How Many People Use Google Calendar

How Many People Use Google Calendar in 2024?

Published on: December 27, 2023
Last Updated: December 27, 2023

How Many People Use Google Calendar in 2024?

Published on: December 27, 2023
Last Updated: December 27, 2023

Why would you use Google Calendar?

Because we live in a hectic real world and digital world that requires us to find effective ways to organize and manage our time and schedules.

In this resource, we will discuss several key statistics that show how many people use Google Calendar, plus other related statistics and demographics surrounding this platform.

Key Statistics

  • Google Calendar has 500 million monthly active users.
  • Google Calendar users create around 50 billion calendar events per day on average.
  • The Google Calendar app has achieved a 4.4 out of 5 stars among its 3 million user reviews.
  • The revenue from Google Calendar’s app reached $194K (USD) each month in 2021.
  • Google Calendar’s industry market share is 23.91%.
  • In the United States, Google Calendar ranks number 27 across app categories.
  • Data shows that over 1.1 million live documented websites use Google Calendar.
  • An estimated 398,368 companies use Google Calendar.

How Many People Use Google Calendar in 2024?

Google Calendar 742

Data shows that Google Calendar has 500 million monthly active users. 

In terms of industry market shares, Google Calendar has a 23.97$ share and a ranking of number two among calendar usage.

Also, Google Calendar has over 400,000 customers. 

Google Calendar was launched in beta form in 2006 and has since continually improved and grown.

In fact, this scheduling app/platform is known to offer an almost seamless experience and is feature rich.

In terms of how it’s perceived by its users, Google Calendar has received 4.4 stars out of 5 among users. 

Also, in the United States, Google Calendar ranks number 27 among all kinds of apps across categories.

Google Calendar experiences roughly 50 billion daily events.

This means that each day, 50 billion events are entered into the calendar. 

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Who Are Google Calendar’s Competitors?

Let’s look at a few of Google Calendar’s competitors to see how it measures up.

Wix has a market share of 56.22% in the collaborative calendar market share with over 938K domains. 

While Apple Calendar is a Google Calendar competitor, Google’s calendar app is more easily and widely accessible and the easiest of the two to use.

Google Calendar is compatible with Android, web, and iOS platforms.

In other words, Google Calendar is more user-friendly than Apple’ calendar app. 

Moreover, Google offers a fully featured web application that also supports smartphone apps and is eaily integrated with other Google apps. 

The Google Calendar app has been downloaded over 5 billion times since its launch.

While downloading it isn’t the same as using it, this data is important to know.

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What Are Some Google Calendar Usage Demographics?

Google Calendar

Industry Usage:

The industry with the most Google Calendar customers is the Education industry with over 4,100 customers.

After the Education industry, the Marketing industry has the second greatest number of Google Calendar customers. 

In the Marketing industry there are over 2,300 Google Calendar customers scheduling, organizing, and managing their marketing strategies with teams or for individual use.

The Training industry, like you find in companies and such, is third in terms of the Google Calendar customer share with over 1,900 customers.

Here is a list of other industries that use Google Calendar and their shares.

  • Networking: Over 1,600 customers
  • Events: Over 1,600 customers
  • Technology: Over 1,500 customers
  • Consulting: Over 1,300 customers

Productivity Usage:

Google Calendar falls within the “Productivity” category on the Google Play Store.

In terms of that category, this app/platform ranks number 4 in usage.

Its Google Play Rank is an overall 33 among Productivity apps. 

Productivity usage rank according to country looks like this:

  • Germany, United Kingdom, and the United States: #4
  • Canada: #5

These are just a few examples, not the full list.

User Usage:

Google Calendar users are using this app/platform across specific categories.

for instance, 18.3% of users are using it for Communication and 18.2% as a Tool. 

One survey revealed that 33% of Google Calendar users have ranked it as the second most popular and used work calendar.

It’s second only to the Apple Calendar app.

It’s worthy of note that Google Calendar is often preinstalled on Google Pixel and some Android phones just as Apple Calendar comes preinstalled on iOS devices.

During the pandemic, Google Calendar saw an uptake in usage.

The United States has the most Google Calendar customers with over 249,000. T

he closest country to the United States is the United Kingdom with over 22,000 customers. 

Germany comes in third with over 18,000 customers and Canada has over 16,000 Google Calendar customers.

General Usage Statistics:

As of 2019, 42% of digital calendar users in the United States said they used Google Calender.

This represents an uptake from 34% as of 2012.

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What Are Some Google Calendar Features?

Google Calendar has features such as:

•  Five color themes from which to choose
• “Find a time” that allows you to compare your schedules and suggests the best meeting times.
• Smart Scheduling
• Easily integrated with more than 4000 apps via Zapier
• 32 types of prebuilt calendars to subscribe to
• Create your own calendar of interest
• Meetings sync
• Hide event details 
• Out of office
• Add attachments
• Enable work hours
• Email event participants

These are just a few features of this feature-rich calendar/scheduling app.

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When Was the Google Calendar Mobile App Available on iOs?

In 2015, 10 years after its web release, Google Calendar was made available for those using iOS devices.

Due to the business usage of Google Calendar, some users needed access to it, but didn’t have an Android phone/device.

Therefore, in 2015, Google Calendar became compatible with iOS devices. 


Can You View Past Google Calendar Events on Your Android Phone?


You do have access and can view past Google Calendar events on any Android device where it’s installed.

Keep in mind, this app only syncs up to 12 months in the past on Android.


What Can You Do with Google Calendar?

Besides the aforementioned special features of Google Calendar, here is a list of the things you can do with this scheduling app:

• Get reminders
• Add locations to events
• Send invites to events and meetings
• Integrate it with Gmail
• Control privacy settings
• Schedule appointments



Now we know that Google Calendar has roughly 500 million monthly users who need to organize, track, and manage their daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly schedules.

Some people use Google Calendar for personal reasons like to remind them of friends’ and family members’ birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

This app is also used to set reminders to get groceries, go to an appointment (doctor, etc.), and for general time management.

Google Calendar is great for people who work from home to organize and manage their schedules and time.

Businesses, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and other industries use Google Calendar for a wide range of scheduling and managing time.

For instance, to remind new employees to attend a special onboarding meeting or some kind of training. 


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