How to Hack TikTok Accounts

How to Hack TikTok Accounts in 2024

Published on: February 23, 2024
Last Updated: February 23, 2024

How to Hack TikTok Accounts in 2024

Published on: February 23, 2024
Last Updated: February 23, 2024

Being able to see what your child is viewing online and on TikTok will help to ensure it’s appropriate and they are not being bullied or harassed online.

Equally, if you’re in a relationship and concerned about infidelity you may want to hack a TikTok account to verify your suspicions. 

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Naturally, there are also plenty of cybercriminals that like to hack TikTok accounts.

Knowing how to hack them will help you defend yourself against such attacks. 

How To Hack TikTok Accounts (Best Hack Apps)

One of the easiest ways to hack a TikTik account for someone without computer knowledge is to rely on a hacking app for TikTok.

  1. uMobix – 🏆 Winner!
  2. eyeZy
  3. mSpy

1. uMobi

uMobixTikTok viewer

uMobix is an all-purpose tracking and spying app and potentially the best option for hacking TikTok accounts and monitoring what your child or partner is doing online. 

The app needs to be installed directly onto the Android device you want to hack. It’s hidden and won’t be seen by the user.

If you’re dealing with an Apple phone you can install via the cloud but you’ll need their iCloud credentials. 

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Once you’ve installed uMobix you can access the dashboard from your own device.

Simply take a look at social accounts and select TikTok. You’ll then be able to see all posts, comments and images/videos.

You can also do this with other social media accounts, their SMS messages, and even their phone calls.

Alongside this you can track location and review internet history. 

uMobix allows you to try the service with a demo feature, ensuring you know exactly what you’re getting before you pay any money. 

It’s incredibly versatile and worth investing in, especially because it is so easy to use. 

2. eyeZy


eyeZy offers a similar service to uMobix. 

Again, you’ll need access to the phone for an Android install or the cloud for an Apple install.

Installation takes a few minutes and you’ll want a few more minutes to get comfortable with the dashboard.

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Once you know what you’re looking at, simply login from your own device and select the social tab to find TikTok and see all the messages that are being sent and received. 

It updates in real time, allowing you to see what they are typing as they type it.

You can also check their other social media accounts, look at all the media on the phone, and even block access to certain sites. 

Naturally, as a tracking app it also gives you their location and location history.

eyeZy is easy to install and really works, allowing you to monitor their TikTok account remotely whenever you want. 

3. mSpy


The third option when looking for an app to yack TikTok is mSpy. This offers the same type of service as uMobix and eyeZy.

It’s a complete hacking package.

Of course, that means you’ll need access to the Android phone or the iCloud credentials. 

As with the other apps, you’ll need to create an account on the website and select your subscription level.

You’ll then be able to install the app on the target device with the link provided. 

Once you’ve done this you can access their device remotely and see all TikTok messages as well as those on other social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat.

mSpy also allows you to access their phone logs and text messages that have been sent and received.

In addition, you can track their location, including where they have been, and set alerts if they go where they are not supposed to.

Remote Keyloggers

The above three apps have remote keyloggers.

This means they record every press of the key, allowing anyone monitoring to see the username and passwords you use. 

Alongside the apps, it’s possible to get dedicated keyloggers. These are what hackers prefer to use.

They don’t need to be physically installed on the device by the hacker. 

But, they do need to be downloaded, usually via a dodgy link or hidden in a file sent to you. 

In short, don’t open or download third-party files unless you are sure they are safe. 

Direct Access

Another way in which to hack a TikTok account is by simply going on someone’s phone.

If you can access their phone when they are not looking you can open the TikTok application. 

Of course, to do this you’ll need access to their phone and you may need to know or be able to guess their password. 

It is an effective way of seeing all the apps they currently have on their phone and assessing what other ones you should be looking at. 

But, accessing their TikTok account via the phone will create a log.

If they view their login record they may realize that someone else has been in their account. 

Password Hacker


If you look online you’ll find plenty of password hacking tools.

These apps promise to hack the password for you, all you have to do is give them the username of the TikTok account. 

Unfortunately, in many cases apps like this don’t work. The algorithms they run will try all the most obvious passwords. 

For example, if the username and the password are the same the password hacker will be successful at breaking into the account.

But, if it is a completely random word the password hacker will probably fail.

To achieve this you can use a password generator. You’re guaranteed a strong password, all you have to do is remember what it was. 

In short, a password hacker is an option but it’s not guaranteed to work.

If it does you may well have been able to guess the password yourself.


Another way to hack a TikTok account is through phishing. 

This is a common way for cybercriminals to get personal information. In effect, you send the user an email with a link to verify their identity or reset their password. 

But, instead of going to the official TikTok website, the link will direct them to your site.

Naturally, the site you create will have to look the same as TikTok.

When the user logs in you’ll see the name and password they use and be able to gain access directly to their account by logging into TikTok with the same username and password. 

This approach does require you to set up an identical website.

If this isn’t in your current skill set then you’ll be pleased to know you can buy phishing tool kits.

They give you everything you need to create the secondary website and then send the email to the TikTok user. The email must appear to come from TikTok.

To prevent this type of hack, never enter details in pop-up boxes or visit these types of websites via a link.

It’s always safer to enter the genuine internet address into your web browser yourself.

XSS Attacks

XSS Attacks

XSS or cross-site sculpting effectively allows a JavaScript code to be written and implemented on the target device.

The right code will open a designated website, such as TikTok. 

The code will be sent within a link and activated when the user clicks on the link. It can be sent by email or any type of messaging. 

Using an XSS attack to hack TikTok means that the malicious code sent in the link allows the user to effectively hijack your TikTok session. 

From the moment the user opens the link the hacker will be able to access their TikTok account.

They won’t just be able to see what has been posted, the hacker can adjust the account.

If you’re just looking to monitor someone’s account then this approach can work.

But, you’ll need to be able to create a stored XSS attack to access the TikTok account repetitively. 

You can protect against this type of attack by limiting the amount of data stored on TikTok and your device, reducing the ability of any hacker to access private information.

Software Vulnerabilities

Another way to hack a TokTok account is via software vulnerabilities.

These are often referred to as zero-day vulnerabilities and you’ll need to be connected to the hacking community to make the most of any opportunity.

The principle is simple, a flaw in the software allows a hacker to access TikTok or the software with the flaw.

In general the software provider will not immediately be aware of the flaw.

Hackers will share the information with each other, allowing you to make the most of any vulnerability and get into someone’s account. 

Naturally, once the software manufacturer finds out about the vulnerability they will create an update to resolve the issue.

That’s why the window to exploit such vulnerabilities is usually very small.

As a user, you’ll want to make sure you have the latest version of any software as this will reduce the likelihood of being hacked. 

Avoid Being Hacked

Best Hacking App for Android

Although you may be trying to hack TikTok accounts, you should also be aware of how to avoid being hacked.

After all, it’s quite embarrassing to be hacking other accounts and then be hacked yourself. 

Here are some simple things you can do:

Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication means that a username and password aren’t enough.

Before you can get into the account you’ll also need a special code that is sent to your phone. 

If you establish two factor authentication it is much more difficult for any hacker to get into any of your accounts, including TikTok.

Regular Password Changes

Most passwords can be guessed if the hacker is given enough time.

Although you may try to create random passwords there will always be some link to you and your life. 

The best way to avoid your password being hacked is to change it often and make it as complicated as practically possible. 

Review Logs

Finally, you should review your login records in all apps.

This will tell you when you last logged in and alert you if someone else has managed to log into your account. 

If they have you’ll need to change your password instantly and tell the app provider. 

Summing Up

There are many reasons to want to know how to hack someones TikTok and they are not all sinister.

Of course, that doesn’t make the hack legal.

But,  if you feel that hacking a specific TikTok account is the only way to resolve the current issue it’s nice to know you have options.

All you need to do is work your way through the list and you will gain access to the intended TikTok account. 

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