LinkedIn Users How Many People Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn Users: How Many People Use LinkedIn in 2024?

Published on: September 25, 2023
Last Updated: September 25, 2023

LinkedIn Users: How Many People Use LinkedIn in 2024?

Published on: September 25, 2023
Last Updated: September 25, 2023

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How many people use LinkedIn in 2024?

LinkedIn has over 930 million users.

“Unemployment” is the fourth most-searched word under Google’s news category in 2020.

This goes to show that everybody went into panic mode about their job security during the pandemic.

Luckily, we are living in an era where we do not have to knock on employers’ doors to submit resumes.

With our increased reliance on online job platforms, we’ll get to why millions of people use LinkedIn for both professional growth and direct online marketing.

We will provide a list of regions and countries where consolidation of user count hits highest.

How Many People Use LinkedIn?

As of LinkedIn’s latest update, it has over 930 million users.

About 57 million of which are companies using the site to foster business-to-business connections, recruit candidates, and market products to customers.

Its increasing utility dictates directly correlates to how many people use LinkedIn today.

A LinkedIn profile link is now becoming a job assessment prerequisite these days. 

Jobseekers respond to this paradigm shift by creating accounts on the network hoping that such action will increase their chance to land a job.

This resulted in LinkedIn’s exponential daily user addition.

How Many Users are Added per Second?

Two users are added to the platform every second.

This translates to roughly 180,000 newcomers daily.

Between a Paid and Unpaid Account

61% of LinkedIn users still use free accounts while the other 39% pay for premium membership dues. 

Simply signing up on the free membership function already gives users leverage against competitors from other sites.

Around 67% of recruiters say that they score the highest quality candidates from LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn?

how many people use LinkedIn

If you are an online job seeker, there’s a high probability that you have used LinkedIn for job application at one point.

It functions just like any other social media site where users can like, share, and post content. But what sets it apart is its core focus on building users’ professional and marketing exposure. 

For professionals, LinkedIn helps to grow their network, find jobs, build a career, and learn about what’s new in the job market.

Meanwhile, companies use the network to appeal to their direct audiences. Recent data shows LinkedIn ranked better in lead conversion rates compared to Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn Through the Years

It is an understatement to say that LinkedIn had come a long way has since its launch in 2003. For the record, it only had 100,000 users during its founding year.

Just two years after, its consumer base breached past one million users and had 1.5 million registered accounts in 2005.

By 2008, the user count exploded by 1,000% to 17 million and it grew steadily since then. It saw another record-breaking year in 2020, with “remote jobs” search entry on top of the job search list.

LinkedIn’s Weekly and Monthly Users

On average, 40 million people use LinkedIn to search for jobs weekly. The platform logs 310 million active users per month.

About 40% of these users reported that they use the app daily. The average daily time spent is about 11 minutes.

LinkedIn Users by Region

Here are the top three (3) LinkedIn users categorized by region:

  • Asia Pacific – 206 million
  • North America – 196 million
  • Europe – 198 million

Despite its very strong presence in the United States, LinkedIn’s biggest market is in the Asia Pacific. Latin America and Middle East markets are also performing strongly.

LinkedIn Users by Country

LinkedIn is available in 200 countries around the world.

Below is a list of the top five (5) countries where the platform has the strongest presence. 

  • 78 million LinkedIn users are from the United States
  • 76 million from India
  • 53 million from China
  • 30 million users from the UK
  • 22 million from France

It holds the 8th spot of the most used social apps worldwide along with Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Instagram, TikTok, WeChat, and QQ.

LinkedIn Demographics by Age and Gender

The male population accounts for a bigger part of the total percentage at 57.5% versus their female counterparts holding only 42.6%.

In terms of age, the majority of users are 25-34 years old occupying 60% of the total. This is followed by users aged 18-24 which account for 20.3%. 

In figures, 87 million millennials make up LinkedIn’s total user base. Many of which are college students, new graduates, and career shifters.

Why People Use LinkedIn

With over 220 million unemployed people worldwide, people are in search of jobs on platforms very accessible to them like LinkedIn.

Also, companies use the site to reach their target audiences and increase sales.

Job Seeking

LinkedIn has 14 million job openings and 67% of global recruiters give premium to job applications from the site.

Your LinkedIn profile hits two birds in one stone as it functions as both a virtual resume and a personal networking tool.

Support Group

The network functions as a social networking site but with better quality content.

Due to this, many people rely on LinkedIn when joining reliable support groups for different thought categories.

Examples are environmental conservation, freelancing, and B2B marketing, among others.

Sales Conversion

According to studies, LinkedIn is one of the most effective platforms to attract consumer interest into businesses.

It is nearly 300% more effective in generating leads compared to Facebook and Twitter.

In terms of results, 80% of companies that used LinkedIn for B2B transactions reported positive results.

How Many Job Applications Before Scoring a Job

Companies receive 250 applications on every job posting.

On average, 30.0% of people score a sure employment offer only after 21 to 80 applications.

This is a good thing for LinkedIn users as they can apply unlimited times for jobs posted on the platform. 

Also, the app tracks your search and skills algorithm to suggest jobs best fit for you.

With this, the probability of getting hired versus the number of applications submitted is higher.

How Many People Get Hired Through LinkedIn?


There are 120 million interviews received from LinkedIn and 36 million get hired on the spot.

How Many Millionaires are on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the second-most used social media application by millionaires, next to Facebook.

37% of people with millions check the app regularly.

About 44% of total LinkedIn users reported an annual pay of $75,000.

This is above the median household income of $68,000 in the United States.

Key Takeaways

The pandemic redirected the public’s attention back to online job application sites.

This shift dictates how many people use LinkedIn today.

The platform increases equitable access to employment worldwide and plays a critical role in decreasing the rate of global underemployment.

Over 930 million people are now on LinkedIn and this user count is expected to hit a billion in the next few years.


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