Hinge Statistics

14 Hinge Statistics You Need to Know in 2024

Published on: November 10, 2023
Last Updated: November 10, 2023

14 Hinge Statistics You Need to Know in 2024

Published on: November 10, 2023
Last Updated: November 10, 2023

There are over 1,500 dating apps in the US and a supposed 8,000 plus in the world.

In other words, there is a dating app for everyone. 

That makes it hard to choose the right one when you’re searching for love.

In order for an app to stand out, they need a gimmick, something that they have that others don’t. 

As the following HInge statistics will show, they appear to have found just such a gimmick and are rapidly growing in popularity. 

Key Statistics

  • Hinge currently has 23 million active users
  • It’s been downloaded over 35 million times
  • Over 1 billion swipes are made daily
  • Hinge has expanded across 120 countries
  • On average men will find one match out of 40 likes
  • 64% of hinge registered users are men
  • 70% of hinge’s revenue originates in the US
  • Hinge has an 18.75% market share
  • Hinge users are likely to find a match in their hometown!
  • 20% of LGB individuals have used hinge
  • 55% of people in the UK have heard of hinge
  • 50% of hinge users are interested in virtual dates
  • The average hinge user will look at a profile for 5 seconds
  • Hinge users swap phone numbers 16 times more than users on other dating apps

Meet Hinge

Hinge was created by Justin McLeod in 2012.

It’s said he was struggling to find love after being dumped and decided to launch his own dating app. 

The launch wasn’t as successful as the company hoped.

So, in 2013 they held a mobile launch party and put everything they had into it.

This time it paid off. 

Hinge went global in 2014 as it found homes in Canada, the UK, India, and even Australia. 

In 2016 the app was relaunched and this is when it found its gimmick.

Hinge professes to be the only dating app designed to be deleted.

It wants you to find love, delete the app, and move on with life in the real world.

This approach appears to be working as Hinge is giving Tinder a run for its money.  

Top Hinge Statistics in 2024

Hinge Statistics

1. Hinge Currently Has 23 Million Active Users

Hinge has been steadily growing for years.

According to the latest reports, as of 2022, it has over 23 million users.

That’s roughly half of what Tinder has. 

Hinge is a global dating app.

However, a large percentage of its users are American.

It’s estimated there are over 10 million US users of this dating app. 

The majority of users registered use the free version of Hinge.

However, it currently has 1.2 million users who have paid for the subscription and the extra benefits it provides. 

User numbers have increased dramatically in recent years.

In 2017 there were just 2.4 million.

This almost doubled to 4 million in 2018 and then to 8 million in 2019. 

However, it was the pandemic that really pushed the numbers up.

In 2020 there were 13 million users and in 2021 this climbed to 20 million. 


2. It’s Been Downloaded Over 35 Million Times

Hinge is designed to be downloaded and then deleted when you find love.

That’s how confident they are in their formula and ability to match people. 

The app has developed a substantial amount of interest.

According to official records, it’s been downloaded over 35 million times since it was first created. 

Interestingly, this isn’t a significantly higher number than the number of users on Hinge, suggesting that the majority of people download the app once and use it without issue. 

In fact, Hinge is listed as the fourth most downloaded app in the world.

That’s an impressive achievement. 


3. Over 1 Billion Swipes Are Made Daily

Swiping has become the norm for most dating apps.

Swipe one way to like, another to move on, and possibly another to decide later. 

It’s a simple system that allows people to make instant decisions based on appearance and a few rudimentary details. 

Although simple it appears to be popular.

On Hinge alone, over one billion swipes are recorded daily. 

That’s a lot of swipes per year, but the good news is that it works.

According to Hinge, they have made over 12 billion matches since they started operating. 

The only question is how many have turned into long-term relationships.

After all, that is what Hinge aims to help create.


4. Hinge Has Expanded Across 120 Countries

Hinge has gone global.

Much of this has been done since Tinder took a controlling interest in the company in 2019. 

Of course, in the modern world, it’s a good idea as people are comfortable talking to others across the globe.

This has driven Hinge to adapt and release apps in many of the countries across the globe.

Today, you can access Hinge in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Gerùmany, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the UK, and, of course, the US. 

It should be noted that that’s not all the possible locations, just the most popular ones. 

(Roast Dating)

5. On Average Men Will Find One Match Out Of 40 Likes

Hinge Statistics

Getting on the app doesn’t guarantee a match.

Of course, no dating app can guarantee this.

However, the odds are surprisingly good. 

According to studies, men are likely to find one match out of every 40 likes.

Of course, it can take time to provide 40 likes as it depends on which profiles you see. 

The study found that 52% of men will have less than one match a day.

However, just 13% of men won’t find a match within a week. 

It’s worth noting that men, on average, will like one in three of the profiles they see. 

In contrast, women will generally get one match for every two likes!

However, they are stricter on who they like, only liking, on average, one in every 16 profiles viewed. 

(Roast Dating)

6. 64% Of Hinge Registered Users Are Men

Most dating apps have more men than women.

Hinge is no different. According to the latest user figures, 64% of the users on Hinge are men. 

That means the odds are in the women’s favor, although it’s not too far off-balanced, making it an attractive option for most men. 

It’s worth noting that the average person on Hinge is 25 years old and 42% of users are aged between 25-34.

But, it does appeal to everyone.

An impressive 8% of users are between 55-64 years old. 

It’s also interesting that 35% of Hinge users have a postgraduate degree, suggesting users are well-educated. 

Eighty-five percent of the people on Hinge are looking for a long-term relationship.

That’s in keeping with Hinge’s aims. 

(Roast Dating)

7. 70% Of Hinge’s Revenue Originates In The US

Hinge records 15 million active users daily and 16 million monthly users.

However, as previously mentioned, the majority of users opt for the free version. 

However; over 1 million pay for the additional features.

It’s likely that this also helps them to appear more serious on the app. 

The average paying user will spend $123 on Hinge per year.

This is where the majority of the company’s revenue comes from. 

It’s a lucrative business as the revenue for the first quarter of 2023 was $61 million.

It’s expected to earn over $300 million in revenue by the end of 2023. 

But, 70% of the revenue comes from US-based users.

The second most profitable base for Hinge is the UK.

Paid features offered by the app include unlimited likes and advanced preferences.

This includes details on smoking, drugs, etc.

Paying also means you get to see who has liked you and your profile will be more visible than those that don’t pay.

It should be noted that if you opt for the free account you can only post eight likes per day. 


8. Hinge Has An 18.75% Market Share

The dating app market is highly competitive.

While there are several market leaders, most of the apps operate in a small percentage of the market. 

Despite marketing itself as a more serious, anti-Tinder-style app, Hinge has managed to establish itself as one of the big three.

Tinder naturally is the largest with a 29.17% share of the market. 

Bumble, started by one of the founders of Tinder, takes the second spot with a 26.04% market share. 

Hinge isn’t performing quite as well but does manage to be the third biggest player in the market with an 18.75% share.

Of course, the Match Group owns Tinder, Hinge, and OK Cupid, giving it a total 51.05% share of the dating market. 

Other players in the market worth mentioning are Plenty Of Fish with an 11.46% share, Badoo with a 5.21% share, Grindr with a 3.13% share, ( the same as OK Cupid), and Match, also with a 3.13% share. 

(Match Group)

9. Hinge Users Are Likely To Find A Match In Their Hometown!

This is a strange statistic given that Hinge operates in over 1220 countries and people could be connected to anyone across the globe. 

It’s possible that this statistic relates to the fact people are generally more comfortable in a relationship with someone from a similar background. 

Whatever the reason, Hinge seems to be better than most apps at finding partners people will actually like.

This has resulted in a higher percentage than normal of dates being in someone’s hometown. 

The result, according to Hinge statistics, is that the chances of both parties going on the date are roughly double other apps.

In short, Hinge may be the best option if you’re hoping to find a romantic partner.

It’s worth noting that two people who state they are looking for a relationship are 45% more likely to exchange phone numbers.

Equally, people with the same religious background are 97.5% more likely to exchange phone numbers!


10. 20% Of LGB Individuals Have Used Hinge

Hinge Statistics

It can be challenging for LGBTQ individuals to find love.

While tolerance in the world is improving there are still plenty who fear change or anything different to the norm. 

That’s why, LGBTQ adults are more likely to use a dating app.

According to the latest research, 20% of LGBTQ individuals have tried Hinge. 

It’s worth noting that this app has been well-received by the LGBTQ community and many people have reported success in finding love. 

Hinge is also proving to be an accepting community.

The latest figures show that 87% of bisexual Hinge daters wish to explore their sexuality further.

Hinge offers them the opportunity to connect with other like-minded souls, effectively overcoming the biggest obstacle to relationships for the LGBTQ community: communication. 


11. 55% Of People In The UK Have Heard Of Hinge

As previously mentioned, 70% of Hinge’s user base is in the US.

This is partly because the company started in the US.

Of course, the fact that people in the US generally have limited free time also means they turn to apps to find love. 

However, part of the problem also stems from brand awareness.

According to a survey by Gitnux, just 55% of UK residents have heard of Hinge. That means, 45% of the people in the UK haven’t. 

That’s a large potential market. 

It’s worth noting that of the 55% who have heard of and are using Hinge, there’s a 71% loyalty rate.

In other words, most people value the app sufficiently to keep using it. 

That bodes well for the future of Hinge.


12. 50% Of Hinge Users Are Interested In Virtual Dates

Virtual dating has gotten a bad name as it is frequently used by scammers to create fake relationships and then request financial aid. 

However, that hasn’t put everyone off it, provided they have the right platform.

For 50% of Hinge users, Hinge is the right platform. 

That’s the percentage who will happily have virtual dates via Hinge and change the normal dating standards. It’s a sign of the digital world that we all live in. 

This statistic sits nicely with the fact that four out of ten Hinge users are looking for serious relationships. That’s 40% of users. 

In addition, the survey found that 90% of Hinge users are happy to say “I love you” first, once they have found the right partner. 

This is also a surprising development as users are more prepared to put themselves out there emotionally.

What would be interesting to confirm is whether this sentiment is unique to Hinge or not. 


13. The Average Hinge User Will Look At A Profile For 5 Seconds

Five seconds isn’t a lot of time.

According to the latest research, that’s how much time the average Hinge user spends looking at a profile when looking for love. 

However, while this doesn’t sound like a lot, it’s significant. 

Most dating apps have a significantly shorter average view time.

For instance, a Tinder user will usually swipe left or right in under a second. 

While five seconds isn’t enough time to look completely at someone’s profile, it does allow a user to see the most important details and make a more informed decision than users of other dating apps. 

Of course, it also emphasizes how important it is to create a good profile, one that will attract interest in less than five seconds. 


14. Hinge Users Swap Phone Numbers 16 Times More Than Users On Other Dating Apps

Hinge doesn’t profess to create the perfect match and a long-distance relationship every time.

However, its algorithms are focused on helping you find long-term love. 

The first step toward this is when two users like each other and agree to swap phone numbers.

On most apps, this is something that doesn’t happen often. 

However, Hinge appears better than most at finding the right connection.

Statistics show that users will exchange phone numbers 16 times more often than on any other dating app. 

In other words, Hinge has proven to be more than just a dating app, it’s the catalyst needed to kickstart many relationships.

Hopefully, relationships that will stand the test of time. 

If these statistics are correct, then creating an account with Hinge may mean you’ll never need to swipe right or left again!


Getting Started On Hinge

Hinge App

It’s surprisingly easy to get started on Hinge and join the millions of other users.

You’re almost certain to get a match on this unique and surprisingly serious dating app. 

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Get The App

The first thing you’re going to need to do is download the app. It’s free to do. You can simply visit the Google Play store or Apple App Store and search for Hinge.

Once you’ve found it, select download, followed by install, and the app will take a few minutes to appear on your phone. 

You can then open the app. 

2. Create A Profile

As you don’t have an account you’ll be prompted to create one.

You can opt to sign up using your Facebook account, or you can enter your details manually.

This is usually the best option to ensure you know exactly what the app is saying about you. 

You will need to give the app your name, phone number, and a few other personal details.

Make sure you know what is private and what will be displayed for others to see. 

The app helps you by prompting you to answer all the questions.

If you want to find a match then the hobbies and interests section is vital. 

There is a question-and-answer section, you’ll need to answer three questions before you can add your photos and complete your profile. 

3. Allow Permissions

Once your profile is created you’ll be asked to agree to the terms and conditions.

It takes time to read them all but at least you’ll know what you’re agreeing to. 

Either way, you can’t get onto the app without agreeing to them. 

Once you’ve saved your account you’ll be asked to verify it using the phone number you’ve supplied.

A message is sent to your mobile and you need to confirm it before you can log in. 

There is no way around this as it helps Hinge confirm you’re a real person. 

During the signing-up process, you’ll be asked whether you want the free subscription or a paid version.

It will highlight the extras you get with a paid version.

If you want to take advantage of all the extras you’ll find it costs $30 a month. 

That’s it, you can now log into your account and start looking at other profiles.

Swipe right if you like the look of a profile and swipe left if you don’t. If you prefer, don’t swipe, just tap the heart to show you like a profile. 

You’ll have to wait to see if someone likes you back and you have a match.

In the meantime, you can keep looking.

However, remember you only get eight likes a day with the free version. 

Summing Up

As the above Hinge statistics show, this dating app isn’t the same as most of its competitors.

It offers a more serious take on dating which obviously appeals to millions of users.

After all, it can be difficult to find love, even if it’s in your hometown all along. 

Hinge is a unique app which has grown rapidly in popularity, proving there is a market for more serious dating.

It’s likely that the number of users will continue to increase and the app may even take a larger share of the market. 

If you’re looking for something more than just a casual fling and you’re not sure where to start, you should create an account on Hinge and give it a try.

You may just find a match. 


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