Best Keylogger for iPhone & iOS

9 Best Keylogger for iPhone & iOS in 2024 (Hidden & No Jailbreak)

Published on: October 22, 2023
Last Updated: October 22, 2023

9 Best Keylogger for iPhone & iOS in 2024 (Hidden & No Jailbreak)

Published on: October 22, 2023
Last Updated: October 22, 2023

In a hurry?
The best keylogger for iPhone & iOS in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is eyeZy!

You might be skeptical about installing a keylogger for iPhone or iOS devices.

Such programs are unusually associated with compromising privacy and other personal or financial information. 

But you can put these keyloggers to good use for monitoring purposes.

Such keyloggers are versatile applications for controlling the device’s operation and have different options. 

A keylogger is a program that tracks and keeps a log of the keystrokes. In the past, these keyloggers were only compatible with physical keyboards.

Now they are compatible with touchscreen keyboards too. 

Today’s guide will review the best keyloggers for iPhone & iOS devices for your convenience.

They are all compatible with Apple devices, but some also work with Android and other OS devices. 

Best Keylogger for iPhone & iOS in 2024

Here’s a list to help you find the best iPhone keylogger.

  1. eyeZy – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Phonsee
  3. uMobix
  4. mSpy
  5. XNSPY
  6. Spyic

1. eyeZy – Best Keylogger for iPhone

eyeZy Keylogger

When looking for the best keylogger for iPhone, the eyeZy software should be your first port of call.

The eyeZy app is a powerful tracking application. The most popular feature is capturing keystrokes. 

This keylogger feature allows you to view everything they tap or type. This app records each keystroke and sends it to your account.

👉 Get eyeZy FREE

Later on, you can search history from the account. You can also view the searching or browsing activity they are searching for.    

Moreover, you can set multiple limits to restrict the search. You can set many keywords, and when they search about that, a notification comes to alert you.

The eyeZy is a great keylogger for iPhone to make online communication safe.

All monitoring through the eyeZy app gives you peace of mind because you are secretly doing this. This app works in the background, and no app icon lets them know.  

This keylogger is an advanced tool for betterment. You can get all the information on the dashboard.

The dashboard of the eyeZy comes with an interactive interface. So, you can easily view all the activities.  

You need to log in to your account to see everything everywhere. Also, you can view the time or date of each key at one glance.

You can access this feature in your control panel. The customer’s safety is also the company’s first preference, so you can use it confidently.      

Apart from that, you can view all received and sent messages, plus the good thing is that you can also view deleted messages.

In addition, if you want to view call details such as incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. 

The main advantage of using the eyeZy software is that you can also monitor location via real-time networks like WiFi and GPS.

Another company’s focus is to update locations regularly to keep you updated. 

2. Phonsee

Phonsee Keylogger for iPhone

If you have an iOS device and want to track someone’s activities, then Phonsee is a great option.

It comes with a unique feature of recording targeted device keystrokes.

👉 Get Phonsee FREE

The Phonsee app is one of the most popular keyloggers for iPhone that records everything, such as deleted text, search terms, messages, passwords, login credentials, and much more. 

Another noticeable feature is taking a screenshot of the targeted phone screen to collect proof. This feature makes it a unique spy app compared to all other applications.

You can get all keystroke information in a secure log file located on your portal of the Phonsee online. 

Moreover, you can open this secure keylogger file for accessing the recorded information. You will see a list of supported apps or programs with other time or date details. 

There is a search bar on your online portal from where you can search any keyword to filter your search that is stored in that secure file. 

Many users use this Phonsee app for personal use to back up their typing history.

Another benefit is that you can also access deleted text messages which means it records each keystroke, search text, conversation, and more in the supported software.  

Apart from keylogger, you can also search for other suspicious activities, tamper controls, and media files and monitor chats, contacts, and locations.

The online portal interface is also user-friendly, making it easy to understand for both professionals and beginners.   

There is always an agent available on the web for your assistance. You can start a live chat session and write an email with your query.

3. uMobix

uMobix keylogger

A combination of reliability and customizability makes it the most popular keylogger for iPhone.

This is another spy app designed for parents to keep tracking their children’s digital lives. 

It is not just for the keylogger features. It also provides industry-standard traits, including location tracking, browser history, media, fencing, etc.   

👉 Get uMobix FREE

Moreover, keylogging is a standout feature of the uMobix. With the capability of this tool, you can view all the activities that are going on on the targeted phone. 

Whenever the targeted phone keyboard does any activities such as typing a password, searching any keyword, and much more, it will give an alert notification. 

The dashboard of the uMobix is also very user-friendly. You can view the keylogger from its dashboard. 

This interactive dashboard not just shows you a keylogger. You can also view app activity, locations, messages, etc. In addition, you can also view block devices, plus spyware scanners.  

This app also perfectly works with Android devices, so if sometime in the future you need a keylogger for Android, you will have it available without needing to buy new software.

There are three subscription plans available, so you can choose the right one. All plans are budget-friendly.

You can view all detected texts that are available in a list format. It also shows you the actual text with the timestamp of the message.

Thus, you can conveniently scan the content for keywords, allowing you to determine what the targeted phone has been up too quickly. 

4. mSpy

mSpy Keylogger

The mSpy protects your children from any danger in the digital world. It is the best parental control application that permits parents to track the activities on the targeted iPhone. 

It comes with great standard features, including browsing history, geofencing location tracking, file accessing, etc. 

👉 Get mSpy FREE

Furthermore, this is the best reliable keylogger for iOS, where you can view everything about your targeted iPhone. 

This mSpy app records everything in list format, such as search queries, login credentials, messages, calls, etc. You can view the text and its timestamp in the keylogger. 

Apart from that, this app is an all-rounder spy application that gives you powerful tracking features. 

Nevertheless, when using the mSpy app on your iPhone devices, you need to jailbreak your iPhone. The keylogging feature only works on an iPhone when you do a jailbreak.      

There are two basic and premium plans available at a reasonable price. With all package subscriptions, you will get all the powerful features. 

You will get a premium experience with this child-friendly app. It is very easy to read all the information about keyloggers.

In addition to that, you can use it for Android devices to track keylogging.      

Finding a trustworthy application for tracking iPhone keyloggers is very difficult because many cybercriminals use mobile device keylogger apps to steal your money and identity. 

Not only the keylogger, but you can also view keyword tracking, WiFi networks, installed apps, location, videos, and much more via a dashboard.   

Customer support services are also highly responsive, when you feel any confusion, you can contact the company.

Apart from that, the installation and configuration of the mSpy app are very convenient, you need to follow three steps. 

The mSpy supports more than 180 countries, so it doesn’t matter where you are; you can use it from anywhere.        


XNSPY Keylogger

If you search for a decent iOS keylogger with unique features, go with the XNSPY. This app allows you to capture information remotely from the targeted iPhone. 

You can monitor messages and other multimedia files on the iPhone. This app also records all records of keypresses and saves them on your account. 

The best feature is that it also records the surrounding sounds. This sound recorder feature makes it unique compared to the above keylogger application. 


One more thing is that there is no need to jailbreak for accessing basic features such as accessing iCloud. And, if you want to access all advanced features, you need to do jailbreak. 

Apart from iOS, you can also use the XNSPY services on your Android phones. Customer support service is available 24/7, so feel free to contact me in case of any confusion. 

This app is not only for keyloggers; you can also use it for phone calls, messages, locations, and other monitoring activities.     

Before purchasing its services, you can also try a live demo to understand the complete service. 

This fully secured keylogger for iPhone records each keystroke pressed from the targeted phones.

All the information is recorded on your account, and you can view it all from the app’s dashboard.   

6. Spyic

Spyic Keylogger

The Spyic is a comprehensive app that comes with an efficient keylogger function. If you are an iOS user, you will get Spyic, a top keylogger for iPhone.

With this Spyic, you can record and read the input of keystrokes on any iOS device. 

Additionally, you can capture every keystroke made on the targeted phone. You can also find multiple login information and passwords.

You can also monitor other social network activities, including GPS location, messages, call logs, browser history, etc. 

👉 Get Spyic FREE

It is very easy to use this keystroke logger iphone. First, you need to sign up and install its app and monitor your targeted mobile activity.

You can monitor through your iPhone or use a browser on your desktop system. 

There are different packages, and all are budget-efficient, so you can pick the right one that suits you more. 

The good thing about packages is that your purchase comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, you can confidently go with the Spyic spy app. 

In addition to that, there is a demo option available on the website. Before signing up for any purchase, you can look at the demo to clarify the Spyic keylogger. 

Customer support is highly appreciable because it has a qualified team that is always ready to assist you.

Meanwhile, you can access all the keystrokes from the Spyic dashboard.

You can also view more details about keystrokes, such as timestamps. The company timely updates locations to give you accurate results. 

Another unique thing about the Spyic app is that you don’t need any jailbreak or no other app to download from this keylogger app for iPhone.

With iOS 7 or above, you will get a premium spy experience with this Spyic. 

7. Spyera

Spyera Keylogger iPhone

SPYERA is one of the most popular keyloggers for the iPhone that offers plenty of other features along with keyloggers.

This spy app helps to record all keystrokes on the targeted phone. 

And it will store all the records on the keylogger file. You can open its interactive dashboard to access your keylogger files. 

Furthermore, you can also view other detailed information such as the date or time. You can remotely monitor all keystrokes from your Windows or macOS.

The versatile compatibility makes it the best keylogger for both Android and iOS. 

Thus, it is not compulsory to check the keylogger from your iPhone device, and you can also use your desktop system to access its interface on the browser. 

It is very easy to configure, install, and control all the panels conveniently due to its user-friendly interface. 

You can also access targeted mobile locations, messages, call logs, media files, web history, etc. This spy app always keeps you updated about the targeted phone.    

The SPYERA offers multiple packages according to interfaces, and all vary in terms of price and features.

What’s more? All the packages come with a 10-day money-back guarantee, so you can go with the SPYERA to get a premium experience. 

Customer support is greatly responsive. A team of SPYERA is always ready to entertain your questions.

So, feel free to contact them. In addition to that, FAQs and other jailbreak or rooting tutorials are also available. You can read them for further knowledge.   

8. Safespy


If you are looking for a trustworthy and private keylogger for iPhone, Safespy is an ideal option.

The security and privacy of the Safespy company are encrypted to keep your information secret. 

The company uses next-generation encryption protocols to keep all information safe.

Up to 190 countries support it, so it doesn’t matter which country you are in; you can use it.   

This practical, powerful, and fast app records keystrokes from the targeted phone and stores them on your account. 

You can see sign-in information, password, search keyword, and other typed information.

The interface of Safespy is very easy to configure. No little bit of technical skills is required. 

Whether a beginner or a professional, you can easily monitor keyloggers. Another great benefit is that you don’t need any jailbreak solution for accessing strokes from your iOS devices.

No jailbreak solution makes it a trustworthy keylogger solution.  

In addition to that, this is a hidden keylogging way because it is web-based, which works with iCloud. You don’t need to install any app on the targeted phone or pad.

There are multiple pocket-friendly subscription plans available, and you can opt according to your requirements.

Safespy also offers a plan for those who want to monitor the activities of various devices. 

All packages come with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you feel any issues during this 60-day. Feel free to contact its customer care center.    

You can also record social media messages, locations, contact, and much more with further details.

Customer support service is also very excellent and is available 24/7. A team is ready to give you issue resolution to keep you secure.   

9. iKeyMonitor


Another excellent iOS keylogger is iKeyMonitor. This innovative app offers plenty of unique features and a keylogger. 

You can record all keystrokes of your targeted phone and view all the records on the dashboard of the iKeyMonitor.

The dashboard comes with an interactive design that makes it easy for beginners and professionals.  

You can view all keystrokes that target phone types on their phones, such as any keyword search, youtube search, URLs, and more. 

You can view additional information related to keystrokes in the dashboard, like time or date, timestamp, etc.

Apart from keystrokes, you can also access other logs through its dashboard. 

There are many subscription plans available on the website, and you can choose according to your requirements. 

The good thing is that all packages come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, these days if you face any confusion, you can contact customer care to take your money back.  

The company has a highly-qualified team that timely updates keyloggers and other options such as locations to keep you updated.

So, you can say that iKeyMonitor is a good iPhone keylogger app, but for advanced features, you need to jailbreak it.  

Moreover, the company also offers you a free trial, so before purchasing, you can try the iKeyMonitor for monitoring keystrokes.

You can record multiple keystrokes such as SMS, chat app, email, and website URLs. 

Apart from keystrokes, you can also use the iKeyMonitor for other monitoring tasks like app blockers, limited screen time, schedules, GPS tracking, etc. 


What Purpose Do These Keyloggers Serve Besides Spying?

Apart from spying, you can use these keyloggers on your device to track it when it is out of reach.

These keyloggers are also useful for monitoring underage children and any company-owned devices you issue your employees.

Can a Single Keylogger Be Compatible with Both Android and IOs Devices?

There are different types of keyloggers. Some are device-specific, and you can use them only on android or iPhone devices. But some of them work both on iOS and Android devices. 

It is just about compatible, and you can go with a program that works with both these operating systems if you have both these devices. 

Can You Detect a Keylogger on An iPhone or IOs Device?

You can detect a keylogger on your iPhone or iOS device by examining its performance and checking those notifications from your 2-factor authentication systems.

You can also look for a keylogger on your device by checking any unwanted applications on your phone.

Are iPhones Vulnerable to Viruses and Malware?

Though it is pretty rare, iPhones get infected by viruses and malware.

But it will only happen if you have clicked on some suspicious link or have downloaded an app that didn’t come from Apple’s App Store.


All kinds of keyloggers are available online for your iPhone and iOS devices. Some are pretty extraordinary, while others are good enough to get the job done. 

Whether you are looking to monitor your child or want to keep an eye on your employees using company-issued devices, these keylogger iPhone apps come in pretty handy to track the activity of all the device’s uses. 

The best keylogger for iPhone and iOS in 2024 is eyeZy.

It comes with many features that will help you keep a log of the activity on the target device without raising any suspicions. 

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