Top 8 Best Local Proxy Services

7 Best Local Proxy Services in 2024

Published on: October 28, 2023
Last Updated: October 28, 2023

7 Best Local Proxy Services in 2024

Published on: October 28, 2023
Last Updated: October 28, 2023


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Bright Datafast proxy solution

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SOAXpremium proxies


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The best local proxy service in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Oxylabs!

Localized content means that certain websites are only available to users with a local IP address.

In some cases, such as Netflix, you can only access their US-based service if you are using a US-based IP address. 

Another way of restricting content on the internet is by only displaying location-specific content to you.

This often serves as a restriction for content creators, researchers, and SEO specialists who wish to access global content.  

To bypass all of these restrictions, you can make use of a local proxy that alters your IP address.

Such local proxies make it possible for you to access content from anywhere in the world without being restricted to your location. 

This article covers everything you need to know about a local proxy, the benefits of using a local proxy, and the top services that you can use. 

Best Local Proxy Providers

  1. Oxylabs – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Bright Data
  3. ProxyEmpire
  4. Private Proxy
  5. Proxy-Seller
  6. Hidester
  7. KProxy

1. Oxylabs


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Oxylabs is one of the most popular local proxy networks with over 100 million proxies across the world.

Most users opt for Oxylabs since it is a reliable proxy server that offers a range of features at a budget-friendly price point. 

Oxylabs has an Autonomous Number System (ASN) to provide accurate geo-targeting.

Each residential proxy will rotate at every request to prevent any IP bans. 

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If you need a static IP address, then Oxylabs has an extensive selection that is sourced directly from ISPs.

You can have high speed and functionality with both residential and datacenter static proxies.

While rotating proxies by Oxylabs do not offer SOCKS5 support, the static IPs do. 

Additionally, Oxylabs has a unique machine learning and AI integration that adds to your safe browsing experience.

Since AI helps replicate normal browsing behavior, you can use Oxylabs local proxy networks to avoid blocks and captchas

Pricing plans for Oxylabs become more budget-friendly as you move up the hierarchy.

This means that a more competitive price per GB is available for a longer commitment. 

  • SOCKS5 compatibility
  • ASN for geo-targeting
  • Static and rotating IPs
  • No mobile IPs

2. Bright Data

Bright Data

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One of the most attractive features about Bright Data is that it offers a proxy pool of over 72 million IPs.

If you are looking for a local proxy, then the provider is likely to have one available for you. It offers rotating IPs, static IPs, and mobile IPs as well. 

Bright Data is our top choice as a local proxy network because it caters to specific targeting requirements.

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Apart from the basic country, city, or state specifications.

This service provider also supports an Autonomous System Number.

This additional feature gives you access to more accurate geo-targeting. 

Using Bright Data is a simple process. All you need to do is install the Bright Data Proxy Manager which is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Users can define their own rules for IP rotation such as a fixed time before the IP address is rotated automatically.

If you have a bad experience with one of their local proxies, you can blacklist that IP address to avoid using it again. 

Residential proxies by the network have both HTTPS and SOCKS5 support.

With a helpful customer representative team, you can easily find online support to resolve any issue that you face. 

With this extensive range of features, Bright Data has multiple subscription plans available.

Users can choose one that caters to their needs by specifying additional parameters and bandwidth requirements. 

  • Impressive geo-targeting features
  • Unlimited concurrency
  • Bandwidth allowance starts at 20GB
  • Cost increases with specific geo-targeting tools
  • Might be expensive for personal use

3. ProxyEmpire


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If you are a small-time proxy user who doesn’t need any complex features, then ProxyEmpire is for you.

You can choose between rotating residential IPs, datacenter IPs, and back-connect rotating IPs. 

When you buy a subscription from ProxyEmpire, you don’t have to worry about bandwidth.

Each proxy by ProxyEmpire has unlimited bandwidth.

While ProxyEmpire is very cheap, it still offers great speed and functionality for users.

You can select either the US, EU, or worldwide region for your local proxy. 

  • Budget-friendly
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Great for personal use
  • Limited proxy pool

4. Private Proxy


With 195 locations across the world, Private Proxy has one of the best geo-targeting features that you will find. Its extensive pool of residential proxies has up to 40 million rotating IP addresses to choose from. 

To prevent you from getting blocked from a certain website, Private Proxy has a mechanism that ensures quick IP rotation.

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This mechanism also avoids captchas on certain websites. Additionally, you can run unlimited concurrent threads with Private Proxy according to your bandwidth plan. 

Using Private Proxy is simple. All you need to do is select a local proxy from the dashboard and click on the connect button.

Each proxy has a list of supported countries and cities provided on the dashboard for user convenience. Additionally, you can also use the location filter to find a local proxy network for a specific city. 

To ensure a smooth user experience, Private Proxy offers Chrome and Firefox extensions. The toggle bar on the extensions also allows users to select a specific location and type of proxy for their browsing session. 

  • Unlimited concurrent connections
  • Mobile IP addresses
  • Budget-friendly
  • Bandwidth cap on every plan

5. Proxy-Seller

Proxy Seller

To access localized content from more than a hundred countries around the world, consider using Proxy-Seller.

Although the proxy service provider is one of the new entrants into the market of local proxies, the network has already offered great functionality to users.

Since geo-targeting is incredibly easy with Proxy-Seller, you can use it for web scraping and research purposes. 

It has a residential proxy pool of over 5 million IPs. The local proxy network offers both Wi-Fi proxies as well as mobile proxies.

For both types of proxy networks, Proxy-Seller provides great connectivity and allows the user to set a custom IP rotation time.

All the IPs are rotated every 3600 seconds, but you can set the IP rotation to as low as 90 seconds. 

With both HTTPS and SOCKS5 compatibility, the provider offers a safe browsing experience to all users. You can also purchase a static IP address using the node feature on Proxy-Seller.

This means that instead of constantly rotating your IP address, you can select one IP address for your entire browsing time. 

Pricing plans for the network become more affordable as you move up the hierarchy. There are monthly subscriptions available for Micro, Starter, Regular, and Business plans on Proxy-Seller.

Each plan is based on the bandwidth requirement, with the Micro plan starting at $75. 

  • Affordable range of packages
  • ISP-level geo-targeting features
  • Only one-hour free trial
  • Bandwidth cap on every plan

6. Hidester


Hidester can help you browse the internet anonymously. If you are on the search for a hassle-free local proxy service, then this is a great option. 

This proxy does not require you to register for an account or download any software. Instead, head to their website and enter the URL you want to visit anonymously into their search bar. 

Since most users wish to have a US-based IP address to access local content, Hidester routes the request through a US-based IP by default.

If you are trying to access a site from Europe, then you can switch to their European servers. 

The best part about using Hidester is the anonymity that it offers. All URLs you enter will be encrypted, and the service will not store any personal data of yours.

You can also switch off cookies to further enhance your browsing experience.

  • Great privacy control
  • US and EU local proxy servers
  • No signup or membership
  • Does not have a Firefox extension

7. KProxy


Even if you have a work or school PC, you can still use KProxy. This versatile local proxy network offers a browser-based network with Chrome and Firefox extensions.

If you download Firefox directly from KProxy, you can have a pre-installed KProxy extension on your browser. 

This is a great local proxy network because it allows the user to select a remote server. Without paying a single penny, you can select local proxy networks in Munich and Montreal.

All you need to do is click on ‘Connect’ on the browser extension and your safe browsing experience begins. 

However, the provider only allows free users to browse anonymously for up to three hours at a time and has a 300MB bandwidth cap.

Once you reach this limit, you can continue using KProxy for free after a 30-minute break. If you wish to continue your browsing session, then you can purchase a premium account from the pop-up tab on the extension. 

  • Easy to use
  • Free local proxy network
  • Restrictions for free users
  • Some privacy concerns

What Is A Local Proxy?

A local proxy is also referred to as a regular proxy network. Instead of using your original IP address, a local proxy alters it to the location of your preference.

For example, a Korean proxy with a Korean IP address is considered a ‘local proxy.’ This proxy can help you access all location-specific content that is only available to users who live in Korea. 

Just like other proxies, a local proxy is a great way to ensure safe browsing on the internet and gaining access to a wide range of information.

If you need extensive research or web crawling, using a local proxy server can make the process easier for you. 

Benefits of Using A Local Proxy


With local proxies, you can enjoy surfing the web without facing any regional restrictions or blocks. There are quite a few benefits that people can avail by using such proxy networks.  

Access Localized Content

As mentioned earlier, accessing local content often requires you to have a local IP address. For web crawling and web scraping on certain websites, you might need a local proxy to connect to the website. 

For instance, SERP data is available to local users only. If you need to scrape SERP data from a certain website, you should have a local proxy from the location that you need it from.

Otherwise, the SERP data that you collect would be according to your original location, not the location that you are interested in. 

Bypass Location Restrictions

You might come across some websites that are unavailable for your region. In order to bypass such location restrictions, you can use a local proxy from a supported location. 

For example, the BBC iPlayer website is only accessible from the UK. If you are located anywhere else in the world, you need a local proxy with a UK IP address to access their website.

Safe Browsing

Most importantly, using a local proxy ensures that your original IP address and location are kept hidden from scammers and hackers on the internet.

If you store sensitive information such as identity card photos or credit card details on your device, then using a local proxy to browse the internet is a safer option. 

Uses of Local Proxy Servers

People use local proxy servers for both personal and business reasons.

In either case, having a local proxy browser extension can keep you safe from IP blocks and give you access to localized content. 

Personal Use

Local proxy networks for personal use are often needed to access a website from a particular location.

For instance, consumers use a local proxy network to purchase flights at a lower price. Similarly, there might be certain online stores that are only accessible from a specific location. Local proxy networks can give you access to a local IP address and help you make an online purchase. 

Additionally, using a local proxy network can also improve security and help you browse the internet anonymously.

All requests made through a proxy network are encrypted with no logs, which means they cannot be traced back to your computer. 

Corporate Use

Businesses often use local proxy networks to conduct market research. A marketing manager can gain insightful information by extracting large volumes of information on competitor prices, reviews, and market trends. 

By using web scraping features from local proxy networks, businesses can avoid IP bans despite recurring requests to the webserver.

Since most local proxy networks offer a rotating IP, it is easy to browse competitor’s sites anonymously. 

Businesses also use local proxy networks to ensure high email security. Specialized proxies can help scan emails for malware attachments and suspicious URLs. 

How to Choose the Best Local Proxy Server

Since every user needs a local proxy network to cater to their own needs, choosing the best server can be a difficult task.

Here are a few things you can consider during the decision-making process:

Type of Proxy

Residential, mobile, and data center proxies all have their pros and cons. To select the best local proxy network, you should consider which type of proxy best suits your requirements.

Always check the size of proxy pool and type of supported protocols before making a purchase. 

You can also consider whether you need a static IP or a rotating IP. While a static IP is great for accessing localized content from a specific location, rotating IPs are more secure.

When your IP address keeps changing automatically every few minutes, your web requests cannot be traced back to your original device. 


Some local proxy networks offer premium features at a high price, while others are more budget friendly.

Before you can select the best proxy, it is important to set a budget for yourself. Since proxy networks can range from $75 to $300, having a budget in mind can make the decision-making process easier. 

If you have a lower budget, you might have to compromise on some complex features. For instance, the best geo-targeting features are only offered at premium plans with a high price. 

Reliable Seller

When you search the internet for the best local proxy network, you will see many ads on your screen. While it may be tempting to opt for a free proxy, you should only buy from a reliable company.

Some fraudulent organizations sell low-quality proxy networks that will only hinder your browsing experience.

The key to identifying a reliable seller is to check testimonials and reviews. Most reliable sellers will also offer a free trial. 

User Reviews

If you don’t know whether a proxy network is right for you, check the user reviews. People who have used the service are the best judges of how well the proxy works.

Some proxies might have a large IP pool, but most of them are broken links. To avoid buying a proxy that is unsuitable for use, remember to read the user reviews beforehand. 

User reviews can give you an insight on how other people are using this proxy server. Does it have a browser extension? Does it offer SOCKS5 compatibility? 

Final Thoughts 

Purchasing a local proxy network can help enhance your internet browsing experience. Alongside safety and anonymity, local proxy networks can help private individuals access localized content such as TV shows or magazines.

By opting for a local proxy network that has an extensive proxy pool, you can easily find IP addresses from all over the world. 

Businesses also use local proxy networks for large-scale market research and data extraction. With automated web scraping tools and rotating IPs, businesses can collect all the information they need without compromising on security.

Local proxy servers like Oxylabs have started integrating modern technology such as AI and machine learning to mimic regular user behavior on the internet. Such features can help you avoid captchas and IP bans. 

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