Dropbox Users Statistics

Dropbox Statistics 2024: Users, Growth & Revenue

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

Dropbox Statistics 2024: Users, Growth & Revenue

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

Dropbox is a widely acknowledged file hosting service that offers file synchronization, cloud storage, personal cloud, and client software.

Founded back in 2007 by Arash Ferdowsi and Drew Houston, Dropbox helps restore files quite early.

Although Dropbox is primarily online storage that keeps all the files in sync between the devices and the cloud, it provides a good range of features other than its primary utility.

Dropbox can be accessed on any device, be it a PC, Mac, or mobile (both Android and iOS). Moreover, anyone can access it via the web or install its app version.

In 2012, Dropbox got the award titled “Best Overall Startup” at the Crunchies awards. Although the platform hit the mark of 100 million registered users after four long years, it today has over 700 million registered users.

Moreover, the platform generates annual revenue of 1.91 billion US dollars.

Isn’t that amazing? I’m pretty sure you want to know more about these super cool Dropbox Users Statistics.

So, continue reading this article to find out more about Dropbox statistics.

Key Dropbox Statistics 2024

  • Dropbox has over 700 million registered users.
  • Over 15 million Dropbox users pay for its premium services.
  • There are more than 9 million businesses across the world that use Dropbox.
  • Dropbox Business has 500 thousand paying teams.
  • 18% of Americans use Dropbox for personal purpose.
  • Dropbox has generated annual revenue of 1.91 billion US dollars.
  • The company earned an income of 999.3 million dollars from American Dropbox users.
  • Dropbox generated international revenue of 941.6 million dollars.
  • An average Dropbox user spent 128.50 dollars.
  • Dropbox receives 60 billion Application Programming Interface calls each month.

Detailed Dropbox Statistics for 2024

1. Dropbox Statistics from User Numbers:

Dropbox Has Over 700 Million Registered Users

Dropbox is now one of the most used platforms across the world. Rising against reputed technologies such as Google and Microsoft is in no way an easy task, but somehow Dropbox does it quite well.

The platform recently crossed the 700 million registered users milestone, with the addition of 100 million users for one year.

On top of that, the number of Dropbox users is increasing day by day, and its founder believes that it’ll soon manage to hit the 1 billion registered users’ milestone.

The number of registered users of Dropbox since 2011 is as below:

YearRegistered Users
201125 million
2012100 million
2013200 million
2014300 million
2015400 million
2018500 million
2019600 million
2020700 million
Dropbox number of registered users

Over 15 Million Dropbox Users Pay for Its Premium Services

Dropbox has two kinds of plans: the free version and the premium version. The primary application for Dropbox is free of any charges.

The free service gives limited storage of 2 GB and access to a few features. However, the premium version is exceptionally fruitful to those businesses and individuals who want a large amount of virtual storage space for any reason.

That’s not it; the premium service also has fantastic features.

The popularity of the premium version of Dropbox is quite apparent when we look at the number of users paying for the premium one.

As of the end of 2020, it has 15.48 million paid registered users with 1.17 million new paying users than in 2019. That’s an 8.18% increase in one year.

Additionally, since 2015, the paid user base of Dropbox has increased by 2.38 times.

The table below displays the number of Dropbox users having premium version:

YearsPaid Users
20156.5 million
20168.8 million
201711 million
201812.7 million
201914.31 million
202015.48 million
Paid users statistics

There Are More than 9 Million Businesses Across the World that Use Dropbox

Dropbox isn’t just famous among individuals.

As a result of the ongoing popularity of distributed workplaces and the increasing adoption of IoT devices, many businesses across the globe are looking for ways to move their data to the cloud. That’s when Dropbox comes into force.

The platform has become one of the most used applications for storing business data in the cloud. As per the various reports of Dropbox, over 9 million businesses have used Dropbox for cloud storage purposes as of 2017.

Thanks to a wide range of business-oriented features with an encryption algorithm, more and more businesses are opting for Dropbox to store their essential data.

Dropbox Business Has 500 Thousand Paying Teams

While Dropbox offers basic features like sharing files and cloud storage, Dropbox has more powerful sharing, storage, and collaboration tools.

The application was specially designed for businesses. It includes various business-centered functionality like unlimited file recovery, advanced security and control, unlimited storage, and many more.

As of 2020, the company has over 500 thousand Dropbox business teams paying for the service. It has added 50 thousand new producing units in one year, that’s an 11.11% increase.

I’ve charted the number of Dropbox Business teams as below:

YearsDropbox Business Teams
2017300 thousand
2018400 thousand
2019450 thousand
2020500 thousand
Dropbox Business Teams

18% of Americans Use Dropbox for Personal Purpose

The next one on the list of amazing Dropbox statistics is the percentage of United States citizens using Dropbox for personal use.

According to various surveys, 18% of US citizens use Dropbox as a personal virtual storage solution. That makes Dropbox the 4th most loved platform for cloud storage across the country.

The platform comes after Google Drive (with 40%), Apple iCloud (with 33%), and Microsoft OneDrive (with 20%).

The table below shows six most used cloud storage platforms across the United States:

Cloud Storage PlatformPercentage Share
Google Drive40%
Apple iCloud33%
Microsoft OneDrive20%
Amazon Drive Cloud9%
Share Cloud Storage

2. Dropbox Statistics in Revenue:

Dropbox Has Generated Annual Revenue of 1.91 Billion US Dollars

While the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic came like a storm for the whole world, many companies gained huge profits at that time, and Dropbox was one of them.

The pandemic turned out to be an excellent boon for Dropbox, and in response, it has built out its toolkit. It has boosted security by adding password protection features for confidential files.

That’s not all; users can change their password anytime, minimising the risk of data risk.

As a result, more and more users started using Dropbox, and the company’s annual revenue increased significantly during that period.

As per the report in Dropbox statistics, the company earned annual revenue of 1.91 billion dollars in 2020. That’s a 15.06% increase compared to that of 2019 with 1.66 billion US dollars.

Additionally, its annual revenue has increased over the last five years at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR)of 25.9%.

The total revenue generated by Dropbox is as below:

YearTotal Revenue
2015$603.8 million
2016$844.8 million
2017$1.1 billion
2018$1.39 billion
2019$1.66 billion
2020$1.91 billion
Total Revenue

The Company Earned an Income of 999.3 Million Dollars from American Dropbox Users

The file storage service company Dropbox is widely popular around the world. However, most of its users are located in the United States. That is why most of the company’s annual revenue comes from American users.

More than half of the total income of Dropbox has been contributed from the United States market since the last 6 years, for example, 2015.

As of 2020, the company generated annual revenue of 999.3 million US dollars from clients based in America. That accounts for 52.32% of the total revenue.

However, when we look at theUS market sharet on Dropbox’s annual revenue since 2015, it’s clear that the market share has been declining since 2015, and after 2018 it started to increase.

The table below displays revenue earned from American Dropbox users:

YearTotal RevenueRevenue Share
2015$326.1 million54%
2016$455.9 million53.96%
2017$575.7 million52.34%
2018$706.5 million50.83%
2019$854.1 million51.45%
2020$999.3 million52.32%
Total Revenue US

Dropbox Generated International Revenue of 941.6 Million Dollars

Even though more than half of the total revenue of Dropbox comes from the United States itself, the company managed to earn quite a lot of money from the international market too.

The adoption of the premium version of Dropbox has helped the company to earn wholesome revenue from the international market.

As per the IPO filed by Dropbox in 2020, the file storage company earned 914.6 million dollars in revenue from users outside the United States.

Dropbox statistics showed that the company had delivered a 33.48% increase in international revenue since 2018. accounts for 47.68% of total revenue. That’s a massive rise from the global revenue it generated 5 years ago in 2015, which was 277.7 million dollars.

Total revenue generated since 2015 from international Dropbox users is shown below:

YearTotal RevenueShare
2015$277.7 million46%
2016$388.9 million46.04%
2017$531.1 million47.66%
2018$685.2 million49.17%
2019$807.2 million48.55%
2020$914.6 million47.68%
International Revenue

An Average Dropbox User Spent 128.50 Dollars

Talking about the amount spent by an average Dropbox user, the number saw a drop from 2015 to 2016, while the same has kept increasing ever since.

The Average Revenue per user (ARPU) for premium users was 110.54 dollars back in 2016. However, since then, the numbers have kept on increasing.

Reports showed that the Average Revenue per user of Dropbox increased to 111.91 dollars in 2017.

The upward trend of Average Revenue per Dropbox user continued in 2018, 2019, and 2020. As per data, an average Dropbox paying user spent 117.64 dollars, 123.07 dollars, and 128.50 dollars in 2018, 2019, and 2020 respectively.

The company has managed to grow its average revenue per user by 16.25% since 2016.

The table below displays the average revenue per Dropbox user since 2015:

YearAverage Revenue Per Users (ARPU)
Average revenue per user

3. Dropbox Statistics: Other Unique Statistics

Dropbox Receives 60 Billion Application Programming Interface Calls Each Month

The Dropbox Application Programming Interface (API) allows the developers to merge their apps with Dropbox’s system. As of 2020, the company receives over 60 billion API calls each month.

Compared to the company’s Application Programming Interface of 2019, Dropbox statistics showed an increase of 20% in one year.

Moreover, Dropbox includes 25,000 API calls per month in Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise plans.

The monthly Application Programming Interface (API) call of Dropbox is as below:

YearMonthly Application Programming Interface (API) call
201750 billion
201850 billion
201950 billion
202060 billion
Application programming interface

There Are 2,760 Full-Time Employees at Dropbox

While there were 2,801 full-time employees at Dropbox in 2019, the number reduced to 2,760 employees in 2020. That’s a decline of 1.48% over the last year.

Moreover, the company is planning to lay off more employees in 2021 and 2022. It had announced that it’ll reduce its workforce by 11% more.

Additionally, 85% of thecompany’s total employeesy, that is, 2,346 of them are located in the United States, and only 15% of them are from countries outside the US.

Moreover, the US-based employees received a salary of 144,664 dollars in the year 2020.

The table below shows the employee count of Dropbox:


Dropbox’s employee percentage as per their location is as below:

CountryPercentage of Employees
United States85%
Percentage of Employees

4. Other Surprising Dropbox Statistics

  • Dropbox ranks fourth in the list of most popular cloud storage platform.
  • Dropbox’s operating expenses reached 1.38 billion dollars in 2020.
  • More than 750 thousand developers built applications on the platform.
  • The Dropbox App Centre has 92 apps.
  • Over 550 billion chunks of content have been hosted in total.
  • Dropbox is accessible in over 180 countries.
  • Dropbox supports more than 20 languages.


Dropbox is one of the most loved cloud file hosting services. First started in California, United States, the company became a well-known name worldwide.

The platform has nearly 700 million registered users and 15.48 million premium users.

As of 2020, the company generated annual revenue of 1.91 billion dollars.

Based on the Dropbox statistics provided, it’s evident that the platform is working well and is the fourth most popular cloud storage platform.

Well, that’s all for now. We hope that you’ve found these statistics interesting. If you know more about such amazing Dropbox users statistics, feel free to use the comment section below.


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