How Many People Use Google Workspace

How Many People Use Google Workspace in 2024? (NEW Stats)

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

How Many People Use Google Workspace in 2024? (NEW Stats)

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

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How many people use Google Workspace in 2024?

3 billion people use Google Workspace.

Productivity platforms like Google Workspace featuring all-in-one cloud-based office tools are changing the way people do work.

Their popularity grew further in 2020 and 2021 as businesses suddenly shifted their operations online, requiring the help of these sites to continue working despite mobility restrictions.

Tune in to find out how many people use Google Workspace in 2024.

We will also include an individual glimpse of some popular apps included in Alphabet Inc’s all-in-one service. 

How Many People Use Google Workspace in 2024?

Google Workspace is home to a good number of helpful tools that help individuals and members of business entities communicate and collaborate better.

The answer to today’s topic comes from Google’s 2021 Year in Review for the Google Workspace platform itself, which is an annual report released by Alphabet Inc to update the performance of its apps. 

According to the report, Google Workspace ended 2021 with an impressive 3 billion users and entered the new year of 2022 with around the same.

This number is a significant upgrade from where it was in 2020, featuring 2 billion users. The result shows that the site added a billion users in a year! 

This milestone also came with reaching 5,300 publicly-accessible apps on its court along with over 4.8 billion third-party apps collectively installed in the Google Workspace Marketplace.

This is a sharp increase from where it was just a year ago, at only a billion apps.

Google Workspace Competition and Market Share (Videoconferencing Sector)

Formerly known as G Suite, Google Workspace operates on crosscutting fields that directly compete with productivity-centered and teleconferencing applications such as Skype, Zoom, and Wire, among others. 

Take a look at Google’s Workspace’s market share in the Web and Videoconferencing category and its competitors in the field.

  • Google Workspace – 84.95% share of the total 
  • Zoom – 5.51% share of the total
  • Wire – 1.99% share of the total
  • TeamViewer – 1.12% share of the total
  • Skype – 1.57% share of the total
  • Cisco WebEx – 0.96% share of the total

Google Workspace is a clear winner in this category, far behind its close competitor Zoom which garnered only 5.51% of the total market share. 

Another popular app, Skype, which boasts 300 million monthly active users lagged far behind and took a minimal share of 1.57%.

What Applications are Included in the Google Workspace?

As mentioned, there are a good number of applications included in Google’s bundled service. Some of these are detailed on our list below.

  • Gmail – the world’s most popular email service which has 1.8 billion users globally in 2022
  • Google Calendar – Google’s scheduling service which manages a user’s tasks, sets reminders and allows meeting alerts as among its primary functions
  • Google Drive – Google’s storage service that could store and share files and folders via the cloud 
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides – these applications are similar to Microsoft Office’s Word, Excel, and Powerpoint apps, only they are primarily based on the cloud. This means documents created on any of these platforms are created, edited, and collaborated on both online and offline, as opposed to the traditional offline document creation and revision.
  • Google Meet – this is Workspace’s video conferencing service that rivals platforms like Zoom, Skype, and Wire, among others. On the upside, it allows a higher number of participants between 100 to 250 people per session. 
  • Google Forms – creates surveys, registration pages, and feedback forms. This is often used for events, mass information gathering, and other educational and workplace-related purposes
  • Google Keep – has a similar function as a ‘Notes’ app
  • Google Chat – Google’s instant messaging platform allows people in a conversation to exchange and receive messages in real-time. It also includes a video call button which can be used for free

Ancillary applications namely Jamboard, Cloud Search, Voice Hardware, and Classroom are also included.

Google Workspace Membership Tiers

image 17


While Google Workspace and its tools in itself are free, a paid version is available.

There are people, especially in the business and educational setup, who would like to get more of the app and exceed the maximum allowable storage for the free version of only 15GB.

Take a look at its membership tiers and the amount required to avail of each.

  • Business Starter – comes with a 30 GB storage and allows up to 100 video conferencing participants for $6 per month
  • Business Standard – comes with a 2TB storage and up to 150 meeting joiners for $12 per month
  • Business Plus – comes with 5TB of storage and allows members to track attendance of up to 250 meeting participants for $18 per month
  • Enterprise Membership – a custom membership that allows unlimited storage, allows 250 meeting participants and features advanced security features and analytics.

Note that Google Workspace’s basic version is available and can be availed by all Google account holders for free. 

Benefits of Google Workspace

Among the long list of benefits, one can get from Google Workspace is convenience.

Each of the team members can edit, share, and collaborate on documents and projects in real-time.

This thus allows smooth facilitation of tasks even in a remote setup that is otherwise not available on offline editing.

Similarly, it does not consume a hard drive space as storage is solely based on the cloud. 


There are three billion people in the world that use Google Workspace.

This is a sharp increase from where it was in 2020, at a time when it started gaining hype due to the sudden shift to remote work from the pandemic. 

More and more businesses are increasingly becoming interested in this platform, given its ease of use and ability to shape according to the requirements of the modern-day workforce.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article on the Google Workspace number of users in 2024.

Go and check it out for yourself and enjoy its many benefits and advantages, particularly in increasing productivity and better management of a team’s tasks.


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