How Many People Use

How Many People Use in 2024? (Usage Stats)

Published on: August 9, 2023
Last Updated: August 9, 2023

How Many People Use in 2024? (Usage Stats)

Published on: August 9, 2023
Last Updated: August 9, 2023

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How many people use in 2024? has 50 million users.

How many users does have in 2024?

You see it too often when watching Formula 1 so you deliberately searched what is all about. Well, you are not alone.

Even non-F1 fans are so curious to know all about this platform that has been the talk of the town for so long.

It is a haven for all crypto enthusiasts offering all blockchain-related investments such as buying, selling, and staking of crypto coins, non-fungible tokens, and the use of a novel crypto Visa card.

How Many People Use in 2024? has 50 million users.

The company’s user count started gaining traction by the end of 2021 when the overall crypto market hit a record high of $3 trillion in valuation. started 2021 with only 10 million users, which at that time is already an impressive figure since this represents a 100% year-over-year growth from the 5 million users it had back in 2020.

The site targets to achieve another hundred percent growth from 2022 to 2023, where it envisions having 100 million users.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Users 2021 is among the platforms with the highest number of users in 2021. It occupied the third spot during the year, ranking only below Coinbase and Binance

Below is data on the leading cryptocurrency exchanges and their respective number of users.

  • Coinbase – 56 million total users during the year
  • Binance – 28 million total users during the year
  • – 10 million total users during the year
  • Robinhood – 9.5 million total users during the year
  • WazirX – 7.3 million total users during the year
  • Luno – 7 million total users during the year
  • Kraken – 6 million total users during the year
  • Cash App – 5 million total users during the year
  • eToro – 2 million total users during the year
  • FTX – 1 million total users during the year’s Website Ranking

Aside from using the dedicated app, users can also access their personal accounts using’s website which goes by the same namesake. 

It generated an average monthly visit of 5.6 million in June 2022, ranking close to #11,000 among all websites in the United States. It secured a better spot under the finance category at #165. 

During the second quarter of the fiscal year 2022, witnessed a significant drop in the number of its visitors.

It started April with 12.3 million visits which fell to 9.1 million in May. It suffered from another massive loss in June when it recorded just 5.6 million visits. 

The recent downtrend is understandable and is witnessed by all of its competitors like Binance and Coinbase.

This comes as investors are now less inclined to trade on crypto now that the market has entered a difficult time. 

The cryptocurrency industry is currently valued at $970 billion shedding nearly $2 trillion from its record-high valuation of $3 trillion.

Leading Countries Using

Every crypto exchange appeals differently to different countries. In some locations, there is an evident concentration on the number of users in the location.

The same trend can be observed with

If Coinbase has managed to capture a near monopolistic presence in the United States. But not until entered the market in 2016.

Here are the leading countries with the highest concentration of the site’s users and each one’s share of the total.

  • 20.09% of’s user base comes from the United States
  • 6.15% of’s user base comes from the United Kingdom
  • 6.10% of’s user base comes from Italy
  • 5.48% of’s user base comes from Canada
  • 3.45% of’s user base comes from Spain. The site’s total number of users in the country recorded month-on-month growth of 5.25%, despite the souring sentiment in the overall crypto landscape.
  • 59.53% of’s user base comes from the rest of the world

Age Demographics of Users is highly popular with users belonging to the age group between 25 to 34 years old. Take a look at this data examining the age distribution of the exchange’s user base.

  • 18 to 24 years old – 21.81% of all users belong to this age group
  • 25 to 34 years old – 34.85% of all users belong to this age group. It captured the highest percentage among all age groups
  • 35 to 44 years old – 20.61% of all users belong to this age group
  • 45 to 54 years old – 12.19% of all users belong to this age group
  • 55 to 64 years old – 6.61% of all users belong to this age group
  • 65 years old and up – 3.94% of all users belong to this age group

What Do People Love About

How to Sell on Easily

There is an unending list of crypto exchanges that global users can get their hands into.

But for some reason, they still choose platforms that have an established name and withstood the test of a series of crypto winters throughout their years in the market. is among the exchanges crypto users gravitate towards. The site offers a maker-taker fee averaging 0.40%.

To be honest, this price threshold is comparably higher than its direct competitor Binance which charges a flat rate of only 0.1% on spot trading transactions. 

Still, it is not only the price that drives customers to a site. There is also security.

The cryptocurrency industry is not only a high-risk investment in terms of frequent market fluctuations. It is also a hackers’ den—a favorite target of hackers and digital thieves due to its lucrative valuation.

Good thing, employs a series of security audits as an initiative to protect consumers’ holdings at all times.

Similarly, customers can file complaints in an instant as the site supports Live Chat, allowing a fast resolution of a dispute.


There are a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges to choose from.

Believe me, you will never run out in one.

There is always a new platform offering high returns and low risk to lure investors to put money and start trading on their sites.

However, it is not the exchange offering the lowest fee that gets all the yes—but one which makes users feel their money is safe, even when they go on without opening their accounts for months. Or even years!

This is a category that undeniably excels at.

The same advantage led it to capture 50 million users from only 5 million users during the start of the pandemic.

Thank you for reading our article about how many people use in 2024.


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