Best Places to Buy TikTok Likes

15+ Best Sites to Buy TikTok Likes CHEAP in 2024 (Real & Instant)

Published on: March 8, 2024
Last Updated: March 8, 2024

15+ Best Sites to Buy TikTok Likes CHEAP in 2024 (Real & Instant)

Published on: March 8, 2024
Last Updated: March 8, 2024

In a hurry?
The best place to buy TikTok likes in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Media Mister!

If you need more TikTok likes so that your content can get more reach and even be recommended to other users, you can buy TikTok likes from a number of reputable companies out there; the most important thing is choosing the right one. 

While there are trustworthy options available, you always run the risk of buying from a company that doesn’t have your best interest in mind.

For that reason, we’ve done the research to bring you the best sites to buy TikTok likes from. 

We’ll explore what they offer you as well as how to buy likes safely.

Best Sites to Buy TikTok Likes Cheap

  1. Media Mister – 🏆 Winner!
  2. GetAFollower
  3. Buy Real Media

1. Media Mister

Media Mister - Buy TikTok Likes

Without a doubt one of the greats in social media growth, Media Mister has expanded their expanse of social media service packages to TikTok.

When you buy likes from Media Mister you can be sure that your TikTok keeps growing for a long time to come.

👉 Buy Cheap TikTok Likes

They have very diverse social media packages that can help you not only get more TikTok likes but pretty much any other social media engagement that you can think of.

If you want to strengthen your cross-platform presence, Media Mister will get you there.

Media Mister also knows how important it is to keep your account safe, and they do so by delivering your order over safe time frames in accordance with how many engagements you purchase.

The more you order, the longer the delivery time frame will be. 

Want to save some money?

EarthWeb has partnered with Media Mister to get you a 15% exclusive discount on any order with our promo code. Click to redeem.

2. GetAFollower

GetAFollower Buy TikTok Likes

If you want a way to buy more likes that is going to make sure that your profile goes viral and gets really popular, then you need to take a look at what GetAFollower is offering.

They know that their clients mean business, and won’t stop until they get the engagement that they think their account deserves. These guys are great not only for engagement but for improving your stats in general.

👉 Buy TikTok Likes Cheap

This means that they’re going to get you seen on TikTok and be able to help you improve the performance of your content in general.

They say that they are going to make it so that you get the engagement that you need as quickly as possible, and they make sure that all of their packages are cheap, so you’re not going to be spending all of your budget on them.

They also use SSL encryption, meaning that you can share personal information and it’s not going to be compromised.

3. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media - Buy Real TikTok Likes

Buy Real Media – a site that is competent at helping its clients do really well with their TikTok growth, and can of course make it easy for you to get likes that will make a serious difference to your growth.

👉 Get TikTok Likes

They say that they are all about helping their clients gain the right amount of authority on social media, and they also say that they are proud of the quality of their services.

They believe that they have helped hundreds of thousands of people so far with their features, and this has been done over the past seven years.

Seven years is a long time to spend in this industry, so you know that they have gone from strength to strength and have a lot of people out there that are more than happy to say good things about them.

If you have a small budget right now, get started with these guys for just $2.00

4. UseViral

UseViral Buy Tiktok Likes

One of our top picks from which to buy TikTok likes is UseViral.

UseViral has been around for years and has been helping social media users grow on platforms including Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. 

UseViral has created a network of real users that work to provide you with real likes.

This is a key feature because having a lot of cheap, fake likes can make your TikTok look bad and even cause it to be disabled or removed. 

When you buy from UseViral, you can choose the package that you’d like to purchase and UseViral will send you real likes from their network over a safe delivery time frame.

It’s important not to get your package delivered all at once, especially if it’s very large. 

UseViral also offers 24/7 customer support and a lot of valuable info about buying TikTok likes and other FAQs— you can get TikTok fans and cheap video views from UseViral as well. 

You can get anywhere from 100 to 10k TikTok likes on UseViral, all active and high quality, and they’ll be delivered within 1-2 days. 

5. TokUpgrade


If you need a natural and organic way to buy real TikTok likes, TokUpgrade is your best option, hands down!

TokUpgrade has been tailoring its services diligently since TikTok became popular to bring their clients real TikTok followers and engagement. 

TokUpgrade is an organic TikTok growth service, meaning that they use organic and natural methods to engage with users on TikTok and generate interest in your profile.

You’ll gain more engagement, more followers, and more reach for your content. They don’t mess around with bots or fakes at all. 

Having a service like TokUpgrade working in your favor is awesome because you can optimize your workflow, spending the majority of your time producing content and researching hashtags, while TokUpgrade handles your TikTok growth.

You’ll be able to gain more popularity for your TikTok much faster with their service. 

It saves so much time and you’ll get a long-term strategy that works to boost your likes, followers, and views on a consistent basis.

Their plans are no contract and you can cancel anytime, making their services attainable and flexible. 

6. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Buy Tiktok Likes

You can get TikTok likes, followers, and views from SidesMedia.

They promise to deliver their packages within a 72 hour period, which means you get to stay safe and you still get your order quickly. 

When you are on the hunt for a reliable company that will deliver high-quality TikTok likes quickly, you can’t go wrong with SidesMedia.

SidesMedia always provides its clients with real social media engagements, so you don’t have to worry about getting a bunch of fake or low-quality TikTok likes. 

For cheap TikTok likes, you can buy anywhere from 100 to 10,000 likes.

You’ll get your real TikTok likes delivered from SidesMedia’s in-house network of users, upholding your account’s reputation and providing you with something of value. 

You can also get social media engagement for other platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, SoundCloud, and more.  

7. TokSocial


TokSocial’s goal is to maintain the integrity of your TikTok account while getting you more real TikTok likes and followers— absolutely no bots or cheap fakes; you’ll only get the real deal through TokSocial.

It takes minutes to set up their services and they use the most advanced targeting and TikTok growth technology to boost your overall TikTok performance. 

Through TokSocial, you’ll have a dedicated account manager that helps you to get real, targeted growth on TikTok, increasing your TikTok likes, followers, and video views.

These engagements and followers will remain for the long haul, helping to build solid numbers over time. 

If you need to gain more exposure for your TikTok profile and like the idea of real, natural growth, TokSocial could be just the option for you. 

8. TokCaptain


If you’re looking to get more real TikTok likes without buying set packages, TokCaptain can help you to increase your exposure and get noticed.

It can be tough to get the necessary attention in order to boost your likes, but TokCaptain takes care of that for you. 

All you have to do is choose your plan, provide your targets, and TokCaptain will get to work engaging with real, active users on TikTok to get you the necessary followers and engagements for TikTok success. 

TokCaptain works quickly to help you gain traction on the platform.

You don’t have to worry about buying multiple packages— their services are provided daily and are charged monthly, making it a cheap, convenient way to see constant TikTok growth. 

Why not use a service where you can get more TikTok likes, followers, and views all at once? That’s the beauty of services that work to engage with real users.

You get a little bit of everything to help fortify your long-term TikTok strategy and see lasting results. 

9. SocialViral

SocialViral TikTok Likes

Another excellent site that provides real TikTok growth is SocialViral.

You won’t have to worry about any fake TikTok likes with SocialViral because they only provide real, high-quality likes. They also deliver their packages rapidly, helping your TikTok to grow faster. 

SocialViral also offers a guarantee on their purchase, giving you peace of mind after you place your order.

You can rest easy that your likes will stay on your profile and continue to boost your reputation and amount of likes. 

SocialViral is a budget-friendly option that offers a trustworthy place to buy TikTok likes. 

10. TikTok Gurus 

TikTok Gurus has proclaimed itself the #1 marketing agency for TikTok, creating campaigns for your TikTok and allowing you to buy all sorts of engagements, from likes to views and more. 

You can get different services from the Gurus, including content creation, influencer marketing, video optimization, and more.

You’ll have to schedule a consultation call with them so that they can help you find the right services for you. 

Check them out today and see if they can help you get more likes. 

11. TikFuel

A platform dedicated solely to TikTok growth, TikFuel can provide you with the engagements you need to get more attention on TikTok.

They offer real TikTok likes and cheap TikTok followers that are high quality. 

In terms of buying TikTok likes, you can get anywhere from 50 to 2000, and they’ll even throw in some bonus likes with your package. They deliver your package quickly so that your TikTok can start getting noticed. 

You’ll also have access to 24/7 support if you have questions or need help with your order. 

12. Bouxtie

Bouxtie has a long reputation in social media growth and can help you get more likes. You can get not only packages for TikTok but also for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more. 

Bouxtie is a reputable source of TikTok likes that bring high quality to your profile; they won’t appear fake or bot-like.

When you purchase TikTok likes from Bouxtie, you’ll simply select the campaign that you prefer and then Bouxtie will get started delivering results as soon as you complete your payment. 

You can expect to get not only TikTok likes from Bouxtie but also followers and video views as well. This is the ultimate goal— to boost all components of your TikTok performance. 

13. ViewsExpert

ViewsExpert can help you with a lot of your social media growth in general, not just your TikTok likes, so it’s a great all-rounder if you are an influencer or a brand that is trying to get ahead and get seen by the right people.

They truly are experts in what they do, and they know that their clients have high standards and want a way to go up just not one level, but several.

This is why we think that they are a promising option, and can help you over on Twitter and Twitch at the same time as they are helping you with your TikTok.

They say that they offer a variety of different services for each website, so you’re not going to be applying a one-size-fits-all kind of mentality.

Once you have chosen the right package for your needs, you will go through the payment process, and then they can start on the delivery side of things.

They have multiple packages which can cover all of TikTok, or you can choose to focus on just your TikTok likes right now – at the end of the day, it’s completely up to you.

Considering you can start with them for just $6, we think that they are a great choice.

14. Follower Packages

If you are serious about TikTok as an opportunity for your brand to shine in general, then Follower Packages is going to be right behind you.

They know that their clients want to be able to grow their TikTok pages quickly but safely, and they think that they have what it takes to make this happen.

They say that they have the appropriate services to help you get a lot of likes, followers, comments, views and more on social media in general, but they of course know that you want to focus just on your TikTok page sometimes as well.

They believe that their features are going to be able to improve the credibility of your posts and your profile, so that you can kickstart your growth and not feeling like everyone is being able to grow their pages faster than you.

They know that there are a lot of companies out there that just want to send fake engagement to their clients, so just know that when you are purchasing features from this company, you are purchasing features that are premium quality and are going to really lift up your page.

They are proud of what they offer, and considering that you can get started with them from just $6.30, we think that they have a lot to offer.

15. Social Packages

Social Packages likes the idea of being able to help their clients as individuals, and they know that not everyone has the money or the time to afford features that are too expensive.

This is why they have figured out a way to create features that are going to make the world of difference, but there’s no catch. You won’t have to pay through the nose for them, and you won’t have to compromise on things like safety.

They are the kind of company that can also help you over on Instagram as well, which we think is being able to work smarter, not harder.

They also promise that they can deliver all of the right engagement to you within a good timeframe, and they say that you can access their customer support around the clock if you have any issues or questions.

You can get in touch through their email address, and you can get started with their features for just $6.50. It’s not often that you come across companies like this that you can trust implicitly, so make the most of them.

16. Fastlikes

If you are someone who would love to get your hands on more TikTok likes for your page, but you don’t want to take any shortcuts to get them, then the next company on our list is going to be worth you looking at. say that they are the perfect solution for anyone who is tired of fake followers or bots, and doesn’t want to have to take shortcuts or ruin their reputation to get ahead.

They say that they provide their clients only with real engagement for TikTok, and they say that they can do everything for your organically, so there’s no concern around whether TikTok is going to take you seriously or not.

We like that they have features that are going to support Spotify, Twitter and SoundCloud as well, so that you can spread your engagement out and get growing everywhere.

They guarantee that the quality of their features is there every time, and they aren’t about to send you engagement that will just drop off again after a day or two.

If someone were to happen with your order or you just had questions as some point in your journey with them, it’s super easy to get in touch with them because they have support around the clock and you can email their email address.

You can also start with them for just $4.99.

17. Famups

Famups says that they are super proud of how they treat their clients, especially being in an industry where there are a lot of companies that don’t do a good job of this.

They love being able to help their clients with TikTok likes, as well as the rest of their TikTok engagement, and they love being able to be there for their clients throughout the day, so that you can get the assistance that you need, when you need it.

You can talk to them whenever about anything if you’ve got any concerns, and they make their features different and diverse based on what platform you’re growing.

So, if you’re growing your TikTok, they can help you with it all, but if you want to grow your Facebook or your Spotify, they can make this happen too. They also say that they have a good delivery timeframe, so you’re never going to be waiting around too long for your features to arrive.

They also say that they offer their clients results that are long-lasting, and come up with advanced ideas that can really take your platforms up a couple of levels.

18. Trollishly

Trollishly wants to make sure that you are getting the most out of the company that you work with when it comes to your TikTok likes, which is why they say that their features are pristine and come with a great reputation.

We think that they provide services for a lot of different platforms, but while these might be somewhat limited, we think that the ones that they do focus on make it all worth it.

They say that they know that all of their clients have different needs they need meeting, and they are more than capable of doing this.

They say that if you want to improve your presence on TikTok and other sites out there, then you need to make the most of their services.

They got started back in 2019, and while this might not seem like they have spent a lot of time in the industry, they actually have considering companies like this go down all the time.

They also make sure that they have a good level of trust with their clients, because they know that this is hard to come by. The fact that they can help you from just $2.59 is pretty impressive, too.

19. Appsally

Appsally is going to overwhelm you in the beginning if you want to buy TikTok likes because you might take a little while to find them.

You might think that they have too many features on their website, and while this is true, we think that they are able to hold their own and provide premium quality options.

We love that they have lots of choices for their clients, and yes it is going to take a little while to get to know them, but we think that it will be worth it.

The best part is that they can help you with more than just TikTok, so that you can be growing everything at the same time. If you want to be able to manage your reputation and make sure you’ve got a good amount of hype happening around your features, these guys are a great choice.

They say that it’s going to cost you just $18 to get started with their TikTok likes, which is the kind of rate that you are going to struggle to beat.

20. Buy Social Buzz

The next site on our list is a company that takes its job really seriously. They want to help you with cheap TikTok likes, but they also want to help you with your general social presence.

They say that they can easily help you boost your stats, and they have many popular features for services, including Instagram and Facebook.

Behind their services is a team of professionals which make it super easy for you to do really well and get seen by the right people, so you can feel sure that you are in really good hands.

We also love that they are always working on coming up with innovative ideas for their clients, and the best part is that they have encrypted virtually every aspect of their website.

This is so that you can share sensitive information, and you don’t need to worry about whether it’s going to stay on the website or be shipped off to a third party.

Considering you can get started with them from just $6.30, we think that this company has a lot to offer and wants to ensure that their clients are taken care of the entire time.

21. Topstik

Topstik as you might have been able to guess already from the brand name alone is a business that can help its clients just with TikTok.

They know that TikTok is a big deal these days, which is why they wanted to dip their toe just in this platform, and not even think about anything else out there.

They say that their premium promotional services can make all the difference to your page, and they work with a lot of brands and musicians that want to find a way to put their content in front of the right people, and not have to compete with their rivals at the same time.

Getting to know a company like this is definitely a good business move.

22. TikTok Fame

TikTok Fame can help you buy TikTok hearts, and they can also help you with everything else to do with TikTok – because as you can guess from the name, they are all about the world’s most popular social media website right now.

This means that they are experts in the field, and have developed features that can help you just with your growth on TikTok and nothing else.

They say that they want to help their customers reach their true TikTok potential, and believe that all of their features can help you with this. All you need to do is pick your payment method, and go from there.

23. Celebian

Celebian is helpful if you are someone who is new to the world of TikTok and needs someone to hold your hand through the process.

You are probably feeling intimidated by bigger profiles out there in your industry and wondering how they even got close to that point. Well, some of them are probably using Celebian to help their cause.

They talk about how they can help you just with TikTok engagement, and they talk about how they offer their customers a free trial, enabling you to get to know them a bit better before you sign anything.

24. Audience Gain

Audience Gain knows a thing or two about helping customers with TikTok, so much so that they have been considered one of the top companies in their field.

They know that you’ve got a battle ahead if you want to do everything yourself, and we think that they have put enough effort into their features for you to be able to trust them without having to carry the burden alone anymore.

They say that it’s going to cost you $60 for 1000 TikTok followers, and their packages go up from here.

25. Buzz Voice

Buzz Voice is helpful as a company that can help you with many different aspects of being online in general.

If you’re someone who is trying to look for a company that can help you promote your brand on social media, then you need to try a company like this.

They can help you buy TikTok likes cheap, but they can also help you increase the credibility of your profile generally, and help with your posts.

We like that they can help you with cheap rates, and they offer discounts a lot as well so make the most of those when you can.

26. Social Fans Geek

Social Fans Geek likes providing customers with features that are going to stand the test of time and not disappear after just a couple of weeks.

They can help you buy cheap TikTok likes, and they can also help you make sure that your engagement rate is improving all the time, so you’re not remaining stagnant with your reputation. They know that you are here for a long time not just a good time, and they feel the same way.

With their features we know that you can do really well and help more people fall in love with your TikTok page.

27. Soclikes

Soclikes is well known in the industry of cheap TikTok likes as one of those companies that has an edge, and can help you with every aspect of your profile at the same time.

They also want to make sure that your reputation is being taken care of on other platforms out there, and we think that being able to start with them for just $3.99 is excellent.

We also think that they offer really good customer support which means that you can access it whenever you need to.


How to Get More TikTok Likes?

You’ve got to be able to think up innovative, original ways to get more likes on your videos.

We highly recommend that you go for a company on the list above, but we think that you need to combine it with some tried and true techniques so that you can improve your chances of being seen on the platform.

Let’s look through some ways to get more TikTok likes on your end.

Content is King

There are a lot of people who say this out there, and you might even be sick of hearing it at this point – but the reality is that it’s true.

The better your content is, the more likely people are going to take you seriously as a TikTok user, and they will want to hang around.

If you aren’t producing content that is going to resonate with your audience and increase the value of your page, then you’re wasting your time.

Take a bit of time in the beginning to work out what kind of theme you want and what kind of content you want to be producing, and then see how your community likes it.

Post Your Content at the Right Time

How often have you created video content, edited it, uploaded it, and sat back and watched as it has bombed?

More times than you care to think about, right? Well, this could be chalked up to the fact that you’re not posting at the right times.

If you’re not thinking about when most of your audience is online, you’re not going to get the impact out of your content that you want, and you are going to hand over the win to your rivals.

The more you use TikTok analytics to think about when everyone is online, the easier it is going to be to get TikTok likes.

How to Buy TikTok Likes Safely 

It’s so simple to buy cheap likes that you could probably do it in your sleep!

You can even buy location targeted likes such as American TikTok likes.

But if you’ve never done it before and are wondering what exactly you should expect, we’re going to break it down for you here. 

These are the steps you should follow when buying TikTok likes: 

Check out the company website: look closely at all of the information on the website and check out some company reviews.

All of the companies on this list are top notch, but if you have another one in mind, definitely check out their policies and make sure they offer something of value. 

View packages: after you’ve verified that the company is legit, take a look at all of the different packages the company offers.

Choose one that best aligns with your goals; it’s usually better to buy in smaller packages so that your TikTok growth looks more natural, but if you want a big package to get things moving, that works too.

If you’re working with an organic TikTok growth service, even better— you won’t have to worry about quantities. 

Choose your package: select the package that you’d like to purchase and continue to the next step by clicking on the website’s button to sign up or go to checkout.

You’ll then put in some basic information such as your TikTok username and your payment info.

Most of these companies that sell TikTok likes will not require your password since it is a one-time delivery purchase, so be wary of that.

If the service is recurring and perpetuates engagements on your behalf, like an organic service like TokUpgrade or TokCaptain, you may need to provide your password.

Don’t worry— they keep your information totally safe and don’t store your password on any servers.

Complete the checkout process and make your payment: After you enter your financial info and the payment is approved, you should receive a confirmation email and you can expect your order to be delivered to your account within the specified time frame.

Most reputable companies won’t send your order all at once because it can cause TikTok to become suspicious of your account and get you flagged.

A natural delivery time frame is much better and safer, or, just work with an organic TikTok growth service and you don’t have to worry about that at all. 

And that’s it! You can repeat this process as often as you’d like; keep in mind that this works best for a quick infusion of likes that can help promote more natural growth.

Your work doesn’t stop; keep working on your strategy to build your TikTok upward. 

Your content is still important and the 10 services on this list are meant to work as support for your TikTok, but you still need to create something that users actually want to check out on a regular basis.

Don’t lose sight of what TikTok is all about and keep working! 

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