How Many People Use Hinge

How Many People Use Hinge in 2024? (Users Statistics)

Published on: November 10, 2023
Last Updated: November 10, 2023

How Many People Use Hinge in 2024? (Users Statistics)

Published on: November 10, 2023
Last Updated: November 10, 2023

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How many people use Hinge in 2024?

Hinge has more than 23 million active users all over the world.

Hinge has gained a reputation for encouraging genuine relationships, which has resulted in attracting an expanding user base.

The Hinge dating app is supposedly “designed to be deleted”, which means once you find your ideal match and build a meaningful relationship with them, you can then delete the app.

This shows solid confidence in the app.

We will explore Hinge’s active users count, their demographics, the app’s growth, and its future.

Key Hinge Users Statistics

  • Hinge has more than 23 million active users.
  • Most Hinge users are 25 to 34 years old.
  • Hinge has more male users than female by 18%.
  • 35% of Hinge users have a postgraduate degree.
  • 85% of Hinge users are looking for a serious relationship.
  • 4 out of every 10 Hinge users say they desire a serious relationship.
  • 46.58% of Hinge site visitors came from the United States.
  • Hinge has an 18.7% dating app market share.
  • Hinge has limited availability across countries.
  • In 2022, Hinge reported generating $248 million in revenue.

How Many People Use Hinge in 2024? 

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1. Hinge Has More than 23 Million Active Global Users.

Hinge has shown itself to be one of the world’s fastest-growing dating apps with more than 23 million active users all over the globe.

Hinge has a larger market share of the dating app market than Plenty of Fish, Badoo, Grindr, OK Cupid, and Match.


2. The Average Hinge Users Are 25 to 34 Years Old.

The average age demographic using the Hinge dating app is between 25 and 34 years old.

Hinge has a large younger user base with 49% of them ranging in age from 18 to 29.

Only 2% are over 50, and the rest account for users between 30 and 49.

(The Match Chartist, ZipDo)

3. Hinge Has More Male Users than Female by 18%.

Recent data shows that Hinge is mostly made up of men with a share of 59% of its users.

Women account for 41% of the app’s users.

Each dating app has its user base which includes male, female, and non-binary individuals.

Hinge’s users identify as male or female.


4. 35% of Users on Hinge Have a Postgraduate Degree.

If the data is correct and not manipulated by users on Hinge, most of them are well-educated.

In fact, 35% of the users on Hinge claim to bring a postgraduate degree to the dating table.

So, if you’re looking for love and a good level of education, Hinge is a good place to look for it.


5. 85% of Hinge Users Are Looking for A Serious Relationship.

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One Bumble study about what people want from dating apps revealed that 85% of all dating app users on Bumble are seeking a serious relationship.

Moreover, fewer than 1% of women on the platform said they want to “hook up” with someone.

So, we can surmise that a vast majority of people in the dating realm today want to find a genuine and real connection.


6. 4 out Of Every 10 Hinge Users Say They Desire a Serious Relationship.

We are stressing the fact that a large majority of people using dating apps are looking for something real in a relationship and not just for casual dating.

In fact, 40% of Hinge users’ profiles indicate that they are looking for a long-term relationship.

As opposed to casual dating, people are seeking purposeful dating. 


7.  2022 Data Shows that 46.58% of Hinge Site Visitors Came from The United States.

The United States has the highest share of Hinge users at nearly 46.6% according to statistics.

The United Kingdom ranks second in Hinge users but is lagging behind the United States with only a 11.35% user share.

Canada has a 6.29 user share, Germany a 5.51% user share, India a 4.90% user share, and the rest of the world accounts for 25.37% of Hinge users.


8. Hinge Has an 18.7% Dating App Market Share.

The Hinge dating app is closing in on reaching a 20% dating app market share at 18.7% as of 2022.

Hinge falls behind Tinder (29.2% share) and Bumble (26.4% share), but outpaces Plenty of Fish (11.4% share), and Badoo (5%) in terms of the dating app market share. 


9. Hinge Has Limited Availability Across Countries.

Hinge is a global dating app, but its availability falls short compared to Bumble and Tinder.

However, it is used in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Australia, Finland, Sweden, Israel, and a few other countries.

It’s most used in North America. That said, Hinge intends to continue to add countries.


10. In 2022, Hinge Reported Generating $248 Million in Revenue.

Hinge 432 1

Hinge generated $248 million (USD) in revenue during 2022.

This figure represents a 44% YoY (year-on-year) increase.

This tells us that Hinge is continually growing as it also continuously improves and increases its reach and revenues. 



What is Hinge?

Hinge is a dating app that is specifically designed to promote meaningful connections and relationships. 

Unlike dating apps that rely on swipes and casual encounters, Hinge encourages its users to interact with each other via their profiles and detailed information. 

Hinge’s approach aims to create a more personalized experience and to draw users seeking deep and genuine compatibility that leads to meaningful connections.

What Are the Main Features of Hinge?

Hinge has a lot of features, but here are its main features for your consideration:

• Prompts: The use of thought-provoking questions allows users to showcase their interests, hobbies, and personalities.
• Standouts: This is a curated selection of profiles based on interactions and compatibility.
• Most Compatible: A daily match that’s based on your compatibility score according to your shared preferences and interests.
• We Met: This feature allows users to confirm successful dates and to provide feedback about their experiences.

What Are the Benefits of Using Hinge?

There are several benefits of using Hinge. Here are a few of these benefits:

• Focuses on compatibility
• User-friendly interface
• Safe and secure
• Diverse user base
• Curated matches
• High success rate
• Quality conversations
• Continually improving

What Is Hinge’s Success Rate?

According to the statistics and data we found, in terms of finding a match, Hinge shows a success rate for women of around 45%, while only 2.5% for men. 

However, if you define success in terms of getting dates, Hinge has reached a 90% success rate. 

In terms of successfully finding a long-term relationship, Hinge has a 12% success rate. 

If you’ve used or are familiar with dating apps, Hinge has a much higher success rate than other dating platforms.


After doing our research on Hinge, we realized that this dating app is dedicated to meeting its goal of fostering meaningful connections and relationships.

After reading this article, you can see why Hinge stands out from the crowd of other dating apps in terms of authenticity, personalization, and fostering more meaningful relationships.

Let’s face it, dating apps each have their own purpose and attract their own audience.

Hinge is attracting an audience of individuals looking for true and real connections and relationships. 

We hope you have learned enough about how many people use Hinge, its features and benefits, and its demographics to decide if this is a dating app for you. 


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