What Percentage Of Instagram Users Are Male?

Last Updated: May 17, 2022

Let’s find out what percentage of Instagram users are male.
What Percentage Of Instagram Users Are Male
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Do you use Instagram for your business or brand? Are you an influencer or aspiring influencer? If so, you need to create content according to your target audience.

This is one reason it’s so imperative to know what percentage of Instagram users are male.

Even if you use Instagram to watch videos, follow businesses or influencers, or stay in contact with family and friends, it’s good to know some Instagram demographics, so you can understand who uses the social media platform and how you are part of a target audience. 

Instagram’s algorithms play a major role in who sees what ads and other aspects of ads and content placement.

You may already know that hashtags are major players on the platform, but that’s just a piece of any marketing strategy. 

The next few sections will address the demographics you need to know before you create your Instagram marketing strategy if you’re into marketing, or why you see the ads and content you do as a conventional Instagrammer.

What Percentage of Instagram Users Are Male Compared to Female?

While women are the largest target group on Instagram, there are still plenty of males to which you can promote products and services.

Oddly, Instagram is the most balanced of all the social media giants when it comes to male and female demographics. 

In 2020, men make up 49% of Instagram users, while women make up 51% This was the lowest gap than any other social media outlet. New statistics for 2021 shows that it almost the exact opposite for the year. 

Men are now at 51.6% and women 48.4%, according to 2022 Statista data. This is still the lowest gap over other social media platforms. Though it changed up a bit, the percentage is still the most balanced. 

In contrast to American and global percentages, India has the largest gap between male and female Instagram users with 72.5% of them identifying as male.

While it may seem strange to us, over half of the women in India have no idea there is mobile internet options, much less an Instagram. This is part of their culture.

What Percentage of Instagram Users Are Male by Age?


2021 stats show that the most populous male demographic on Instagram is within the age ranges of 18 to 24 and 25 to 34.

According to the data, 15.7% of males compared to 13.9% of females in the first age group use Instagram. Also, 16.6% of males between 25 and 34 years old use Instagram. 

In contrast, there are 16.5% of females in the 25 to 34 age group. For a different perspective on these percentages, 546 users on Instagram were female and 528 were male in 2020, according to 2021 data.  

Gen X males seem to be the fastest growing Instagram demographic audience.

In 2021, the 55 to 64 age group of males boasted 63.6%, which could be a result of people working from home or not working due to the pandemic.

Instagram i also the most diverse social media platform with a wide range of age groups.

What Percentage of Instagram Users Are Male Compared to Other Social Media Platforms?

We’ve discussed the fact that Instagram is the most balanced between female and male usage of the platform. The other social sites are less balanced.

Here is how the others compare to Instagram.

  • Pinterest: 22% male to 78% female
  • Facebook: 56% male to 44% female
  • Instagram: 51.6% male to 48.4% female
  • Twitter: 68% male to 32% female
  • LinkedIn: 51% male to 49% female
  • Snapchat: 40% male to 58% female
  • TikTok: 41% male to 59% female

While you can see the imbalances in these other social media outlets, some have more male users, some more female users. It seems in the end, there is some level of balance at the global level. 

What Percentage of Instagram Users Are Male in Relation to Business, Brands, and Influencers?

While you may see how women relate mostly to brands, businesses, and influencers, men also use the platform to find out about products as well.

Here are the general facts about how people use Instagram, including men.

  • 71% of businesses use Instagram as part of their social media marketing strategy. If you operate a business, this is relevant information.
  • Over 200 million Instagram users visit one or more business profiles every day on average. This shows how effective Instagram is for marketing and business. 
  • Instagram is home to about 500,000 or more active influencers. This is another important fact. 
  • 70% of all shoppers on Instagram use it to discover new or existing products. They search for the products to learn more about them from the platform.
  • One-third of Instagram Stories that get the most views are those uploaded by businesses.
  • The overarching potential reach for advertising and marketing on Instagram is 1.16 billion users.  

Instagram is probably the current best social media platform for marketing and promotions on the internet. 


The average user on Instagram that is there to discover products, watch videos, and follow brands and influencers will see targeted content and advertising due to how the algorithms work.

Now you understand why you mostly see things that you are interested in instead of random, irrelevant ads and content.

We see it mostly as a good thing for businesses, brands, influencers, and the average Instagram user. By the way, Instagram doe have settings where you can limit ads and enjoy more control over your privacy if you prefer.

These stats and facts should be useful to you if you are a business, brand, or influencer on Instagram.

Now you have some data you need to help you develop your Instagram marketing plan, and how you want to promote products or services. Knowing your target audience takes you a long way to success and more revenue.

Remember that when you’re considering what percentage of Instagram users are male that you can market to, it’s important to create relevant and quality content.

For Instagram, you know that can mean photos, infographics, memes, videos, Reels, Stories, Lives, etc.


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