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28 Viral Netflix Statistics in 2024: Usage, Revenue, and Growth

Published on: December 12, 2023
Last Updated: December 12, 2023

28 Viral Netflix Statistics in 2024: Usage, Revenue, and Growth

Published on: December 12, 2023
Last Updated: December 12, 2023

Netflix doesn’t need any introduction since most people reading this article might have a basic subscription plan for online video streaming.

It took Netflix just 12 years to build a 25 billion yearly revenue from its subscribers, and now, Netflix has 251 million subscribers in 2024.

This article focuses on Netflix statistics related to the platform’s Usage, Revenue, and Growth.

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Key Statistics

  • Netflix gained 40 million paid subscribers in 2020.
  • Netflix lost 200,000 subscribers in Q1 of 2022, marking its first net-loss in 10 years.
  • 55% of people in the US favor Netflix for watching online streaming videos.
  • Netflix has 251 million subscribers worldwide.
  • 54% of users watch Netflix videos without spending any subscription fees. 
  • Netflix generated $4.5 billion profit during 2020.
  • Average Netflix users age is between 35 and 44.
  • The average compound annual growth of Netflix has been 35.3% since 2001.
  • Netflix recorded an 18.41% increase in video content production in 2020.
  • $604 is the current cost of one share of Netflix.
  • 9400 full-time employees work for Netflix as of 2020.

Top Netflix Statistics in 2024

1. Netflix Reported a Loss of 200,000 Subscribers in Q1 of 2022

Considering the number of streaming platforms there is, Netflix remains triumphant.

Based on reported numbers, Netflix has 251 million subscribers in 2023.

DisneyPlus had 116 million paid subscribers during the same period, and Amazon Prime had 175 million users.

2020’s statistics recorded the highest increase in paid customers on the Netflix platform. During the year, Netflix’s subscriber count crossed the 200 million range.

The 2019 statistics show that Netflix gained 27.83 million new subscribers, 40 million during 2020.

Q1 of 2022 saw Netflix report a loss of 200,000 subscribers. Which was it’s first net loss in 10 years.

2. 55% of People in The Us Favor Netflix for Watching Online Streaming Videos

US market is the most favored country for Netflix. A study shows that every two in three adults in the US has a Netflix subscription.

The combined subscriber count in both the US and Canada topped the rest of the world’s count with 74 million.

Earlier in 2011, only 25% of Americans were watching Netflix, and they grew over the years to reach 55& subscribers in the country in the last decade.

A survey conducted by RBC among 1000 Americans who use various online video streaming services found that Netflix dominates with 55%, followed by 46% favoring YouTube and 31% Amazon Prime.

According to RBC, people are satisfied watching Netflix compared to other services, thanks to its ad-free video content and high-quality streaming over multiple platforms.

3. Netflix Has 251 Million Subscribers Worldwide

Netflix stands in the top position of paid online-streaming video content providers list with 251 million paid subscribers.

According to the reports based on the Netflix shareholder letter, the Asia-Pacific region contributes the more significant part of its subscriber’s growth with more than 2.2 million of the quarter’s net subscriber acquisition.

Around 70,000 new customers joined the platform from the US and Canada, while Latin America contributed 300,000 users.

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4. 54% of Users Watch Netflix Videos without Spending Any Subscription Fees 

According to the survey results of KillTheCableBill, almost 18% of subscribers share their accounts with their friends.

Around 9% share passwords with their kids living/studying in a distant location.

Surprisingly, about 25.6% share passwords with family members who are not closer to them or residing in the same house.

Another survey in 2019 by MoffetNathonson found that  27% of users watched Netflix using the subscription of another person in their house.

5. Netflix Generated $4.5 Billion Profit During 2020

YouTube achieved a 43% year-over-year increase in the third quarter of the ad revenue calendar in 2021. The online video platform generated $7.205 billion from advertisement sales during the period.

YouTube has around 197.5 million monthly users, and YouTube TV is now the most effective virtual MVPD service, beating 4 million subscribers, each paying $65 a month.

Netflix generated $7.48 during the 2021 third quarter.

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6. Average Netflix Users Age Is Between 35 and 44

Netflix has strong youth followers that create a significant impact. According to Statista, 75% of the Netflix subscribers are 18-34-year-olds, and around 72% are 35-44.

About 44% of people who use Netflix are aged 65 or above.

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7. The Average Compound Annual Growth of Netflix Has Been 35.3% Since 2001

The annual revenue of Netflix in 2020 almost reached $25 billion. They raised the income during the first two quarters of 2021 by $14.5 billion.

8. Netflix Recorded an 18.41% Increase in Video Content Production in 2020.

Compared to statistics from 2019, there was an increase of 18.41% in the Netflix video content production in 2020.

It produced data that showed Netflix spent $17.3 billion during 2020 and estimated the expenditure of 2021 at $17 billion.

The data experts have revealed that Netflix’s content budget has increased more than three times since 2015.

9. $604 Is the Current Cost of One Share of Netflix

Netflix introduced a public offering in 2002 by setting 5.5 million shares for sale. The first share cost $15 per piece in 2002.

Netflix generates $7483 million in revenue as per the third quarter statistics of 2021.

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10. 9400 Full-Time Employees Working for Netflix as Of 2020

Netflix offers an average salary of $136000, and H1B visa employees get a base salary of $430,000.

The second-quarter of 2021 revealed that 47.5% of employees at Netflix are female, and 46.1% are male.

Around 9.1% of the employees are African American or Black.

11.  Netflix in Argentina Charges $7.87 only For the Premium Subscription

Argentina has the cheapest subscription rates for getting Netflix. According to Comparitech, turkey lost the most affordable country title to Argentina after hiking prices.

As of now, a user can subscribe to Netflix with a Basic plan of $3.28 per month and a Standard plan at the rate of $5.40 per month.

12. $10.86 Is the Average Monthly Revenue per User Recorded During the First 2 Quarters of 2021

During the first quarter of 2021, Netflix’s revenue reached $7.163 billion, a 24.2% year-to-year increase. Netflix stats show that each account in the US and Canada generates $14.54 for Netflix.

In 2020, Netflix earned $239 million from mail-in DVDs.

13. Netflix Viewers Watched 6 Billion Hours of Online Video Streaming per Month

According to the statistics from a study in 2020, Netflix users watched 3.2 hours of videos in a day, which becomes 6 billion video streaming hours when calculated month-wise.

Netflix offers its subscribers HD videos or 4K videos. Considering video streaming with HD features, the average data usage will be roughly 288 GB per month for Netflix alone!

14. People Watched 15 Billion Minutes of Frozen 2 Movies in 2020

Disney owned Frozen 2 bagged 15 billion minutes of video streaming through Netflix. Moana, another Disney production movie, follows it with 10 billion minutes.

Secret Life of Pets 2 is the top-streamed Netflix original movie crossed 9 billion minutes. The notable thing here is all of them are animated movies with beautiful graphics.

So people find it interesting to watch multiple times.

15. 12% of People Streamed Netflix in Public Restrooms

Netflix offers a wide range of movie/series genres where people can watch almost all sorts of entertaining videos.

Interestingly, about 37% of subscribers said they had watched Netflix during their work time.

Around 27% of them used Netflix to overcome boredom during the waiting period of various services, and 12% watched videos while at public restrooms.

16. People Streamed More than 30 Billion Minutes of Ozark, an American Crime Drama Series.

American crime drama series Ozark was the most streamed Netflix original series. People streamed more than 30 billion minutes of Ozark, which crossed a total of 28 episodes.

The Office comes first in other series categories where subscribers watched 57 billion minutes.

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17. 15.77 Million Subscribers Joined Netflix During the First Quarter of 2020 

The COVID-19 pandemic has kept more people locked in their homes during 2020.

People felt trapped inside a cage during those times and searched for alternative entertainment to avoid boredom from quarantine and lockdown.

A study found out that Netflix crossed the 200 million paid subscribers milestone during 2020, and it achieved 15.77 million additional users during the period.

18. Netflix Controls 19.1% of Network Traffic Share in The Us.

Netflix is the top video streaming application globally, which offers a wide range of programs in 190 countries.

According to a Sandvine report in 2018, about 14.92% of the global application traffic is caused by Netflix.

Based on the US network operator stats, Netflix’s total downstream traffic can reach 40% in peak hours. 

19. 58% of Subscribers from The Us Paid for A Subscription to Watch Netflix Originals

It was in 2012 Netflix launched its first originals. Lilyhammer was a drama series that ran for 3 seasons during the time.

More than 80% of original content was launched during 2019 compared to the previous year.

Over time, Netflix offered about 2769 hours of original content.

By the end of 2020, the online video streaming platform had over 2,000 Netflix originals.

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20. Netflix Saved 58 Hours of Average Users from Watching Commercials 

Regular TV shows and movies come with advertisements that steal many users’ watching time.

Statistics show that an average US subscriber streams 3.2 hours of videos a day, and advertisement consumes 18 minutes of it.

These observations were part of a study conducted in the US during 2020. Netflix helps people avoid unwanted advertisements and makes sure that they have paid for watching the quality media content.

According to the stats, 51% of the users subscribed to Netflix to avoid watching advertisements.

21. 52% of Netflix Subscribers Are Female, and 48% Are Male

According to “Morning Consult” and “The Hollywood” survey stats, Netflix has an almost equal male subscriber to female subscriber ratio.

A total of 33 % of the Netflix subscribers are millennials, followed by 26% Generation X and 22% baby boomers. 

Netflix Subscribers


22. Netflix Achieved 160 Emmy Nominees in 2020

Netflix broke the most Emmy Nominees record of HBO during the 72nd annual Emmy Awards by achieving 160 nominations in 2020. Previously the form was held by HBO with 137 nominees during 2019.

US Netflix offers more than 4500 movies and more than 1100 TV shows for its subscribers, while HBO Max has about 1300 movies and around 50 TV series.

On March 4, 2018, Netflix won the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature for Icarus.

23. 63% of Subscribers Have Rewatched the “friends” Series on Netflix

The Friends series is the most fan-favorite Netflix show that made them watch it repeatedly over the years.

According to The Dubrovnik Times, around 63% of the Friends series fans have rewatched the episodes of the series.

The British TV Show “Peep Show” comes second with 59% rewatched record followed by “The Office” with 55% watched it more than once. 

24. 74 Million Netflix Subscribers Are from North America

The majority count of Netflix subscribers resides in the US and Canada. Both these countries contribute 35% of the total Netflix users globally.

Netflix generates revenue of $11.45 billion from North America alone.

Europe, the Middle East, and Africa are the second biggest regions contributing around 66.7 million Netflix subscribers per the 2020 statistics.

Latin America held 37 million, followed by Asia-Pacific with almost 25 million subscribers.

25. $2.23 Billion Spent on Marketing During 2020

In 2020, Netflix spent $1.45 billion on advertising. A survey noted that about half of the Netflix subscribers make less than $50,000 per year, and about 30% earn between $50,000-$100,000.

Around 19% of subscribers earn more than $100,000 per year.

26. More than 60% of Hispanic Americans Have Subscribed to Netflix

According to the ethnicity stats of the Netflix subscribers, 51% of white people said they have a Netflix subscription, and around 60% of Hispanic people said they own a premium account of Netflix.

However, based on statistics from The Hollywood Reporter, about 65% of the survey respondents subscribed to Netflix were white, and 31% were Hispanic.

27. 29% of Netflix Subscribers Do Not Follow Sports

Only 6% of Netflix subscribers watch or follow sports daily. About 19% said they often check sports-related news a few times a week and 8% in a month.

Almost 29% of subscribers said they don’t follow sports at all!

28. 54% of Subscribers Said They Wouldn’t Cancel Their Subscription Even if The Price Hike Happens

Nobody likes the price hike of the monthly/yearly subscription. However, a study found out that 54% of the subscribers are willing to continue with the subscription even if the price hike occurs.

25.7% of people are willing to consider the idea of canceling the account, while 6% said they would cancel the account if prices were hiked.

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This concludes our discussion surrounding Netflix statistics, and you now hold the knowledge in all there is to know about Netflix, its revenue, usage, and growth.

Netflix has seen vast growth, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, where numbers drastically increased, with a current 214 million subscribers.


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