2021 FuelTok Review: Does it Work for TikTok Growth?

FuelTok Review 2024 – Is It a Scam?

Published on: April 15, 2023
Last Updated: April 15, 2023

FuelTok Review 2024 – Is It a Scam?

Published on: April 15, 2023
Last Updated: April 15, 2023

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FuelTok Review 2024

TikTok has shot up to one of the top social media platforms, rivaling Instagram with 1 billion+ monthly users.

It’s no surprise that companies like FuelTok have emerged in order to profit off of the popularity of the platform and the need for users to grow their following. 

In just a short time, TikTok has become one of the most widely used social networks, offering its users not only a unique way to share video content but also an intimate connection that is entertaining, endearing, and a great way to pass the time.

Because of this, many users are looking to establish their business or personality on the platform as a way to monetize their efforts. 

That said, it can be extremely difficult to do so due to the sheer competition and quantity of content that goes up on TikTok every day.

If you’re just getting started or have hit some roadblocks in your growth, you may feel overwhelmed and lost. 

Companies like FuelTok claim to help you resolve those issues by growing your TikTok followers, likes, views, and more. Is this something that can truly help you, or is it just another gimmick that seeks to line the pockets of these companies?  

FuelTok Review

FuelTok logo

In order to understand what FuelTok can do for you, we are going to examine in detail who they are, what they do, their service and pricing, as well as provide you with our recommendation at the end of our FuelTok review. 

When choosing a company for social media growth, it’s vital that you take a hard look at what this company will provide you with and whether or not it’s safe for use.

By the end of our review, you should have an idea about FuelTok and be able to make an informed decision for what will best benefit your TikTok. 

Let’s get started. 

Why You Need More TikTok Followers, Likes, and Views 

FuelTok Followers

Before we dive into FuelTok and their services, let’s examine the reason why so many people are scrambling to get more TikTok followers, likes, and views.

As with any social media network, these are without a doubt the most important things to have if you want to establish any sort of reputation. 

On TikTok, the unique thing about the platform is that it not only displays your follower count to users who view your profile, but it also displays the quantity of likes that you have across all of your posts. This is a really important distinction. 

Imagine you have 500 or even a few thousand TikTok followers, but your videos have hardly any likes.

This shows that your following isn’t engaged and may indicate that you either purchased followers, or that you don’t have high-quality content that people will want to check out. 

Alternatively, if you have a lot of TikTok likes but hardly any followers, this may show that people don’t want to stick around and see your content regularly, or maybe you just had one video that ended up becoming a hit for whatever reason.

Or, perhaps you just paid for TikTok likes. 

At the end of the day, TikTok followers and engagements combined will help you to have a strong reputation on the platform and will set your profile apart from other similar ones through social proof. This is the key to TikTok success. 

If people don’t regularly view, share, and like your videos, you’ll have a hard time seeing any success through your content creation.

Can FuelTok help you optimize your growth, or are they just a show? 

What is FuelTok? 

FuelTok Boost

FuelTok is a TikTok growth provider based in Moscow, Russia. They claim to be “the best TikTok bot to make you famous.”

They also assert that when you use their TikTok bot, you can get more followers, likes, and views, which will then help you to “become a TikTok star.” 

Those are some pretty bold claims, and we have a feeling that they aren’t going to be able to live up to them.

When you consider the different options for FuelTok growth and what their services are, they leave much to be desired. 

FuelTok has two basic types of services: one is based around engagement groups, and the other is the possibility of buying TikTok followers, views, and likes in packages. 

These are two completely different types of TikTok growth, so it’s a bit concerning that a company offers both of them.

The “engagement groups” are basically users within the network that supposedly go through and like your post once it goes live.

This is a form of “auto-likes,” so ultimately these users aren’t real, targeted users that care about your content. 

Best-case scenario, these are paid users that like your content. Worst case, these are fake and bot users that FuelTok pumps your account with to feign popularity. 

The other type of service, TikTok follower and engagement packages, are simply a set quantity of TikTok followers, likes, views, or shares, and you have the option to buy those either as a one-time purchase or on a monthly renewal basis. 

FuelTok claims that these are all real likes, followers, and engagement, and that they deliver their services naturally.

This is not likely considering that they aren’t actually engaging with real users on TikTok on your behalf, and there is no targeting at all. 

If the followers or likes do happen to be from real accounts, they are simply paid accounts and have nothing to do with your niche. They won’t continue to engage and they couldn’t care less about the content that you post.

We’ll examine more about their services in the following sections. 

Getting Started with FuelTok

FuelTok Automation

To get started with FuelTok, it depends on what type of package you want. If you want to buy their follower packages, you can simply choose the type of package, complete payment and checkout, and wait for your order to be delivered. 

While it says that you’ll start to receive your order “in minutes,” It doesn’t say exactly how long it will take to complete your order, which is a huge headache.

Why can’t they give their customers a time frame? How can they know if their order was completed or not? This is not effective. 

If you want to sign up for their “engagement groups,” you’ll have to click “join now” and then enter your information to get started.

They don’t offer any of their pricing for this service unless you give them your information, which is a huge red flag.

Clearly, they want to capture your information even if you don’t sign up, either to sell or to spam you later. 

Any reputable and transparent service will make all necessary information available to you before you give them any information, and that is one thing that FuelTok has refused to do. 

It may seem like a pretty simple process to get started with FuelTok, but they should be more upfront about how their services truly work, who the followers and engagements come from, and how much they cost. 

FuelTok Pricing 

Fueltok Pricing

While there isn’t visible pricing for the engagement groups, you can find the pricing available for the FuelTok follower and engagement packages in each respective page.

Just to give you an idea, here is the pricing for the FuelTok follower packages: 

You can see that the prices are in Euros, so that means if you’re buying with a US payment card, you’ll be likely to pay a foreign transaction fee. 

These prices seem incredibly low for real TikTok followers, and FuelTok provides no information on how they provide real followers.

That means they’re likely bots or fake profiles, and they certainly aren’t targeted to your account at all. 

FuelTok also offers a TikTok bot apart from their other two service options, and they claim that they use targeting to interact with users on the platform to help your account.

This means FuelTok offers three different types of services— if they have two that are focused around simply sending you fake followers and engagements, it’s likely that their bot does the same. 

The TikTok bot that FuelTok provides claims to offer you the following: 

  • Full automation
  • follow/unfollow
  • Targeting
  • Settings
  • Analytics
  • Live support 

The pricing is €29 per month, and if you sign up for a contract of three or six months, the price will decrease  €3 and  €6, respectively.

They want you to commit for a longer period of time because it’s unlikely that after the first month you’ll want to continue with their services. 

They claim you can get between 50 to 200 new followers every day. This is absolutely unheard of, even with the most successful TikTok growth services.

FuelTok can’t meet this with real followers, and they certainly can’t guarantee it if they are real people. Real people can’t be forced to follow you. 

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Do We Recommend FuelTok for TikTok Growth? 

After careful review and testing of FuelTok’s services, we can definitively say that we do not recommend their services for TikTok growth. There are a variety of reasons why we consider their services to be more risk than reward. 

Ineffective and Risky Services

With the three different service offerings provided, FuelTok is mostly selling pipe dreams. Their follower packages do not provide any real or authentic followers, nor do their engagement packages.

They are not targeted and they are delivered in packages from fake accounts. This won’t help you in the long term and will only cause you to continually buy. 

Their engagement groups also don’t provide real and engaged followers, and they are simply paid auto-likes that feign popularity. This will cause a discrepancy when your followers don’t increase and your likes go up. 

Lastly, the FuelTok bot over promises results that they won’t deliver.

They can’t guarantee any follower range if they are real followers, and based on the other two services, they are simply going to fill your account with fakes so you don’t complain that you didn’t get anything. 

TikTok can also flag or ban your account, or even remove your content, if they find that you’re using a risky bot service like FuelTok.

There is evidence from their online reputation that the service simply doesn’t work and isn’t as popular as FuelTok would have you believe. 

Negative Trustpilot Reviews 

Fueltok Trustpilot

When you look at the FuelTok website, you see that they have supposedly 128 ratings that add up to a total of 4.8/5 stars.

That’s incredibly high— why wouldn’t more people be talking about this service on the web if it were so legitimate? 

Their Trustpilot tells a different story. There are only 7 reviews total, and three of them were posted right at the same time after the service began. These are paid reviews that don’t truly reflect their services. 

All other reviews are completely negative, claiming that all of the followers are bots, the service hardly does anything at all, and/or your account can be hacked as others have experienced. 

This is nothing like what FuelTok discusses on their website, and they’re simply trying to hide the reality that their services don’t work and put your account at risk. 

Terms of Service

Last but not least, FuelTok claims to have live support but only offers an email address to contact them.

They have a chatbot option on their website, but you’ll be lucky if you ever get a response from them. 

Their terms of service further explain that they aren’t responsible for anything that happens to your account, any damages that your business incurs, and you are not covered at all by a refund policy if something doesn’t work out. 

Review Conclusion: Doesn’t Work 

Based on all of our findings in our FuelTok review, it’s clear that they are very ineffective in helping your TikTok in a meaningful way.

While it would be incredible if a service could help you in the ways that they claim to, unfortunately, they’re only out for profit and don’t care about bringing their clients any real results. 

It’s better to avoid using their services, save your investment, and work with a more reputable service that allows you to grow in a natural and authentic way, without false promises and fake/bot profiles. 

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