Dux Soup Review: Read This Before Using!

Dux Soup Review 2024: Will It Get You Banned by LinkedIn?

Published on: March 11, 2024
Last Updated: March 11, 2024

Dux Soup Review 2024: Will It Get You Banned by LinkedIn?

Published on: March 11, 2024
Last Updated: March 11, 2024

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Dux Soup Review

Before you choose an automation service for your LinkedIn profile, it’s wise to know that one of LinkedIn’s goals is to protect its paying and free users at all cost.

Because this is a professional business social media networking platform, they also expect professional engagement from its users in reciprocation of that protection.

In this article, we bring you a review of one of these very companies, Dux Soup, to let you know what services they offer and why LinkedIn automation can be beneficial in many ways.

Let’s get started. 

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What Is Dux Soup? 

Dux Soup logo

Dux Soup is a LinkedIn automation tool that offers to generate new business for your LinkedIn account.

But does it work?

Or will it get you banned by LinkedIn?

Dux Soup provides a variety of engagements on the LinkedIn platform in order to gain more interest in your profile and help people check you out. 

These types of services are of special interest to those who work with sales and lead generation, as they say they can help you build more leads for your business and gain relevant inquiries that can help you close and build your sales. 

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How Does Dux-Soup Work? 

Dux Soup is a service that works purely on automation. That means that any engagements that are done via the Dux Soup service are going to be completely auto-generated, saving you a lot of time. 

On their website, Dux Soup says that their engagement is executed through profile views, skills endorsements, follow others’ LinkedIn activity, as well as sending messages for you. 

The great news is that features like this can really benefit your account.  

Any direct messages that you send to users will be customized through their DM feature. Dux-Soup says that they can provide personalized DMs, and we think that they offer a good level of customization.

Ease of Use

The great thing about Dux Soup is that it’s super easy to download and install. Dux Soup is a Chrome plugin, which means that you will need a Google account to use to log into it.

We couldn’t find too much instruction around once you have your plugin installed, but at the end of the day, it didn’t take long for us to figure things out, because we found it relatively easy.

They even have a tutorial that you can find on YouTube, where they will explain how to use the tool, and the basics that you need to know in the beginning.

Dux Soup Features

Dux Soup has a lot of features for you to choose from, making them an extremely versatile tool for your LinkedIn growth.

Here is a list of them all:

  • Helping your find prospects
  • Upload personal list of profiles
  • Support for LinkedIn Business and Standard accounts
  • Support for sales navigator
  • Your visit is based on CSV of previous one
  • Able to target profiles that have been previously tagged
  • Automatic viewing of profiles
  • Automatic inviting of connections, with a personalised message
  • Automatic messaging of 1st degree connections
  • Automatic InMail any account
  • Automatic endorsement of connections
  • Automatic saving to PDF
  • Filters, including ‘open link members’ and ‘influencers’
  • Filter profiles that you have already visited, and tagged profiles
  • Filter based on a customized pattern
  • Automatically skip previously looked at profiles
  • Tag any account
  • Record profile visits that are manual
  • Look for tagged profiles
  • Automatic tagging of profiles
  • Download profile data into CSV
  • Export your search results through Quickscan
  • Download notes from profile
  • Download tags from profile
  • Download education and job history
  • Download skill lists
  • Send automatic follow-ups for connections
  • Set up a drip campaign
  • Automatically pause a campaign
  • List profiles that have responded for manually following up
  • Easily manage your subscription
  • Ability to view automation history
  • Remove/view scheduled automation
  • Connect CRM


The main purpose for using Dux Soup is to find qualified leads and make connections that can turn into something in the future.

The goal is to mix automation with customized messages that keep a personalized approach to your LinkedIn growth.

Dux Soup can automate and improve your search of prospects that meet the criteria that you have given them.

On the LinkedIn search page, you can execute a number of prospecting actions against a customized set of searches.

You can get specific with your search results, including position, level of connection, and location. Once you have compiled your list, you can begin the process of outreaching.

Their ‘visit profiles’ feature will make it easy for you to visit profiles on your chosen list, and start recording the data.

Visiting and connecting makes it easy for you to send a connection request to someone, and you can customize the messages so that they come across as a lot more personal so that you can increase the chances of your connection being accepted.

They can also help you scan profiles so that you can gather enough information to export to your CRM.


Once you have sorted out a list and sent out your connection requests, then it is time to follow up, and segment your lists.

This can easily be done through Dux Soup and even your tagging can be automated, which allows you to visualize where a prospect might be in terms of follow-up, or interest.

Of course, this makes your life really easy and can potentially save you a lot of time attempting to make connections that you can otherwise be spending on your content.

The best part is that you are left to create the tags that you want, and you even get to choose how you use them.


Dux Soup has a pretty good level of support when it comes to their customers, which means that they have live chat on their website, as well as email support.

You can even request remote support calls where you can talk to an individual.

These remote support calls have a maximum time limit of 15 minutes, but we still think that this is more than enough for you to get the answer to your query.

They also have booster sessions and technical sessions where you can integrate more complicated solutions and strategies for your LinkedIn growth.

Another aspect of this LinkedIn growth tool that we love is their community.

Support can be found in their community, which means that if you don’t get the answers you need through their customer support, you can always tap into the community forum, and see if anyone else has had similar issues to you. You can do this as well through their Facebook page.


Dux Soup is slated to be around for a long time, considering that they a careful about how they execute there client’s requests, making sure that LinkedIn doesn’t have an issue with them.

We also love that Dux Soup is super affordable when you pay by the month and the best part of this setup is that you are not locked into anything long term and you can cancel your subscription at any point.


Dux Soup Pricing

Dux Soup has a starter pack that isn’t going to cost you anything, and it provides you with everything that you need to get going.

They can help you find prospects at this level, as well as learn all about what your LinkedIn profile needs, so that they can keep everything highly customizable.

Next up is their Professional package, and this is going to cost you $11.25 a month. This can help you with lead generation, which is great if you are a medium-sized business.

Lastly, their Turbo package connects your lead generation systems, and is going to cost you $41.25 a month.

This package also includes a one-week free trial.

This part probably seems obvious at this point, but we recommend their medium-sized package if you are a medium-sized business, or aspiring influencer.

Sometimes they are also coupons available for Dux Soup to get a discount.

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Don’t worry, Dux Soup is legal.

This means that you can’t be arrested, or fined for using their product.

Just because most automation is against LinkedIn’s terms of use doesn’t mean it’s illegal to use it.

Why LinkedIn Automation Can Hurt Your Account 

Dux-Soup is just one example of a LinkedIn service that uses automation, but plenty have emerged these days, and while some of them might put your account at risk, Dux-Soup won’t.

LinkedIn automation can have detrimental effects on your account.

We mentioned above a few ways that automation can make you look bad, such as through strange endorsements and generic direct messages, but those are not the only ways in which LinkedIn automation can hurt your profile. 

LinkedIn automation has become a popular trend, as it had with many other social media platforms, but it’s not something that LinkedIn is in accordance with.

This is the same story that’s been told through other social media platforms— automation services emerge, they damage the user experience and the reputation of the platform, and they are deemed against the terms of use and therefore punished with consequences. 

This has happened on pretty much all other social media platforms, and since LinkedIn has always had a reputation for being more professional, it wasn’t as affected by these types of services. Now, people are really looking for lead generation on LinkedIn, and they’ll pay for it. 

The problem is that automation has been deemed by LinkedIn as somewhat against the platform’s terms of use, and they’re not shy about calling people out. 

If your account is flagged by LinkedIn as using automation, you’ll receive a notice saying that you must agree to avoid using services that don’t abide by the terms of use. It’s clear that if you don’t, there will be consequences. 

When you continue to use these services, your account will be disabled by LinkedIn. Services like Dux-Soup know this, and they work really hard on their end to make sure that their automation complies with Instagram’s terms and conditions.

That means that they care a lot about their clients and don’t want to put them in danger. 

It’s not just users’ personal LinkedIn that runs the risk of being penalized. LinkedIn constantly works against these types of services to make them ineffective on the platform, which means that they effectively cannot provide clients with the results that they claim to. 

If LinkedIn lead generation and automation services can’t provide the results that they claim to, you’re essentially throwing away your money and your time by using the service.

This is truly unfortunate, because when something goes wrong, the service will not help you. 

If you’re lucky, you’ll still have a LinkedIn to go back to. If not, you’ll have to start all of your efforts over from scratch, which can be devastating. 

Review Verdict: Go For it 

Dux Soup is a service that says they can help bolster your LinkedIn leads and business prospects through automated engagements, and ultimately these efforts were successful. 

Not only will they be successful, but they can also hold real, positive consequences for your LinkedIn profile and can even help you get set up for long-term, sustainable results.

While there are plenty of LinkedIn bots and automation services that take shortcuts and put their client’s LinkedIn reputations are risk, Dux Soup definitely isn’t one of them.

In fact, they are the safest one that we have tested, and we admire their diligence when it comes to the security side of things.

Don’t fall into the trap— avoid automated LinkedIn services that are going to hurt your profile, and opt for Dux Soup instead.  

It’s ultimately your decision whether you use Dux Soup for your LinkedIn account.

How Can You Improve Your LinkedIn Engagement?


Besides using Dux Soup to enhance your LinkedIn engagement, you would do well to utilize the following tips to improve your LinkedIn engagement alongside this automation tool.

1) Your LinkedIn Profile

The first impression you make is on your LinkedIn profile. It’s well worth putting much thought into the creation and enhancement of your profile.

Your headline should be straightforward, stand out, and show your expertise in your field.

Be specific and clear. Make sure to speak directly to your target audience and tell them how you are good match for them.

This relates to employers, freelancers, and job seekers. Use the appropriate keywords to ensure your point gets across.

2) Post Creation from the Beginning

There are four primary posts you need to create for LinkedIn’s news feed. 

Tell or Share a Story: Stories are attention grabbers, so share a personal story about yourself or a struggle to show how you overcame.

Share your student or work success related to how you helped someone (i.e. client), or address a reader-generate question. 

Share a Positive and Encouraging Post: Sentimental posts that are encouraging and positive are something people look for on LinkedIn. 

Be a Myth Buster: Using your industry, debunk a myth related to what you do.

Start an Unbiased Debate: Use this to gather unbiased opinions to a question. Keep it simple and avoid overly controversial subjects.

3) Be Diligent with Replying to Comments 

When you create and/or share a post on LinkedIn, it will get more interactions if you reply to comments to make it personal.

Your engagement will improve and help your LinkedIn profile get more attention.

4) Optimize LinkedIn Posts


Where other social media sites get the most performance from images and visual content, textual posts outperform on LinkedIn’s platform.

You should still use videos and images, but text is the clear forerunner here. One example is to remove the image that a website generates to keep the text in the forefront.

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Review Conclusion

While Dux Soup is a safe and effective automation tool for LinkedIn, you should always be aware that most other forms of automation have stopped working for various reasons.

Mostly because those companies have neglected to stay ahead of the algorithms and detection programming.

Some automation is much like a bot and delivers random and generic messages and comments instead of relevant and viable comments and messages.

This is just for your information, and it currently doesn’t reflect Dux Soup’s methods of engagement.

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Written by Eddie Hurst

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