uMobix Vs. FlexiSPY

uMobix vs FlexiSPY Comparison 2024: Which is Better?

Published on: July 20, 2023
Last Updated: July 20, 2023

uMobix vs FlexiSPY Comparison 2024: Which is Better?

Published on: July 20, 2023
Last Updated: July 20, 2023

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The comparison of uMobix vs FlexiSPY keeps coming up in the world of spy apps.

Parents want to know which software is the best, has cutting-edge monitoring capabilities, and won’t break the wallet.

With the rise of pedophiles, kidnappers, serial killers, and all cybercriminals, it is essential to keep tabs on your kids.

Although using spyware may seem extreme, parents are prepared to go above and beyond to protect their loved ones. 

uMobix and FlexiSPY are spy applications that track and monitor a target device.

They are a surveillance system monitoring your ward’s phone calls, messages, location, and social media activity and reporting to you via synchronization.

Both have distinguishing qualities. However, their differences can be a determining factor.

For instance, FlexiSPY only works on jailbroken devices, while uMobix can’t track Snapchat on iOS devices.

This article will be thorough, with both applications’ unique tracking and monitoring features.

We’ll review the features, pricing, and limitations of each app.

uMobix vs FlexiSPY Comparison 2024

It would not be right to do a uMobix vs FlexiSPY comparison without first discussing each app as a separate entity, considering its features and limitations. 



uMobix is a parental control app that helps you shield your wards from harmful content online. It also tracks and monitors your child’s location at any given time.  

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Features Of uMobix 

uMobix has unique tracking and monitoring features.

They are as follows:

  • Call Log Monitoring: This feature helps you track all calls made on your ward’s device chronologically. It shows you the caller ID, time, and duration. It also gives you access to block numbers.
  • Location Tracking: The geofinder feature of uMobix helps you pinpoint the current location of your ward using GPS. It doesn’t just help you locate your ward’s whereabouts but also gives you address history. So, you get to know where your child has been and where they frequently visit.
  • Keylogger: The usefulness of this feature is endless. First, it helps you record all keystrokes entered on your ward’s devices, giving you access to all login credentials and information copied on the clipboard. 
  • Social Media Monitoring: Teens spend a great deal of time on social media. Therefore, keeping an eye on what they do online is essential in keeping them safe. uMobix makes this task easy as it provides information on their activities on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and even TikTok.
  • Monitoring Browsing History: You can gain some insight into what your wards search for and the websites they commonly visit by looking at their browser history. It also helps you recover deleted searches. With this knowledge, you can determine the types of content they consume and take appropriate action.
  • Pricing: uMobix has monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription plans, depending on your budget. The basic monthly pack is $29.99, and the complete monthly package is $59.99. A 3-month package is $33.33, and a full 12-month package is  $14.99. 

Limitations Of uMobix 

Justice will not be served in this comparison if limitations aren’t listed. 

  • uMobix can’t track Snapchat on iOS devices.
  • No geofencing feature is available.
  • It consumes battery 
  • Certain features are more effective on Android devices.



FlexiSPY is one of the pioneer spy applications in the tech market. It is suitable for parental control.

With varieties of monitoring tools available, FlexiSPY makes it easy to track the activities of your wards on target devices. 

Features Of FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY application comes with unique tracking and monitoring features which include:

  • Call Recording: This feature allows you to record calls from the target devices. With synchronized call logs, you can see who your child has communicated with. From the call recordings, you will know the content of their conversations. And when you have this information, necessary actions can be taken if discussions are inappropriate. 
  • Ambient Recording: This feature allows you to listen to the surrounding of the target devices by activating the microphone. This recording can occur even when the target device isn’t in use. With this feature, you know what’s happening around your child. Also, the recordings can serve as hard evidence in case of malpractice or abuse. 
  • Keylogger: Keylogger is a unique feature of FlexiSPY. It monitors every keystroke entered on the keypad of the target device. This feature gives you access to usernames, passwords, pins, and browsing history. It also helps you monitor the kind of information your child is consuming online and can alert you once your ward key in an inappropriate word.
  • Location Tracking: FlexiSPY application makes tracking a target device accessible by using GPS. You can pinpoint your child’s location on the map to know their whereabouts. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about a missed ballet class or piano lessons. Just check their location, and your mind will be at ease.
  • Geo-Fencing: Geo-Fencing is a unique feature of the FlexiSPY app. With this function, you can set up a surveillance circle around your child, like at home when you are on a date night. Despite being virtual, it fulfills the same function as an actual fence. When there is a breach, you are notified right away.
  • Monitoring Instant Messaging: Most of today’s social media networking websites and applications, like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WeChat, and others, offer instant messaging capabilities. Therefore, keeping an eye on your child’s online chat friends and their topics is critical. This feature makes that possible.
  • Gallery Monitoring: This monitoring feature gives you access to your child’s gallery. It enables you to observe the kinds of images and videos they consume. When raising kids, especially teens, you can never be too careful. You will need protection because adult content is readily available everywhere. This function will help you avoid addiction and other related social vices.
  • App Monitoring: FlexiSPY helps you monitor apps on target devices by taking screenshots intermittently as your child scrolls through. You can select the apps that need monitoring, and all screenshots will sync to your dashboard.
  • Pricing: FlexiSPY offers three types of subscription plans: Lite, Premium, and Extreme, with monthly payments, quarterly or annual. The price ranges from $29.95 to $119 for a monthly package. The quarterly package is $119 to $239, and it’s $179 to $419 for an annual package, depending on your budget. 

Limitations Of FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY has unique features, but it’s not perfect.

  • Works on only jailbroken iPhones and iOS devices
  • VoIP video calls are recorded in audio formats.
  • Navigating the app may be challenging for non-tech users, especially in the beginning.

uMobix vs FlexiSpy: Which Is Better And Why?

natasha hall ICWIMWe90Y unsplash

Although both spyware ap have features that make it easy to monitor your child secretly, their difference makes them unique.

Here is a detailed explanation of which app is better and why.


In comparing compatibility, both apps are compatible with Android devices, although uMobix has an advantage over FlexiSPY regarding iOS.

That is because uMobix doesn’t require you to jailbreak an iOS device to function, but FlexiSPY does. 


Both FlexiSPY and uMobix are simple to install on the target devices. However, uMobix has the edge over FlexiSPY.

Its installation and configuration are automated. It can retrieve all permissions with a single click, unlike FlexiSPY, which must manually give permissions, one after the other.

Tracking Calls And Messages 

Tracking calls and messages is an interesting comparison because both applications offer excellent surveillance capabilities.

When it comes to tracking calls and messages with quicker data synchronization and call interception, FlexiSPY outperforms uMobix.

However, when tracking deleted calls and messages, uMobix has a slight edge as it highlights its own. 

Tracking Location

Using GPS, both uMobix and FlexiSPY can track the current locations of target devices. However, uMobix is superior to FlexiSPY because it has the geofencing capability. 

Social Media Tracking

Parents are most interested in this feature.

Both apps can track social media activities on target devices, each using its distinctive feature. FlexiSPY uses screenshots, while uMobix uses both screenshots and keylogger. 


Price is a determinant when choosing spyware, as most parents are on a budget. If you want spyware with advanced features but on a budget, then uMobix is the choice.

However, if you are willing to spend some extra bucks for an abundance of advanced monitoring features, choose FlexiSPY. 

Impact on the Target Devices 

Although spyware is invisible on the target devices, some spy apps may drain batteries or cause the device to become sluggish.

Fortunately, this isn’t the case for both apps. However, uMobix has the edge over FlexiSPY, which consumes less battery power.

In Summary, the best spy apps in 2024 are;

RatingSpy ToolGet Offer
#1 Top Rated#1 eyeZy - #1 spy app in the industryFREE Trial
#2 Top Rated#2mSpyStart Now
#3 Top Rated#3uMobixStart Now


Whether you want to monitor your kids’ activities online or to checkmate their screen time, both FlexiSPY and uMobix are great. However, they are not the same.

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You might wonder which is best for your needs and pocket. So, if you are all set up to choose, the above uMobix vs FlexiSPY comparison would guide you.

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