How Many People Use ProtonMail

ProtonMail Users: How Many People Use ProtonMail in 2023?

Published on: March 23, 2023
Last Updated: March 23, 2023

ProtonMail Users: How Many People Use ProtonMail in 2023?

Published on: March 23, 2023
Last Updated: March 23, 2023

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How many people use ProtonMail in 2023?

ProtonMail has over 70 million users.

Many of the world’s costliest cyberattacks were delivered through emails.

Today, 96% of phishing strikes arrive through electronic mail.

What’s worse is that 1 in 99 emails contains malicious content that poses danger to the user.

This is the reason why there has been increased attention toward secured email platforms in the past few years.

Sites like ProtonMail continues to solicit mass attention as people continue to question the reliability of mainstream emailing platforms that do not employ top-notch security technology to protect users’ interest.

ProtonMail Users: How Many People Use ProtonMail in 2023?


For those who are curious to know how many people use ProtonMail in 2023, the answer is over 70 million.

Such a number is already a 20 million increase from its 50 million user count in 2021. 

The platform’s global user count started its dramatic growth during the pandemic, at a time when companies migrated the majority of their operations to the web.

This is also the period when crypto users started to seek a highly-secured platform where they can trust their personal credentials with little to no fear of online attacks. 

Having been founded in 2013, the Switzerland-based ProtonMail did not reach its first 2 million users until 2017.

This came after the management decided to open its services to the public in 2016, from being an “invite-only” site for three years.

ProtonMail’s User Count Over the Years

As mentioned, ProtonMail only opened to the public in 2016.

Despite being considered a new market entrant in the end-to-end encryption email service, it already recorded a stellar performance so far.

Here is ProtonMail’s annual user count from 2017 to the present.

  • 2017 – after spending its first year accommodating new email accounts from the public, ProtonMail’s user count hit 2 million for the first time
  • 2018 – the following year, the platform added 3 million new users and catered to 5 million users in total. This increase is more than twice the number of its total user count from the previous year. During the period, journalists from the world’s biggest publications such as The New York Times started using ProtonMail emails, as displayed on their personal biographies
  • 2019 – ProtonMail doubled its user base from 5 million to 10 million in 2019. It was still relatively small compared to Gmail’s 1.2 billion registered email accounts at that time. In 2019, ProtonMail employed the Elliptic Curve Cryptography which increased emailing speed while providing more security to accounts
  • 2020 – during the early months of 2020, ProtonMail once again recorded a double-digit growth which sent its total user count to 20 million
  • 2021 – by this time, the Swiss emailing service provider is home to 50 million accounts 
  • 2022 – today, ProtonMail services 70 million users in 61 countries worldwide

All About ProtonMail


If you are obsessed with online privacy and security like me, chances are you have already opened a ProtonMail account months or even years ago.

ProtonMail is an end-to-end encryption emailing service which is currently the platinum standard in online communication.

The site automatically encrypts the message as it leaves for sending, as many of the attacks happen while the mail in on the way to the receiver.

The message will not decrypt until it reaches its intended audience.

Non-users will have to input a code on messages sent to them from a PotonMail account, and messages on the inbox usually come with expiration for an added layer of protection.

ProtonMail’s Subscription Tiers

While ProtonMail offers a free subscription tier to accommodate all types of users, it also presents two premium subscriptions for those who are willing to shed some cash for maximum security.

ProtonMail Free – €0

  • 1GB worth of free storage
  • Only one email address is allowed on this subscription tier
  • Users can send a maximum of 150 messages per day

Mail Plus Subscription – priced at €3.99 monthly or €47.88 annually 

  • 15GB maximum allowable storage 
  • Up to 15 email addresses are allowed on this subscription tier, with one custom email domain
  • Unlimited messaging feature
  • Access to the Proton Calendar
  • Priority on customer support

Proton Unlimited Subscription – priced at €9.99 per month or €119.88 annually

  • 500GB maximum allowable storage
  • Up to 15 email addresses are allowed on this subscription tier, with three custom email domains
  • Unlimited messaging feature and exclusive access to the Proton Calendar
  • BETA Proton Drive access
  • Proton VPN access

ProtonMail’s Market Share

Take a look at ProtonMail’s market share in the Email Communications Technologies industry.

  • Exchange Online – occupies 58.13% of the total industry
  • Networks Solutions Email – occupies 5.31% of the total industry
  • Zoho Mail – occupies 5.01% of the total industry
  • ProtonMal – occupies 0.29% of the total industry

Number of Companies Using ProtonMail per Industry

About 7,000 companies globally use ProtonMail. Take a look at the number of companies using the Swiss email servicing platform in 2022.

  • Computer software industry – 303 companies in this industry are ProtonMail clients
  • Information technology industry – 245 companies in this industry are ProtonMail clients
  • Healthcare industry – 212 companies in this industry are ProtonMail clients
  • Internet industry – 144 companies in this industry are ProtonMail clients
  • Financial services industry – 108 companies in this industry are ProtonMail clients
  • Marketing and advertising industry – 90 companies in this industry are ProtonMail clients
  • Retail industry – 78 companies in this industry are ProtonMail clients
  • Health, wellness, and fitness industry – 56 companies in this industry are ProtonMail clients
  • The entertainment industry – 45 companies in this industry are ProtonMail clients
  • Nonprofit organizations – 45 non-governmental organizations are ProtonMail clients


ProtonMail is an emerging force of nature at a time when internet users are seeking refuge from frequent phishing attacks that compromise personal data and safety.

Less than a decade after launching, the Swiss emailing service already services many millions of clients across different industries.

This shows that people are willing to migrate to a site that can promise them greater security and protection, even when this is not the most popular option they have in the market. 

Moreover, millions of users are willing to chip in some monthly paywall just to make sure no one has access to their private online lives.

Thanks for reading our article on ProtonMail’s number of users in 2023.


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