10 Best Free Email Service Providers & Accounts

10 Best Free Email Service Providers & Accounts (2024 List)

Published on: April 17, 2023
Last Updated: April 17, 2023

10 Best Free Email Service Providers & Accounts (2024 List)

Published on: April 17, 2023
Last Updated: April 17, 2023

In a hurry?
The best free email service provider in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is ProtonMail!

Are you looking for a free email service?

An email has long been one of the cornerstones of our communication, both long and short distance.

It is reliable and fast, and it is still pretty effective as individuals can access their emails directly on their phones using different applications. 

Due to their popularity, many companies have started providing email services and related options.

But not all of them are highly secure because the problem of phishing and malware is also pretty much on the loose in the modern age of cybercrime

Therefore, you need highly reliable email service providers, but which ones to go for.

In this post, we will share some of the best free email service providers that you can use for personal or business purposes.

Best Free Email Service Providers 2024

Check out this list if you’re looking for the best free email service providers.

  1. ProtonMail – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Gmail
  3. Outlook
  4. Zoho Mail
  5. Yahoo! 
  6. iCloud Mail 
  7. Tutanota
  8. Yandex Mail
  9. Mail.com
  10. Global Mail eXchange (GMX)

1. ProtonMail


Looking for end-to-end encryption and security features in a free email service provider? Well, you are at the right place.

ProtonMail is the best free email service provider that secures your data by following Swiss privacy laws. 

ProtonMail is a combination of zero-access and end-to-end encryptions that secure your email.

No one can decrypt your email, even the service provider or other third party.

👉 Get Free Account

The free ProtonMail service is great to use and is very secure.

However, if you want a business account for taking more services, then there is a need to purchase a premium account. 

The good service is that the ProtonMail account is fully compatible with other email service providers. However, you can send or receive emails usually.      

Proton Drive and Calendar increase the privacy of your documents and events.

This email service is also completely integrated with other encrypted calendars that make your event private.   

The company introduces a next-generation inbox that allows you to work fast with ease. An app for ProtonMail is available worldwide.

You can install it on your mobile device with Android and iOS platforms.

A great advantage is that ProtonMail comes with 20GB storage and allows you to send files above 25MB.

ProtonMail users love that you can also schedule your email. You can also increase your contact list by importing VCF or CSV files contacts.  

2. Gmail

image 111

Gmail is the most popular email service provider that Google manages. This service is an ideal option for both personal and business communication.

It also provides third-party integration programs, which permit you to access Gmail. 

For that reason, it will synchronize your information via POP or IMAP. A slick design makes it easy to send and receive messages. Gmail is a part of Google Suite.

You can also access multiple apps that permit you to start video conferences, share files, and chat with your in contact people. 

Google Hangouts is also the main app related to your Gmail account. You can see the Hangouts option on the left sidebar of your inbox.

You will also get a customized option for your inbox display on the right side. 

Gmail is the best free email service provider that offers 15GB of email storage. However, if you want more storage, applications, and support, you can purchase business or enterprise plans.   

Gmail can be accessed on Android and iOS. You can also share more than 25MB through emails.

In addition, if you are using Google Drive, you can also share your files above 25MB. 

Security and privacy are two main core features of Google. So, you will get two-step verification that enhances your account security.

You can also organize your inbox in multiple categories, such as social media, updates, primary, forums, and more, as you want.

3. Outlook

image 113

Outlook by Microsoft is based on a browser that is the best for various app integration.

It comes with built-in office 365, Exchange Online, and Exchange Server. It assists you to be productive, plus connect yourself at the office or home.   

Moreover, the company uses enterprise-grade security to keep your file encrypted. You will get the same protection tools that are given to business customers.

No third party is allowed to read your mail. Even the company itself cannot read it because of strong encryption.  

Premium accounts are also available on Outlook to use other valuable features.

Those features include ransomware detection or recovery, link scanning, etc. Apart from that, the mailbox size is about 50GB. 

Thus, Microsoft Outlook is the best free email service provider where you can send above 34MB attachments.

There is an app for Android and iOS, so you can take its services anywhere with your devices.   

Another good thing is that you can also schedule your email. Plus, use an inbuilt calendar for managing your events or meetings.

You can also see the contact list, and when you hover over the contact, it will show you other information. 

The user interface of Microsoft Outlook is very user-friendly. Both beginners and professionals can easily integrate with free email service providers.

All the users can use office 365 and their accounts and easily edit their files online.  

An accessible inbox has multiple features, including voice control navigation, support for assistive devices, and much more. 

4. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is a brilliant email service that is fast, clean, and provides great protection against fake emails.

The data center of Zoho Mail has top-notch surveillance and security, with a 99.9% reliable uptime. End-to-end encryption makes this email service more secure and private.  

This is the best free email service provider because it has an extensive control panel.

This powerful control panel allows you to do customization, configurations, and other settings.

In addition, you can also arrange group aliases, add users, configure policies for moderating business email contents, and much more.    

When away from your computer or desk, you can also manage your communications with a native mobile app for Android and iOS.

This app makes it effortless for mail admin, streams, and mails.  

A great advantage of using Zoho Mail is a calendar and email migration. You can switch from Zoho Mails to other providers or vice versa.

You can migrate by using IMAP/POP and migration tools. If you want to manage your sales better, you can integrate with Zoho CRM.

Furthermore, you can also incorporate Zoho Mail with Box, Google Drive, and other cloud-based file managers. 

An inbuilt task manager in Zoho Mail manages your tasks straightforwardly and effortlessly.

This mailbox storage comes with a generous amount of about 100GB, and you can send 20MB attachments.   

5. Yahoo! 

image 115

An American parent company releases an email service known as Yahoo. This is one of the most popular mail services that provides a free email account and massive storage.

The mailbox size is about 1TB. So, if you are looking for a huge mailbox size, this is the best option. 

You can also integrate your account with IMAP, POP, and Facebook, which permits you to send and receive messages.

The file attachment size is about 25MB, so you can send files, audio, videos, images, etc. 

Yahoo is the best free email service provider that allows you to choose themes for customizing your inbox.

You can also use a search bar to search your email like contact, date, or any keyword.        

This is one of the best interactive free email services that allows you to send animated GIFs to show your feelings.

Whether traveling or away from your desk, you can use its app on your mobile devices to keep in touch with your contact.  

You can also use additional features such as unsubscribe newsletters and more. Furthermore, you can also import your contact list from Outlook, Gmail, and more. 

An inbuilt calendar is used to mark your meetings or other events. The upgraded version of Yahoo, the mail service provider, supports keyboard shortcuts.

If you don’t want to see any more ads while using the Yahoo mailbox, you can purchase the Yahoo Mail Pro subscription.   

6. iCloud Mail 

image 116

If you are a Mac user searching for an email service, then iCloud Mail should be your priority. Apple operates this service of iCloud Mail.

You can also use its app, but the app only works on your Mac computer or other iOS devices. 

You can also use it on your Windows operating system with Microsoft Outlook. It automatically turns on multiple apps such as iCloud backup, Photos, iCloud Drive, and more with only one account.   

The mailbox size is about 5GB, and you can send more than 20MB attachments such as docs, photos, music, etc.

iCloud Mail is the best free email service provider that permits you to access IMAP. 

You can store and share your folders and files through iCloud Drive. In addition, this email service gives you Keynote presentations tools as well.

You can mark your meetings and events on an inbuilt calendar.      

The significant advantage of using this email service is that it’s ad-free. You can also send attachments like file audios etc., more than 20MB.

iCloud Mail automatically searches for the latest messages and inserts them in the mailbox.

However, it will only work on Apple products, not for Android devices. The privacy and security of your messages are the main focus.

No third party can read your messages because all messages become encrypted.   

7. Tutanota

image 117

Tutanota is the most secure and free email service provider that is easy to use and privately designed.

With a 2FA and end-to-end encryption, you will experience a more secure email service.

Inbuilt encryption guarantees that your mailbox only belongs to you and no one can read or decrypt your data. 

Moreover, the company released an app that Windows, Android, and iOS support. This app sends you a notification wherever you are.

If you are working on your big project using the Linux operating system and want to send an email to your contact, you should install this email service. 

It is equipped with an advanced level of security that speedily organizes workflow.

You will never experience any distraction from advertisements to make Tutanota secure and private. 

In addition, automatic email encryption safeguards your whole message making it the best free email service provider.

You will feel fully anonymous because all emails are encrypted to make them secure.

Another good thing, you don’t need to enter your contact number and any personal information to register yourself.        

The mailbox size is about 10GB, and the limit of sending attachments is about 25MB. You can install its apps on your Android or iOS devices.

However, you have to be punctual because the Tutanota service provider is not giving you the schedule email feature. 

8. Yandex Mail

image 118

If you are looking for an email service for small work, then Yandex Mail is ideal.

This is a secure and small email service and allows you to change the mailbox theme according to your mood. This Russian-based company offers many tools. 

The best thing is that you can schedule your email to save time. Write a message and put it on time. Then, it automatically sends that to a specific person at the right time.   

The storage of the mailbox is about 10GB, and you can attach more than 30MB of files.

And this attachment size makes it different from the above email service providers. The email alias option is also available. 

Yandex Mail is the best free email service provider that checks all incoming mail for malware or viruses.

After scanning, Yandex Mail stores those suspicious messages in the junk or spam folder. 

It automatically arranges your flags, plus emails you received from real people. You can also import and export your contact from other service providers.

Apart from that, the customizable interface, email filters, and hotkeys also increase its popularity.  

In your mailbox, there is a built-in translator that translates multiple languages. And you don’t need any other platform for email translation.

You can also use its app on your Android and iOS devices to keep in touch with your incoming emails. 

An app allows you to configure fingerprint or other PIN locks to enhance security.

In addition, you can change the remove ads option from the app settings whenever ads irritate you.   

9. Mail.com

image 119

Mail is one of the versatile service providers that permits you to pick from 200 domains.

When creating an email address, you can select an area that suits your profession, lifestyle, location, and personality.

This customization of email addresses will specify the identification of a person. 

The mailbox size of the Mail is about 65 GB, making it a unique email service provider compared to the above service providers.

Moreover, the attachment size of the Mail is about 30MB, you can attach your favorite audio, doc, and any other file to send mail to your contact. 

There is an app for Android and iOS users, so you can check your incoming email notification wherever you are.

Another good thing is that you can schedule your mail too.

If you are going to be busy at a specific time and have to send mail, you can pick a scheduled mail option.   

There are multiple inbuilt tools such as a word processor, spreadsheets, presentation applications, virus scanners, and much more.

It automatically scans incoming mail, and if any malware is found, it automatically puts this email into the spam or junk folder. 

You can also use cloud storage for storing your personal and business files.

Additionally, you can import or export your whole data of contact in the format of CVS and ICS.

The company uses 2FA authentication that keeps your account secure.  

10. Global Mail eXchange (GMX)

image 120

GMX email service provider is offering advertising features along with email services.

You can also access Global Mail eXchange mail through webmail IMAP4 and POP3 protocols.

This service provider likes videos, contact, and photos in the European data center and stores data to maintain high-grade security. 

The mailbox size is 63 GB, and the attachment size is also up to 50MB. These sizes make the GMX unique and popular among the best free email service providers.

An app works only on your device like Android and iOS. So, you will never miss your email whether you are near your desk or not. 

You will receive a notification on your smartphone. Another best advantage is that you can also schedule your email.

It automatically sends your specified email to a specific person. The drag and drop functionality makes the schedule easy to manage. 

There is an online address book where you can store all your contacts.

Furthermore, an inbuilt antivirus automatically scans every incoming email to protect your mailbox and system.

You can also mark important events or meetings on the calendar and conveniently share that with your colleagues, family, and friends.   

Final Word

Gmail remains the best free email service provider. It is integrated with various other services and options available from Google. 

You can go for their free plan that will allow you to access 15 GB of storage space, and you can always upgrade to the pro versions for more space to store your files and documents. 

The pro versions range in storage space from 100 GB to 10 TB, and you can pick one based on your preferences and requirements. 

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