10 Best LinkedIn Bots for More Leads (2021)

Last Updated: September 14, 2021

In this article we will stick to the less expensive, much more efficient, and in overall a better one: get a LinkedIn bot to dominate your LinkedIn account.


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9 Best LinkedIn Bots for More Leads (2021)
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If you’ve ever tried managing an active, successful social media profile, you’ll know how time-consuming it can be. For one, forget about time off; being idle for a day means a fan base turned away. Well, with LinkedIn, it is literally your business at stake.

On LinkedIn, a couple of hours of non-responsiveness is all it takes for a potential customer or business partner to go to your competition instead.

On the other hand, an active business account that responds quickly communicates with the audience, and has a talent for engaging with others has a guaranteed chance of success at making a lasting impression and boosting your business.

There are two solutions for this. The first one would be to hire an extra staff member whose sole job would be to try to handle that load of work. 

In this article, we will stick to the less expensive, much more efficient, and overall better one: get a LinkedIn bot to dominate your LinkedIn account. 

Here is a list of the best LinkedIn bots currently out there.

Best LinkedIn Bots


Dux Soup

Imagine the Dux-Soup LinkedIn bot as an automated scribe that traces your every step, takes note of what you do and where you visit and reproduces that information whenever you request.

This fascinating new addition to the LinkedIn bot armada automates remembering for you as its core feature.

By the means of simple, background operations this LinkedIn bot stores every information of future importance to you in a .csv document.

Has it ever happened to you that you desperately want to get the name of that client with an awesome portfolio you’ve seen the other day, but you just can’t remember?

Or did you ever ask yourself if you could only click a button for a comprehensive list of prospects?

Well, Dux-Soup LinkedIn bot does just that, and more.

It finds leads for you via a streamlined process, engages in the initial communication with them, initiates conversion, and notifies you when to press on a lead.

What is left for you to do is simply to click the notification when it pops up, pat the neat little bot on the head (virtually; optionally) and take over from there to close on the deal.

Up to you is to reap the fruits, to the LinkedIn bot is to labor for you!

Isn’t Dux-Soup a neat companion to any business?

As if this were not enough, this bot leaves you space to personalize all messages, communication, and interaction with potential leads.

This ensures that what you tell your clients never seems artificial, and leaves marks of your personal style. 

This LinkedIn bot seamlessly integrates with most automation tools currently on market, and Dux-Soup has a dedicated support that offers assistance with everything, from setting up the software to maintaining the bot so that it serves your account without issues. 

Take the free trial of Dux-Soup bot and see for yourself the benefits of using this LinkedIn bot!

Meet Alfred

Meet Alfred LinkedIn

If you’re looking for one of the best LinkedIn bots in the industry right now, go no further than Meet Alfred.

They say that they can help potential clients gain access to their features for free, and this is in the form of their free trial that is available for 21 days. That is almost a month of being able to try them completely for free, which we think is plenty of time to make your mind up about them.

They also have an excellent existing reputation among their existing clients, and have more than 50K people working with them right now. We also appreciate that they have great customer support, and can help you optimize your LinkedIn campaigns for better results.

At the end of the day, we know that LinkedIn networking and growth can be hard, so what better way to make it easy and effortless than to go with a company like this.


UseViral LinkedIn Promotion Service

The guys who have mastered social media management once again step forward with UseViral LinkedIn bot. UseViral as a company represents how social media accounts should be handled to perfection.

They harbor great knowledge of social media mechanics and algorithms, and they more than successfully pass it over to their bots.

As a result, their LinkedIn bot focuses on enhancing your interactions with your clients’ accounts, which they manage with perfection.

This both drives up your engagement with fresh followers and maintains the high number afterward, which is of vital importance to your LinkedIn presence. 

UseViral LinkedIn bot offers two main services that you can purchase: a package of additional LinkedIn connections and a number of LinkedIn followers.

The development team behind this bot allows for quite a liberal selection, so you can pick a number of followers or connections anywhere between 100 and 2500.

However, for especially delicate needs, they allow clients to negotiate fully customized packages.

It goes without saying that the UseViral bot is both safe to use and reliable when it comes to delivery.

This is exemplified in UseViral’s policy of delivering its service in less that 2 days, as well as a guarantee that, if any of the delivered connections/followers become inactive, they will replace them.

As it goes, UseViral is a classic. If you want connections/followers from a company with a reputation, you will never be wrong with UseViral.



If you want LinkedIn automation that’s only going to cost you $30 a month, then definitely go for Phantombuster.

This LinkedIn bots is one of the best because they offer solutions for your automation that are known as Phantoms, and they can help you with many different aspects of your LinkedIn growth, including Sales Navigator.

Their clients use their features for things like lead generation, and they are ideal for agencies, sales teams, and marketers everywhere.

One thing that we really like about them is that you can scale your growth with them, and you can do it automatically.

You can use as many Phantoms as you like, and they have more than 100 to choose from that can help you come up with a personalized campaign for LinkedIn, as well as find people to put on your lead list.

Get to know them today.


UseViral Linkedin Connections

If you’re looking for one of the best LinkedIn bots on the market, then you can’t go really go wrong with SidesMedia.

This is one of those companies that can help you not only with your LinkedIn automation but with the rest of your social networking as well.

There are a lot of companies out there that can do this, but there aren’t that many that have this kind of quality.

One of the things that stands out to us about SidesMedia is that they are committed to helping their clients not only automate their engagement on LinkedIn but expand their brand as a result.

Most companies will simply help you with your engagement, and not go any further.

If you are someone who needs help today, and you can’t afford to wait around for your engagement for any longer than a couple of days, then SidesMedia is going to be your best bet.

They say that they have a turnaround time of just 72 hours. If you are still a bit skeptical at this point, then we highly recommend that you check out the positive reviews on their website.



We all need a bit of help with our LinkedIn growth sometimes, and what better way to do this than to go with one of the best in the business?

LeadGenService is by far one of the best lead generation services out there, which can authentically help you with all of your lead generation campaigns.

We love that they pose absolutely no risk to your account so that you can feel confident they are going to keep you on the straight and narrow and optimize your LinkedIn profile.

They offer their clients a two-week money-back policy, and the best part is that you can cancel their services at any time, so there’s no long-term commitment.



Zopto LinkedIn bot is ready to take charge of all your LinkedIn campaigns, and probably do it better than anyone else!

The thing about Zopto is that it takes only minutes to set up, but saves hours, days, and months by handling most of LinkedIn traffic for you.

Once it has established itself on your LinkedIn, it will represent what it does in a streamlined, easy-to-use interface from which you can give it instructions and specify areas on which it should focus.

As a part of its basic functions, Zopto LinkedIn bot allows filtering content and fine-tuning your targeting which in turn provokes more response and reaches more relevant targets that are more inclined to follow on your calls and actions.

Campaigns that give few or next-to-none results are a thing of the past with Zopto filtering and search optimization.

As this wiz bot narrows down your targets by filtering by location, type of industry, size of the businesses, tech, followers list, seniority level, etc. your targets in a campaign become relevant as never before and your sales funnel grows to unprecedented numbers.

The arsenal of tools that Zopto provides for LinkedIn management isn’t campaign-exclusive; you can find a feature for everything with stuff like twitter engagement, sequential messaging, profile view generator, connection invites, and inmails. 

Go visit their page and initiate a free demo for a taste of Zopto’s full potential.


Jarvee LinkedIn

Jarvee crew are another group of veterans of social media automation and LinkedIn bots on our list. Jarvee has a reputation for catering to a plethora of social media platforms, and LinkedIn is no exception to this. 

Their bot is a result of years and years of experience and expertise. By combining humanlike intuition and software speed and precision it overhauls three key points of your LinkedIn activity:

– Post scheduling copies genuine user’s posting patterns, thereby eliminating the possibility of the algorithm capping your reach.

– Engaging with followers is more productive when your online activity schedule matches those of your clients.

– Campaign metrics and social media research employed by Jarvee bot collect data and improves on both previous types of Jarvee bot activity. 

Top this with features like auto-likes, auto-comments, syntax spinner, birthday tool, auto-endorsing, auto-view profiles, etc., and you get a powerful virtual assistant that you can safely rely on at all times to own your LinkedIn activity.

Is that all? No! Jarvee invites you for a test run of their bot with a 5 day free trial. Try it now and see Jarvee bot at work for yourself!



Octopus is big. This bot is big, does big, and makes your growth big. How come? Read on.

First of all, Octopus does interactions big. It allows sending messages en-masse to your 1st level connections in bulk.

The logic behind messaging big is that the more you send, the greater the chances of answering. It is simple, but it is the sort of simplicity that works.

Octopus bot contacts your 2nd and 3rd level connections in order to request connections with a personalized message text. This chain link of contacts grows your network big, and fast. Double big for now, let’s go on.

The third big goes in auto-endorsing up to 7 skills on your LinkedIn contacts’ profiles. Do the math and multiply that with the number of your contacts; the math is big!

Quadruple big is Octopus’s ability to visit HUNDREDS of profiles automatically while you spend your time doing actual work conducting your business. How’s that math going? Big is our guess.

The 5th big is the big bulk of 5 stars Octopus had received on numerous software review blogs and articles; ourselves included.

5 stars for Octopus from us, no doubt you’ll give it 5 stars as soon as you try it as well.



Do not fear the cyber apocalypse, Crystal only reads LinkedIn minds–at least for now!

Crystal is a prognosticating LinkedIn bot that has the ability to scan profiles and deliver an accurate list of traits and outcomes from your interaction.

It does that by scanning for online personality and patterns of habit, which then compares with your case and delivers data that can help you make your move.

The implications of this are endless. You should never again be anxious when approaching a large brand: this curious little bot will take in the data, process it, and then tell you how to approach the profile and how to engage.

It will also foretell the outcome based on the narrative you are about to present. Talk about a crystal ball right? Crystal bot beats crystal ball in every way.

Crystal comes with 10 uses/month free of charge; for any additional use you will have to subscribe from premium use.

Linked Helper

Linked Helper

Linked Helper is the help you need when it comes to boosting your business on LinkedIn through marketing automation on this social media. 

What this LinkedIn bot does is create a domino effect with the ultimate result of exponentially growing your followers base.

Linked Helper automatically endorses your contacts, who have a good chance of reciprocating your action and endorsing you back.

Give it enough time and it ping-pongs your engagement meters into heavens! This spiralling can be the most powerful growing tool on LinkedIn yet.

And Linked Helper wouldn’t be much of a help if it looked like, well, a bot, right? Certainly, that is why it leaves ample space for you to personalize the messages that it ships away to potential business clients!

Spin syntax features, topped with auto-likes, auto-follows, auto-connects and basically auto-everything. It even manages your groups for you.

It is there for your business around the clock, around the week, around the calendar, and it grows your LinkedIn empire even while you are offline.

It will respond to messages sent to you at any time, it will even send messages at any time you deem appropriate: can you name a more useful LinkedIn help than a Linked Helper bot? Hardly!

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