YouTube TV Statistics

20+ YouTube TV Statistics You Need to Know in 2024

Published on: November 13, 2023
Last Updated: November 13, 2023

20+ YouTube TV Statistics You Need to Know in 2024

Published on: November 13, 2023
Last Updated: November 13, 2023

In this resource, we will explore YouTube TV statistics and demographics to show you the growth and effect of YouTube TV on the modern world.

YouTube has amassed more than 6 million users, which ranks it in the top 5 TV streaming services.

The success of YouTube TV can be attributed to its ability to cater to the ever-changing preferences of today’s viewers by offering a user-friendly, flexible alternative to conventional cable television.

We know that YouTube TV has reshaped the streaming industry dynamics, but what does the future hold?

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Key Statistics 

  • YouTube TV has more than 6 million subscribers as of 2023.
  • YouTube TV’s main competitors include streaming services like Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.
  • 30% of YouTube TV subscribers cited being able to watch TV whenever and wherever they want is the main reason they subscribe.
  • Cable TV subscriptions have dropped by 9.9% in just the past year.
  • The only paid television provider that hasn’t seen a decrease in subscribers is YouTube TV. 
  • According to YouTube TV’s help page, this service is available all over the United States.
  • More than 100 channels are available on YouTube TV.
  • In 2022, YouTube TV gained 2 million new subscribers.
  • YouTube TV now competes with other television service providers like DirecTV Stream.
  • In the Q1 of 2023 alone, YouTube TV saw an uptake of 300,000 new subscribers.

Top YouTube TV Statistics in 2024 

YouTube TV 841

1. YouTube TV Has More than 6 Million Subscribers as of 2023.

In the first quarter of 2023, YouTube TV reached 6.3 million subscribers.

As consumers continue to cut the cable cord and switch to television streaming platforms, YouTube ranks fifth in user shares in this market.


2. YouTube TV’s Main Competitors Include Streaming Services Like Hulu + Live and Sling TV.

The Live TV services that are most like YouTube TV include Hulu + Live, Sling TV, Philo, and Fubo, making these live streaming television services competitors.

However, other streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and other such streaming services also compete with YouTube and YouTube TV at some level.

Many times, price is a major factor.

(Tom’s Guide)

3. 30% of YouTube TV Subscribers Cited Being Able to Watch TV Whenever and Wherever They Want Is the Main Reason They Subscribe.

According to statistics, 30% of YouTube TV subscribers said that they subscribe to this streaming service so they can watch TV whenever and wherever they want.

The instant gratification and flexibility that the YouTube TV subscription provides is appealing to modern television viewers.

Cutting the cord is more than just ditching cable television.


4. Cable TV Subscriptions Have Dropped by 9.9% in Just the Past Year.

Cable TV has experienced their lowest level of subscribers since 1992.

For reference, this was before DirecTV came onto the scene.

As of the first quarter of 2023, 2.3 million cable TV subscribers have cut the cord, which accounts for the largest hit on record yet in terms of cable subscriptions.

This tells us how rapidly the television viewership landscape is changing.

(Ars Technica)

5. The only Paid Television Provider that Hasn’t Seen a Decrease in Subscribers is YouTube TV. 

Youtube TV 704

Several paid TV providers, including cable TV, have seen a decrease in their subscriber numbers in the past year.

In contrast, YouTube TV subscriptions have seen an uptake over the past year making this live TV streaming service the only one that hasn’t seen many drops in subscriptions.

(Ars Technica)

6. According to YouTube TV’s Help Page, This Service Is Available All Over the United States.

YouTube TV is only available in the United States at this time. If you live in Canada, Europe, or Asia, or Latin America, you can’t get access to YouTube TV (legally).

However, there seems to be instructions on how to use a VPN to circumvent that restriction.

We don’t advocate or recommend doing this. It’s not intended to be a global television streaming service.

(YouTube TV Help)

7. More than 100 Channels Are Available on YouTube TV.

According to the YouTube TV welcome portal, this live streaming subscription service offers more than 100 channels for a single fee.

Your subscription includes access to local channel favorites, news, sports, and a large library of on-demand entertainment.

Also, it comes with no contract or hidden fees.

Moreover, you get to customize your YouTube TV experience.

(YouTube TV)

8. In 2022, YouTube TV Gained 2 Million New Subscribers.

By the end of 2022, YouTube TV had around 5 million subscribers after an uptake of 2 million over the year.

The growth continued into 2023 as the first quarter revealed that YouTube TV had 6.3 million total subscribers.

This tells us that this live streaming television service is continually growing.

(Digital Trends)

9. YouTube TV Now Competes with Other Television Service Providers Like DirecTV Stream.

YouTube TV has grown enough to compete with DirecTV Stream, which is the satellite television service’s streaming option.

Spectrum TV is an app popularly used by Spectrum internet subscribers, which is also a direct YouTube TV competitor.

DirecTV Stream used to be called AT&T TV and DirecTV Now as they rebranded accordingly.

(Digital Trends)

10. In the Q1 of 2023 Alone, YouTube TV Saw an Uptake of 300,000 New Subscribers.

YouTube TV 848

During the first quarter of 2023 alone, YouTube TV had an influx of 300,000 new subscribers, bringing it to the 6.3 million subscriber mark.

This occurred even when YouTube TV raised its prices if that tells you anything.

It could be the convenience of having YouTube TV along with your YouTube account or the flexibility this streaming service provides.


11. The Average Person in American Spends Over 3 Hours Watching YouTube TV.

Statistics show that the average YouTube TV subscriber spends more than 3 hours per day watching content.

Moreover, the average American reportedly spends over 13 hours per day consuming some form of digital media.

A Forbes survey revealed that YouTube TV ranks fifth among paid streaming services.


12. YouTube’s Audience Mostly Comes from Those Aged 18 to 34 Years Old.

According to statistics, YouTube’s main audience includes people aged 18 to 34 years old.

Therefore, it stands to reason that this is the primary YouTube TV audience.

Live streaming is one of the most popular formats among Gen Z and Millennials.

That said, people 35 and older also subscribe to and watch YouTube TV.


13. A YouTube TV and YouTube Premium Subscriptions Give You Access to The Most Content.

According to the YouTube TV help page, your TV subscription and Premium subscription not only gives you access to live television from the major networks and popular cable networks, but you also get access to creator content from Premium and an ad-free experience all across YouTube content.

(YouTube TV Help²)

14. YouTube TV is The First Live TV Streaming Service to Provide Unlimited DVR Storage.

While there are some live streaming apps and services that provide some level of DVR storage, YouTube TV is the first to offer unlimited DVR storage.

This allows you to record as much as you want to watch later.

Therefore, YouTube TV provides yet another convenient option for cable cutters.


15. YouTube TV Allows Three Simultaneous Streams per Account.

When you subscribe to YouTube TV, you can simultaneous stream on three different devices per account.

So, you can watch YouTube TV in your living room on your Roku or Smart TV while your 2 of your kids watch in their bedrooms on their phones, tablets, or television streaming devices.

To extend your device usage, you would likely need to pay for another subscription, but before you do, reach out to support to see if they have other options.

(YouTube TV Help³)

16. YouTube TV Offers 4K Services as of 2021.

In 2021, YouTube TV included an add-on for 4K resolution viewing for a small additional monthly fee.

If you have a television or other device compatible with 4K resolution, you will enjoy a better quality TV and video viewing experience.

However, if you don’t want to pay the extra for 4K, you can enjoy watching YouTube TV your way.

(Digital Trends)

17. YouTube TV Now Offers NFL Sunday Ticket.

If you already subscribe to YouTube TV, it’s likely that you know about the NFL Sunday Ticket offering.

The NFL Sunday Ticket Bundled or Standalone plan offers four payments of $43.50 per month or $174 for the rest of the regular NFL season on YouTube when you are subscribed to the Base Plan.

Otherwise, it can cost $300 or more for this package. 

(Digital Trends, YouTube TV)

18. You Can Pay for Add-On Premium Channels Like EPIX, Max, and Showtime.

If you want to add premium channels like Showtime, Max, and EPIX for even more movies and entertainment, you can customize your YouTube TV viewing experience at a cost.

Keep in mind that sometimes these premium networks offer free trials on the YouTube TV platform so you can try it before you buy it.

(YouTube TV)

19. YouTube TV Offers a Spanish Plan that Has the Same Benefits as The Base Plan and More.

If you prefer or need to watch TV in Spanish only, you can get the Spanish Plan.

It comes with unlimited DVR storage, 30+ Spanish channels, soccer, telenovelas, etc.

You also get access to ESPN Deportes and Univision.

The Spanish Plan is $34.99 per month. 

(YouTube TV)

20. YouTube TV is Now 40% the Size of Comcast.

Youtube TV 707

How significant is the growth of YouTube TV? As of 2023, this subscription streaming TV service is 40% the size of Comcast, which is the largest of pay-TV providers and has 15.53 million subscribers.

Could YouTube TV eventually outpace Comcast and other similar pay-TV providers?

(Ars Technica)


What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is a live streaming subscription service offered by YouTube which is owned by Google (Alphabet).

It offers local television programming, prime networks such as ABC, CBS, and NBC, sports programming like ESPN, and other popular channels with programming today’s viewers want to see.

How Much Does It Cost to Subscribe To YouTube TV?

YouTube TV has a base plan that costs $72.99 per month.

However, you can check regularly to see if they are offering a short-term discount.

You can also try it free for 21 days (or whatever trial promotion they are offering at any given time) before you commit to a subscription.

The Base Plan comes with the free trial first, and then whatever discounted monthly cost they have going on at the time.

For the first three months after your trial, you will pay the promo subscription rate (if available) and then the regular $72.99 monthly subscription fee will begin. 

What Devices Are Compatible With YouTube TV?

Much like the free version of YouTube, YouTube TV is compatible across multiple devices, including:

• Laptop/Desktop
• iPhones and iPads
• Android phones and tablets
• Chromecast
• Roku
• Fire TV
• Apple TV
• Smart TVs
• Game Consoles

Can You Record Shows On YouTube TV?

Yes. YouTube TV comes with unlimited DVR storage, so you can record all the shows you want to watch later even from different channels.

Hint: You can set it to record automatically so you don’t have to miss your favorite shows.

Do You Need a Cable Subscription to Watch YouTube TV?

You don’t need any cable subscription to watch YouTube TV since it’s a standalone streaming service.

You do need be connected to the internet, so you will need internet.

However, there are some local channels that may require you to have a cable subscription to watch some programming depending on where you live.


By now, you should understand how YouTube TV has impacted the dynamics of the paid live television industry.

You also know that this service is constantly adding new features and add-ons to keep consumers happy. 

We hope these YouTube TV statistics have made you feel more informed about using this streaming service and what it involves.

Remember to check out the FAQs to learn more.


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