How Many People Use Online Dating

How Many People Use Online Dating in 2024?

Published on: November 8, 2023
Last Updated: November 8, 2023

How Many People Use Online Dating in 2024?

Published on: November 8, 2023
Last Updated: November 8, 2023

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How many people use online dating in 2024?

Online dating services have 413 million active users worldwide.

When it comes to dating, things might go awry.

Dating may be a harrowing experience for many people, even though it’s supposed to please us.

The conventional channels have made it difficult for some people in the past to meet someone.

As a result, more and more of us are turning to online dating services and apps to improve our chances of finding a long-term partner.

While online dating services and apps have grown tremendously in popularity, have they truly made us more successful in our relationships?

The number of dates we go on, rather than the quality, has grown due to our reliance on dating websites and mobile applications.

How Many People Use Online Dating in 2024?

As per the latest statistics, online dating services have 413 million active users worldwide in 2024.

We look at what people who have met through online dating have to say about the relationships they’ve established.

If they have ever experienced real love and if they have a significant crush on someone through online dating services and apps, we want to know about it.

The number of people using online dating services and apps to meet potential romantic partners has skyrocketed, and the numbers speak for themselves.

  • We examine the precise number of Americans who used online dating services in 2017 and the estimated number of people who would use them in 2024. Over the next seven years, an additional 10 million individuals will be utilizing online dating sites to meet a potential partner.
  • What a significant rise! Even without knowing what technology will be like in 2024, it is a 50% increase in only a decade. Considering that Tinder is less than a decade old, who knows how we will utilize a dating site or app in 4-5 years.
  • Dating sites and apps increasingly use online information about us to personalize our search for love. Not to mention that an increasing number of dating websites and applications will crop up to cover the existing gaps in the market. People’s sexual orientation and preferences are becoming more out in the open. As a result, dating websites and apps can better target certain demographics.

A Look At The Demographics Of US Online Daters

Is there a certain group of people who have utilized a dating service or app?

Online dating is becoming more popular, but who are the most frequent users?

How many of those people have been married to someone they met on a dating site or app or have been in a long-term relationship?

According to a report, only about a third of the US population has ever used an online dating service or app. A large portion of our society uses the internet to discover a new romantic partner.

In addition, nearly 10% of the population has found their soul mate on the internet. Every tenth person you meet has had a successful online dating experience is a lot to consider.

Dating channels & apps are growing increasingly popular to meet new people.

Paid subscriptions can provide roughly $3.7 billion in revenue for this category globally.

In the United States, an estimated 53 million people utilize online dating services, representing a 15.7 percent penetration rate. In 2022, people will spend $829 million on this industry.

Despite the US’s supremacy, dating online is growing increasingly popular in European countries such as the United Kingdom (11.5 percent penetration rate) and France (10.9 percent).

The sheer size of India and China’s populations results in revenues that much exceed those of European nations, despite consumption being lower in these countries relative to their populations (3.4 percent and 6 percent, respectively).

Online matching markets earn 30% and 50% of the profit, even more than online dating services in China and India.

Which Online Dating Apps Do People Use?

Tinder, an online dating service that uses a simple swipe-right-or-left algorithm, revolutionized the online dating industry in 2013.

People could assess whether they liked someone by looking at a few images rather than going through hundreds of profiles to find a unique match as a matchmaker would do.

Compared to other dating apps, Tinder is more straightforward; yet, studies have found that it has also changed the emphasis away from long-term relationships and toward one-off hook-ups and cheesy introductions instead.

When it comes to start-ups, Hatch Labs founded Tinder, an incubator supported by IAC, the holding company that owns, Plenty of Fish, and OK Cupid, which is rare in this age of entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Given that and its partner sites have eaten away at IAC’s market share, the company’s cannibals have eaten away at its market share.

Since its launch, Tinder has been the most popular dating app in the United States, but Badoo has surpassed it in Europe and South America, now the most popular.

Russian entrepreneur Andrey Andreev revived Badoo in the early 2010s while it was at the height of its popularity as a social game and quiz app on Facebook Games.

Even though Badoo has more than 400 million registered users worldwide, it has yet to make a significant impression in the United States.

After a disagreement with company management, Andreev and Whitney Wolfe Herd created Bumble in2014.

Whitney Wolfe Herd was a Tinder co-founder who departed the company following the formation of Bumble.

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However, Bumble successfully diverted consumers away from Tinder in North America, whereas Badoo had failed in this regard.

Bumble, termed the “feminist” dating app, gives women the ability to initiate contact with other users, empowering them.

Over several years, Bumble’s quick ascent in popularity has altered people’s ideas of the dating industry.

Another IAC-owned app shifted its focus in 2017 to long-term relationships, as did Hinge, which the company acquired in 2015.

However, the culture is not returning to its heydays.

If you look at the number of monthly active users in fast-growing nations like China and Southeast Asia, casual dating apps such as Tinder and Badoo exceed long-term services.

Wrapping It Up!

In 2024, there are 413 million active users of online dating services worldwide.

Those in the United States are more likely than people in any other country to utilize online dating services (approximately 53 million people). Almost every other person is using these apps.

Now you know how many people use online dating services; and you also know the popular apps.

These are some surprising figures that you now know so you can impress your friends with the stats!



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