve your content for your audience.

This does not mean that you have to tolerate abusive comments (see comment moderation).

Remember that viewer feedback is an opportunity to learn more about your audience.

3. Discover New Content

You might be surprised to know that your Twitch chat logs are often loaded with fads and trends.

You can use the new memes, videos, and emojis you see to come up with new content for your channel.

Don’t copy others, but you can brainstorm with the new fads and trends in your chat logs. 

How to Check Twitch Chat Logs

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There are different methods for reviewing your chat logs such as using chat commands, third-party applications, or by reviewing VODs.

There are also different methods for each level of user which includes the streamer, the moderator, and the viewer/user. 

The next sections will discuss checking Twitch chat histories according to user level.

Checking Twitch Chat Logs as A Streamer

As a streamer on the platform, you can review video-on-demand (VODs), use the search command, or use open-source programs.

Streamers have the most solutions of all users for reviewing Twitch logs. 

VODs Review

In a VOD review, streamers can look at comments removed by moderators. The downside to this is that you have to view the video from start to finish. 

To review VODs, open up your saved VODs. Twitch stores your VODs for between 14 and 60 days according to your account status. 

User Search Command Method

The user search command method of reviewing Twitch chat logs allows you to look at all messages from any user who commented on your live stream.

To use this method, you click on the user’s chat log through the chat command function.

You will be able to see the user’s whole chat history, how many timeouts they have, reevaluate bans, and see moderator comments about the user’s comments. 

Use Twitch Chatbots

The Twitch chatbots provide several features and solutions for the platform’s content creators. The chatbot can help with moderation, filter data, and collect chat data. 

That said, the chatbot doesn’t review chat logs that aren’t part of the chat log. So, if prior chats aren’t stored on your VODs, you won’t see that data.

Third-Party Applications

When the Twitch chat-tracking tools don’t give you want you need or want, third-party applications can help. 

Some of these applications have a pretty extensive learning curve, but they are effective. Chatty is one solution like that. It’s an open-source, Java-based application. 

Third-party software programs can be used to store your chat logs on your local internal or external storage devices. So, you can view the data whether you’re online or offline. 

With third-party programs you need to create a new account, input your Twitch information before you can use it. 

Checking Twitch Chat Logs as A Moderator


So, as a moderator, you also have options for checking Twitch chat logs.

Moderators need to review chat logs as part of their job, but Twitch limits their options.

Moderators are limited in what they can review in chat logs, but here are some methods that can be used. 

Moderator View for Checking Twitch Chat Logs

Twitch has a dedicated interface for moderators called the Moderator View. It’s a sword icon, which is where you start. 

  • Step 1 – Enter the Moderator View by clicking the sword icon in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  • Step 2 – click on any username to moderate comments. Here, the moderator will see the chat log to find inappropriate comments. 
  • Step 3 – If a user has violated Twitch’s ToS, you can ban them. 


How Can Users Check Twitch Chat Logs?

Twitch users are the most restricted from looking at chat logs. Twitch users only have access to chat histories through VODs.

Technically, a viewer/user on this platform has no reason to review chat histories. At one time, third-party programs were used by users to store chat logs from channels that weren’t private.

Twitch’s legal department advised the company to shut down this kind of access to other streamers’ chat logs since it’s a violation of their privacy and Twitch’s rules about data sharing.

Can You Download Twitch Chat Logs?

Only the third-party program, Chatty, gives you the option to download Twitch chat logs, which are only available to streamers.

Moderators and viewers/users cannot do this for channels.

You shouldn’t need to download your chat logs since there are plenty of ways for content creators on the platform to review and analyze their chat comments.

What’s the Most Efficient Use for Twitch Logs?

Learning more about your viewers is vital to your channel’s growth and brand awareness.

Studying chat comments provides the best insights to help you grow your Twitch viewership and community.

Also, it’s how you can create better and more relevant content.

Can You Delete Twitch Chat Logs?

Streamers can delete their chat logs by clicking on “Settings” from the chat box, and on Mod Tools at the same time.

Toggle to Mod Icons and type “command/clear” to delete chat logs. Use this feature carefully so as not to lose important data you can use.

Final Thoughts

You should now have a better understanding of Twitch logs, but also why it’s important for content creators to regularly review their chat logs.

Use the steps above to improve your performance, grow your viewership, and create better content for your Twitch audience. 

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