How Many People Use Google Drive

How Many People Use Google Drive in 2024? (Key Stats)

Published on: December 27, 2023
Last Updated: December 27, 2023

How Many People Use Google Drive in 2024? (Key Stats)

Published on: December 27, 2023
Last Updated: December 27, 2023

Quick Answer 🔍

How many people use Google Drive in 2024?

There are 3 billion users of Google Drive.

Google Drive is split into subsections, this includes Docs, Sheets, Slides, and even Photos.

In other words, you can save almost any type of file on the drive and share it with friends or colleagues. 

It’s not surprising that Google Drive has become very popular, the service is free.

But, just how many people use Google Drive?

Key Statistics

  • Google Drive has over 3 billion users
  • Google apps have a 50.34% share of the office productivity software market
  • Over 14.6 million websites are using Google Workspace
  • Facebook is the biggest site using Google Drive
  • Google Drive has been downloaded over 5 billion times
  • Google Drive has over 5 trillion files
  • Google Drive has over 36.81% of the file hosting industry market

Accessing The Drive

Google Drive was initially released allowing access from any Windows, macOS, or Android device.

It was several months later before the iOS app was released. 

Anyone can download the app to their mobile device or desktop.

The app is free to download and free to use.

Google even offers 15 GB of cloud storage. 

However, if you want or need more storage, you’ll need to subscribe and pay a monthly subscription fee.

The size of the fee will depend on the amount of storage you want.

Google offers plans with 100 GB, 200 GB, and even 1 TB

Every document uploaded to Google Drive can have access parameters set.

That means you can define who is accessing the file and who has the power to edit it. 

Google Drive has proved to be popular with individuals.

Anything saved on the cloud won’t be lost if your computer crashes. 

It’s also very popular with businesses as it allows colleagues to share files and discuss projects, even when they are not working in the same office.

Subscriptions by businesses to Google Drive increased dramatically during the global pandemic.

In many cases, businesses kept the subscription post-pandemic. 

The good news when using Google Drive is that you don’t need to remember to backup your files.

No more losing your files when the system crashes! Google automatically saves the latest version of your file every few seconds. 

In other words, you’ll never lose a significant portion of your work.

That makes Google Drive an attractive option for anyone constantly creating or editing documents and other files. 

Let’s take a look at the top facts about Google Drive and user numbers.

How Many People Use Google Drive in 2024?

1. Google Drive Has Over 3 Billion Users

Google Drive

Google Drive has rapidly grown in popularity.

Within three years of its launch, it had passed the one billion user threshold. 

According to the latest figures, there are over 3 billion people who use Google Drive, that’s roughly eleven times more than its rival Microsoft Office 365.

It’s worth noting that, despite having 3 billion users, only 8 million pay for the upgraded version of the software.

However, as people start to fill up their free storage, this figure may change. 

The user figures can be broken down further, although the following figures are released by Google, meaning it’s difficult to guarantee their accuracy.

According to the figures, Google Docs attracts over 1 billion active users every month.

In contrast, Microsoft Word has just 750 million active monthly users.  

Google Sheets manages a respectable 900 million while Microsoft’s Excel, the equivalent product, manages just 700 million users.

Even Google Slides manages 800 million active monthly users while Microsoft’s PowerPoint has 650 million active monthly users. 

Both are respectable figures but Google Drive clearly has the advantage. 

This is perhaps most evident with Google Gmail.

It has 300 million users, over twice the 145 million that Microsoft Outlook has. 

(Similar Web/ Backlinko)

2. Google Apps Have A 50.34% Share Of The Office Productivity Software Market

The office productivity software market is dominated by two players, Google and Microsoft.

There are a few other players, however, they are much smaller and more specialized than the big two. 

Interestingly, despite Google having a significantly higher number of users, the market shares are surprisingly close. 

According to the latest figures, Google Drive has a 50.34% share of the market.

Microsoft Office has a 45.46% share. It’s worth noting that Microsoft PowerPoint has a 2.44% share and Adobe Acrobat has a 0.47% share.

Less than 2% of the market is allocated to other software developers and suppliers. 

It seems likely that the market split will stay roughly the same in the future.

User numbers for Microsoft and Google combined are roughly half the population on Earth.

Approximately 5 billion people are currently online, meaning there aren’t that many more customers for Microsoft and Google to fight over. 


3. Over 14.6 Million Websites Are Using Google Workspace

Google Drive is undoubtedly the more popular option.

According to the latest figures, there are 14.6 million websites using Google Drive, compared to 5.3 million sites using Microsoft 365.

This is a particularly interesting statistic considering the market share for each company.

It suggests that a much higher percentage of Microsoft users are paying customers compared to Google. 

Naturally, the majority of websites using Google are located in the US.

It’s estimated over 2.9 million websites in the US use Google Drive.

No other country comes close.

Germany takes the number two spot with 0.81 million users, and Israel follows this with 0.8 million.

The UK manages fourth place with 0.73 million users and France completes the top 5 with 0.67 million users. 

The remaining top ten slots are taken up by Japan (0.43 million),  Canada (0.39 million), Australia (0.35 million), the Netherlands (0.35 million), and Italy (0.34 million).

(Web Tech Survey)

4. Facebook Is The Biggest Site Using Google Drive


Considering how many users Google Drive has and how many websites use its services, it’s not surprising that some of the biggest websites in the US are utilizing Google’s services.

According to the latest research, Facebook is the second most popular site in the US, by foot traffic, and the number one site using Google Drive. 

Google is the third most popular US website and uses Google Drive.

WordPress is another big fan of Google Drive and the fourth biggest website, by visitor numbers, in the US. 

Other large sites using Google and based in the US include YouTube, Twitter (now known as x), and Instagram. 

The figures are further enhanced with a breakdown of popularity by user number. 

For example, 16.41% of sites with over 100,000,000 users are using Google Drive.

The percentages go up as the popularity decreases.

26.24% of sites with over 10,000,000 visitors use Google Drive.

An impressive 39.67% of sites with 1,000,000 users use Google Drive, while 46.29% of those with 100,000 visitors and 46.48% of those with 10,000 are known to use the Drive. 

(Web Tech Survey)

5. Google Drive Has Been Downloaded Over 5 Billion Times

Since Google Drive was first launched it has been downloaded over 5 billion times.

This figure isn’t that surprising considering it has over 3 billion users. 

Some users will download the app more than once as they are downloading it on multiple devices.

Others simply need to download it again because they have replaced the desktop, laptop, or mobile phone they were using to access their files.

Downloading the app to a smartphone means that you can store a wide variety of files instantly.

Lots of people do this, it’s estimated there are 500 million monthly users of Google Calendar and over 100 million users utilizing Google Chat every month.

That is significantly less than Zoom which has over 700 million. 

(Google And Patronum)

6. Google Drive Has Over 5 Trillion Files

If you were wondering why Google needs to charge for its service then consider this.

With over 3 billion users there are a lot of files created.

According to Google statistics, the total is currently over 5 trillion. 

Files can be text-based, images, spreadsheets, and even videos.

Anything can be saved but the more you save the more likely it is you’ll need a paid subscription.

Text-based files are comparatively small and will take you a long time to reach your data limit.

In contrast, images can be large, especially videos.

You can reach 15GB surprisingly quickly!

Naturally, Google needs to provide sufficient cloud storage for all these files, ensuring each one can be easily accessed and edited when required, regardless of where you are. 

It’s worth noting that Dropbox and iCloud have a significant number of files but can’t directly compete with the number Google has stored.

Microsoft and Apple have nowhere near as many files stored. 


7. Google Drive Has Over 36.81% Of The File Hosting Industry Market

Google Drive

According to the latest research, Google Drive doesn’t just dominate the office productivity software market.

It’s also the king of the file-hosting industry. 

A recent Enlyft survey found that 36.81% of the industry belongs to Google.

Dropbox has the second biggest market share with 25.78% and Microsoft OneDrive has just 14.08%.

In short Google Drive dominates the industry and is still seeing growth, potentially increasing its market share in the future. 


Getting Started With Google Drive

Anyone can start using Google Drive.

However, before you start using the drive you’ll want to create a Google email account.

This is necessary to sign in to your new account, although you can also use a YouTube, Google Maps, or Google Finance account.  

To get started, visit the Google Drive webpage.

You’ll instantly be asked to log into your account.

Underneath there will be an option to create an account.

That’s what you need to click. 

You don’t need to add many details, specifically your name, date of birth, gender, phone number, and a password you’ve just created. 

Under this, there will be a box where you enter the numbers shown in the image above the box.

You can then agree to the terms and conditions and you’ll be taken to a preview of your account profile.

You can accept this and select the ‘create a profile’ option.

Or, you can say no thanks and edit your profile.

That’s it.

Next time you visit the Google Drive page you’ll be asked to log in.

Once you’ve logged in you can choose between Sheets, Docs, and the other available platforms. 

Then, add documents, save them, share them, and access other people’s documents.

They will have needed to give you sharing rights. 

Don’t forget, every document you share can be set as read-only or edit, depending on what you want the other person to be able to do with it. 

Summing Up

The staggering answer to how many people use Google Drive is over 3 billion, or over a third of the population on the planet. 

Google Drive hasn’t stopped growing yet.

It is becoming the go-to place for colleagues to share workload.

While the pandemic is officially over, many people have continued to work from home.

That means Google Drive is an even more important tool than ever.

In short, user numbers and market share are much more likely to increase than decrease.

All you have to do is watch this space.


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