How to Download LinkedIn Videos on Mobile & Desktop

How to Download LinkedIn Videos on Mobile & Desktop in 2024 (Android, iOS, Mac, PC)

Published on: January 18, 2023
Last Updated: January 18, 2023

How to Download LinkedIn Videos on Mobile & Desktop in 2024 (Android, iOS, Mac, PC)

Published on: January 18, 2023
Last Updated: January 18, 2023

Many people find LinkedIn videos useful for their career growth, as many professionals upload videos regarding tips and tricks of the career world.

If you are interested in such videos and would like to download them for future reference, there are many ways through which you can download LinkedIn videos on your mobile phones, laptops, or desktops. 

As LinkedIn is used by more than 810 million people worldwide, as safety measures, LinkedIn does not allow direct downloading and saving of pictures or videos from the website.

Here are some easy ways to download LinkedIn videos on your Android or iOS phones, laptops, and desktop computers.

You might be reluctant about downloading videos through sources that offer free downloading as they can contain viruses or bugs that can be harmful to your devices or even get your device hacked by a third party.

Cybercrime rates have increased in the last few years, and you should be careful about downloading things that are for free. 

Websites that require you to pay for their downloading services are a safer option for your devices.

However, you will be happy to know safe websites exist such as SnapDownloader, YT Saver, and 4K Downloader.

How to Download LinkedIn Videos in 2024: Top Tools

  1. SnapDownloader – 🏆 Winner!
  2. YT Saver
  3. The 4K Downloader
  4. DownloadlinkedInvideo

1. SnapDownloader


Step 1: You should open your most commonly used browser, such as Google Chrome, and enter the official website of LinkedIn on the address bar and press enter.

Now search for the videos you are eager to download from the LinkedIn website.

Step 2: Now, you need to copy the URL of that video by double-clicking on the URL and pressing “copy” once you have successfully copied the URL, open another tab on the selected browser of your android, iOs mobile devices, or your laptop or desktop PC.

Step 3: You need to open the Snapdownloader website and paste the copied URL of the video you want to download at the top-right section labeled “Download” on this website.

Step 4: Once you click “enter,” you will notice that a pop-up will open on the download button requesting you to choose and decide the format of your downloaded video. 

Step 5: Now, you will have to click on the quality of the URL format you copied and pasted, and your desired video will begin downloading. 

Step 6: Your video will complete downloading and be ready for you to view or use on your android or iOs devices. 

Top Features of Snapdownloader

Snapdownloader is a great tool that can work well on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices, and it can support more than 900 websites which is an added advantage.

One of the key attractions of using this tool is that you can download multiple videos from multiple websites at the same time. 

You can also download private and personal videos and playlists through the in-built browser.

This tool also has an in-built video trimmer that allows you the liberty to cut and trim your downloading videos. 

2. YT Saver

YT Saver

Step 1: Once you have launched the YT Saver video downloader, you should choose the online option that you will find at the top left of your screen.

You will come across popular websites and you can choose your desired website such as LinkedIn, and then you can select the video you want to download from LinkedIn.

Step 2: On the top-right of your screen you will notice a tab “download and convert”, after clicking this tab you will have to select your required resolution of format settings. 

Step 3: Now you should return to the main page and select the site you want to download videos from, search for the specific video and click the orange “download” tab on the bottom right corner of your screen.

Step 4: After pressing the download tab, your video will immediately begin to get converted and downloaded.

Once the video downloading is complete, you will find the video in the “downloaded” section of the tool’s webpage. 

Top Features of YT Saver

One of the prime features of YT Saver is that you can download videos and easily convert them into different formats such as 8K, 4K, 2K, Mp3, Mp4, HD, SD, etc.

If you want to download LinkedIn videos to your Android, iOS phone, laptop, or desktop, this tool is ideal for you.

This tool has a built-in web browser and you can directly search and browse various videos and music playlists as per your choice.

This tool also gives you the feature of cutting and trimming the video you want to download.

Many times you may not have enough space on your device to support the whole video so you can cut and trim the video and only keep the parts that are important to you. 

3. 4K Downloader

4K Video Downloader

Like many other downloading video tools, 4K downloader is popular for downloading LinkedIn videos on your android devices.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the tool:

Step 1: Open the 4K Downloader website and press the green button to download and install this tool on your android devices.

Step 2: After successfully downloading and installing this tool, you need to open the folder that has this tool’s installation file on your android smartphone. 

Step 3: Now, once you have located the installed file, tap on the 4k video downloader. 

Step 4: The next step is enabling third-party app installation via your file manager; this is compulsory to install this downloader tool. 

Step 5: Now tap install and wait for the installation to complete on your Android device.

Step 6: Once the installation is complete, you can tap the screen to launch the 4K video downloader and enjoy all videos even when you are offline. 

Step 7: After this tool has completed installation, you can copy and paste the URL of your desired videos from LinkedIn to download on your Android phone easily. 

The mobile version of this tool is easy to use and grants you access to downloading millions of videos from LinkedIn or other social networking applications such as Vimeo and TikTok. 

Top Features of 4K Video Downloader

This tool comes with amazing features that surpass other similar tools, and you have access to downloading as well as watching LinkedIn videos while offline.

The primary features include downloading videos from different video-based websites. 

You can save these videos in their original sounds and visual quality. You can also download complete playlists and lectures from LinkedIn.

You can save and download video content in different formats and levels of quality as per your requirements. 

4. DownloadlinkedInvideo


If you are particularly looking to download videos on your iOS and Android devices, here are easy steps to guide you.

Step 1: Go to your desired video; you will notice three dots in the top right corner.

Step 2: Now copy the link after you have selected the share via option

Step 3: Now open the webpage of the LinkedIn video downloader, paste the URL into the downloader box, and click on the downloading button.

Step 4: Now, you have to press and hold the downloading link, and your video will begin downloading on iOS and Android devices.

Top Features

Like other downloading tools, this allows you to download LinkedIn videos easily; you can choose the file format and resolution of the downloading file per your requirements.

It is safe to be used by all servers of iOs devices and makes your life easier with its easy downloading videos.

How to Download LinkedIn Videos on Laptop

Step 1: When you open your selected browser on your laptop, go to the video you want to download and click the three dots you will find at the top right of your screen.

Step 2: You can select the URL by clicking on the link and copy it through your right-click copy option.

Step 3: Go to any LinkedIn video downloading tools on a different tab on your browser.

Step 4: Now paste the copied URL into the downloading link box.

Step 5: Now, you should click the download button and then click on the URL of your desired LinkedIn downloading link.

Step 6: You can save the video on your laptop by right-clicking on your desired video downloading format.

Now you have easily downloaded LinkedIn videos on your laptop.


Can I Easily Download Videos From LinkedIn?

Yes, LinkedIn allows the option of downloading videos on your mobile and desktop devices through the use of various tools, as mentioned above.

If you want to watch LinkedIn videos while being offline, all you have to do is either save or download the videos from LinkedIn.

There are many tools that can help you download LinkedIn videos in different formats, such as MP4 and 720p.

Are LinkedIn Video Downloading Tools Free or Paid Tools?

When you search for free downloading tools, there is a high risk of viruses or bugs being transported to your mobile phones, laptops, or desktop computers.

Many people want to download LinkedIn videos for free; while there are free downloading options, it is best advised that you use any of the above-paid tools.

The advantage of using paid tools is that you can ensure the security of your mobile phones, laptops, or desktop PCs.

When you pay for any of these tools, you get unlimited features such as choosing the file formats that can help you download LinkedIn videos per your requirements.

Can I Use LinkedIn Video Downloading Tools Through Any of My Devices?

Yes, paid LinkedIn video downloading tools can be easily paired with your android, iOs, Laptops, and desktop devices.

The paid tools have high compatibility with desktop PCs, Mac laptops, tablets, iOs, and Android phones.

These tools do not ask you to use any third-party applications; you can directly download LinkedIn videos.

You don’t have to worry about using one device for downloading LinkedIn videos.

You can access these tools from anywhere and on any device.

You are not restricted by one browser, and many of these paid tools allow you to download multiple LinkedIn videos at the same time.

Is There Any Specific Limit on How Many Times A LinkedIn Video Can Be Downloaded?

The best part of using these paid LinkedIn downloading tools is that you are not restricted to downloading your desired video several times. You can download as many LinkedIn videos as you want.

Sometimes, you might have to delete videos from your device due to space issues, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot go and re-download your required LinkedIn videos from any or multiple devices.

When you are searching for options to download LinkedIn videos on your Android, iOS, laptop, and desktop devices, you may come across tools that offer free downloading, but you need to understand that free downloading tools come with various caches, viruses, and bugs that can be harmful to your devices.

It is best advised to always choose paid tools such as 4k downloader, snap download, the Rest, and many more to download your required videos.

LinkedIn is a famous professional networking website that not only presents career opportunities but always gives tutorial videos that can help you grow in your career.

If you don’t want the hassle of going to LinkedIn each time you wish to view a video or view these videos when you are offline, downloading these videos for future references is a great idea.

These paid downloading tools allow you to download and save LinkedIn videos to your devices, and you can access them anytime you want.


The free and paid tools above provide safe and secure downloading options and give you features that allow you to choose different formats and resolutions of the videos you want to download.

The simple steps are easy to follow, and you can now download LinkedIn videos to your devices!

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